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Rae Canda

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We’ll be there! A wink and a smile and a great old time! Yeah, we’ll be there! Wherever we are, there’s some fun to be found! 🐻🤍🐼 #WeBareBears Papunta na ata ako from speedsters line to cute line? Hahaha! I remember watching 3 seasons of this show when I was stuck in the province two years ago. Fave ko parin talaga yung Food Truck episode among many other choices. And pati yung Tote Life episode din!!! 💖 Didn’t remove the price tags na para makita ng mom ko na I got the pops for a lesser price 😂 Thank you and congratulations on the success of your first warehouse sale, @bigboystoystore! And for raising a total of 33.4K+ for Mt Taal victims 💰 PS. Wiiie~ someone help me get the Barnes & Noble Flocked version of this kapag 50% off parin!!!! Please. Hehe! #IceBear #GrizzlyBear #WeBareBearsPanda #ToteLife #BigBoysToyStore #FunkoPopAnimation #WhereCollectingIsALifestyle #SchwayRCPops

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