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Comment from Kris:

Guten Morgen! Heute habe ich wieder frei und bin schon unterwegs zum Park - eine weitere Yogastunde wartet auf mich. 🕉 In der letzten Zeit trage ich sowieso meistens meine Arbeits- oder Sportkleidung. 💪🏻 Mit der Ernährung geht es gut, nur manchmal gibt es auch Tage, an denen ich immer noch Fressattacken habe. Ich glaube aber, dass sich das auch verbessern wird... Habt einen schönen Freitag! goodmorning on friday happy panda mintgreen socks off to another yogasession haveaniceday everyone

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Friendly Poison


Comment from Friendly Poison:

!NOT MY ART! I encountered this beautiful piece during searching for pictures of the band A Crow Is White. I just wanted to show something that inspires me. I love the artstyle a lot and the mix of colorful and dark parts. Especially the character in the middle is what really gets me. A Crow Is White makes great music and you really should check it out if you like animated MVs and funky Japanese music with a very cute and calm vocal ^_^ Sadly I don't know who the artist is, but I think it won't be hard to find out 😅 acrowiswhite カラスは真っ白 showbyrock coverart notmyart colorful anotherartist japanesemusic music cutevoice panda

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MrOddPanda 🇨🇦


Comment from MrOddPanda 🇨🇦:

Potentially new tatoo newtattoo panda tattoo drawing gamer gaming gamepanda

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Comment from Jayne:

HB🎂🎂🎂pandalove panda🐼 panda 熊猫 萌 星辰 cute animals

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Arianna 🐻•🍯 Gaffurini


Comment from Arianna 🐻•🍯 Gaffurini:

Panda smile 🐼😁 panda smile happiness me blackandwhite photo oldphoto nocolors

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Comment from Sajiragiftshop:

📍2 แบบสุดท้ายแล้วน๊า📍 พัดลมพกพาแบบ USB ชาร์จ ใช้ได้ 2 ชม. พัดลมมือถือตัวการ์ตูนน่ารัก มี 2 ลาย Price: 159฿ Line 🆔 @pge4447h(ใส่ @ด้วย) FB: Sajiragiftshop IG: Sajiragiftshop พัดลมพกพา พัดลมมือถือ กิ๊ฟช็อป ของขวัญ fan gift giftshop sajiragiftshop minifan handpressure handfan พัดลมkitty พัดลมมินิ พัดลมราคาถูก พัดลมน่ารัก พัดลมมือบีบ ของขวัญวันเกิด ของขวัญรับปริญญา พัดลมชาร์จแบตได้ คิตตี้น่ารัก panda rilakkuma ริลัคคุมะ

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Comment from FlowerChild:

Another brick in the wall... streetart suits suit pandas panda blackandwhite bnw bw unknownartist unknown artist grafitti grafittiart algierspoint canalstferry ferry canalstreet canalst algiers louisiana nola

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Comment from PandaPandaPandaPanda:

Cherry blossoms fall Patient Panda does not mind He waits for bamboo haiku gesundheit panda cherryblossoms pandapandapandapandaface drawing springisover summertimeishere

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Comment from heroinejellyfish:

21.06.17 После экзамена сводил тян в кафе. Еле уломал её туда зайти.Она не хотела ,сказав "Я там не была! Я хожу только в знакомые кафе!Нет!"🙄 Не успели на к-рор программу🐼🙁 asia neformal china japan cute cofee latte black korea kawaii summer exams panda calmar cake oishii lesbian gay friendship beautiful kpop chpop express happy sempai kohai anime animeboy girlfriend vietnam

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Comment from PencilBrain:

Workong on a lil somethin somethin. Follow me on twitter at MrPencilBrain. . . . . . illus sketch blackandwhite panda hoodie doodle art artist picoftheday instagood cute rough smoke bear furry anthro digitalart progress

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La Petite Fabrique


Comment from La Petite Fabrique:

Mayliss à fêté ses 13 ans avec lapetitefabrique, un gâteau vanille avec ganache au nutella et un thème Panda Zen ! Retrouvez bientôt le buffet sur ce même thème ! anniversaire enfant panda partage bonheur lpf lapetitefabrique

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khairun nisa luthfi


Comment from khairun nisa luthfi:


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Comment from gopgops:

Today's feels. 😴🐼 latepost panda beijing2016

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Ayesha Adlakha


Comment from Ayesha Adlakha:

Okay, getting banged up in an accident has it's perks. Nothing like a juicy, meaty, scrumptious meal in bed with a great book, calm tunes and lovely company taking care of you. you are fast becoming a favourite, thanks for sorting me out. Here you see you PB+J tacos, chicken Fajita, a massively satisfying cornita, two types of salsa, a kokum drink, a milkshake and an incredibly hungry panda 🐼 I'm healing like wolverine now. Thanks Coma Coma! Mucho Amor 💛 . . . 📸- @zerxeswadia comacomaadchill mexicanfoods tacos fajitas cornita happy panda hungrypanda fooddelivery drink food mumbai foodie foodblogger vjayesha ayeshaadlakha elenasparrow iblogeverything accident monsoon sick bedroom colors jacksparrow home sadhguru book graphicnovel pirate

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Comment from anotherdaywithsophie:

Les petites nouvelles qui m'accompagnent depuis plusieurs jours déjà. kjacques panda ebene aspiga ethical faitmain handmade sandales love artisanat

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Gemma Brimble


Comment from Gemma Brimble:

Filter life 🐼 morning selfie friday weekend work time vape vapeshop manchester piccadilly early bird girl snapchat filter panda girl green eyes dark brunette hair

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Comment from Jayne:

HB🎂🎂🎂cute animals 熊猫 萌 panda panda🐼 pandalove 星光 xingguang

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Comment from CRASHKIDS!:

WWWWWWWWWWEEKEND ! ! ! !🔥💯🔥 @daniellange123 and our amazing CK!-PANDA-DECK is available from now on. Great artwork from our CK!-Artist @cornelius_hh super pop, 100% Canadian hardrock maple. Quality checked by TEAM CRASHKIDS!!! . ShopLink in BIO . panda art deck amazing proud bestdeckever hamburg hhcity ..... CK! This crew is 💯 loyalty and this is real CK!4LIFE - CK!ND love this life . . . . . . skateanddestr best crew crashkids crewlove truelove potd skateboarding ck ck4life skatergirl skatespot ontour skatewear shirt skateboard skatelife skateeverydamnday goodtime outdoor sk8

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Happy Pet 🐶🐣🐨🐹


Comment from Happy Pet 🐶🐣🐨🐹:

เรื่องกินเรื่องใหญ่😂😂 Follow 👉🏻 @happypetclip Follow 👉🏻 @happypetclip Follow 👉🏻 @happypetclip dog pet animal cute lovecatsiberianhuskygoldenretr snakeawesomecrocodile panda

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Michelle 'Mishy Mashy' Harris


Comment from Michelle 'Mishy Mashy' Harris:

🐼😍🐼😍 panda SanDiegoZoo SanDiego California zoo bamboo he nature animal travelling travel traveller America USA UnitedStates BlackAndWhite

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William Minelli

Comment from William Minelli:

Ready? 🐼😴 fun selfie milano home bedroom readytowear readytowork wakeup doublebed hot sunnyday sunshine morning needcoffee smile beard june spring summer picoftheday instagood gym panda

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Comment from ppandthegang:

Ball fun with panda!!! panda bordercollie bordercollielover cattledog ball walkies fun cutepetclub rescue rescuedog slomo adoptdontshop dog dogstagram petstagram pet brisbane winter instalike instagood instadaily thanksforthedogasshole fluffy catch love lovelife

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🐼Dipika Sheth🕵


Comment from 🐼Dipika Sheth🕵:

hugmepanda followpandagent pandalove brownpanda brownfur brown blacknwhite blackfur whitefur panda pandapower cutie happypanda animals . followpandagent follow followpanda followbrownpanda precious_Brown_panda

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Chris Thomas


Comment from Chris Thomas:

eventmanagement eventphotography events eventssydney corporate corporateevent theme party panda

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Comment from ini.gambarku:

Watercolor agaiin!☻ Hope u like it guys:] req by : @galuhsukohartono . art art🎨 artshare draw drawing instaart instaartist artist instagallery doodle doodleart sticker line panda cute illustration animation fineart bestartshares likeforlike like4like lfl l4l

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• M O M • O F • S T E N N •


Comment from • M O M • O F • S T E N N •:

Een stukje van Stenn zijn kamer! 🐼Het is nog niet af! De commode maakt plaats voor de combinatie bureau/bankje van het stuva systeem van ikea. De schommelstoel gaat richting zolder. blackandwhite boysroom muurstickers panda

11 Minutes ago

Do Khai Tran


Comment from Do Khai Tran:

pandadekaydekaygraffiti graffiti blackwhite

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Comment from Panda:

Walking your cat is responsible! 😸✔💯 Panda got her harness from @rspca_act and loves it! . . . 🐼😻 Panda nativespecies conservation actresponsibly

13 Minutes ago

Katarzyna Dźwinacka


Comment from Katarzyna Dźwinacka:

,,There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path " Morpheus,Matrix. matrix quotes instaquote pic instapic writing day instagram morpheus szóstarano panda

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Emma Unnie


Comment from Emma Unnie:

⬇️🇬🇧🇪🇸 To celebrate it is already Friday, I have prepared a cutie makeup routine full of Trompe-l'oeil (things that appear to be one thing but they are not). So we start the makeup by applying the 🐼 Panda's Dream So Cool eye stick by Tony Moly to de-puff tired eyes. We then continue with the 🦎Dinoplatz UFO Multibox by Too Cool for School using the BB cream, highlighter and concealer. For the cheeks we can use the Pikachu 💆Mini Cushion Blusher to get that extra color. For the 👀eyes, I love the inked cushion gel liner by Tony Moly🖊perfect to get a feline look. Then I apply the Double Long Lash shaper by Too Cool for School to achieve long lashes. It so happens that sometimes mascara gets smudged all over your eye area. No worries! You can remove the excess mascara with the help ✏️of the Art Class Pencil Eraser by Too Cool for School. And finally, keep your lips pumped with Tony Moly's cherry lip balm💋. Have a good weekend everyone!💋 🇪🇸 Para celebrar que ya es viernes, os he preparado una rutina monísima llena de trampantojos (o sea, cosas que parecen ser otras cosas). Empezamos aplicando el 🐼 Panda's Dream So Cool eye stick de Tony Moly en la zona del contorno de ojos para deshinchar el área. Continuamos después con el🦎Dinoplatz UFO Multibox de Too Cool for School usando la BB, el iluminador y el corrector. Para los pómulos usamos el 💆Pikachu Mini Cushion Blusher de Tony Moly para dar color a las mejillas. Seguimos con los ojos 👀, me encanta el inked cushion gel liner deTony Moly🖊perfecto para lograr un look felino. A continuación aplicamos el Double Long Lash shaper de Too Cool for School para lograr unas pestañas larguísimas. A veces ocurre que la máscara de pestañas se corre y os mancha el párpado. ¡No hay problema, está todo controlado! Podéis eliminar el exceso de maquillaje con el ✏️ Art Class Pencil Eraser de Too Cool for School. Y finalmente los labios, para hidratarlos y que queden bonitos podéis usar el bálsamo de cereza de Tony Moly💋¡Buen fin de semana!💋 cosmeticacoreana koreanskincare koreanmakeup makeup maquillaje abcommunity maquillajecoreano mascara eyeliner blusher cushion tonymoly tonymolyespaña panda lipbalm

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Comment from putrinnabilaa:

My sistah👸 together panda beautiful lfl fff

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Tina Marie 💋


Comment from Tina Marie 💋:

vacation sandiegozoo happy panda heshungry nomnom boomerang

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Comment from reiko:

お友だちの旦那さんが焙煎したコーヒーをいただきました。 エチ イルガチョフG1 ウオッシュド ドメルソ フルーティで美味しい^ ^ panda coffee パンダコーヒー コーヒー coffee

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