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Padraig Kiley


Comment from Padraig Kiley:

I saw a cool sunset the other day and made this as a result. 🌅🌌🙂 . . (X-large) . . driptech tiedye tiedyeshirt tshirt tshirts fashion style fashionstyle artsandcrafts art handmade textile heady headyart boho bohemian tshirtdesign hippie vaporwear streetwear sunset

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Comment from brittneymonster:

Seeds are magic, potent vessels of nature. They hold entire intelligent blueprints for life. They can lie dormant for ages before the conditions are ripe for them to burst into life. As a beautiful metaphor for consciousness, a seed represents the divine design within all things 🌱🌿🌼 linocut stamp I carved, printed on canvas ✨

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Sikone Infinity


Comment from Sikone Infinity:

🔥🔥!!24 HR AUCTION !!🔥🔥 "HEADY EDDY " 16X20 INCH CANVAS , BIDS START AT $60 , $5 MINIMUM BETS. BIN AT $150 , FREE SHIPPING OVER $100. LIKE SHARE COMMENT FOLLOW !!🙏 THANKS FOR LOOKING ! DM @the_sik_one ! sik sikart auction eddy ededdandeddy headyart art artoftheday heady headyglass weedart cannabiscommunity painting cartoon cartoonnetwork 90s wax dab fanart weed 420 weshouldsmoke

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Khepri Collective


Comment from Khepri Collective:

All credits go to @wolfmanssun_wraps - "Nexus" 25% off right now in the shop with code "love17" Thanks for all the love and support everyone. We share so that others can find, and enjoy wonderful creations. We believe in creating a community that fuels, and supports each other. Please contact the artist to inquire about artwork.

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Space Bear


Comment from Space Bear:

Repost @boxcarstudios with @repostapp ・・・ We are now proudly carrying custom blended terpenes from @spacebearco. 5 different blends, Deep, Higher, Focus, Calm, and Chill. A must try for the dab connoisseurs in the industry. DM for more info, shipping available! 👻💅🔥 noTHC terpenes limonene myrcene pinene linalool betacaryophyllene dabchamps boxcarstudios oldsab edmonton skunk bho calgary artwork kushgoons canada headyart alberta yyc glassguru yeg dailyphoto lvl dabstagram medical

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Comment from Anna:

"A Trip Through the Wildflowers" 🌀🌺🌸🥀🌻🌹🌷🌀 18x24 in, Acrylic on canvas Sold to @carolina_krunk! . Full scale prints will be available soon if anyone is interested, I will post more info tomorrow or the next day! Hope everyone is having a great day! . . headyart forevergrateful westfalia supportlocalartists degenerateart

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Ganja Honkey


Comment from Ganja Honkey:

feedingtime for Jeff. sharkdentalsharknikocraylovesyou @nikocray glassofig headyglass headythousanddollarsmoke weedstagram weshouldsmoke cannabiscommunity fysmokersclub errl 710 420 justblazeig stonernation sandiegostoners fueledbythc concentrates headyart ganjagingivitis shatter

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Suzewits Glass


Comment from Suzewits Glass:

Hot shots. Tubing made by @borroglass linework pendant

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Josh Johnson


Comment from Josh Johnson:

Where are all the Aqua Teen fans at?!?! I made an identical one about a year and a half ago, really wanted to see the difference a few years has brought... this will be available once it's done aquateenhungerforce athf meatwad frylock shake themicrula cartoons headytorch headyart heady budderblocks errlybird torch bigshot arttime takealook

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Smoke ATX


Comment from Smoke ATX:

Mark your calendars for 4/20 grand opening of Smoke ATX on Burnet! newlocation thirdlocation smokeatx austin 420 grandopening atx gallery ballerstatus bigthings heady headyart headyglass headycollectors

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Henry Grindrod


Comment from Henry Grindrod:

Official Giveaway Post: . . This sweet little 10 mm mini tube could be yours! To enter simply Repost this image with the hashtag toungesizedtube and tag me in it. I'll pick a random winner next wed. Bonus Giveaway-Make it into a meme or write a funny caption and ill be making a suprise trinket for whomever makes me laugh the most😂 . @millefioridog . . must be at least 18 to enter Dog not included thanks folks👍🙏 headyglassart giveaway dogsofig headyart oprahswookclub marchmadness minitubemafia glassofig 710

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Brain FreeZe


Comment from Brain FreeZe:

🌊🌊🌊🌊Auction🌊🌊🌊🌊 Auction ends in the next hour. Lead bid of $25 at the moment on this Jellyfish pendant. Signed & dated⛅ 🐳Please keep all bids on the original post 3 back. Happy bidding! ✌ BrainFreeZeBoro GlassArt Glass Art GlassLife BoroLife GlassForSale PendantsofIG Pendy GlassofIG 710 420 DabLife DabbersDaily HeadyArt HeadyGlass Dabbers_Unite ArtForSale 710society TopShelfLife GlassPendant SaltLife Jellyfish Colorado

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710 Vapors


Comment from 710 Vapors:

Loving all new carb caps we got in this week. These dope lollipop caps have a super nice pointed dabber with DIRECTIONAL AIRFLOW (so hot right now). These are just a taste of some of the new selection of caps we got in at both locations and online. Hit the dms for pricing and info. 710vapors cultivatingtheculture dallasdabbers dallasdabfam shattermatters funkytowndabbers errlando denverdabbers shattermatters girlswhodab bongbeauties atxart glassofig oprahswookclub boromarket glassporn errl claritycounts terpcity 710society cleanmeds weshouldsmoke fueledbybho terpenes bluntculture headyart bestofglass puddlegang dankmemes claritycounts

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Comment from tmo_710:

miss staring at this😓 weshouldsmoke thousanddollarsmoke headyart headyglass 2017 bestofglass investinheadies voorhees voorheesglass mrvoorhees vrhsgang vrhsglass vrhsarmy oprahsbookclub dabchamps glassalchemy vrhs EastCoastDabbers

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The 52nd Glass Shop


Comment from The 52nd Glass Shop:

@kevinmurrayglass @mcmilleman beauty on deckheady headyart headylife headyglass headyglassforsale headyglassart boro seattledabbers seattlestoners seattlesmokers seattle glass glassart glassof52 glassofig glassporn oprahsbookclub thousanddollarsmoke bestofglass 710society high_larry_us fueledbythc ffourtwenty glassofig functionalglassart ballersonly 420710

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Comment from 10k GIVEAWAY DROPS SOON!!:

🙌(LAST CALL!! GOING TWICE POSTED!! UNBELIEVABLY STEAL!! DON'T SNOOZE!! WINNER ALSO GETS AN ENTRY IN MY MONTHLY GIVEAWAY!!) 😲Heyoooo!! Just a detail video and friendly reminder that I have this seriously wonderful "Fully Worked Fumed Minitube" created by @the_glass_wizard up for auction on my feed!! High bid at ONLY $125!?!?! SLEEEEEPING!! Major steal opportunity since there was just a zero start and there's no reserve.. highest bid at end wins!! Plus the winner also gets an entry in my monthly customer appreciation giveaway to possibly win even more glass!! Take advantage!! Don't sleep on this sexxxxxy piece!! It's very nice!! Fully worked.. full of fumed goodness!! Wonderful even shaping!! Function is top notch and has NO splash!! Really solid piece from top to bottom!! It will make a mighty fine addition to your glass collection I assure you!! Find original auction post (NOT THIS ONE) for more details and to place your bids!! Thanks and good luck!!☺ STEALALERT weedfeed weedstagram mmj medicalcannabis legalizeit wax dabbersdaily dabbersunite dabbers_unite boroballers glassmaps glassforsale boroforsale boro oprahswookclub oprahsbookclub bestofglass headyart heady headyglass dabs puffpuffpass 710 420 glasscommunity stonercommunity borocommunity potheadcommunity potheadsociety

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Comment from MV∆ZI:

little minitube to break up the bubbler monotony.. 10mm removable downstem. it has a minor flaw so I'll be letting it go cheap, dm if interested!

20 Minutes ago

🏝Glass✖️Canna Gallery🏝


Comment from 🏝Glass✖️Canna Gallery🏝:

🌿Shot of just a few beautiful pieces in @slyme_slabs glass collection! 🌿Definitely go check out his page for some great glass! 🌿I'm so fortunate for the opportunity as I have already begun to learn ways I'd like to evolve @medicinal_masterpieces to make it a better virtual AND customer experience! 🌿Thanks for stopping by! headyglass headyart glassart glassofig headycollectors str8case mmmp mmj glassappreciation evolving entrepreneur photography recycler pendant 710society uvglass

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Paul Taylor Glass


Comment from Paul Taylor Glass:

Epic Giveaway! 🔥🔥🔥 Do you want to win Vortex Key 7? UV and CLF Reactive w/ a 20mm Opal Coin 😎 How To Win: I have 60 directional carb caps available, all are priced at 30 + 5 shipping. Each carb cap comes with one entry in the giveaway. Only 60 spots available. Caps will be distributed at random. When they all sell, the winner will be picked at random. There are also 3 vortex marbles that will be given as 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place. Total retail price of the prizes is 800. Claim yours by calling dibs in the comments. 🔥🔥🔥 Must be ready to pay. Must be 18 or older. 👍👍👍 bestofglass headyart headyglass vortexmarble glassvortex thousanddollarsmoke paultaylor paultaylorglass glassart glasslife glassofig pendantsofig glassgiveaway giveaway

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Comment from Huff_Trees:

huff_trees Repost @pipenj with @repostapp ・・・ Stop in join the movement or shop online PipeNJ Glassforsale GlassofIG GlassPorn weshouldsmoke topshelflife topshelf glassblowing eastcoast westcoast Newjersey california Jerseyshore headyglassforsale rudeboyglass Headyart dabs dab smoking glassart Headylife Eastcoast eastcoastdabbers HeadyArt

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Holy Smokes Tobacco Shop


Comment from Holy Smokes Tobacco Shop:

‼️KENDALL‼️ One left! Hurry before it's gone! gordoscientific riptide carbcap glasscollector headyglass headyart heady glassart glassporn thousanddollarsmoke oprahsbookclub dabbersdaily 710society

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Comment from LostBoysGlass:

The team has been puttin in work! Hit us up to get your order of @lostboysglass today. bangarang glassblowing glassart glassofIG glass boro headyglass glassporn 710 headyart 420 pendantsofIG glassart glasslife lampworking glass_of_IG lampwork glassforsale flameworking handmade dabbers glasspipe eastcoastdabbers fortheloveofboro dab cannabiscommunity cannabis dailydabbers oprahsbookclub

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J Buczynski


Comment from J Buczynski:

The homies meltin away makin dreams come true over here at @lostboysglass studio. Come check us out and give us a follow. bangarang glassblowing glassart glassofIG glass boro headyglass glassporn 710 headyart 420 pendantsofIG glassart glasslife lampworking glass_of_IG lampwork glassforsale flameworking handmade dabbers glasspipe eastcoastdabbers fortheloveofboro dab cannabiscommunity cannabis dailydabbers oprahsbookclub

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Comment from Hodor:

🦈🦈🦈FOR SALE🦈🦈🦈👉👉10K 👈👈Hit the DM. 💥💥💥No trades💥💥💥nikocray nikocrayglass wfayo concentratedminds cannabiscommunity 420community 710community itgoesdowninthedm

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J Buczynski


Comment from J Buczynski:

Who needs glass?!?! @lostboysglass is stocked up and ready to hit some shops! bangarang glassblowing glassart glassofIG glass boro headyglass glassporn 710 headyart 420 pendantsofIG glassart glasslife lampworking glass_of_IG lampwork glassforsale flameworking handmade dabbers glasspipe eastcoastdabbers fortheloveofboro dab cannabiscommunity cannabis dailydabbers oprahsbookclub

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Comment from Brooke•21•Canadian•Taken👫:

❤️😍❤️ . . blunt scenictokers dabchamps bongbeauties prettypotheads shatterup weedstagram dabberdaily headyglass headyart thousanddollarsmoke dank goodvibesonly stonernation shatterday medicalmarijuana fatdabs shatterporn cannabiscommunity onlysmokethefinest ganjagirls thcuties justblazeig bcbud girlswhodab high dabitat

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🍃Elysian Art by Cate Farrand🍃


Comment from 🍃Elysian Art by Cate Farrand🍃:

TBT "Glitched" from 2015 🌟 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 sacredgeometry chakrahealing floweroflife goldenratio ayahuasca lucidityfestival burningman synchronicity visionaryart psyprog vibrant flowarts spiritualart raiseyourvibration essentialoils mystical trippyart 1111 rainbowtribe merkaba crystalhealing pinealgland entheogens shamanicart festivalvibes spiritualwarrior electricforest spiralout psyfamily

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Comment from MUST BE 18+ TO FOLLOW:

-Sold- collintaylor dropped off some absolute HEAT at the shop today! Come pick one of these up before they're gone 💎 . . . headyglassforsale americanglass headylife headiesonly glassart headyart bestofglass bassmusic dabs errlybird 172ndstreet cannabiscommunity investinart investinheadies thousanddollarsmoke topshelf pnwstoners seattledabbers seattlestoners collintaylorglass

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Comment from ursaglass:

Woke 3rd Opal eye. This one is Sold, but you can just send me a DM to have your custom idea come to life!

1 Hours ago

SillyKateStudio #❄️🐻


Comment from SillyKateStudio #❄️🐻:

Woke 3rd Opal eye ❄️🐻. Sold

1 Hours ago



Comment from 710skerbean:

🎌🎌 augyglass tubelife augyglasscollectors humpday glassart

1 Hours ago

Gotham Smoke & Novelty Shop


Comment from Gotham Smoke & Novelty Shop:

Proudly carrying @highhempwrap organic and tobacco free wraps now at both our locations!!! highhemp cbd hempwraps thoussanddollarsmoke opeahsbookclub highend dryherb longislanddabbers highsociety hightimes cannabiscommunity longislanddabbers wfayo eastcoastdabbers newyorkdabbers jetlife beastcoast nydabbers alldaylong newyorkdabbers glassart glassporn headyglass headyart imastonr fueledbythc dabs dabbersdaily buyboro glassforsale buyglass

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