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  • Nonsence, Your page was taken down because one of your dumb admins allowed that video of that lad being attacked with a meat cleaver, even though facebook took the post down and give you a warning.....but you put it back up agai. Nowt to do with anti muslim retaric or EDL. You need to have a word with your admins, Who wants to see content like that??? - give your heads a shake and blame yourself.
  • @mozzauk look at the screenshot doofus. The profile pic which was up for years suddenly went against guidelines? The cleaver video is still up on other pages but not allowed on this one? You’re a special kind of genius aren’t you
  • Where is the screenshot of the facebook report of this being taken down? - you were quick to post the one about the cleaver attack, but not this one, but yet you posted the video again......who's the doofus now? - you yourselves ruined a good page on facebook.
  • Lol


Spotted Bradford

Comment from Spotted Bradford:

Some of you might be wondering why you can’t find our page on #Facebook well the last few days we’ve been posting a lot of things pro- #Christchurch that’d piss off #farright #edl #racists and they’ve gone out of their way to report everything on our page including the damn profile pic.

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