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Comment from _punkhipster_:

👽 grunge tumblr aesthetic alternative fashion softgrunge punk pastel pastelgrunge rock nirvana hipster 90s vintage scene bands tumblraesthetic grungestyle photooftheday palegrunge darkgrunge aesthetics alternativegirl piercings punkrock grungeblog grungefashion rad tattoo scenegirl

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Andy Black


Comment from Andy Black:

Can eye fist Uranus? emogirl eyebrowpiercing tunnels tattoos piercings alternativegirl angelbites scenegirl snakebites septum girlswithtattoos girlswithpiercings caninebites vsco vscocam nostrilpiercing model

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Delta Δ


Comment from Delta Δ:

*Aesthetic* emo emogirl emoteen emohair piercings pentagram punk alternativegirl alternativeteen alternativehair snakebites scenehair sceneteen scenegirl dyedgirls girlswithpiercings girlswithplugs lippiercings labret nosepiercing blackhair goth gothgirl eyebrowpiercing septum septumpiercing suicidegirl

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Comment from uniqso:

@Regrann from - Everyday I look younger and younger (o´▽`o) 🌸 . . . . . . . emoboy emogirl emo emoteen alternative alternativeboy alternativegirl scene sceneboy scenegirl sceneteen pastelgoth pastelgoths bands piercings anime eyes cute kawaii pinkhair sweet かわいい pastel baby - regrann photooftheday instalike

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Comment from G H O S T:

It's starting to get cold here in Australia, I'm going to go through a /lot/ of hot chocolate. What's your favourite warm beverage? - - - [androgyny anime androgynous stretchers piercings septum nonbinary andro nb dark sweater instaboy freckles fauxfreckles scarf ghost aesthetic grunge warm winter rainy photography alternativefashion alternative peace trump meme fashion cuddly pansexualpride]

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Geeza Luft✨💫


Comment from Geeza Luft✨💫:

Jobhunting is exhausting - but hey... at least I'm in beautiful byronbay where everyone has a big smile on his face! So lets see what comes around! byronbay australia nsw tattoo piercings lovelife 🌙✨☀️🤙🏽

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Emily Calise


Comment from Emily Calise:

This is hands down one of my favorite shirts ever ✌🏻️❤️💀 @olobersykes is watching you. olisykes oliversykes bmth bringmethehorizon eye pretty grayhair me beautiful beauty loljkimugly tattoo piercings alt alternative alternativegirl goth love thatsthespirit americannightmaretour eyes

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Comment from Len:

This shirt is soo fkn cute 😊❤ directionsmidnightblueadventuretimebluehairscenehairvpfashionVPmixdyeablehairotakualternativewavyhairpiercingshelixpiercingmermaidhairredhairlikeforfollowextensionsdırectionshairgrungefashioncolorfulstylehairhaircolorcutemakeupeyelinertumblrgirlbmobluenyx

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Andrea Rodríguez 💀


Comment from Andrea Rodríguez 💀:

Do you see it in my eyes? The love... 💜

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Novri Yadi


Comment from Novri Yadi:

piercing piercings pierced TFLers bellyrings navel earlobe ear photooftheday bellybuttonring lipring instagood modifications bodymods piercingaddict bellybar bellybuttonpiercing

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Emily Smith


Comment from Emily Smith:

w i p 🍑 sketch drawing graphite art artist wip tattoos piercings

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Miss Snowblood Germany 🦊


Comment from Miss Snowblood Germany 🦊:

leggins oftheday 🌸 poprageous 🌸 la new stuff 2017 itsfriday fashion style pastelgoth goth retro vintage pinup rockabilly plugs piercings tattoos ink inked

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Comment from Aimee:

Different makeup today. . . . makeup katvondbeauty modernpinup alternative piercings medusapiercing alternativestyle redhead wingedeyeliner motd rockabilly pinup redhair aussiepinup shadeandlightpalette

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Maxine Scroggs


Comment from Maxine Scroggs:

It's just makeup but it's kinda cute right? meh undiscovered_muas mua freckles redhair redhead redhairdontcare shorthair shorthairdontcare music makeupart makeup makeuplove makeupbyme makeuplife makeupartist makeuptutorial makeupaddict makeuplooks inspired devilsteeth girlswithtattoos girlswithpiercings piercings tattoo tattoos tattooideas tattedgirls huntingtonbeach california

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Comment from Herzgeschwister:

_____________________ Bald erhältlich im Shop! Pastell Sailor Plugs 14-20mm Mit inclusiven Holzplug alternative blogger plugs lobes gauches tunnels label shop bavaria rockabilly sailor pastell steuerrad inked tattoos piercings shoppen support handgemacht selfmade lifestyle follow like

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Comment from Juan💁🏼👑:

makeup shook damn eyeshadow eyebrows littlemix seattle concert party cute love hotel dangerouswomantour wow mexican lgbt arianagrande party piercings tattoos selfie trip gay lips

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Comment from goof08:

guten morgen heinsberg glauchau selfpic selfie me bart beard piercings snakebites septumpiercing septum bridgepiercing bridge ink metal punch

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Comment from 정소연:

Piercings Earrings BadHairDay

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💀 ДОБРОЕ УТРО✌🏼️...ХОРОШЕЙ ПЯТНИЦЫ 👍🏼 _____________________________________ 👉🏼ПОДПИШИСЬ @girls_tattoo_show ❤СТАВЬ ЛАЙКИ @girls_tattoo_show girlstattooshow . . tattoo tattoos tat ink inked tattooed tattoist coverup art design instaart instagood sleevetattoo piercing piercings pierced bellyrings navel earlobe ear photooftheday bellybuttonring lipring instagood modifications bodymods piercingaddict bellybar bellybuttonpiercing

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Call Me Harley


Comment from Call Me Harley:

My hair looks so good lately! • • • • punkstyle punkgirls punksnotdead punkhair punky punkgirl piercings piercedgirls piercing model modellife modelgirl nosepiercing goth gothic gothgirl makeup makeupartist makeupjunkie eyeliner lipstick lips filter blackandwhitephoto selfie hairstyles rings dramatic eyeshadow

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Comment from Kaylee🐼:

🌟 anime manga piercings otaku kawaii animegirl animedrawing animelove animeworld animeart animelover naruto fairytail tokyoghout attackontitan animeboy onepiece bleach swordartonline aot blackbutler deathnote shingekinokyojin cosplay snk narutoshippuden sao yaoi kaneki

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- Прокол пупка от нашего мастера Марьи Агальцовой. 〰 _________________ Стоимость прокола с учётом украшения 1000₽ _________________ На заживление ставится банан _________________ ☎367266 • • • • пирсинг мода красиво happy photooftheday style bodmod piercing уссурийск piercings пирсингуссурийск пирсингусс микродермал приморье piercing микродермалуссурийск beautiful бодмод piercingAg проколпупкауссурийск пирсингпупкауссурийск пирсингвпупкеуссурийск Маркчернослив салонкрасотывуссурийске пирсингпреображение интимпирсингуссурийск приморскийкрайпирсинг преображениепирсинг

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Tee Marie


Comment from Tee Marie:

Way throw back. 2013. Memphis, TN. Throwback tbt❤️ theteemarie piercings pierced tattoos inkedgirl freckles redlace greeneyes aquarius aquahair tattooed oldphoto inkedmodels tattooedgirls tattooedmodel

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Comment from coffin4cupid:

Too true 😂😂😂 truth innerwest scottishlesbians lesbian gay lgbt piercings tattoos alternative lezziegram tattooedlesbians lesbehonest lesbiansofig lesbiansofinstagram girlswholikegirls stem lesbianitraveller lgbttraveller lesbianOnTour travelling travellingTheWorld backpacker scottishgirl outback Perth Australia LA cali glasgow scotland

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daddy (fgt)


Comment from daddy (fgt):

HES. SO. HOT. FUCK e 🙄😅 ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ grunge cat ddlg ddlglifestyle little ddlgkitten kitten botdf sinners sgtc metal phan ptv sws smile lgbt memes dahvieinsanity tattoos dahvievanity tloz sinnersarewinners piercings scene emo scenegirl gamergirl gamer

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Comment from TheDevinLindsey:

New video is up! (Link to my channel is in my bio) youtube youtuber youtubechannel subscribe snakebites follow followme vape vapelyfe piercings graveyard gaugespiercing gauges stretchedears link linkinbio alternative aternativestyles longhair plugs guyswithpiercings video dailyvlogs vlog youtubevideos whattowatch metal music heavymetal rock

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Comment from girlsntattoos2k17:

Here's an awesome photo from the gorgeous @rooiswhilenout_. Go follow the beautiful @rooiswhilenout_ 😍😍 altgirl wowtattoo piercings inkedbabes inkedgirls inkedandfit inkedandsexy tatted tattooed tatuagem workout girlswithtattoos fit fitfam fitlife fitness fitgirls tattoo fitandinked girlswithink tatuajes tattoos tattooedbabes tattooedgirls dope hawt womenwithink altmodel tats tattooartist

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Angelica # Sweden


Comment from Angelica # Sweden:

Good morning ☕Today I gonna met up my lovely twin sister ❤ Can't wait . goodmorning earlymornings onmywaytowork coffeetime blackcoffee strongcoffee amazingmorning friday coffeelove redlips redlipstick redhairdontcare red redhairgirl makeupjunkie blackeyeshadow attitude alternativegirl alternative rockgirl metalhead metal hardcoreladies piercings manypiercings evilqueen hotchick piercedgirls rockon swedsihgirl

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Comment from Tia:

Can't sleep for at all so if you're up and don't mind talking DM me ~cantsleepboredfromearlierohwellblackblackclotheswhitegreyblurmusicpiercingsmakeupwingedeyelinerskinnyjeansjacketsdarktimedarknessnighttimemoonbandsmemoriesgothgothicemoweirdlittledaddysgirllostbrokenempty

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Wanna Go?🐦


Comment from Wanna Go?🐦:

Большая любовь. scenesceneboyssceneboyscenehairemohairemoboyemoboysalternativehairhairstylesstylestylesemoalternativebandbandspiercingstattootattoosselfiewitch☽◯☾

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Comment from Alexzandra:

Love work migraines hippytrash vibetribe vibe alt alternative altchick altgirl altfreal alternativegirl alternativechick gothhippy hippychick alternative altmodel alternativegirl alt gothbitch goth gothic gothgirl gothstyle gothgirlsofinstagram tat tattoo tattoos tattooartist tattedgirls tattedchick piercings pierced piercedchick freak realhorrorshow

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Comment from Dyamond:

This is something you should know, I don't ever chase no hoes 🚷😂😂😂🤷🏽‍♀️🎧🎵🎶 youthought music piercings nomakeup tonguering septum snakebites dyedhair

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♛Hi I'm Overbearing Asf♛


Comment from ♛Hi I'm Overbearing Asf♛:

✖ ﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏ qotd Do you have a pet............................?????????? ﹏ ﹏ ﹏ ﹏ aotd I have a turtle well two turtles haha.................. ﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏ I just want to remind you yes YOU you are the definition of gorgeous the definition of handsome and no matter what people say...... in somebody's eyes no in my eyes you're more then what people make you are worth the time the money the world and just remember to love yourself as much as you love others ﹏ ﹏ ﹏ ﹏ ﹏ ﹏ ﹏Tag's may not apply﹏ emo alternative aesthetic lgbt bisexual uke submissive cute lightskin anime pretty beautiful positivevibes grunge punk dounutbelly messybuns snapchat goodvibes bathroomselfies trash longhair transgender gay emogirl curlyhair piercings turnonpostnotifications

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