32 Days ago
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  • Das nice Man!
  • Clean af
  • Kinda like these wheels with Jada, a fresh look
  • See that's clean not too much done to it I like it
  • As much as I like the other rims, this looks great as well, higher height and all.
  • Hey they look alright👌, better than stocks.
  • The tires look perfect.
  • 👌
  • @dj_import3 Hey thanks bud! 🍻
  • @dan_plugz Thanks buddy!🍻
  • @lampostagram Yeah, thanks Leo! Me too! Rides well, too!
  • @gios.lens Definitely appreciate that, man. Clean is how I do 🍻
  • @oobgarm Thanks Dustin, I really love split five spokes 🍻
  • @trunkmonky_ Glad you think so! I had these for years on my 06 Fusion, glad I kept them 🍻
  • @bowslayer_01 I know you remember these from the old Ford 🍻
  • Where you get that spoiler bro looks good
  • Meaty tire makes it look mean though
  • @samhenrygaming Yeah that's true, rides better too! 😅
  • @jaderuno Thanks man, it's from Kaminari. You have to order direct from them, they only build them to order.
  • 😢



Comment from Peezy:

Haven't posted pics of Jada in awhile, had to switch to an older set of wheels as an emergency fill in. These wheels and tires are actually from my old Fusion set up. I'm disappointed with having to raise her up to accommodate the larger tire size, but it's just temporary. Kinda neat to be rolling with a piece of the old Fusion though! . . #sciontC #tC1 #scionlife #scion #sciontC1 #savethemanuals #teinbasics #Kaminari #lowlife #coilovers #staticlife #manlovesmachine #oemgfx #toyotascion #coupelife #teincoilovers #scionnation #sciontcclub #scions #scionclub #scionflow #panoramicroof #customsplitters #drilledandslottedrotors #05sciontC #xxr502 #xxrwheels

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