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You say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. -John Lennon . . . Aaaaaaaaaah these yogi's stole my 💚 . tbt yoga india shiva shakti kundalini lini sisters brothers . . . . onelove Responsibility action selfknowledge aswithinsowithout cleanse mindbodysoul truth bliss samadhi spiritual ascension meditation consciousness create manifest yogaeverywhere yogaeverydamnday nature yogateacher vegansofig

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Sara Sas M.S. L.Ac. RYT.


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buddahhappybuddahcrystalbuddah uddahabundantlifeuniversevaccu vaccumipeningreplacementsymbol ymbolismpaceresonancehighervib 🕉 ok... what's this? Well my abundance boingy Buddah that I have had for years on top of computer randomly fell off? 😱 Had a mini panic... like why? what does this mean regarding symbolism. 😬😬Moved on and my next patient says she has had something for me... hence a new purple glass lucky Buddah!! 👏👏👏 hurray! ☯️ It's true when a hole is created the universe listens... like a vacuum what ever was lost something new and possibly better will show up to take its place! It's up to you to create the resonance of what you will attract! 💎💎💎Raise vibration folks... the universe will listen!🙌🕉

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Stephanie Tyler 🦄🌙


Comment from Stephanie Tyler 🦄🌙:

No matter how justified!

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Comment from S A S H A M O R E N O:

Receptivity. What is this? It's when we're in a state of receiving. . How often has someone tried to give you something and then you try to shut it down? You feel that accepting and receiving that gift is TOO much; too selfish. But trying not to receive and accept that gift is foolish and arrogant. When someone gives you a gift - what gives you the right to refuse it? You're denying THEIR right to give. . Receiving is a natural result of giving. Receiving has to come back if we focus on giving. Your giving is someone else's receiving and vice versa. . Giving can ONLY happen because it is also receiving 🌝 . How often do you work and work and work but fail to accomplish what you're working for? It happens to so many of us because we're unknowingly in a state of rejecting the receiving. Being taught that we cannot ask to receive and accept things given to us. . I've been in this state • I work and work and work but fall short every single time. Why? Because I'm not open to receiving what I'm working for. . Reading up on that this morning and realizing this, my being went through a shift. I sat here and said "I am open to receiving" and my soul started to cry and let go of this tension I've been holding in. . I AM OPEN TO RECEIVING. . I am OPEN to RECEIVE . You are worthy of receiving & getting exactly what you want. It does not make you greedy, or selfish. Accept the gift of receiving. Be HUNGRY to receive. Having big dreams, being curious, believing in yourself: helps put you in a state of receptive. Allow it 🌻

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Make The Most


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To all my winners out there; nothing can ever stop us. We only get better! Go MakeTheMost ‼️ --------------------------- ------------------------------ ------------------------------ inspire inspirational empower uplift motivationalposts motivationalquotes quotes motivation motivational motivate lawofattraction loa manifest striveforgreatness hustle ambition active dreams success setgoals keepgoing dontquit youcandoit believe teespring

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Christopher Munsterman


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Repost @trinity_esoterics ・・・ Dear Ones, it is not your job to figure out how things will come together for you. Your job is to choose what you would like to experience next that will bring you joy and expansion. You are the expert of your life expression and where you would like it to go next. We are the experts of honouring and matching the energy of your desires and laying out the most direct way to get you there. Do you see? You are part of a team of masters who all have their individual roles and expertise in the process of co-creation, so trust and enjoy the unfoldment. ~Archangel Gabriel cocreation loa lawofattraction manifest manifestation choose joy expansion expert energy desire master process unfoldment trust enlightenment spiritual spirituality lifeexpression shift ascension archangelgabriel dailymessage channel trinityesoterics

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Heather E


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Magic-- lounge lake livelifenow floaties squasome brohm canada150 beyond150 beautifulbc friends chillin swim greatful love womeninfilm hanging manifest greatness

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☥😘Da SiNcErE Diva😘☥


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Love @chancetherapper delivery in this message! messagefromsincere loveandlight 💥 melaningoddess holisticlifestyle cannabiscommunity empoweringwomen healthiswealth spiritualgoddess selflove manifest manifestation empowered legalizeit healinghumanity coramdeoholistic spirituality peaceandlove herbalist melaninpoppin purposefulliving meraki knowurstatus camerasup 📸☝🏾️naturopath goddesstribe alchemist spiritualgangsta knowledgeofself coramdeo detoxdiva

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☥😘Da SiNcErE Diva😘☥


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Frequency.... messagefromsincere loveandlight 💥 melaningoddess holisticlifestyle naturopathy empoweringwomen healthiswealth spiritualgoddess selflove manifest manifestation empowered frequency healinghumanity coramdeoholistic spirituality peaceandlove herbalist melaninpoppin purposefulliving meraki knowurstatus camerasup 📸☝🏾️naturopath goddesstribe alchemist spiritualgangsta knowledgeofself coramdeo detoxdiva @ahelpfulearth @healing_humanity_care

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Jess Kirkman 🔮M A N I F E S T🔮


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A color study in teals and sandy tones. I'm always in my element with these colors!!

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James Ross


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🌿🌿 nature 🌿🌿 we are so lucky to be surrounded by such beauty ❤ take a walk and let yourself be immersed in its magic 🌈🙏🏼 nature magic trees universe divine Fern magical unicorn beautiful yoga health fitness inspiration motivation iam god believe powerofnow water uk instagood instadaily picoftheday meditate manifest dream thankyou

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Samantha H Chan


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Your success and happiness lie in you. ~Samantha H Chan Please like, share or comment * * * * loa thesecret bobproctor lawofattractionrhondabyrne affirmations manifest abundance bliss thankyouuniverse gratitude goodvibes TheodoreRoosevelt tonyrobbins jackcanfield lifejourney lovemychildren myworld myexistence briantracy soniaricotti desmondtutu sethgodin melodybeattie AbrahamLincoln ralphwaldoemerson. napoleonhill

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Gnome Corner


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💜Lepidolite available on Etsy . . . lepidolite crystalhealing manifestation spiritual zodiac crystal hempchoker crystals spiritual hemp choker manifest gnomecorner quartz goodvibesonly crystals crystalshop yoga om

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☥😘Da SiNcErE Diva😘☥


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🎥: @jalapeno_heno messagefromsincere loveandlight 💥 melaningoddess holisticlifestyle naturopathy empoweringwomen healthiswealth spiritualgoddess selflove manifest manifestation empowered melanin healinghumanity coramdeoholistic spirituality peaceandlove herbalist melaninpoppin purposefulliving meraki knowurstatus camerasup 📸☝🏾️naturopath goddesstribe alchemist spiritualgangsta knowledgeofself coramdeo detoxdiva

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Mayowa Sanni


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Join us for mid week service We've got you covered both mainland and Island. celebrationchurch manifest

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Comment from Talia:

Make today the best day EVER!!! Focus only on what you desire and get ready to receive just that!! Have an awesome day guys!!

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Inner Power


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oldsoulyogainspirationyogayoga ayogaeverydamndayspiritjunkies nkiespiritualityinnerpeaceawak eawakeningawarenessartofliving ivingartofgratitudelawofgratit ratitudelawofuniversenatureisl energy lightlightworkerhealing alingenergyconsciousnesscompas

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❣️ Chloe H. Bañales


Comment from ❣️ Chloe H. Bañales:

The greatest medicine of all, is to teach people how not to need it. _ ThrowbackThursday // PretendImHermoine

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Helking Yael Celis


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El siguiente !! Go go go lifestylepreneur entrepreneur entrepreneurship lifestyle mindset hustle motivation inspiration luxurylife money motivationalquotes inspire financialfreedom onlinemarketing networkmarketing internetmarketing workfromhome makemoneyonline mentor forex ecommerce residualincome manifest invest mlm limitless successquotes dailymotivation

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James Eisner


Comment from James Eisner:

The situation you are inquiring about encourages teaching, whether it be student/teacher, parent/child or just friend/friend. We are, all of us, learning and teaching constantly when we are maintaining a high vibration energetically. Never despair that the seeds you have planted have failed to take root. They may be taking time to germinate, or they may have migrated another field. Do not plant seeds with expectation of an outcome. Disengage from the attachment to the outcome of the situation and move on. A farmer doesn't sit down next to the seeds he plants waiting for them to sprout. What a recipe for disappointment! He plants them and moves on. Never once once does he second guess if he was doing the right thing in the right way. He simply does what he is called to do, and trusts that the fruits of his labor will be what they are supposed to be! This card also encourages a more formal teaching experience. Look for ways you can enrich others lives through sharing your expertise and knowledge. teaching nonjudgement compassion intuition manifest soul awareness kundalini awakening ascension gratitude positivenergy meditation life love heart knowing subconscious lightworkers peace vibration stargate universe creation smile oracle mysticjourney777 ❤️

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Today And Everyday, May You Be The Baddest Ass at Everything You Do 💋Happy Thursday Everyone! ... Don't Forget to Follow My Instagram Story For My Day-in-the-Life Footage 💋💪🏼🎼🎬🎹😎🔥💪🏼✌🏼💅🏽👸� woman dream artist art best beautiful sexy singer songwriter love album music manifest believe power lawofattraction

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Leeana Costa


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When a cobra appears in your dream you hit up the google machine. snake creativity dreams dreaminterpretation change thursdaythoughts thursdaymotivation manifest

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Charlotte Mei de Drouas


Comment from Charlotte Mei de Drouas:

Dream! Dream and then go for it! . . . . . . tbt dreamer manifest oriental positivevibes dreamscometrue shanghainights desmondtutu

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Kelly Lunt


Comment from Kelly Lunt:

Are you longing for deeper relationships? Do you want close friendships? Do you want to feel supported more then ever before? Start with yourself. If you want a deep relationship with a lover build a deep relationship with yourself. What do you like? Are you a morning person? A night owl? What's your favorite restaurant? What's your favorite dish? The more you attune your vibration to more intimately know yourself the easier it will be to attract intimate relationships with others. If you want to feel more supported by your friends, family, partners then start supporting yourself. Do you need to meditate in the morning to feel good or tend to your vortex? Support yourself by telling others you'd like to before you go. The more you give yourself what you want from others 1) the more satisfied in life you'll be and 2) the more you'll receive this from others Want more love ? Give yourself a hug for 20 seconds. Hold yourself for 20 seconds and feel the difference. As you yourself more you'll allow in love from others AND start attracting a new tribe that shows you love in a way that feels better. Need help loving yourself more? Follow me, I'll guide you to living life in outrageous joy. -Kelly Lunt KellyLunt

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Flery Ramos


Comment from Flery Ramos:

Keep your Eyes Always towards the Sunshine the...Shadows will Fall Behind ♡ Mantenga tus ojos siempre hacia la luz del sol ... las sombras se caerán detrás ♡

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A meditation flow.... ...Natural wood incense burners available in store now...Link in Bio 👆🏽👆🏽 . .. . .. meditate meditation mantra manifest om loveandlight dailyom natural inhaleexhalerepeat incense incenseburner etsyseller dreams letitgo flow feelyourfeelings spritualfreedom spiritualgrowth mountainmeditation chakras smudge smile

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Happy Elsie Shop


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I AM the Best from the I AM Collection. Turquoise the color of 2017! Looks good on everyone and gives you that pop of color perfect enough to make you stand out. Check it out at HappyElsie.Shop

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Colleen Coleman


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throwbackthursday because I am sitting here with a sick doggo and waiting for her last minute vet appt😕 *********************** ****************************** to the day I bought my bike 2 yrs ago and was scared shitless that I was going to fall over 😂 . . My husband had to ride her home for me 😳because the dealership was 20 miles away and I had forgotten much of what I had learned during the MSF course that I took 2 yrs prior. (Tip: get a bike right after you complete the course!!!) . This was an exciting day though, as I marked this off my Live List. I had wanted a bike since I was a teenager but it was never made a priority. I hear about stuff like this all the time from women. They wait until they are in their 40's, 50's or even 60's before they take the plunge on their dreams. It's great to live a dream at any age, but why wait?? I refuse to live like that anymore. Now I live on my terms ✌️ . . . . girlswhoride rollyourown inkedmoms badassbabes bossbabe honda cb300 pinkhair shorthair freebird freespirit livelist motobabe motogirl motogirls womenwhoride livefree liveyourlegend manifest witchywoman witchymama seehowhighsheflies watchmerise motomoms momswhoride womenwhoride

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RaShaunda Fuller


Comment from RaShaunda Fuller:

When they go low, go high!

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Dream Bigger 💫

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Love, Light, & Magick


Comment from Love, Light, & Magick:

Mwahahaha!!! 😂😂😂😂 Hey, fancy seeing you here. Welcome to my lair! ✨🌙✨

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Roy Londner


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Humans like dogs, are better when mixed. This is how Nature wants us to be. Mixed with a wide gene pool. Me... I'm Half German, half North African, Australian by good fortune, Israeli by birth, and a Tico wannabe. puravida costarica beachday living puravidamae black manifestthebest forbetterliving yogi manueltherapist liveyourdreams me gentics humanrace portrait theway life livinglife Zen cool manifest lifeisfortheliving photography photooftheday mixedhumans alien Tao wisewords changeyourlife

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