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  • @salty_sea_cat haha soo much to choose from😹
  • @sneffelsandelbert ohh I must try that! 😼
  • @basilfold haha let’s wait and see😹🙈
  • @irmathebirman haha yes, i destroyed another plant😼😹👏🏼
  • @jupiter_the_brit_cat haha yes I decided to destroy another one after all😹🙌🏼
  • Ooh yes! We love to mess with the house plants!! 💚🌱 have a great day cutie!!
  • @veenie_gram haha definitely not! 😹 i will destroy them aaall😼👏🏼
  • @alvini.panini haha meowmy wasn’t too happy.. 🙄❤️🙈
  • @cat.moby you too sweet Moby! 💋
  • @romeo_britishcat thanks, i destroyed another plant😼🌿
  • @billybritishlonghair aww thanks a lot!! 😻
  • @roxy_bearrr haha it really is! You should try some of it!😹🙌🏼💕
  • @adventuresofjudethecat haha yes many options 😹😻
  • @mousethemenace haha actually I have already done that! Let me tell you meowmy’s stable shoes no longer exists😹😼😹👏🏼
  • @charlie_mollybirma thank you dears!! 💗
  • @bramino77 haha best comment!! 😹 I have a lot of things to try out👏🏼👏🏼
  • @madfluffs aww thank you 💋
  • @balous_life hahah okay I will admit.. I destroyed another plant 🙊💕
  • @sebbethecoonis haha yes, very happy about my work😼👏🏼✨
  • @redcatbrothers haha I have tried that a few times, its very entertaining😻👏🏼😹


Charlie die Katze

Comment from Charlie die Katze:

New day, new opportunities to make mischief 😼 Hmm.. what can I do to annoy my family today? 💭 Break a plant by pushing it down? Nahh been there done that 🌿 Jump up on the sink? No.. I do that almost every day 🤫 I have to come up with something new and creative.. Do you have any suggestions on what I can do? 🐱 ❗️Update: todays mission completed. Another plant destroyed, it was just too tempting not to push it down.. 🤭 . . . #salidiekatze #coicommunity #9gagcute #meowed #kitten #kittens #kittens_of_world #cutecatskittens #kitty #kittycat #fallintowinterwithus #sweetcatclub #kittylookbook #bestcatsclub #cutecatcrew #bestcataward #cat_delight #catfeatures #instacat_meows #cutecats #krazycatoftheday #meowdel_feature #kittenplaycommunity #kittens_of_instagram #cats_of_instagram #catasticworld #catstagramcat #cats_of_instworld #meowdel #happycatclub

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