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Kjirsti Myles


Comment from Kjirsti Myles:

twoaday Wednesday. To make this work we spend about 15-30 min a week mealplanning and workoutplanning so we can juggle workoutwithkids and nogymrequired. It is amazing what is possible when you makeaplan. While we have planned to some extent for the last 12 years having children 8 years ago added to the fun. Sticking to the plan keeps you committed and setting goals. This also takes teamwork. We juggle it all together. domore spartankids spartanrace spartantraining garmin vivofitjr healthyliving fitfam aroo spartanwomen strong

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Theresa Cassino


Comment from Theresa Cassino:

Squeezed in a 2 mile run yesterday while the kids were biking. I had to run around the court while they biked but made it work. Also got to make it to Team Fight swim. I was late but managed to get in 1000 yards (plus 150 of kicking). Feeling good about getting back to some sort of workout schedule. teamfight2017 teamfight swimbikerun run running workoutwithkids swim swimming workout training marathontrainingmom gotitdone

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Mária Brodňanová


Comment from Mária Brodňanová:

Today workout 👌🏻💪🏻.workoutfitmumsfitmumbesttrainereverbesttrainertrainingmumsworkoutwithkidsplaygroundfitmotherkinderplatzbabygirlbabyboyczechgirlslovakgirlblondehairbrunettelikeforlikelike4likel4lbodyfitnessnaturefreetimesunnyday

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Shauna Hull


Comment from Shauna Hull:

I love getting to spend so much time with Lucas, but I am much better person when I get a workout in and sometimes Lucas has to play along! A ride for him a butt lifting move for me! Win-win!

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Comment from Erin:

Teaching StrollerBarre this morning! Love ourvillage and the opportunity to teach Barre to these strong moms and their kids! themotherhoodisreal fit4mom MomStrong plié relevé wednesdayworkout workoutwithkids barrelife ballet embracetheshake

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Comment from Holly:

I've had a lot of people reach out to me and say this kind of workout SCARES them. Not gonna lie, sometimes it scares me too. The jumps and plyometric moves can be quite intimidating, especially if you have injuries. What's AWESOME about Insanity Max 30 (and most Beachbody workouts) is they provide you with a LOW IMPACT MODIFIER!!! So here's just a few moves from my workout with the move full out then the move modified so you can see for yourself that even though you're putting in a lot of work (hello!!! It's called a "WORK"OUT for a reason), you can still SCORCH those calories using the modifier! Oh, and some 4 year old Hubba Bubba cuteness doing Ab Attack with me!

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Micaela Carlvik


Comment from Micaela Carlvik:

Don't complicate things; homeworkout infront of the tv; absbythethousands 100 bridge 100 back ex 100 crunches 100 russian twists 100 dynamic side plank 100 plank with hip toch 100 pingvinen 100 flutterkicks 100 leg raise 100 leg pull in Banded; side walks 100x2 25x2 Lateral squats Sumo pause squats One leg DL homeworkout workoutwithkids fitmoms fitmom absofsteal absworkout

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Mari 😍


Comment from Mari 😍:

Day 24 💪🏻 Look who joined my 5AM workout today!!!! She asked not to be recorded but she helped me get through my morning workout - my sister! Love you, girl!! Join us! Share this journey with us! We are here for you! Message me now! 💕

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Before And Better


Comment from Before And Better:

When you're trying to workout and someone thinks you are a bench🤣. What do you do?! . . ➡️🇧🇷 Quando você está tentando malhar e alguém pensa que vc é um banco🤣. O que vc faz?! . . workout fit fitness fitnessmotivation fitnessjourney fitmomlife fitmom fitgirls workoutroutine workoutmotivation cute cuteness strong justdoit letsdothis workoutwithkids momlife instafit instafitness instahealthy instamom instagym instadaily instacute fofura treino maequemalha saude saudavel

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Comment from thewayof_anna:

Teamwork on todays crosstraining 😅 craft momswhoworkout moms träning training crosstraining nike running workoutinspiration fitmomsinspire nikerunning workoutwithkids outdoors justdoit triathlon triathlonmom triathlete swimbikerun

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Comment from Melina:

workoutwithkids slackline fun sunisshining lovethejob

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Lana Dmitruks


Comment from Lana Dmitruks:

Any other mamas out there who prefer to work out from home? I'm so thrilled to start my workout journey with @bodybossmethod! A 12 week nigh intensity workout program that you can do virtually anywhere, anytime and for me that's in the comfort of my own home. We all know getting to the gym is the hardest part of all.😅 nomoreexcusesbodybossbosseffect

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April Leigh Vintage Fashion


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My jogging partner thus morning. lovemygirl fitmommy fitmommies fitmommiesrock fitmommyof2 getitgirl workitmom fitnessjourney fitnesswithkids michiganblogger michigrammers lovebyaprilleigh workoutwithkids workoutwithbaby whenimnotworking

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Comment from nicole:

Week 1 of our challenge is done!! It's hard to commit to something every day but you all and my husband have helped to keep us motivated and accountable, so thank you! It's fun to see my son start to copy what he sees mommy and daddy doing and that only fuels my fire 🔥 to keep going and show him health instead of just talking about it. Keep doing what you're doing, it's worth it! husbandandwife husbandandwifeteam challenge workoutwithkids workouts toddlermom toddlerworkout workoutwithbabyfitmom

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Comment from Rebecca:

30 minutes yoga workout💗 crazy morning alarm didn't go off(I think god knew I needed to sleep in a tad) but woke up in panic & jumped out of bed... rushing around...No time for anything before getting Jake off to school so Yoga in My Pajamas it was while I yelled for Jake to eat and get dressed. Picture sums up pretty much the scene this morning just add in a crazy Sophia jumping on the couch singing Let it Go 😅I'm rarely ever out of workout clothes or my pjs🙃teamss drsarasolomon stayontrack yoga core intermittentfasting flexibledieting workoutwithkids fitfitmom healthy homeworkouts momlife strongmom yogawithkids makethetimehealthymom workoutwithkids girlswithmusclesactiverestdaymakethetime

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Comment from VisionaryWorks:

4月の特別レッスンのお知らせです!! 4月19日(水)より21日(金)の3日間、自由が丘店にてYURIKOインストラクターによるTRX特別レッスンをおこないます( ^^) _U~~ 全身のトレーニングが素早く鍛えられプロアスリートから高齢者の方も実践しているTRXで普段のセッションではなかなか鍛えずらい部位もトレーニングしてみませんか? セッションの枠の関係ですぐに定員となってしまう恐れがあります お早めのお申し込みお待ちしています! ☆☆☆TRXサスペンショントレーニングの特徴☆☆☆ 1.全身のワークアウトを素早く効果的に実践できる! 2.あらゆるフィットネス要素を鍛えられる! (体力、筋力、バランス、柔軟性、コアの安定性など) 3.あらゆるフィットネスレベルに対応 (プロアスリートから高齢者の方まで誰でも!) 4.機能的な全身トレーニング (日常生活やスポーツに欠かせない動きのトレーニングが可能!) 日時:4月19日(水) 20日(木) 21日(金) 時間:11時〜17時 料金:3,240円(6PASS適用) 六本木店03-6447-2123 自由ヶ丘店03-6715-6898 ヴィジョナリーワークス 六本木 自由が丘 田園調布 トレーニングスタジオ パーソナルトレーニング トレーニング マンツーマン 加圧トレーニング ダイエット ボディメイクエアリアルヨガ 空中ヨガ 子供ok 子供可 子供連れ大歓迎 子連れ可 vwk visionaryworks fitness workout gym trx healthy diet yoga workoutwithkids yogawithkids

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Amanda Bruce


Comment from Amanda Bruce:

I make milk! What's your superpower? ______________________________________________

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Comment from Tena:

Hop hop,napokon opet malo vježbanja. Prilagođeno koljenu :D workoutmom workoutwithkids vjezbanjesdjecom fitmama lifewithlittleboys lifewithkids workoutvideo postpartumworkout kneeinjury

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Comment from Herobility:

Baby steps! Just work towards being a bit stronger then yesterday 💪 And have fun while doing it 😊

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Comment from 💪🍍🌽🏃🏋💛✌:

transformationtuesday I use to find any excuse to sit down at work, now I find every reason to have mindfulmovement wlj workoutwithkids 💪 fitspo bodypositive

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Tiffany Freeman


Comment from Tiffany Freeman:

Love having my little workout buddy. Believe it or not he and my daughter wanting to work out with me is what pushes me. Annoying as hell at times? YES but with them doing something even a 30 minute workout makes me not quit. They're looking at me and assume I'm not struggling. But I let them know I want to quit but WE AREN'T quitters! And we can high five and thumbs up when we finish it together!

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🦋Marthina Llamas🦋


Comment from 🦋Marthina Llamas🦋:

Workout with kids at home they said. It will be so fun and easy they said .. 🙄😅😏 • BTW I'm joking, I love Liam Landon wig my whole heart and wouldn't trade being a SAHM for the world. This is what completes me and this is why I keep pushing everyday to be where I want to be 🙏🏽✨🌻💪🏽

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Rachel Thomsen


Comment from Rachel Thomsen:

STORY TIME!! 🤗 So a little over two years ago, I was a stay at home mom to one little man. I had a husband who was working long hours driving truck, and I was just hanging at home with Grant. At the time, I felt like life was just "easy." I actually thought to myself, "Is this all it is? Just hanging with Grant and watching HGTV, doing laundry and washing the floors day in and day out?" Don't get me wrong, I LOVED being at home with Grant and I STILL love being home with both kiddos! But my life two years ago was lacking some serious balance. --I didn't do ANYTHING for fun. --I didn't have a PASSION for anything. --I was BORED. Then, out of nowhere, I saw this ad for an online fitness group. I was so excited to get back to working on my postbaby bod, and the fact that I could do it at home with Grant was like winning the lottery!! HECK YES!! I dove in and after about two weeks of being a challenger in the group, I was hooked. I fell in LOVE with this idea that I could be connected to women who were all working on fitness goals all from home. I mean, seriously, how AMAZING is technology?! I also became so intrigued by this idea that I could potentially RUN these groups from home. I could channel some creativity and build my own tribe of women who just GOT me. I COULD HAVE FRIENDS!! (Don't act like you don't know that feeling, Mommas. Especially my stay at home Mommas... 😂😜) Needless to say, I jumped in and never looked back. Coaching has been the most life-enhancing experience I could have ever imagined for myself and my family. I'm surrounded by like-minded individuals who are just wanting to get healthy and help others do the same. It pushes me to work on being my BEST self, both physically and emotionally. It serves as an incredible platform to help me earn an income for my family. It gives me BALANCE, making me a better mom and a better wife because I'm HAPPY! So let me ask you: Can you relate to anything I've mentioned? Then maybe coaching is a great fit for YOU too! Not sure you're ready to coach? Join me as a challenger and decide for yourself if this is something that could enhance your life the way it has mine. DM me for info!

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Shauna Hull


Comment from Shauna Hull:

Train workout. Triceps dips, bridge, push-ups, pistol squats! Be creative and get moving wherever you are.

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Comment from Erin:

16 beautiful moms joined us for StrollerStrides @fit4mom_stoneoak today. These ladies pushed it hard and I'm so inspired by them! fit4mom themotherhoodisreal ourvillage workoutwithkids tuesdaymotivation cardio MomStrong

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J e s s G r a f f


Comment from J e s s G r a f f:

LessonsFromGav Yoga with a little buddy is hilarious bonding time. 👊🏽😂💪🏽 BeachbodyYogaStudio Get Centered with @elisejoanfitness complete! embracethechaos supergraffkids MamaStrong

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Elsa Merimaa


Comment from Elsa Merimaa:

outdoorworkout firstthisyear run workoutwithkids active speed

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Mari 😍


Comment from Mari 😍:

Day 23 💪🏻 "Live with passion, dream the extreme!" What are you passionate about? What keeps you going? I have dreams and goals that some would believe to be absurd. But I believe them to be my FUTURE!! Dream big and be consistent. It will all come, my friends!! 😘❤

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Sandra Svensson Tiainen


Comment from Sandra Svensson Tiainen:

😌🌿🌸 paleolifestyle lchfkost healthyliving healthy aldrigvila naturelovers naturelifeyogaworkout workoutvideo workoutmotivation fit fitmom fitness fitnessmotivation fitnessinspiration momlifefitnessmomworkoutwithkids hardworkhomeexercises homeexercise

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Samantha 🌼


Comment from Samantha 🌼:

Still sick.... ugh 😑 Did the Burn It Up HIIT workout this morning followed by a @perfectfit green smoothie. 💦💕 Hopefully I can kick this cold soon. Cleaning and more laundry today. 😜 Have a good day!! tiu tiumom tiuteam tiucheckin hiit hiitworkout fitnessjourney fitmum fitmom exercise greensmoothie smoothie workout workoutwithkids housework

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Rachel Thomsen


Comment from Rachel Thomsen:

This momma is EXHAUSTED, but I did my workout anyway. I stayed up until 11:30 pm working on some things for my girls in my Fitness Focus Group, then Kaycie woke up. I didn't go to bed until after midnight! Then, of course, at 4:45 am Kaycie decided to be up for the day. 😴 The time came this morning where I knew I could either muster up the energy to get a workout done, or I'd have to battle the kiddos trying to get it done during the day. I'm so glad I just DID it. It's so much easier to live with being tired than it is being disappointed in myself for NOT doing the work. I'd rather be tired and proud than selfconcious, unhealthy, and lacking confidence. Have DISCIPLINE. DO THE WORK. You won't regret it. 👊🏼

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African Mommy


Comment from African Mommy:

Cycling: Is a good aerobics exercise you can do together as a family. It is environmentally friendly, keeps the whole family fit and active and encourages bonding. Swipe right to see other health benefits of cycling as illustrated by the Capital District Physicians' Health Plan bike4health cycling fitfamily familyworkout familyfitness cyclingfamily workoutwithkids exercisewithkids africanmother africanfamily afrofitness fitnesstuesday tuesdayfitness 👨‍👩‍👧

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Comment from Titi:

fitmom workout fitness strongwomen workoutwithkids fittanya edzes edzesgyerekkel bodypositive bodypositivefitnesshu bodypositivemom

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