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Comment from Mel:

So if you follow my stories, you'll know that I've been SUPER into bargain/thrift shopping as of these last few weeks. 🛍️ I had mentioned that I would show you guys my mini thrift shop haul from the other day, so HERE IT IS! 😁 These 4 items cost me a grand total of 💲36.50 (quite the find)!! 😱😍 All are in excellent condition, minus some scratches on the heels. 😋 The Adidas cost me 💲20, with the laces and exterior in perfect condition. The heels were 💲8 and I'm OBSESSED with them! The rockin' boots with the animal print heels were 💲5 and BRAND NEW with the elastic string still holding them together and the paper shoe stuffing still in place. They're from the Target brand, A New Day, which I was really surprised to see! And last but not least, these awesome, versatile shorts cost me a whopping 💲3.50!!! 😱😱😱 Couldn't get better than that! That's it for this haul, let me know if you guys enjoy these hauls, as I'll most likely continue doing them in the future! ♥️🥰 #shopping #thrifting #thriftshopping #fun #love #clothes #shoes #shorts #fashion #icon #boots #highheels #adidas #love #shoeporn #shoppinghaul #thriftinghaul #melsshoppingadventures

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