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Comment from Brightonglass:

Bidding 1 post back 🔥finishing tonight at 8pm 🔥Silver fumed amber purple wrap & rake glass rig. ⚡️Vid to follow! Silver fumed so colour changing dependent on the light. 14 mm hand made female joint. Its signed & dated Bidding starts at £25⚡️ Low reserve I'll add in a free surprise gift as well if it does more than I want Bidding starts now and ends Thursday at 8pm 5 min snipe rule applies Payment by bank transfer Payment within 24 hrs of end of auction or will be reposted. Free postage in the UK Outside UK winner pays postage. If your seeing this in Facebook, please bid on my Instagram page only! Thank you brightonglass ukglass glassblowing glassofig glass dabbersdaily headyart dab dabbersunite headyglass headyboro extracts dabber loveglass headyboro headyglass glassart topshelflife highsociety errl brightoncannabisclub eurpoeanglass euglass orphansbookclub 420 710 cannabis boromarket

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MustardGlass LLC


Comment from MustardGlass LLC:

➡️SWIPE FOR MORE PHOTOS➡️ Detail shots of this Marbled-Out 14mm (Just over 8.25" tall, 3-hole diffusion) *Tube is Slyme & [LokisLipstick over StarWhite] with 5 Marbles attached* 👉🏻DM me for pricing + wholesale pricing👈🏻 MustardGlass glassofig glassforsale glassporn headyart headyglass headyrigs eastcoastglass glasspipe glasspipes headypipe headypipes 14mm minitubemafia minitube marbletube mibsofig Slyme SilverCreek LokisLipstick StarWhite opal opalmarble boro boroforsale boroglass boroofig functionalglass funtionalglassart bestofglass

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Brain FreeZe


Comment from Brain FreeZe:

🔥🔥Auction🔥🔥 TequilaSunrise CandlestickDabber up for grabs. 💥Bidding starts at $20 with minimum increments of $5. Auction ends when I call it. No reserve. Winner adds $4 for shipping. BrainFreeZeBoro Dabstagram HotFyah GlassDabber Art DabbersofIG GlassArt GlassofIG OprahsBookClub GlassDabber HeadyArt 710Life DrippyLife WeDrippyMane 710 420 DabLife Borosilicate BoroLife Dabber Boro4sale DabbersDaily TopShelfLife HeadyGlass WeDrippyMane KeepItGlassy StayHeady StayLifted Colorado

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🦉💚This amazing new UV Reactive Illuminated Forest Owl Recycler by @rjglass is now available at for a deal during our Summer sale!😍 The details on this piece are simply astonishing and the function is absolute Perfection! 👌💨Don't sleep on this gem, feel free to DM us with any questions or to purchase, have a great day y'all!🍍🦅💎 🍁Summer Deals - 🍁 ✈️We Ship Worldwide Daily! ✈️

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Roboto Glass Creations


Comment from Roboto Glass Creations:

Just having fun with dots.. UV reactive. color dotstack blank wip 420 710 dablife glassart instaart glassofig pictureoftheday photooftheday vapelife instadaily dabstagram headyart dabnation dabbersdaily vapenation art glass weedstagram nofilter glassofig pretty uv star

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Comment from flambeglass:

Blue dream and experimental 19 wfayo errl oprahsbookclub plague doctor aussieglass art sculpture flambeglass northstar glassblowing glassmaps boro glassofig headyart nofilter anime borosilicate experimental glass glassalchemy 710australia 710

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Name's Nutella


Comment from Name's Nutella:

AVAILABLE, DM📳↗️ 5 inches Wood burnt dabmat . . . . spacesugarart spacesugar woodburning sacredgeometry geometry vectors trippy art artfart headyart fueledbythc topshelflife forsale artforsale dabmats dabs dabbersdaily dabbing dab dabpad headyglass glassofig

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Kian McLay


Comment from Kian McLay:

Deja Blue Dylan Pendy 13 billshakesglass pendant dylanseries atxglass lagcommunitysale bestofglass headyart sculpture art glass headyglass dejablue dragon

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🍯🇨🇦 The Canadian dabber 🇨🇦🍯


Comment from 🍯🇨🇦 The Canadian dabber 🇨🇦🍯:

Was pretty globbed out so instead of a stopdropandglob here's a stopdropandbonghit for @pachanka55 🙌🏻 thanks for the nomination homie, I wanna see a crazy ass bong rip from @goldlung_420_insta, let's see something crazy and never been done before 😎😎😎 . . 710 indica sativa hightimes calgary yyc alberta oprahsbookclub heady headyart headyrig marijuana cannabis dabchamps fun wedontsmokethesame 710society lowtemp wfayo westcoastdabbers meltshot cannabisculture cannabiscommunity love happy dabs summer cloudsovercanada

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Tx Boro


Comment from Tx Boro:

This @_kevin_ivey x @questglass collab is still available and listed on our website questquestingartbhombingameric mericabuyborodabbers_unitefine efineartglassartglassofigglass glassforsaleheadyartheadyglass glassqualityglassstayheadytxbo ytxboro710dabbersdailythehighs highsocietywyfaohrbnlifedabber abbersdiguestiwillmarrymarycan

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Comment from bezzle710:

It was around a year to the day that I scooped one of my favourite collab pieces made by the super talented @dokglass and @spiraleyeglass 🇬🇧💎💎💎 ukglass glassofig bestofglass glassporn oprahsbookclub instaglass headyglass europeanglass headyart chalicefestival

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Comment from DLMGlass:

King Crimson at the Chicago theatre!! What a show! kingcrimson chicagotheater progrock dlmglass madtownglass midwestglass inistudios glassofig boroart rigsofig headyart boroofig wisconsin highendglass functionalglassart doglordmafia headyglass oprahsbookclub bestofglass

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Comment from Chris:

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Headyart \ Dylan


Comment from Headyart \ Dylan:

Peeep... French photogtapher Seb Janiak bringing beautiful earthly creatures back to life through rearrangement. Energy truly never ceasing to exist. ●● ●● Headyart

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Raí 雷 #KoreatownGlassGallery


Comment from Raí 雷 #KoreatownGlassGallery:

For Sale 😱💎🔥‼️ @meademade_glass 14mm Transparent AquaAzul Beldar 🌊💦💎🔥💨💨💨 (Matching Carb Cap Included) 🙏🏽🙌🏽 DM if you have any questions 🙏🏽🙌🏽 _____________________ ______________________________ @nononsenseoil @juanhammond710 WiFiOG ⛽️💣🔥💨💨💨 NoNonsenseOil JuanHammond TeamSweetLeaf _____________________________ ______________________________ @meademade_glass Transparent AquaAzul Beldar 🌊💦💎🔥 • @ionicquartz XL IonicQuartz 💎🔥 • @js_glass Peach Double Lip NoTempCarbCap 🍑🔥 _________________________ ______________________________ boro4sale glass4sale glassforsale boroforsale borobook headyglass bestofglass boromarket MeadeMadeGlass cannabis bho headyglassforsale headyglass functionalglassart boroofig headyart hotglass oprahsbookclub WeDontSmokeTheSame KoreatownGlassGallery

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Comment from dabspark:

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Comment from Borofornian:

🧀1/1 @adambglass 4 Hole Stringer Perc Swiss Donut Piece 🍩 🔥Features 3 Gold Fumed Marbles & 6 Symetrical Horns🔥 📐14mm Female joint at Approx. 7.5 in. Tall📏 🏡 Needs A Safe New Home Where She'll Get The Attention She Deserves 😅 💎Includes @prometheusglassworks pendant & XL Cap 💎 📥Dm If Interested 📲 💳 Must be PayPal, Venmo, Or Google Wallet Ready💸 🔌Locals Get A Discount🔌 🏡Previous Owner & Reference: @kirbykush215 🏡 glassofig glass_of_ig functionalglassart glassart oprahsbookclub glassforsale thousanddollarsmoke headyglass headyart glassporn glasspipes boroofig borosilicate boro rigsofig glassblowing glasspipe glass art 710 420 buyglass buyselltradeglass sellglass mothership mothershipglassforsale mothershipglass highendglass bhombingamerica topshelflife

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Comment from 🍍 Online Shop:

🦅KawKaw! 🔥We got a bunch of new @burtoniglass birdies on deck and they will all be available in the next few days at😍 Be sure to check back in and feel free to browse all the available gems we have currently on Summer Sale for steals! 🌞🌺🐝 🌈Summer Sale - 💥We Ship! kawkawburtoniglassbirdmi

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Comment from Samual:

This is what I make to get my hands all warmed up 👍🏼👍🏼 $20 +shipping DM ME TO PURCHASE gruffglass buyselltrade glassart glassporn glasspipes glassforsale waterpipe 710sale 420 glassaddict glassgallery glassonglass glassblowing boro boroforsale coe33 headyart headyglass headyglassforsale weedporn weedstagram 710society waxwork weedstagram420

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Christian DiMaggio


Comment from Christian DiMaggio:

Hey guys I have these 3 pieces up for sale. DM for pricing and/or interested. These guys NEED to go please! All will come with a pelican 420 710 420sale 420society 710life 710society weed wax weedstagram dab dabs rigsforsale glassforsale headyforsale sale glass heady headyglass headyart

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Kaleb Folck


Comment from Kaleb Folck:

Going once, Going twice ..... on this Deja Blue w/ Meta-Terrania drippy face pendy... official auction 1 post back art auction endswhenicallit glassface glass pendant headyart headyglass glassart bestofglass glassfeatures glassofig glassporn 710 710society 420 eugeneglass dejablue metaterania drippyface moltenaura facependy facependant northwestglassblower kalebfolckglass pendantsofig glassforsale

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Comment from dborangecrush:

I have this djackglass available. This lil one shreds sick! It stands at only 5 1/4 inches perfect small rig. Beautiful fume work all through out. DM with any questions or more pics. Multiple pics are included on this post. Photo cred to djack for one of the pics I used from his page. denver colorado glasscommunity headyart glassforsale headyglass

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Comment from 🔱Solomon🔱:

"Lost and Found" Trippy Self Portrait doodles sketchart sketches trippy headyart melt lost selfportrait pencilandpaper blackandwhite pocartists transman queerart mushroom thirdeye puzzlepiece

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Comment from windhomephotography:

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Tanner Castle


Comment from Tanner Castle:

Bob Marley Implosion 1 - 1.37'' This marble has the unusual effect of forcing its observer to begin singing their favorite Bob Marley song; science still cannot explain why. 🔮🎤💚 Theorists suspect it has something to do with the hypnotic tornado of green gases that surround a crystal emerald substance, while other's hypothesize it is the psychedelic visions imprinted on the rear of the marble. 🌀❇️🍄 Though there may be some disagreement in scientific circle, one thing is universally accepted: "It's pretty far out, man.” 🔬🌐💚 This marble and many others are available on my website. 🔮 🔥 🔥 ❗️ Link is also in my bio ❗️ Feel free to message me with any questions 🔮 📷 Photograph by @glasslama glassforsale boroforsale boro glass glassart glassofig glassporn headyglass headyart marble marbles marblesofig mibs fume dichroicalchemy dichroicglass dichro bobmarley implosion profoundglass opal vitamino florida glasslife glassblowing lampworking oprahsbookclub 420 710

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♎ Kyle Lee ♎


Comment from ♎ Kyle Lee ♎:

Got a full 10 video/picture slideshow of the rest of that rig to be that i posted earlier and what i turned the egg into lol, im pretty happy with how it came out 💪 thanks for looking 💖💯 NFS TERPS Yoshi BlueMedusa encalmo gttmirage sacramentoartist grandpaglass qualityfreshglass oprahsbookclub glassofig glassart glassporn glassblowing pendantsofig thousanddollarsmoke headyart headyglass heady handmade blownglass seriousleeglassworks amberpurpleforlife herbwindandfire sacramentostoners 710 420

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The Heady Connect


Comment from The Heady Connect:

Sake bottle collab by @t.k_happa X @ryeglass 📸 @iamjeffdimarco _____________________________ ___________________________ ke stayconcentrated dabbersunited 710society headyart oprahsbookclub smokingproper weshouldsmoke oprahswookclub headyhunter heady keystoners glass topshelflife glass glassofig headyglass naturalbornstoner 710il whateverforever higherthanmost cannabiscommunity wwwjcd headyhunters rosinbombs glassart thousanddollarsmoke glassblowing art glassporn theheadyconnect

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Matt Bain


Comment from Matt Bain:

Yo Prescott! Check out @20after_four ♻💪.... If you don't know, now you know! Big things going down on the mountain 🌅... keepitchronic recycler headyart bestofglass dabbers_unite azglass azglassblowers azdabbers

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S.William B.


Comment from S.William B.:

Had the chance of meeting @jesuslovesmarijuana he is the proud owner of this @blakefosterglass @glassalchemy serum minitube minibeaker serum Got some crushedopal to pop 🌌 opal opaltech glassart glasswork glassofig glassdesign blakefosterglass blakefoster hollowglass headyart headylife headyglass thousanddollarsmoke topshelfglass topshelfsmoke 710 710society 503 pnw boro boroart borocommunity glasscommunity customglass headylifestyle

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🔍The Bong Search Engine


Comment from 🔍The Bong Search Engine:

Useful for waking things that are blocking your path 😴💤 _________________________ Need a new piece❓ 🔭Discover a Great Deal with PieceDr ⚖Compare Options from Multiple Headshops from Rigs to Accessories❗️ 🔺Link in Bio🔺 ________________________ ____________________________ g heady headyart headyglass bestofglass boro borosilicate boroofig thousanddollarsmoke functionalglassart art glassporn topshelflife highsociety highendglass stoner stoners stonerdays stonernation weedstagram ganjagirls weshouldsmoke shatterday 710society highlife 420 710 errl oil

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Dylan Renner


Comment from Dylan Renner:

oddpiecedesigns - Skull series - Fall 2016 • • • • • • oddpieceoddpi oddpiecedesignspendantpendants dantsofigwirewrapwirewrappedwi pedwirewrappedjewelrywirejewel jewelrybongbeautiesstayhighhig ghhigh_larry_uswfayoheadyheady headyglassheadyartriojewelerpe lerpearl14ksterlingsilveretsyj etsyjewelryetsyhandmadejewelry welrycrystalhealingherkimerdia

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Austin (Ph)illip Sl(ade)


Comment from Austin (Ph)illip Sl(ade):

Ruby pencil dabber! For sale: $30 shipped phadeglass phaded phade getphaded encalmo pencildabber glasspencil dabtool dabber glassdabtool glassdabber glassart glassporn headyglass heady headyart headyglassforsale glassforsale glassfortrade glassofig glassauction boroforsale borofortrade oprahswookclub dab oil wax shatter 710 420

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Comment from SELKO:

So hyped on this one! Has some good energy! 💎💥 handspunwithlove AllExclaimationEverything coloradoglassblowers glassofig cannabiscommunity headyglass glassart headyart keepitchronic weshouldsmoke fueledbythc dabbersdaily rigsofig selkoglass instaglass coloradodabbers high_larry_us stankyydankyy errlsquad bong heynext

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