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Comment from Lshine:

@Regrann from @kilter_glassworks - Cranked out these two pieces the other day. Made hammer pipe and a spoon with a mushroom accent on it. Reticello line worked these pieces with cherry rod and white. Available, dm if interested. Surprise gift will be added if purchased. loveforglass spoons spoonpipe hammerpipe glassart areyoureti makepipesnotwar 710society oprahsbookclub - regrann

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Comment from txterpchasers:

Slab of Blue Dream shatter bluedream bho shatter concentrates weshouldsmoke topshelflife nugrun 710society fueledbythc dablife 420life terps stonernation boro texasdabbers 210dabbers highlife stayhigh

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Comment from 🌍KING CANNABIS🌏:

Fuck yea KC is back weed pothead potheadsociety high stoner maryjane maryj joint doobie green 710society stonernation weedstagram pot 420 420life vape vaper ganja getstoned highlife dabbersdaily dabber wax dab istick marijuana dank highaf stonerlife

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Comment from recordcasey:

stopdropandbonghit bongstagram exoticsbyberner weedstgram420 weed weedcommunity fueldbythc dankreup justblazeig 710 710society loversofganja cookiesclothing stankydanky weshouldsmoke potheadsociety420 powerzzup vegasweed dankstagram420 dankshots420 cannabissmoker stonernation stonedsociety instaweed

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Tyler Smith


Comment from Tyler Smith:

Really putting my heart into this next one ♥️♥️♥️ waittillyouseethespecialfeatures headyglass jonesbottle glassofig denverdabbers pnwdabbers jonesbottle dabberjonesglassworks eastdabbers 710society errlsquad dablife fueledbythc weedpraylove dabbersdaily wfayo weedstagram supportlocalglassblowers rigsquad highsociety westcoastdabbers oprahswookclub glassauctions glassforsale tribalvessel tribalvessels

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Comment from GAS ONLY ⛽️:

@critical710 FLAVOR TOWER fueledbybho wuapsquad highpotency borobook dabberdaily headyglass terps danksmoker710 nywaxface fueledbythc 710society 710 sativa dabstagram nydabbers extracts nugrun liveresin instagramers nydabber highlife shatter crumble

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Chad "Grill"


Comment from Chad "Grill":

CBD....THC....TERPS... Caribbean Blue BY Alternative Medicine Association. LasVegasOriginal AlternativeMedicineAssociation AMA AMANV bhoextraction concentrates Shatter THC BHO cannabis cannabiscommunity dabs dab 710 710society Marijuana medicalmarijuana wax oil closedloop purge

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Jarad White


Comment from Jarad White:

Salmon foodislife cookhighmakegreatfood freshandclean 710chef michiganoilers 710society stoopidchef lovewhatyoudo lemon yumm mmmp herballife

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420 Klub Inc | Est 2016


Comment from 420 Klub Inc | Est 2016:

Who wants one? ☘☘☘

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Smoke Good, Hoard Harder!


Comment from Smoke Good, Hoard Harder!:

🔥⛽️🚀💪!! terphoader wedonthoardthesame 710 710society cannabis cannabiscommunity nugrun getyourhoardup dabup dabstagram dabbersdaily cleanmeds thc cbd staywoke greenmasksociety lowtemp loyaltotheoil dabscurecancer fuckcancer

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Comment from Anthony:

Blue exotic wraps with a couple dots on a spoon!

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Erwin Schrödabber 2.1


Comment from Erwin Schrödabber 2.1:

Enjoying some F=ma OG on this terpy concave down hump day. The force is 1. @calisiftco_ @urbols_farms ttps berkeleyterps terptown 510dabbers 710dabbers 710society heady spaceheadies

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Mathematix Glass ™


Comment from Mathematix Glass ™:

💥 Tomorrow!!! 🙌🏽 Who's ready youaintready 🙌🏽 we are bringing that 🔥🔥🔥Repost @levitate710sesh ・・・ Address will go out via email today for new patients attending ! Same place as always for those that support! FIRST 40 PATIENTS IN LINE RECEIVE FREE TREEHOUSE EXTRACTS W/Special Raffle Ticket for 1/40 chance to also win a rig from @thc_treehouseoil !!! 2ND GROUP OF 40 RECEIVE FREE GIFT FROM @cosmiccreations710 !!! FREE RAFFLE FOR EVERYONE for @mathematixglass (Special Giveaway!) , @zobglass , @hvyglass !!!! +++ 2ND ROUND OF PEOPLES CHOICE CONCENTRATE BATTLE!! & DONT MISS THE @flight_tech RAFFLE FOR PEOPLE THAT DONATE!!!! @mc_ducer626 "Put it in your mouth!" Edible eating contests & Backwoods rolling contest! Going down tomorrow at Levitate710sesh ! Ticket link in our bio Prop 215 only ! 💨💨💨💨DoTheMath ➕➖✖️➗ Mathematix MxKrew 710 420 Dab Dabs wakeandbakedaily MMJ wakebakedaily Ganja wakeanddab Stoners 710society stonernation SouthBay Torrance Carson Redondo girls GirlsWhoSmoke

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Comment from vapurrrextracts:

🚨🚨 New sticker alert 🚨🚨vapurrr

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Comment from Shooter_Mcdabbin:

Pulling some muffins on the blueberryjack 710society 710 passtheblunt letssmoke bhombingamerica hightimescannabiscup hightimes

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Comment from NewAgeOrganics:

Fresh batch of Purple Platinum now on @new_age_organics menu! Super fire 🔥 *FIND US ON WEEDMAPS*

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Royal Zips


Comment from Royal Zips:

SPOTLIGHT 🔥 travel mmj maryjane marijuana success cbd weedstagram cannabis ganja weed 420 420life 710 710society kush thc worldwide goodvibes traveltheworld smoke lifestyle stayhigh stonernation stoner highsociety high journey passion cannabiscommunity onelove

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King Moses™ LLC 🤴🏽


Comment from King Moses™ LLC 🤴🏽:

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Comment from Anthony:

This was a fun one. Something a little different...

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Logan Parks


Comment from Logan Parks:

waxwednesdays prop215 weedstagram dabstagram dabbersdaily stonersdaily 420 710society weshouldsmoke iwillmarrymary wfayo high_larry_us hightimes crackingnugs cannabiscommunity wakenbake prettypotheads ganjagirls bongbabes bongbeauties claritycounts bhomingamerica concentrates like4like follow4follow rosin terpsauce

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Downtown Highway Collective


Comment from Downtown Highway Collective:

You may not be able to make it to Paris. But you can always stop by DTHC and pick up some PARIS OG. Show us what you got from our shop when you HASHTAG DTHC like @queta7107 OurwayHIGHway DowntownHighwayCollective

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Comment from 710slabdad:

Function vid of the freshly cleaned circle hole inline from @thickassglass ripping the rest of my kosherkandy tag wakeandbake wakenbake weedporn weed whatsonyourdabber baked high stoned 710 710society 420 420society

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Dank Reup


Comment from Dank Reup:

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Comment from j__scrub710:

Lol my glass sadly broke today, but on the brightside I got this reclaim from it!!! 719 710society dibkis reclaim cleardabs wasteittotasteit thermalbanger pacman dablife imlovindabz nofilter HOR

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Comment from Pigglenjumpstreet:

Function video of the absolute 🔥🔥🔥 5inch 10mm 4hole circ perc @kevlarglass Amber purple accented shredder in auctioning off now for my homie and the next min bids only 80$$ 🤑👊🤘currently and it also comes with a matching double sided dabber FREE compliments of @kevlarglass 🤘so come bid on the original auction post a ways down on my page now and get some sick ass glass with insane function 🌪🌪🌪 for an absolute steal 🤑🤑 glassauction glassauctions glassforsale glassofig glassporn 420 710 710society 10mm 10mmmafia heady headyglassforsale headyglass highlife hightimes dab dabs dabstagram dablife dabstagram dablife dabbersdaily dabbers_unite dailydabber dailydabbers staylifted stoner stonernation

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Green CulturED


Comment from Green CulturED:

medicalmarijuana marijuanajobs 710 710society mastergrower marijuana marijuanainfused marijuanaindustry weed weedporn weedreup weedeater weedstagram cannabis cannabisoil cannabiscollege cannabiscommunity wax 420 nugs grower growerslife kush kushdaily dablife highlife hightimes

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Comment from Wastetotaste:

Another edit using the wide lens 🎥 smokin som some mad dog og 🔥🔥

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Comment from Texacanna:

Enjoying this nice Denver day with some OGCookies freshfrozen terpjelly 🌊from @officialdoubleblackextracts NattyTangeCheese by @crxcolorado and some🍋LemonDream from @greendotlabsboulder @greendotdave doubleblackextracts greendotlabs saucin terpsauce concentrates dab dabstagram errl terps weedstagram420 cannabiscommunity cannabisculture dablife hightimes highsociety weedstagram 710society highlife topshelflife medicalmarijuana instaweed 710 thc dabbersdaily levitatedgenetics

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Comment from Nug.honey:

Time to play with the girls 😍 @st0nerbarbie @dewdrop_accessories 💕💕. She brought her @glasslungpipes to come playyyyy gonna go live soon check us out and blaze with us !!! 💨💨💨💨 potheadsociety girlswhoblaze stonergirls nughoney dabs somegirlsdabhard somegirlsgethigh bongbeauties cannafam cannabiscommunity cannabissociety cannabis 710society 710queens girlswhodab stonernation gerrlsdoitbest girlsgotglass prettypotheads worldreefers cannabisculture glasslungspipes

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Comment from Dusty:

📲Auction one post back. CFL shifter on em. Bid on original post ! makeamericatrapagain microbottle pinklollipop exp31 syzygy opal grandpaglass litty purplelollipop glassauction glassart microbottle glassforsale forsaleglass glasstrap 710society rigsofig rigsforsale

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Comment from 🎀:

una e tranquila instachile 420 420life ganjagirl 420girl chilegram l4l f4f cannabis cannabissociety 710 710life 710society

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Stay Terpy My Friends


Comment from Stay Terpy My Friends:

nopuddlegang I get complaints every time I take a big dab in my dms, so this ones for you guys! Is this how i should be taking gram dabs? What you guys think?😂 enjoy my pain guys! I'm going to call this gram dab the double dipper😂😂😂 Stay terpy fam😎✌️🙏 🎼Raekwon-New Wu headyglass headyglassforsale glassforsale glassartforsale heady 710society cannabiscommunity cannabis dabs dabstagram goodluck shatter stoner 420 710 rig rigsforsale rigsquad terpsquad terps terpenes yourgirlsfavoriteflavor glassauction pot pothead dabs dabstagram dab 710society mothershipglassnosedabs gramdabs

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Denver Dab Co


Comment from Denver Dab Co:

HumpDay Drop Alert! Final stop for DDC is delivering Zelda's Fuel wax & Sour Nilz shatter to @universalherbs on Park Ave - available in gram & ounce packaging. Get it while this 🔥 lasts!!

14 Minutes ago