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workoutflow workoutdone

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Tabitha Irwin


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I'm amazed at how many different ways/forms/methods/ supplements there are available just for digestive health. Lots of many vitamins & pills out there for issues with fiber, colon health, heartburn, and even relief from the *unmentionable* 🤐🤐 Personally for me, I like how I can get ALL those supplements/vitamins in just one ☝️ shake!! I don't have to take separate pills to get proper fiber intake and/or feel relief & dread having to hit the throne 🚽 Shakeology has helped me stay regular and since there's blueberries in my serving tonight......there might be an extra trip to that special place later 😳💩📖😬🤞shakeology bestfibershake regular vitamins minerals allinonereadymix veganchocolate blueberries dontmentiontheunmentionable lol colonhealth heartburn shakeologyaddict almondmilk love tuesday workoutdone also

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Tiffany Jaime


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You all have kids that mean to each other too right? Mateo hits Sophie ALL THE TIME. He is so mean to her!!!!! . . . . montessoritea lifeisfunny familiesareforever diastasisrecti fivekids laundryfordays iammormon positiveminds meditationtime productiveday chalkpaintedfurniture workoutdone mittenlove childrensmusic fluteplayer

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After trying out liftandhiit I did dig deep with shaunt for some cardio. I always love Shaunt's motivation in the morning. 💦💦

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Heather Williams


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Workout done!!! Yes I did pick the shortest workout I could. Thank you Beachbody on Demand and @joelfreemanfitness for Lift & HIIT. I needed a good full body workout under 30 mins. Going to do my best to get up early and get my workout done. I honestly do better when I get my workout over with in the mornings before the chaos.

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Becky McKinney


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Took my mobile office on quite a ride today. ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ I started my work day from bed while my nephew fell back asleep on my lap. Once everybody left the house for the day, I took business outside to get some sunshine. Then I had a few messages to get back to and a new eBook idea I wanted to get started on while I waited for my delayed flight at the airport. Finally, I did some reading as we flew down the coast to learn more about how to help people reach their goals in terms of health & fitness. ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ Just touched ground in Tampa and am going to unplug for the night to spend time with my ((almost)) hubster and our fur babies. If I haven't gotten back to your message yet today, keep your eyes peeled first thing tomorrow morning! Family first my loves! ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ If I host another sneak peek into my business this week, would you listen in?

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Comment from kvt39:

I tried Joel's new workout on BOD LIFT & HIIT. It may be short on time but it was still an awesome workout. I'll definitely do this one again 💪

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Tiffany Polston Cowles


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changed up my workout tonight and broke out the WiiU for a little Just Dance 2. Fun songs and lots if dancin'! 💃👣🎵 workingmomma dancingfool dancingfun workoutdone

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workoutdone feelinggreat 😊 ❤🎵so here i am with open arms🎷🎸🎵🎤

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Giovanni Romero


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This Saturday @jennk_y is getting married so I wanted to take a second to testimony of what she means to our brand! Jenn, I remember the day we met and our initial conversation. I remember the intrigue being there yet emotionally you weren't ready. Through our initial battles we both grew mentally, emotionally, and physically. Until eventually one day I was able to gain your complete trust. I remember calling you out in class and while you doubted yourself you accepted the challenge. And boy did you kill it!!! That day was the day that I realized not only was I helping you expand your comfort zone but you were helping me expand mine. Thank you Jenn!! Your exhibition of growth and courage has been an example for me and the rest of our team! Congratulations and best wishes on your journey of love and partnership. I know for a fact that Josh has a great woman by his side. Thsnk you for being you!!! Mazel tov!! Now let's party!!!🕺🕺🕺 phillyfit phillytrainer thefitnessethic thefe philadelphiatrainer workoutmotivation

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Cynthia Manross


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Hi all! I wanted to post a food log today. Minus the juice plus shake and supplements. (I didn't think to take pics) I'm guilty of sometimes eating the same thing twice in one day, so you're not seeing double. It makes things simple. I like simple. Kids all had leftovers and the hubs is working away from home tonight. So I made his meal to go. He's probably a bit relieved he doesn't have to be around me at the moment...Eggs and beans two meals in a row...😷🤣😝 Yeah, I know. I'll fit right in with the pups tonight. 🐶 summer meals cleaneats chocolate eryday yummy delicious foodstagram healthylifestyle backontrack babysteps workoutdone turbokick foodie gettingmybodyback hardworkpaysoffs keepingitreal iloveturkeybacon

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Everyday is a good day to workout🏋️ {⏺️Your life doesn't get better by chance, its get better by change} workoutdone workforit fitnesstime girls wecan loveit donefortoday moreandmore fullbodycircuit retandomeamimisma aporunnuevocapitulo masfuertequenunca 💪

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Ashley Alberson


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So I may or may not have gotten carpet burn from dropping to my knees after that one 💀💀💀💀 it's crazy that these workouts are still just as tough towards the end as they were at the beginning! I went Rousey with my hair today btw ✌🏼️✌🏼️* * * * * * * * * fit fitspo instafit sweatingforthewedding seemebelieveme fitnurse ERnurse fitbride lookgoodnaked absnotflab makingmesweat onedayatatime worktowardsyourgoals dropthatweight nightshiftnurse healthandfitness iwantthatbooty bigbootyjudyplease wherethefitgirlsat fatiscrying ineedwater fuelyourbody workoutdone workoutoftheday onlythirtyminutes nothingisimpossible youhavetime stopmakingexcuses nomoresoda bethebestyoucanbe

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Natasha Link


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stressreliever workoutdone neverquitting down23lbs 🏋🏽‍♀️

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SSS planetfitness weightlosstransformation cardiolife cardio livandlearnarmy water hydration workoutdone 95degrees

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Elena Jz


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Practicing our yoga poses to prepare for class 2 lol @rhena1391 . . . . yoga strikeapose powerkickboxing mma kickboxing gym workoutdone workingout workingonme workingmyassoff workingonmyfitness fatfitgirl fatfitness fattofitjourney fat2fit fattofit keto lchf weightloss weightlossjourney meltingfat losinginches gettingridoffat strong kick punch sweat getitgirl youbetterworkbitch yougotthis

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Late Night Workout done. Im Einklang mit Mutter Natur 😁 THINK BIG, DREAM BIG, BELIEVE BIG, AND THE RESULTS WILL BE BIG. workout workoutdone fitfam fitline pminternational fitlinegermany zecplus zecplusarmy gorillawear bizeps everydayisarmday hardveganer imeinklangmitdernatur fitnessmotivation fitx mcfit dortmund düsseldorf dontgiveup eatcleantraindirty instafit instadaily dailyworkout igers

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Silvia Avila Cardenas


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workoutdone movimiento fitmom eatclean weightloss transformandovidas undiaalavez unapersonaalavez estiloyesyoucan yesyoucanverano independientecoach CoachSilviaAvila

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Online Nutrition And Training


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DIET HACK: Eat giant salads 🌱🍅🍃🍆 The key to sticking to your diet is making sure you still feel satisfied after each meal. Lettuce is basically crunchy water 😜 so you can eat tonsss of it! - I basically fill a huge @tupperwareproducts with shredded lettuce and then add a few other veggies and a protein. It looks like a lot of food but my whole salad today was less than 250 calories // 30g protein // 12g carbs // 8g fat

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Michelle E Semprit


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Colleen Cain


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Torii Labs


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Getting enough rest at night is so important to your health! Make sleeping better part of your daily wellness routine with ToriiUnwind. ToriiLabs

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Eve & Elisa 👯


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Started our day dark and early at 3:30AM for @acoupleoftrainers' 🏁FIELD DAY 🏁 at @reebokla! 🙌🏼 Check out our crazy fun morning filled with freeze tag, dodge ball 🏐 , tug of war, and water balloon 💧🎈 fight on the link in our bio and and our IG story for behind the scenes! 😜 Make sure you guys don't miss out on @acoupleoftrainers next Field Day! It's seriously sooo much fun and such a great workout! 👌🏼 And we just LOVE @meaganfulps & @devinwiggins! 👫🤗💕 Best Tuesday ever with our @acoupleoftrainers fam! 🤙🏼 . . . . bbg kaylaitsines bbgcommunity kaylasarmy sweatwithkayla bbgsisters strongnotskinny tiuteam tiubootycall fitnessworld fitnessfirst fitnesschallenge fitnessgoals healthyhabits fitfam igfit fitspo fitness fitchicks fitgirls healthylife instafit fitnessjourney fitlifestyle fitnessmotivation fitfluential reebokla KTLA5 fieldday

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Comment from cjthross:

workoutdone ! Time to get some good food in me. Contrary to popular gym lore, you do not need to fill your body with a high carbohydrate meal after a workout. In fact, high glycemic, high carbohydrate s postworkout actually stunt testosterone and growth hormone excretion in the body, not at all what you want after putting time into the grind. You will have plenty of time to refill your glycogen stores before the next workout, so have a nice medley of vegetables and good protein and fat like this tasty plate! 🥑🌽🍅🍄 • • • • gym fitness fit fitfam health fitlife workout motivate exercise fitfreak gains gaintrain macros mealprep foodie strength science cleankitchen heavy trainer coach

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Neil Aughton


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💥THE DREADED FORWARD HEAD POSTURE 💥 😕How much neck shear does the forward-head-on-neck position cause? Or, in more relatable terms, how much of an impact does it have?  📚Well, the average human head weighs about 10 pounds. For every inch that your head moves out in front of your body, you add an additional 10 pounds of pressure on your spine.So, if your head is positioned 3 inches in front of your body as you hunch over your keyboard or phone, you are adding 30 pounds of pressure to those segments of your spine and the supporting tissues. No wonder your neck radiates with pain and your upper back and shoulders are tight! Though your head doesn’t weigh 40 pounds, your poor position is exerting 30 extra pounds of pressure on your cervical vertebrae.  💣And only 3 inches of forward translation of the head is generous. Most of us are texting or typing while wearing the equivalent of a six-year-old child on our necks. Your neck muscles are also going to take a beating in this forward-head shape. Their job is to support your head by creating a contraction force, but if they are elongated and forced to work at end range—the limit of your joint and tissue range of motion—for many hours, it is much more difficult for them to do their job. Now they not only have to support your head, but also must do so from an elongated position. Asking muscles to do a job that they were never intended to do creates serious resting tension. 😉Being conscious of our positions in day to day activities is very important. Especially when texting, typing, reading Instagram posts, etc. Addressing our tight short over excited muscles and mobilizing into good postures is key. 🤷‍♀️Just a little insight into this (biomechanic) epidemic we have in your modern day living. 💥Sound or look familiar??

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Comment from Jacob:

I just finished @alexia_clark Instagram story workout and wow that was difficult!! If you aren't familiar with her then you should definitely follow her for workout inspiration. Her perfect form and creative use of equipment is super impressive, and her body is insane! Well that was the hardest workout I've done in a while, and by circuit 2 I was dead. Thanks @alexia_clark I'm looking forward to the lactic acid buildup tomorrow hiit hiitworkout hiitcardio cardio strength alexiaclark alexiaclarkfitness workouts fitness inspiration fitnessmotivation furthermore fit fitstagram fit workoutdone fitness fitnessjourney plantbased

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Project Rise Fitness


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Do you have a goal? What's next on the list? We love helping plan goals. We do a FREE goal planning session. gymjunkie cleanliving fitfreak fat2fit fatburn musclefood fitfriends fitinspiration workoutflow strongisthenewsexy bodyunderconstruction bodybuilderlifestyle strongerthanyesterday workoutdone transformationthursday fatlossjourney exercising strongbody RISE

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akşamsporu bitti 💪 💪 😁 😁 Koşu bandında 60 dakika tempolu yüründü 501 kalori sadece burda yakıldı 😁 mekik plank yapıldı ve dambıllarla omuz kol çalışıldı. ☺ Artık ev sporu bana yetmiyor yaz sonu spor salonuna gideceğim karar verdim artık zamanı geldi 😉 Bu arada eşimle sahilde yürüyecektir ama sahil içler acısı mangal kokusu, isi ve Suriyeli arkadaşların hareketlerine dikkat etmemesi dayanamadık birazcık yürüyüp geri döndük 😢 😢 sportsporveenerjikbizexercise rcisesloveexerciseworkoutdonew doneworkoutpostworkoutcardioca diocardiodayslovecardiofitness tnessfitnessmotivationhomework eworkouthomefitnesshealtyfitne fitnesspersonaltrainernopainno ainnogainhiitcircuittrainingfa ingfatburncardiotimelovecardio

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Lauren Fazio


Comment from Lauren Fazio:

Tuesday afternoon, it's raining, and I look a hot mess because I STILL don't have an umbrella! Haha. Still gotta get that workout in though! unleashyourawesome workoutdone inspo tanktop leggings fitnessmotivation feelingit realryder indoorcycling cycle rowing indorow wethairdontcare

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SpottieOttieDopalicious Angel


Comment from SpottieOttieDopalicious Angel:

Last day of the outdoor workout class! WorkoutDone 👍🏽

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Alain Gonzalez


Comment from Alain Gonzalez:

Progressive Overload: A gradual increase in volume, intensity, frequency or time in order to achieve the targeted goal of the user. Although the list of ways to achieve progressive overload is long, I’ll leave you with the ones I find are the primary and more practical methods. -Lifting the same load for more reps -Lifting a heavier load for the same number of reps -Doing the same amount of work (total volume) in less time -Doing more work (total volume) in the same time -Lifting the same weight, faster -And on and on and on… Ultimately, the goal is to get stronger and the methods listed above are all viable options for doing so. Why Is Progressive Overload Important? It’s no secret that progressive overload is the most critical pathway to building muscle mass. As long as we can continue to add stress, over time, we’ll force an adaptive response that results in growth.

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Princess Kathleen


Comment from Princess Kathleen:

Tired abcextreme for the first time tonight. I enjoyed it ! And, you know, maybe yelled at the computer a few times too lol (started my morning off with chocolate banana shakeo - what's your favourite flavour?) workoutdone 21dfx workinit digdeeper beyourownmotivation

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Carlo Milella


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