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  • Let the dirt trails begin 👌
  • 👍
  • Welcome to the club! Just hit 1yr, 13k. Love it every day.
  • @brian.a.boland thanks mate! 🙏🏻
  • i can confirm it: it‘s a family car!
  • @tommaso.geraci 🙏🏻🙏🏻
  • @dogdrive only space between front seat and rear seat is too narrow, especially if you have a child seat. rear door opening angle doesn‘t help that much. my opinion...
  • @tommaso.geraci couldn't agree more on the space between front and rear seats. Before this purchase, I was torn between this and a Subaru Outback. Loved the roomy interior in the Subaru but lack of Turbo engine is the deal breaker.
  • @dogdrive enginewise i couldn‘t be happier (1.8 petrol wt 180 hp). just unsatisfied wt front angle and space front/rear seats.
  • @dogdrive also miss automatic trunk opener and dead angle sensor in rear mirror... 🤪
  • lol and here we are again - Brandon C
  • @cluballtrack LOLWUT?!? 👌🏻👌🏻



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I convinced Boss Lady that starting a family means I will be needing a new “Family Car.” 🤣😜 • Enter Volkswagen Golf Alltrack, which I nicknamed #LOLTRAK. The on-going #SoCal rain is a good way to test its #PanoramicRoof. Fingers crossed it doesn’t leak! • Following @thewesternbacon’s footstep after his #Alltrack purchase, here are some fun facts on my #VolkswagenLife: 1. 5th #Volkswagen car purchased 2. 3rd #VW with 1.8T engine (NEVAAA LOSE) 3. 1st car with #4Motion; others are FWD (FUN Wheel Drive) 4. 2nd wagon body style (others are 2 sedans and 1 hatchback) 5. 2nd VW car purchased brand spanking new (BNIB) • Will this one get modded? Sure! I gotta make sure mi familia is rolling in style in the #FamilyWagon, just like @abydiel's. Officially part of #ClubAlltrack now.

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