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Hideki Hosaka


Comment from Hideki Hosaka:

🐘🐘🐘 Auction Elephant skeleton pendant 🐘🐘🐘 Length over 12cm. Start bidding at us$100, bid increase 10 more. End at time when I stop. (maybe 24hour after or more) . Winner pay ship30. Do not delete bidding comments. Be cautious when bidding. The highest bidder should be able to pay within 24 hours after the end of the auction. At the end I will finish and comment. And I want to ask to you that I should announce to bidders when the bid amount is updated? If I should announce to them, which is better specify a destination and comment or DM? I am not used to the auction on Instagram, and it is helpful if you tell me. glasswork pendant pendantofig glassofig headyglass auction elephant skeleton boro borosilicate sculpture headypendant

3 Hours ago

High Life Designs


Comment from High Life Designs:

Wednesday vibes handmade jewelry jeweler wirewrap wirewrapsofig pendant heady headywirewrap headypendant silver gold tourmaline blessed grateful lovelife asheville 828isgreat supportlocal highlifedesigns

3 Hours ago

Linzee Murray


Comment from Linzee Murray:

Hello friends!🖖🏼👽🖖🏼 I haven't been very active on the torch lately (busy doing a side job) BUT I'll be back next week, making more art to share with you beautiful souls💚 Hope everyone's having a great summa🌞🦋🌈🌸🐝🌲🐛 glass glassart glassofig rick rickandmorty handmade glassblowing girlswhoblowglass boro boroofig borobabes borosilicate borosilichic heady headyglass headygirls headypendant uv uvglass

4 Hours ago

Michael Svenson


Comment from Michael Svenson:

🌈... 3 HOUR AUCTION ...🌈 Ends at midnight! PST Don't fall asleep on this one! Thank you all for your support and have fun! Rules: - Starts at $100 with minimum increments of $20 - winner pays shipping and fees glass_of_ig glassart svenglass pendants_of_ig pendantsofig glassofig glass_of_ig glassflower glassartwork glassauction glassauctions glassauctionsdaily glassauctionsofig glassauctionofig kilninit svensteez artappreciation auctionsofig headypendant glassflowers eastcoastdabbers westcoastdabbers dabbersofig dabbersdaily

5 Hours ago

Nathan Snyder


Comment from Nathan Snyder:

Here's one for your humpday pleasure, the Opal in this one looks holographic. Really digging the @glassalchemy serum over Amazon bronze........................ pendantsofig glassofig oprahsbookclub dabbersunite headyglassart glasscollector glassforsale buyboro bestofglass dabbersofig dabberdaily headypendant heady_pendants headyglass vitamino thousanddollarsmoke thousanddollarglass glassauction highendglass boroballers boroforsale glass4sale glassgallery 710 420 710society

5 Hours ago



Comment from Kato:

Function of 163 🌊🌪🌊 This piece is up for auction tonight on my page one post behind this video. Please place all bids over there. Thanks! glassart oprahsbookclub minitube dabbersunite headyglassart pendantsofig glassofig glasscollector glassforsale buyboro katopod bestofglass dabbersofig dabbersdaily headypendant headyglass thousanddollarsmoke thousanddollarglass glassauction highendglass boroballers boroforsale glass4sale glassgallery smokeshop

5 Hours ago



Comment from Kato:

AUCTION! POD 163 Up for auction tonight is a Hand Cannon Grommet Tube featuring a White Opal encased in @northstarglass Illuminati! Stands 3 1/2" tall and has a 10mm 2 hole whirlpool down stem. Ti signed and dated "Kato 2017 POD 163". - Bidding starts at $100. - Minimum bids of $10. - NO BIN. - Ends TONIGHT when I call it ONCE TWICE SOLD style. - Bid includes shipping to the lower 48 🇺🇸but not PayPal fees. - Shipping to Canada 🇨🇦 +$20 - Will be invoiced via PayPal. - No e-checks please!! (All e-checks will be immediately refunded.) - Must be at least 19 years old to bid. * * Please be ready to pay your bid within 24 hours in the event of you winning the auction. Failure to do so will result in you not being able to participate in future auctions. * * Thanks and good luck! glassart oprahsbookclub minitube dabbersunite headyglassart pendantsofig glassofig glasscollector glassforsale buyboro katopod bestofglass dabbersofig dabbersdaily headypendant headyglass thousanddollarsmoke thousanddollarglass glassauction highendglass boroballers boroforsale glass4sale glassgallery smokeshop

5 Hours ago

Dr Kronic


Comment from Dr Kronic:

Repost @yooomymod ( @get_repost) ・・・ Some wicked awesome pendys I got for my roommates! Big thanks to @shellshockhq for having such a quality selection! @empireglassworks @chameleonglass pendant pendantsofig glasspendant headypendant nonfunctionalglassart pendypornohcannabis canadiancannabis yeg420 letsbakecanada worldreefers stoners 420somewhere stonerlife edmontonstoners smokewithme strickyloudcannabisculture certifiedstoner cannapeople hightimes stonerfam instabaked stonersdaily istoned staygreen topshelflife

6 Hours ago

18+ Only


Comment from 18+ Only:

Auctioning off this @creepglass totem bird pendant Auction Rules: auction will end approximately 24hrs after the start, if there is a bid in the last 15min auction will be extended 15min to those who have previously bid on the auction, winner must pay using PayPal or venmo within 24hrs from end of the auction, starting bid is $100 bid in increments $10 please, shipping is $5 to the USA and $10 to Canada. topshelf topshelfgg topshelflife topshelfglass boromarket boroforsale boroauction pendy pendysofig pendants pendantsofig pendantforsale glassart glassofig glasspendant glassforsale glassauction glassauctions heady headypendant headyauction headyart headyglass headyglassforsale

6 Hours ago

Guru Glass


Comment from Guru Glass:

Mouthpiece skills have improved vastly. glassblowing dabber GuruGlass glassofig flameworker stoner stonernation stonerchick stonergirl 420 710society bhombingamerica headyglass headypendant 710 errlgrrl dabs stankyydankyy milkydabs stopdropandglob fatglobs floridaglassblowers headypendant 561

6 Hours ago



Comment from jlux_living_in_art:

Repost @710scoops with @repostapp ・・・ 🚨🚨🚨🚨25k GIVEAWAY🚨🚨🚨🚨 💥💥SWIPE LEFT 2ND PLACE PRIZE💥💥 Must repost this image using the hashtag 710scoops25kgiveaway and tag 2 buddys. @troutmouthglass @fasterwalker Must follow and tag @710scoops, @rollerghoster, and @calmbo 1 post per day, per person. No giveaway accounts! The giveaway ends when I reach 25k followers!! Ages 18+ Much love to @kerby_glass and @ambertrichomes for the 🔥📷 and editing👊🏻 giveaway giveaways rollerghoster calmbo topshelfglass headyglass heady 710 headyart headyglassart headyasfuck 710life 710society 710gallery 710movement borolife boroporn boroglass borohustle boroballers borolove cannacommunity cfl pendy headypendy headypendant stayglassy 420

6 Hours ago

Frosty's Fresh


Comment from Frosty's Fresh:

Some custom work for the Homie @joesanto2083 Much love thanks for supporting my Art! frostysfresh qtipholder peepmyheadytoo FreshNeverFrozen glassart headyglass boroforsale concentrate thousanddollarsmoke mothershipglass highlife topshelf prop203 headyglass highsociety dank stoners cannabis frostysfreshforsale stoned bho nugrun wedontsmokethesame az mmj hightimes iwillmarrymary headypendant glassforsale FreeFrosty

7 Hours ago



Comment from BKG:

Crispy glassofig pendy pendantsofig headyglass thousanddollarsmoke glassporn oprahsbookclub glassforsale glassfortrade glassart glassporn glassaddict rig headypendant vitaminO bestofglass boromarket profoundglass

7 Hours ago

K&M Glass


Comment from K&M Glass:

Another fun silver Jammie 💛🖤❤💚🤘good vibes from Montana keith_gibbs marbleofig marble glassart glassofig montana pendantofig pendants headyglassforsale headypendant oprahsbookclub noob buyglass newartist newglassblower handmade handblownglass 710 710society 420life 420 smokeweedeveryday

7 Hours ago



Comment from headycollect:

Hit me up if interested in this beautiful comb creature pendant!👌🏻👌🏻 . . . . glass glassart functionalart smokersonly dabs errl shatter dabbersdaily kusharmy prop215 mmj cannibuscommunity hightimes rosin heady headyart glassporn headyglassofig glassforsale headyglassforsale headyglass pendantforsale boroforsale headypendant glassauction

7 Hours ago

Erik Vogel


Comment from Erik Vogel:

AUCTION!!! Just picked up a bunch of new color. Had fun with this one. 1 ⅝" across. 5mm bale. Starts at 0 and ends when I call it Low reserve Bids of 10 or more PayPal or Venmo please $10 for domestic shipping Deleted bids and non payment will be blocked Good luck and thanks for the support! glass glassart headyglass headypendant instaglass fillacello oprahsbookclub dabstagram glassporn glassaddict bestofglass heady

8 Hours ago



Comment from SHRED • DANCE • SLEEP • REPEAT:

A few of you asked if we'll be creating more handmade crystal spoon pendants...Here's our answer! 👽🐙👁

8 Hours ago



Comment from whutevercoast:

🔥🔥🔥🔥 Got some heat for the neck if anyone's interested in something pictured. $120-850 _____________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ glassofig catskull pendantsofig pendantsforsale headypendant glassforsale glassporn highendglass highendglassforsale headyglass boroforsale boromarket glassmarket fadebow snicbarnes snicglass dabstagram silverfabrication eskatonart davekine lagroneglass jamesonglass mesonja tourmaline jewlery gpaww wirewrap fireagate chromediopside blackonyx

8 Hours ago

Josh Fall


Comment from Josh Fall:

This all garnet pendant is still looking for a home! Collab between @adam_cornelison and myself! - Almandine garnet - Hessonite garnet - Dementoid garnet (x3) - Tsavorite garnet - .925 sterling silver

9 Hours ago

Julia Smith


Comment from Julia Smith:

Labradorite and brandberg quartz are featured in this pendant. I love the blue, orange, and golden flashes of this labradorite! And that quarts is just spectacular in person. The spectrum of colors is awe inspiring. . . The shop will be updated tonight with a new collection of treasures, including this piece you see here. 🙏❤

10 Hours ago



Comment from HEADYWORK.COM® Instagram:

-customs are Available NOW ONLY here on sale prices rest of the week ⭐️😃😳😳all Available Here ONLY. some new fire 🔥 with AAA opalsNOW AVAILABLE ONLY HERE - custom Headywork with sacredgeometry. bassnectar Amazing set don't sleep. 💭💭💭💭💭🎁 Always BEST prices HERE !!!! Dm now !!!follow and designs pendants glassofig picoftheday down in the DM for outstanding season sale prices. NEW SALES RIGHT NOW. - DM FOR AMAZING PRICES !!!!!!😊🙂👍🏻🤝✅🎁🎁🎁 goodafternoon family fam. ( AVAILABLE NOW ).

10 Hours ago



Comment from headycollect:

This piece is stunning.🙌🏻🙌🏻 "The Elder" blown by @hendynsg_1 Send him a DM if interested in this beauty.👌🏻 . . . . glassofIG glassart functionalart smokersonly dabs errl shatter dabbersdaily kusharmy prop215 mmj cannibuscommunity hightimes rosin heady headyart glassporn headyglassofig glassforsale headyglassforsale headyglass pendantforsale boroforsale headypendant glassauction

10 Hours ago



Comment from Jordan:

Jamming on pulling down that pile of vac stack prep 🔥🔥 vacstack prepwork glassblowing glass glassofig glassart boroart boroofig headyglass jhcglass 420 710 iwillmarrymary oprahsbookclub thousanddollarglass headypendant uvreactive linework wigwag wigwags wigwagsofig northstarglass trautmanartglass glassalchemy glassblowharder

10 Hours ago



Comment from LoveMaGlass:

Gotta thank the homie @ridgetopglass for this 🔥 custom dry pipe, and pendy! I've really needed a dry pipe for concentrates, and he delivered exactly what I needed. His work is phenomenal, and I look forward to seeing what other 🔥 he puts out!! thousanddollarsmoke headylife headyglass headypendant

11 Hours ago



Comment from Munch:

Snagged some pics of my @upgradeglass Reaver pendant soakin' up that Yosemite energy 🏞🌞❤️

11 Hours ago

217 Glass


Comment from 217 Glass:

@theheadykingdom has Auction running for a pendant I made head over there and get a bid in. 217glass pendy pendysofig pendant pendants pendantsofig pendantsforsale pendantauction glassart glassofig glassblower glassforsale glassblowing heady headyart headyglass headypendant headypendants headyauction headyglassforsale

11 Hours ago



Comment from Pigglenjumpstreet_Glass_Sales:

I have 9 masterpiece 💎💎 fillas remaining from my homie and unbelievable artist @lagroneglass 🙌 each is unbelievably clean and sick as f-ck then finished off with a beautiful @grandpaglass opal 🔥🔥🔥 I have detail videos posted below of my page now showing them in full detail 💎💎 they range from only 200 to 275 each so if you want some amazing lagroneglass 🔥🔥🔥 around your neck hit my dm cause they're not gonna last cause they're even better in person 💎💎 glassforsale glassofig glassporn filla fillas fillacello fillacellos vitamino thousanddollarsmoke topshelflife highendglass bestofglass heady headyglass headyglassforsale headypendant headypendants pendy pendant pendants pendantporn pendantsofig pendantsforsale

12 Hours ago

Soul Masta Glass


Comment from Soul Masta Glass:

👸🌳Kush Queen Burpleberry Ghost Nug Pendant with Opal in Bail and crown. 💎 nugpendygang soulmastaglass glassofig glasspendant pendantsofig rosin errls shatter stoners stonerchick ganjagirls bongbeauties terps girlswhodab hightimes headyart headypendant headshop weedart bho dabber dabs glob kush medicalmarijuana 420 710 ganja keepitchronic glassporn

12 Hours ago



Comment from Hempyz:

12 Hours ago



Comment from Pigglenjumpstreet_Glass_Sales:

I only have one masterpiece 💎💎 fumicello remaining available now from my homie and amazing artist @bashaw_glass 🙌 and it's incredibly fumed then topped off with a 🔥🔥🔥 @grandpaglass opal encased perfectly in the center 👌 This piece is thick and sick as hell and is ready to be added to any collection or a first heater to start one 🤘🤘so if you're looking for a new fumicello hit my dm cause bashawglass killed it on this heater and she won't last long 💎💎💎 glassforsale glassofig glassporn glasspendants glasspendant fumicello vitamino fumetech fumedglass bestofglass pendy pendant pendants pendantporn pendantsofig pendantsforsale heady headypendy headyglass headyglassforsale headypendant

12 Hours ago



Comment from Ty-guy:

Gave some bubble caps a go. Really pleased with how they turned out being my first try at em 😄. . . glassblowingglassblowe blowerlampworkingsupportlocalm ocalmichiganglassheadyglasspen sspendantsofigpendantsforsaleg saleglassofigheadyheadyartglas tglassartglasspendantglasshead sheadheadypendantboroboroofigb ofigboroforsalssglassforsalegl

12 Hours ago

Jess & Chris


Comment from Jess & Chris:

💙❤️Got a few turtles 🐢 from @narcglass available 😁 DM us for a price canadianstoners turtlependant pendantsofig glassforsale pendyforsale headylife headypendant dabbersdaily dabs weed weedstagram cannabiscommunity cannabis canadianglass boro boroforsale glassofig bho fueledbythc shatter pendysofig canadiandabbers cloudsovercanada globmob

12 Hours ago

Puff Smoke Shop


Comment from Puff Smoke Shop:

This killagorilla looking pretty spacey 👽 with his moon opal eye 🌙 peeking out from inside the all seeing forest! It's a rare sight to see more than one of these killa gorillas, and right now you can see a whole troop of them at puffsmokeshop nj puffsmokeshopnjoprahswookcl moon artoftheday glass glassart glassofig glasslife headyart pendant pendantforsale glassaddict glassporn headypendant heady headyglass headyglassforsale headylife headyart art glass glassart funtionalart NjSmokeShop

12 Hours ago