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🌿🦄Christina Cannabis; artist👽🌱


Comment from 🌿🦄Christina Cannabis; artist👽🌱:

You can't believe what they say.💙 Because one day they'll call you a cunt or a dick and it won't be true.🙍🏻 You are a diamondintherough and it takes a great deal of pressure to create a diamond 💍 So; fuck what they say. You're literally stardust and they have no idea what you are capable of.🌙✨💫 starchild destinedforgreatness destinedforsuccess bluehair selflove motivationalquotes motivationalspeaker motivation girlswithtattoos girlswhodab staylifted staymedicated dontrustahoe skinny smallboobs ittybittytittycommittee allsmiles loveyourself loveislove

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Bella Marle


Comment from Bella Marle:

Drawing On the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards artesians books vintage The future is handmade. 🗝 divinefeminine womenincannabis bettyedwards

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Comment from ashley:

💨 maryjmaidens letssmoketogether medicalmarijuana cannabiscommunity girlswhodab girlswhosmoke maryjane hightimes dabsrus dabstagram highsociety dabporn bongbeauties cannabisheals canadacannabis cloudsovercanada litladies iwillmarrymary canadianstoners dankdivas successfulstoner medicated hookah

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🔝💎 JEM 🔝💎


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Comment from alice:

hotandhurtydabs of White Rhino BHO from to help with my back that's been keeping me up at night. 4am and I still can't sleep :/ this should help. dabbinginspace prettypotheads iwillmarrymary stonersbelike dragonmother khaleesi extracts bho shatter madeincanada concentrates dab dabbing dabsinbed girlsdabbing girlswhodab errlgirl girlswithtattoos hotandhurtydabs dabberchick dankdabbers dankdabbergirls clouds stoned bongbabes bongbeauties dank smokegoodlookgood dabbing fatdabs girlswhoglob

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highest level of education


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Check out my favorite most compassionate @mmjedibles for more amazing treats here in california💚💛❤ cannabis thc medible cbd missmaryjaneedibles socal oil labtested organic 215 420 710 enail girlswhodab stonerchick shatter liveresin crumble

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Comment from mamadabber:

selfie high highlife highselfie clouds dabs dabtime girlswhosmoke girlswhodab girlswhosmokeweed summer smokeweedeveryday curvygirls cannabisqueen cannabis momlyfe marijuana Washington weed weedstagram 420 710 ding 509dabbers 509stoners asthmaticstoner asthmaticsmoker

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Bella Marle


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Jennifer Orta


Comment from Jennifer Orta:

Forever ain't forever, let's just kick it til whenever. 💐 followme like4like likes l4l likes4likes likeback likebackteam instagood likeall likealways socialenvy liking girlswholikegirls thiccgirls curvygirls bbw girlswhodab girlswhosmoke lesbian lgbt girlswithpiercings snapchat

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💪🏼 RSD CRPS Warrior Ophelia 🎗


Comment from 💪🏼 RSD CRPS Warrior Ophelia 🎗:

🍩🍰 Welp there goes my diet! Cake batter filled donuts twisted my arm. 😮💕 girlswhoroll sweets foodie dunkindonuts dunkindonut munchies foodporn food snacks donuts donut dopemagazine 420 iwillmarrymary girlswhodab girlswhosmoke ganjagirls 710 sativadivas twaxgang stonerchick staylifted bongbeauties topshelflife stankyydankyy weshouldsmoke (Not For Sale🔹For Personal Medicinal Use Only!) 😤💨

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Comment from highvibes.253:

❤💛💚🔥✌👩‍🚀 globsquad goldenglobs honeyglobs dabsociety lookslikehoney 710 dabswillmakeherdance dabstagram dabbersdaily ganjagirls cannabis wax marijuana dabs waxgang terps terpy sugarwax 253 cannabisconcentrates cannabisenthusiast tacomastoners stonersociety dabsesh 420 girlswhodab girlswholoveweed

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Christabel "Belle" Romine 🍯


Comment from Christabel "Belle" Romine 🍯:

I was nominated for stopdropandglob thing by @thestonedpandachronicles so here you go! Not the best video but oh well I nominate @feisty_grrrl @killlakaeli plussizehottie girlswhodab stoner globs lowtemp bubblecap nomakeup dabberchick dabvideo wheresmywine

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Comment from morga:

Pleasant , purchase @tomasdope_ 420 ganjagirls 710weedstagram girlswhosmokegirlswhosmokeweed stonernationcannabiscommunity highlife stonerhighsociety iwillmarrymaryweshouldsmoke hightimes weedporn420nurses cannabis bongbeautiesmarijuana stayhigh weed dabsstaylifted girlswhodab dabcitypotheadsociety girlswithtattoosmaryjane wakenbake stonerchicks

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Bella Marle


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@Regrann from @thedabberdolls - Please RSVP in light of new information so that we can take an accurate head count of each new member! TheDabberDolls💖 FemalesEmpoweringFemales JoinTheMovement TheDabberDolls1KGiveaway girlswhosmoke girlsthatdab maryjanegirl thcgirl cannabis cannabiscommunity cannabislove 420family thc fueledbythc goodvibes highlife mmjp 710fam 710society dabbersdaily dabbersrus tokersdaily dablife pigpens pigpensdistillate mrsps models reps womenincannabis

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Sierra 👅


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Sour d 😳👅💦 • • • • • { topshelf weedstagram stonernation stonersunite highsociety cannabiscommunity cannabisculture stoners stonersofinstagram stonersdaily potheads pothead potheadsociety prettypotheads bongbeauties dabbersdaily getlifted stankyysquad girlswhosmoke girlswhodab gethighwithme litlife highlife stoned weedfeed weedporn dank litladies ganjagirls getlifted andthenigothigh }

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Dabbin Rose


Comment from Dabbin Rose:

Fun rock painting tonight! Now my mind is at peace and sleep will be waiting when I close my eyes. Sleeping in, painting and laundry are on tomorrow's agenda. 👏😍😊🌹🌹suckit pinkiesup MaryJMaiden 710 420 stonergirl ganjagirls ganja dab dabs weshouldsmoke weshoulddab girlswhodab weed dabbinrose cannabis cannabiscommunity marijuana maryjane medicatedlady PTSD fibromyalgia fibrowarrior anxiety highfivevape mandala trekkie startrek rainbow

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Amy Renée💜👑


Comment from Amy Renée💜👑:

Bedtime bowl and last bowl of good bud. blunted potheadsociety bongbeauties girlsgotglass successfulstone wakenbakedaily sacstonersociety girlswhodab mysticbabez prettypotheads slightlytoasty naturalbornstoner maryjmaidens highsociety thisisforthahype maryinmylungs sacramentostoners dabchamps cannabisqueenz marynation420 itsjustaplant blazingbeauties purpgurl princess__high doobiedoll cravingthc moonbeamsociety cannabiscommunity kronic blissfullylifted

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Comment from ⚡️WA.NDERLAND⚡️©:

CHRiSTiaN 'SuPeRMaN' PRiCe. KRyPToNS LaST SoN 🌬💨❄️ @_kryptonslastson_ oNLy oN ⚡️WA.NDERLAND⚡️© CoMiNG auGuST 2017 🎧✨ wanderland wanderlust pnw pnwonderland i502 cannabisindustry superman djcake ganjagirls hightimes 710life girlswhodab dopecup atlanta washington realitytv tvshow seattle legalizeit blunts georgia waterfalls exploremore englishbulldogs weed seahawks musicproducer benchpress beats jaguar

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Comment from Bre💋💋💋:

It's not about being perfect, it's about loving the imperfections for their unique design gangagirls stonerbeauties bongbeauties stonedncurvy andthenigothigh weedwithoutlimits stonergirlsdoitbest stonernation highsociety girlswhodab concentratedkittens somegirlsgethigh thcbeauties thekushqueens 420babes maryjmodels kushqueens budbunny fueledbythc prettylittlepotheads thcqueen missmaryjane highsociety peopleofthevibes litladies stonerqueen 420makeup 420fam

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Comment from samantha:

Got called out for a stopdropandglob by the amazing @babydabs710 and my good friend @5oh3_kush so here's a .8 of 🍍 Express. I was gonna take a snap of deathstar afterwards but my damn memory ran out😂😭😂 I nominate @dabxmomm @_stewart_101

2 Hours ago

Chelsea Leigh


Comment from Chelsea Leigh:

earlymornings happy selflove letmeloveyou gaystoner instagramer instagood lesbians gaystoner tattoedlesbians stoner blueeyes bluehair girlswhodab girlswhosmokeweed girlswholovegirls girlswholikegirls girlgamer highlife hightimes lgbtpride lgbt

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Hayley Turgeon


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ՏԵɑϲվ վѵҽԵԵҽ


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Summer nights 🌙 @nikkiunderthesun summer summer2017 summernights babes bestfriends goodmemories orangecounty oc socal calilife californiagirls girlswhodab girlswhosmokeweed stoner stoned stonergirl stonerlife stonerchick adventure

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Garnet Grays


Comment from Garnet Grays:

Upcycling ftw, yes that is an empty jar I'm using as a cap 🤓🤓

2 Hours ago

alyssawashereandyourmines cx


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Comment from motherfuckrs:

Samuel Motherf*cking L Jackson: "Bitch, be cool and follow the @motherfuckrs". . . . . . weedporn girlswhodab dabporn travels luxuryhouses rogue instaweb kusharmy Stoners carlife stonernation happythursday luxuryrealestate supercars rosinrevolution paris hollywood blackexcellence instadaily fleek womanism blackwomen queen canada blackgirlsarelit blackgirlsbelike photooftheday beautyoftheday ootd melaninonfleek

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Dabbin Rose


Comment from Dabbin Rose:

Dabs, maybe one more little bit of painting, and then some lifebelowzero till I pass out. 😊 lifeisgood 🌹suckit pinkiesup MaryJMaiden 710 420 stonergirl ganjagirls ganja dab dabs weshouldsmoke weshoulddab girlswhodab weed dabbinrose cannabis cannabiscommunity marijuana maryjane medicatedlady PTSD fibromyalgia fibrowarrior anxiety highfivevape tiedye

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Comment from CakeExtractsSF:

The perfect combination for any party... cakewoods shatterrolls gorillaglue CakeExtractsSF CakeGenetics BayAreaStoners dabs blunts instaweed weedstagram 710 terps 420 stonernation girlswhodab dablife

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Comment from Princessbabylungs:

🎶When I'm with you, all I get is wild thoughts😈 💭 😇 highlikeme girlswhodab dab 710 420girls stonergirl prettystoner bongbeauties california highlife letsgethigh highthere californiagirl princessbabylungs babylungs 420 sativa indica thc cbd weshouldsmoke sacramento dabramento stoner weed girlswhosmokeweed 916 415

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710 life 💨❤


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😋💨 dabs slab thc medicated cannabiscommunity stonernation bhomexico 710 highlife stayhigh extracts bong girlswhodab cannawomen

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Comment from Miss:

Proud to have provided vale. I pray for the world. Stay cheerful. maryjmaidens fatgirl fatgirlssmokeweedtoo . . . . . girlswhodab wax oil errlgrrl thickwomen somegirlsgethigh somegirlssmokeweed girlswithglasses girlswhokissgirls thickwhitegirl curve smile staysmoking staysmilin

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Comment from Ness.🌙:

My lady Luna 💜🍁 420 cannabiscommunity 6weedgod hightimes ganja weedstagram girlswhosmoke dabisfaction weedtography highsociety ganjagirls highlife ddank girlswhodab dabrig glassappreciation

149 Days ago

Garnet Grays


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