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  • Is smol
  • Aww, poor white pearl!
  • Wait...are those cracks around Pearl's neck?
  • She hurt
  • @friendly_neighbour_panda It’s an au, where her voice box gets shattered I think
  • @4pple_juce yea,ik.But it's so weird 😨
  • @friendly_neighbour_panda the au is called the bad prediction au. Basically y’know sapphires prediction that the rebels would be caught? That happens in this au. Rather than shattering Pearl the diamonds found it fitting to take away her voice.
  • the second one is so cutee
  • @roses_r_red_so_r_my_glasses oh dang.thx for the clarification 😆
  • Poor pink pearl😭
  • Poor whiter pearl she can’t handle Stevens adorable purity 💕


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