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  • Get it!!!
  • @fiya_angel Princess ah gwaan TUFF..watch out fi dis one 😘
  • @empressjeanille yes I!! Her Fiya tune is bad bad 🙏🏽✊🏼
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  • @bettybrown854 vibes🔥💃🏽🌏🎶
  • She’s such a refreshing breathe of fresh air. A rebel among the rest!!! So excited about her rise- goosebumps! 🔥🔥🔥
  • @vanessajamesmedia Yess my Girl, Xactly wat u said..FreshAir for our music to breathe again. MiKalya is gonna go ALLthewayUP ⏫
  • @empressjeanille as a Caribbean collective, toasting to her and her journey feels so good! I want her to win. I buying everyTING!!!
  • @vanessajamesmedia As alwayZ, you get di whole plot! LOVEyou sis💕
  • @empressjeanille love you more! Thx for being a light for so many to follow.. we appreciate you!
  • So humble!
  • She's so dope man!
  • @msharte and SheZ also amaZing liVe..Blessed & pure talent.👌
  • Such an amazing, make you feel good song! On constant repeat for us 💕💕
  • @travelntourismww Agreed 💯💖



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🇯🇲☕🔥🌍 @OriginalKoffee 🔊 #KOFFEE # #MiKaylaSimpson 💿: #Toast #RAPTUREep @ColumbiaRecords 🎥: @GENIUS 🙏 @WalshyFire..JAHKnow starr, u tuned Right in and saVed this 18yr old Angel from the negatiVe influences of an underdeVeloped, uneducated, underfunded, unhealed, misguided, misogynistic, egocentric, Violent CaribbeanMusic industry. Now our CaribbeanYOUTH & Rising talent with BigDreams haVe an actiVe, positiVe, healthy rolemodel for what it taKes to truly maKe it as a successful GlobalArtist with a CleanHeart, originality, humility, honesty, #Empathy, longeVity, Spirituality, LOVE, intelligence, #Authenticity, NOdrama and real #Confidence. Leighton, dis issa warmUP eh, so ready yuhself, We got NUFF GoodworKs to looK forward to. i&iGiVeThanKsForYou King! #RealRASTA . 📝:TOAST, We nuh Rise an boast, Yeh We giVeThanKs, We haffi giVeThanKs liKe We really supposed to be thanKful, BLESSINGS all pon mi life, Mi thanK GOD fi di Journey the earnings ah Jus fi di plus, GRATITUDE issa MUST.. . 🎤📱💻📻📺📡: #CHARTTOPPAZ #CharTToppaZLIVE #Reggae #Dancehall #ReggaeDancehall #ReggaeTrap #ReggaeTheArtform #RootsAndCultureWeWant #RUF9Artists #ShowcaseCARIBBEAN #CaribbeanArtistsAndRepertoire #CaribbeanTalentDeVelopment #CaribbeanProducers #CaribbeanSongwriters #ReVoltCARIBBEAN #CaribbeanEXCELLENCE #JBEPublishing ForTheYOUTH #ForTheCULTURE 🌿: #GreenMusicProgram 🌴: #GREENSCHOOLCARIBBEAN 🔌: #JeanilleBonterreEntertainment

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