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  • These look amazing!!
  • -drooool-
  • Love your content Brenda!
  • I LOVE the carrot cake 😍😍😍
  • Damn!! 🤤
  • Yum!! Which one is your favourite?!
  • Yasss donut heaven😋
  • You’re not normally a donut fan?! You’re crazy!!!!
  • 😍
  • I love donuts 😍
  • Always hear good things! We still have yet to try 😭
  • Amazing 😍😍
  • 💜💜💜
  • How much was the dozen? The last two sound so unique!


Brenda W.

Comment from Brenda W.:

In donut heaven 🍩 Usually not a big fan of donuts but man these were sooo good 😭 My absolute fave is the apple fritter, so crispy and chewy at the same time with strong apple flavour (ugh I’m craving it rn). We also got cookies and cream, carrot cake, chocolate mud, lemon lavender and rosewater pistachio. I lovee the asian fusion flavours, so unique and amazing presentation 😍 10/10 would try again. #donuts #asian #flavours #sweets #dessert #dipped #snack #doughnuts #gourmetdonuts #lavender #lemon #carrot #cookiesandcream #applefritter #chocolate

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