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Comment from Curtis:

Very much a stock rack build. I've been wanting to do this for some time, I just needed a good reason. @hethre_glass wanted a small square corner glass mold, so I finally had one. Broach was made with a scrap .5 inch carbide end mill on a surface grinder and single lip cutter grinder. The upper split clamp was an old router attachment I made many years ago. The bottom clamp with the pin was some scrap 7075 with the large slot all ready in the ring. The program was written in Fusion 360 with a drilling cycle. I went very conservatively with the step over for this first attempt. Took about 2.5 min to go from. .25 rads to sharp square corners. Could be done in about half the time with some adjustments, and this is on a 30 year old machine. A modern VMC could half that time again. The broach was very easy to align with this set up I wouldn't change it from a purely functional standpoint. #runwhatyoubrung #instamachinist #broach #glassblowing #customtools #shoplife #7075 #notimpossible #cncmill

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