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  • It’s even more weird that he submitted this
  • Must be an Alabama fan
  • It's for the gram. Huhyhihaho.
  • Woof
  • @prisk.ice.tea next pickup line for me?
  • Alabama fans be like
  • This some @raymondkaltsas shit
  • Also you changed your insta name to something understandable.. so proud @raymondkaltsas
  • @jack_kay17 dang take it easy
  • @trevor_loveall29 shut up Chode
  • @ooduh 😂lmao wtf & no that’s not me I don’t use tinder
  • God I hope sarcasm
  • @tpravo @swaveykyle 😂😂😂
  • this Max from Max and Ruby?
  • @aleccalderwood this you dude
  • @ryan.hardyy dude I never thought they’d post it


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Why tho

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