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  • and menglan is real star
  • 👏👏👏👏now I know why Menglan is a big star 💖👏👏😍
  • I see Karina Lau 😍😍 she is beautiful, right? and no doubt about MengLan, he is the star ❤️🐼
  • @t.pakeliani
  • Big round face ever since 😅
  • No wonder MengLan has lots of fans...he's movie star 😀💗😍😘😘
  • so MengLan is an actual superstar 😂
  • I just watched a news about a little girl dropped into the panda breeding pool in Chengdu. Three pandas walking toward her. I just wondering who are the pandas? Are they on the same class with Qiyi?
  • @dyah_rahardjo Carina Lau, 刘嘉玲,she is a famous Hong Kong movie star.
  • @eymarcelyna I posted this video a few days ago. They are in 2015 class. Olympia, fuwa, qingda.
  • @eymarcelyna QiYi belong to 2016 class
  • @domny_jdm 😂😂😂😂
  • @lilyzhzh oh im sorry. I think i missed that video. But thank you. ☺
  • @lilyzhzh yes I have seen her movies
  • Ada menglan 🐼🐼🐼 @jeremiacaesar
  • Superstar memeer ball ♥️ my favorite teddy bear panda 🐼
  • Cutiieeee Menglan 😍😍😍😂😘 No smelling poop? yet another reason that these creatures are angels 😂😍
  • The real superstar of this show is our lovely Menglan👍👏💗👑🐼😙
  • can i have title of this program in chinese?
  • Please can u send the full link of the show



Comment from lilyzhzh:

#menglan #panda #熊猫 🐼 In 2015, a TV show crew went to Chengdu base to shoot. These people are Chinese movie stars. In this video, they are saying that panda's poop is called “ green ball” and has no smell. It's all undigested bamboo leaves. The cutest baby is Menglan 么么儿memeer.🥰

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