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Comment from Sunshinebuds👽Sunshinebudsglass:

So I decided I'm going to AUCTION this sweet little meteor pendant I made last night out of serum, gas and illuminate! Let's get this started it will just be a quick auction that ends tonight... Opening Bid $0 Bid increments of at least $5 Add $7 for shipping NO RESERVE NO BIN Winner must pay directly after auction ends!! I accept PayPal only!! This auction starts now and ends tonight at 8:30PM EST TIME!!! Thanks for all the love and support it truly means the world have an awesome day everyone ✌🏻👽 sunshinebuds errlando floridastoner staygreen fueledbyerrl gihyl highlife hightimes high_larry_us highlyeducated iwillmarrymary stoner marijuana shatter errl w420 710society beastcoast eastcoastdabbers uvglass topshelflife keepitchronic worldreefers potheadsociety stankyydankyy headyglass floridaboysgetithotter glasslife cfl

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Comment from Sunshinebuds👽Sunshinebudsglass:

Soooooo I tried something a little different last night! I wanted to see how hard it was to actually pop as many holes as I could and I only got 7 my first try and boy was it hard but lots of fun lol.. so after the holes I figured it looked like a meteor so I carved into it some and put some illuminate lippies around the holes to make it pop that much more also the colors to the meteor are Serum from @glassalchemy over Gas from @laketownglass both beautiful colors to work with and yes this does have a slight color change it's just my CFL light sucks lol. Thanks for looking I might auction this off later or just do dibs will see how it goes. Have an awesome day everyone ✌🏻👽 sunshinebuds errlando floridastoner staygreen fueledbyerrl gihyl highlife hightimes high_larry_us highlyeducated iwillmarrymary stoner marijuana shatter errl w420 710society beastcoast eastcoastdabbers uvglass topshelflife keepitchronic worldreefers potheadsociety stankyydankyy headyglass floridaboysgetithotter glasslife cfl

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Comment from esmesgreenhouse:

Best of yesterday. The marble glows orange under uv 💚 seaglass seamarble coddmarble uvglass redseaglass bottlestopperstem

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David "Bam Bam" Baker


Comment from David "Bam Bam" Baker:

auction one post back for deets and to bid! Current bid is only $175.00!! . glassauction glassforsale glassofig buyboro boroauction terps preservetheterps dabs wedontsmokethesame headyglass hightimes kush highsociety maryjane uvglass

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Comment from Pigglenjumpstreet_Glass_Sales:

I was going through my page while I can't sleep just to see what I have available and was shocked I have over 50 functionals available now and have more on order so Ive got to clear some room 👊 I also have over 100 Pendants as well as sherlocks, pipes, dabbers, caps, slides, and drops that all straight 🔥🔥🔥 all from incredible artists 💎💎 tagged on every post so you know the artist 👌So scroll through my page and hit my dm with serious interest or offers and let's get you some new 🔥🔥🔥🔥glassforsale glassporn glassofig 420 710society 710 functionglassart heady headyglass headyglassforsale bangerhanger pendy pendant pendants pendantporn pendantsforsale fume uvglass dabstagram dabbersdaily dabbers dabbers_unite dailydabber dailydabbers carbcaps glassslide headypendant headypendy

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Lisa Aka Louisa


Comment from Lisa Aka Louisa:

Amongst this gorgeous glass is two Limey green ones containing uranium dioxide which under a black light glows in the dark. Possibly from 1910-50 Vaseline jar? Have now justified the cost of the globe. gracenelegance seaglassglow limeygreen uvglass seaglassrainyday prettyseaglass glassmosaic vaselinejar

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Comment from gnosy:

Pleasebelieve 👏💁👍🙈gnosyglass uvglass minimilker cflreactive cflglass glassofig visionaryartist

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Glass art by Blaek


Comment from Glass art by Blaek:

And now it has four cutandflip fumemarbles, and 4 uv leaves 🍃 glassart dabber nature uvglass 710 errl errlybird goodnight feelingmyself 😉

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Casey Turner


Comment from Casey Turner:

Hotshot of a mighty fine pendant i made for myself, lots of nova 💎😊 boro borosilicate glass art handspun quirkyglass aussieglass glasshustle glasslife borolife glassaddict glassart glassofig glassporn oprahsbookclub lampworking pendantsofig pendantporn flameworking sculpture glasssculpture miniature miniaturesculpture heady headyglass uvglass

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The Original Heady Necklace


Comment from The Original Heady Necklace:

Starry Night Opal-Tech XL Wooklaces are always nice 📿👁💎👌🏾 . Definitely not a shoelace 😅 . I will be going back to the dye-lair soon to make some more colors! 🌈🤔 . I'll be bringing back Deep-Space, my signature "black" and some new new! 🚀🔮 . Any colors you guys would like to see??? 🤷🏾‍♂️🎨 . Also, another unfinished beat of mine... I really like this one 🎧 . . wooklace upperneckschelon handmadehighqualityshitweretal soreiuqis theoriginalheadynecklace starrynight opaltech XL neckbangerforyourneckhanger sauced headyglass headypendants glassofig pendantsofig madeinaz blingbling somuchpop UVglass handdyed ifitaintwookitsshook chainschmain AZwooks thesmoothzone glassforsale pendyshot

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Comment from WeejeGlass/BrianJ:

nofilter boro SQUEEGEE-tech🎨AbstractBottle fullyworked sakebottle headyglass glassofig glassporn glasscollector uvglass oprahsbookclub headyculture dabstagram glassforsale oprahswookclub abstractart contemporaryart modernart highfashion weejeglass

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Comment from BeHumble🙏🏽:

🤤 HeadyBoro 710society HeadySociety HeadyRigs HeadyGlass 710photography UVGlass HeadTube CarstenGlass ChiefinGlassWorks Bhoss BackHomeGlass SantaCruzGlassPics LowTempKings WasteItToTasteIt Serum WeShouldDab Dabstagram Heady ArtGlass GlassOfIg DabOrDie MrGlobs

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Gareth W


Comment from Gareth W:

🛑AUCTION 🛑 First flat tip pencil! ✏️ Eraser: Pink lollipop Metal: amber purple Pencil: purple lollipop Shavings: silver strike Lead: Darth badger Every purchases comes with a monthly raffle ticket 1️⃣Starts at $5 2️⃣add $5 domestic shipping 3️⃣ends when I call it max 24 hrs after first bid 4️⃣$2 increments glassforsale glassauction glassauctions garysglassadventure dabber boroforsale glass4sale dabs 710 weshouldsmoke serum cflglass dabsdaily dabbersunite bestofboro bestofglass glassofig 710society eastcoastboro eastcoastdabbers bho headyglass uvglass glassgiveaway lowtemp wasteittotasteit hightimes 420 dailydabbers

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Michael Turner


Comment from Michael Turner:

Auction Custom uv tack , size medium , stands 2.75" tall Auction starts now and ends when i call it with going once twice sold Auction starts at $0 with min increments of $10 Bin $120 glassart glasslife tacklife glassporn glassart qualityglass headyglass headies classyglass uv uvglass customglass handmade 420 wedontblowthesame 710 rosin wedontsmokethesame minitube tackart daboftheday thc dabs photooftheday feelingtacky empty1glass dabdaily highendglass glassauction glass4sale

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Comment from Cody:

When you randomly find out that your @hetmanglass X @apacheflameworks has UV sections worked into it. 👌💯 UVglass canadianglassart itglows bluv headymugs glassart glassappreciation functionalglassart glassofig highsociety hetmanglass wfayo glassporn canadianglassart uvglassart topshelflife 604

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They Call Me "Stash"


Comment from They Call Me "Stash":

Heady 2" incalmo wigwag disk pendant with illuminati (uv reactive) headyglass headyglassforsale heady glassart glassofig glassporn glassforsale artglass uvglass uvreactiveglass 420 wigwag pendant glasspendant pendantsforsale pendantsofig headypendants pendantnecklace

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Linzee Murray


Comment from Linzee Murray:

Hello friends!🖖🏼👽🖖🏼 I haven't been very active on the torch lately (busy doing a side job) BUT I'll be back next week, making more art to share with you beautiful souls💚 Hope everyone's having a great summa🌞🦋🌈🌸🐝🌲🐛 glass glassart glassofig rick rickandmorty handmade glassblowing girlswhoblowglass boro boroofig borobabes borosilicate borosilichic heady headyglass headygirls headypendant uv uvglass

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Adam Pacini


Comment from Adam Pacini:

FLASH SALE %20 off Dreamcaster Millie octopus 45 uv Millie's. +pendant and chip. DM if interested Glow in the dark suctions Milli eye, octopus millie glowinthedark itsnotwhatyousmokeitshowyousmo oceanlife ocean headyglassthousandollarsmoke rigsofigoprahsbookclub glass_of_ig Paciniglassbestofglass glassmaps uvglass girlswhosmoke girlsthatsmoke art

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Comment from cornontheglob:

Watching Tenacious D and globbing some Clementine, it's a pretty good Wednesday night

10 Hours ago

Michael Robinson


Comment from Michael Robinson:

New illuminati and gold hand pipes . Limited run orders available!!! wedontsmokethesame grinderglass glasspipes spoonpipe illuminati headyglass smokeshop cannabis drgreenthumb glassporn glassofig smokeweed legalize medicalmarijuana uvglass

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Comment from Nnngee:

function 🤙waterworks slomo

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Comment from Sadboy:

The very 1st I rig purchased for myself and influenced me to start collecting more glass.I remember being beyond stoked when I finally got to pick it up from @just_urban_smokeshop. Artist: @domepiecer NFS •Cheers to good times• sad glass glassart nfs glassappreciation glassofig uvglass glasslove uv local protonpink rigcity carrot orbs dabs headyglass headyart heady sadboy

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Comment from Pigglenjumpstreet_Glass_Sales:

I have 26 incredible slides available now from my homies and amazing artists @b_hold_glass and @pigfishglass with 22 being from @b_hold_glass including these unbelievable BluV heaters and next up are 5 Lucy and 🔥🔥🔥 fume 💎💎 all 14 mm in the first 8 pics and they glow far better then my pics show 👊 The last 2 pics are of the 4 slides I have available from @pigfishglass with 3 being 18mm and one 14mm and the last 18mm las some Lucy as well 😎 All of these are available now so if you're looking for some sick ass slides hit my dm cause I discount when buying multiple 🤘👊 glassforsale glassofig glassporn 420 420life 420blazeit 14mmslide 14mmbowl 18mmslide 18mmbowl weshouldsmoke uvglass bluv lucyglass heady headyglassforsale headyglass fumetech fumeporn fumedglass fume glassslide

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Comment from alf416:

Mini and micro illuminatti gnarlyharleyglass 7tenglass uvglass shatterday headyasfuck headyglass dabs dabbersunite milkshot thousanddollarsmoke dabbersdaily bestofglass worldreefers weshouldsmoke weed buyselltradeglass glasssofig dabbersofig clouds hightimes 710 420 smoke vape terps thc cbd dab bongs

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Fuzion Glass Gallery 🔰


Comment from Fuzion Glass Gallery 🔰:

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Johnny Landini Glassblowing


Comment from Johnny Landini Glassblowing:

AVAILABLE NOW. Octo minitube. Fat bottom chugger. Batray. Lots of uv. DM for pricing. johnnylandini2017 uvglass octopus batrays coralreef minitube

11 Hours ago

Sap Glass


Comment from Sap Glass:

Canadian Love Swanger with a super fire Maple Leaf Opal from @grandpaglass (UV Ready) 🇨🇦❤️ - Up for auction two posts back ✌️ sapglass profoundglass opal canada canadian love fire uv uvglass uvreactiveglass dots dotstack dotsovernodots bloody glass glassart glassofig glassauction auction necklace jewelry handmade art hawkhillstudio dowork provethemwrong realrecognizereal forsale

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Comment from thehighestcloud:

PRICE DROP!!Blue-v fab egg still avail! Only 310$ shipped don't sleep on this one boroforsale glassforsale glassblowing heady headyart headylife headyshop headyglass headyglassgallery headyglassforsale thehighestcloud9 fabegg uvglass glassrig glassart glassblowing

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J E N N Y 💜 🔐


Comment from J E N N Y 💜 🔐:

This shit is lit. Don't miss out on it 🔥🔥🔥 . . Repost ( @get_repost) ・・・ When I reach 2000 followers. I'll be giving away this beautiful piece to someone. The rules are you must follow and repost and use LeoGlass420 thank you everybody for The support. boro borogiveaway glassgiveaway giveaway giveback glass glassart glass_of_ig illuminati illuminatiglass blasklight blacklightglass uv uvglass 420 710 710society 420 420photography

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Comment from Z A C H A R Y D O R N:

Buncha UV shit 🔦 glassofig uvglass degenerateart snicbarnes akio jengordonglass bluegrassglass UV glasscollectors

12 Hours ago

Timothy Capelle

Comment from Timothy Capelle:

. . . bluv glassartist boroballers marblesofig instaart mibsofig glassart bestofglass glassforsale boroforsale glassofig artofig marbles uvglass artofinstagram beautiful marbleart heady headyglass art 710 marble artglass glassaddict love marblecollector glass boro glassblower glassblowing

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The Rig Depot


Comment from The Rig Depot:

Hey Instafam😄 **Please read all the rules below👇🏼 before placing a bid** We're having an ☢️Auction☢️ for this UV🔦 Bubble Cap🔥🔥 made by @rc_glass It's Blu-v with a Black Top, that's easy to move and control airflow♨️ You can see👀 it shines💡bright under UV Light🙌🏼 The shape is nice👌🏼 I like putting it on its top, after use💨 so there's no chance it will roll off your table. It's designed to fit, all 3 standard size Thermal P's and some Flat Top Bangers💯 It perfectly fits our 25mm Thermals or Flat Tops, the Winner has the choice to add a Nail from us for only $25💰 more, which is $5 off the regular price🤘🏼If you'd like to place a bid, please do, below👇🏼 Good Luck🍀 and thanks for looking😋🙏🏼✌🏼 🔶 This Auction ️⃣ 313 starts now and Ends, When I Call It, in a Going Once, Twice, and Sold🗣 Finish 🔶 Starting bid is $15 and please bid in increments of at least $3 or more 🔶 No Reserve 🔶 10 Minute Snipe Rule in Place 🔶 $5 for USA Shipping and $8 to Canada 🔶 You MUST PLEASE🙏🏼 be ➡️PayPal, Debit/CreditCard, Google Wallet, Square Cash or Venmo Ready Before Bidding⬅️ and able to Make Payment Promptly after Winning, No Exceptions🚫💯 Please send us a DM, before bidding, if you have an unusual circumstances and can not follow these rules. 🔶 Please only Serious Bidders participate, if you can't 💰pay💰 then don't play. Failure to make payment or deleting a bid will result in you being blocked from all of our future Auctions and Giveaways🙈 💥➡️ Shop Anytime on our 🌐Website🌐 Which has More Functional Glass Art, Pendants, Dabbers, Nails, and Accessories💯 The Link is in our Bio above⬆️ rigdepot glass4sale glass_of_ig glassauctions glassauction dabsrus carbcap bubblecaps dailydabber glassporn instaglass fueledbybho bhombingamerica pukinbeagle errl thermalp boroforsale buyboro potheadsociety dailydabbers pukinbeagle bestofglass puffpuffpass glasscommunity instaglass uvglass stonergirls boroballers dabstagram keepitchronic loudpack weed420feed

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Ital Vibes Glass


Comment from Ital Vibes Glass:

Illuminati thermal cap I made the other day! So bright under the uv!! italvibesglass ivg borosilicate boro 33coe thermalbanger thermalcap thermal carbcap carbcapsofig dab dabtool perfecttemp illuminati uvglow uvglass blacklight glowsgreen glassofig

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