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Christian Hartgrove

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A huge realization I had recently was that in order to manifest what I desire, it is necessary for me to create the space for it to become possible. In turn, this makes the adjustment much more efficient… and practical. This can be in a few different forms… physically, emotionally, etc. Think about some of things you wish to have this year. Could be a different work environment, a sofa, new friends (that’s a big one!), or hell maybe it’s some new clothes because you want to wear more red (cough, that’s me. Red is the sexiest color there is) 😜 “Big” or “small”, a great first couple of steps towards obtaining it would be to truly want it and then immediately create space for that thing to enter into your life. Think of it like a welcome party. If it’s money, set up a fresh, new bank account. A clean start. An account that’s never seen the bad days. If it’s new relationships, create some emotional space for those new soon-to-be friends of yours to enter into. Whatever it is that you want, it is yours… as long as you truly go after it. The only thing hindering us are the restrictions that we place on ourselves. How are you creating space for what you desire? As for me: Emotionally, I am creating some space (in a healthy way) between some relationships that are in my way. Physically, I have created a space for my new custom guitar to come in. Stayed tuned for details 😉 Spiritually, I have created time for me to meditate daily. I tend to try and skip it because, when I wake up, it’s go time. But the benefits are well worth the time invested. Create the space... if you really want it.

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