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  • 😍👍
  • 귀여운
  • @danialriffaei ngomong naon sia goblog
  • @danialriffaei so pisan sia teh anying
  • @danialriffaei bengeut kumbah ari sia koplok, hinyai anying
  • Plastic 😕 i think much better before u got plastoc surgery.. now your face become weird and mainstream. Not unique
  • @kayyishaq No one asked for your irrelevant opinion lmao. Get off the Internet and do something productive, for God's sake!
  • @mysterious.harmony who the fck are u? My Mom?
  • Plastic detected
  • Plastic face lmao
  • Plastic. Un-natural face do
  • @kayyishaq mad?
  • @kayyishaq Thank god I'm not. I'll never be the mother of someone as pathetic as you.
  • @mysterious.harmony so stop lecturing me. this is internet. everyone has their own opinions
  • @kayyishaq You're right. Yours is trash anyways 😘
  • @mysterious.harmony *idontcare* smh 😎
  • @mysterious.harmony only losers who use fake accounts, then act like brave people. Oops. Lmao
  • and u use a fake acc too. stupid. @kayyishaq
  • @_mehsthetic_ want. ❣️💦


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