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Comment from TEAM DEDICATED™:

Be the hardest worker in the room💯 - TAG SOMEONE WHO NEEDS THIS! teamdedicated

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Sara Heywood


Comment from Sara Heywood:

Today's death was brought to you by legs 💀🏋🏼‍♀️🤘🏻 Squats: (85%) 245x5+ for 11 Clean and Jerk: Paused jerk work up to 67.5kgx3x1 (85%) Only 7 weeks out from Minnesota Bar Benders! powerlifter powerlifting conjugatestrong juggernaut girlswholift girlswhopowerlift thisisfemalepowerlifting bededicated workharder andalwaysbethehardestworkerint @thisisfemalepowerlifting @staythecourse_ @girlswhopowerlift @fleoshorts @kailimeyer

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Chandler Terry


Comment from Chandler Terry:

Proudly Powered by @planetsupps . . . . This. Is. So. Cool. gotta practice a little more!! fit fitness fitnessboy fitnesslife fitnessgoal fitnessjourney fitnessmotivation fitnessinspiration workout workouts workhard workharder workouttips workoutmotivation workoutinspiration gym gymlife gymtime gyminspiration gymmotivation showprep physique aesthetics cut cutting shred shredded shredding showprep pose

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Tracy Smith


Comment from Tracy Smith:

Not caring about opinions doesn't mean you don't care about people. Business starts with people and caring for people is the key to success! domoretalkless kickbuttandtakenames successquotes newyou shutupanddoit business newyou hustle hardwork workmode workhard workharder noapprovalneeded caring people peoplematter

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Ifbb Pro Amit Sapir


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If they were easy, they wouldn't be worth your time. You want the results - you put in the work period. Plus who does love squats? Training inquiries to: ifbbproamitsapir squats squatday legday quads workharder bemotivated lookstrongbestrong bethefire gymmotivation squatmotivation fueledbyBiotest neverquit testosteronenation

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Mike Brown


Comment from Mike Brown:

Build Your Own Dreams... dreams successful workharder

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Les Brown - Motivation Legend


Comment from Les Brown - Motivation Legend:

LIMITED SEATING AVAILABLE! Are you coming? My 1-day Speaker Training is happening on June 24th in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This is a rare and unique opportunity to learn directly from me and network with other powerful, like-minded professionals. You will learn how to tap into your own unique "Energy Signature" and build your voice, energy, volume, and movement to help maximize your story’s impact. Come learn how to speak from a place of confidence and power! Date: June 24th Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL Tickets: Valorie Parker-Hagan Event |

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Ryan Costa 🇺🇸 '91


Comment from Ryan Costa 🇺🇸 '91:

dreamchaser believe hardworkpaysoff workharder training weightlifting ifbb npc bodybuilding bodybuildingmotivation fitness fitfam stronglife bloodandsweat whateverittakes painistemporary

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Max Höffner


Comment from Max Höffner:

Got stuck doing some java programming about digital watermarking for my university. commitordie

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Simon Saul


Comment from Simon Saul:

You have got to make sure you enjoy the process!! Take it all as a learning curve to that greater goal! igfitness igfit irontherapy classicbodybuilding progress workharder

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Amanda Lindenberg


Comment from Amanda Lindenberg:

Celebrating life after my level two board exam with a girls weekend @emcnab21 and @hmarsch21! Celebrate the hardships of studying for hours on end, sitting for an 8 hour exam (You Guys know this is hard for me) , and balancing life! Life is all about a balance of hard work and play. This weekend is all about play! Who's celebrating with me? margaritatime successisnotaboveyou boards medstudent medicalschool girlsweekend madison wiscogirl usmle strongerthanyesterday workharder playharder strongisthenewpretty believer testanxiety badgers bestfriendsforlife roommates bod celebratelife worklifebalance meditation confidence

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Beau Terwilliger


Comment from Beau Terwilliger:

Go hard or go home! Killed it today! Strong delt session with a great pump 💪 You get what you put in! No secret here or success 👊 . . . . gohardorgohome nevergiveup nopainnogain gains workout exercise gym passion mytherapy homeawayfromhome hardwork determination dedication willpower underarmour beastmode therock conormcgregor progress faceyourfears takeaction betteryourself workharder success

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Comment from GTROYSII:

@repost needing my second dinner now!!! hangry hungry fit fitness fitnessmeme fitnesshumor fitnessaddict workout workoutmeme workoutmotivation workharder weightloss weightlifting weightlossmotivation weightlosstransformation inspiration inspirationalquotes motivation barbell

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Comment from Rex:

Feeling weak and drained from working in the Florida heat all day.... Doesn't fuckin matter you don't skip out on the cornerstone lift of powerlifting. Had to hit some mehh sets of 5 today followed by brutal accessories, shower, food, and BEER!!! Squat Squats LegDay SquatTillYouDie SquatToValhalla PowerLifter PowerDrinker PowerLifting STrong Strongman FeedMeFightMe GasStationReady NoSkinnyChampions EatEverything EatLikeAnAsshole DontBeAPussy WorkHarder CountryStrong IrishPower WhiskeyBody FitMom WithinTheRuins

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Alexis Crawley


Comment from Alexis Crawley:

Dying in the sauna right now, I've been doing better in the gym and using this tough time to get stronger and push myself. Today was leg day and I really pushed myself hard to do more. It's been a very rough week but I know things will get better soon. I'm so thankful to have @circle90ripcc in my life. goldsgym sauna swolemates luckygirl betterthanyesterday legday toughtimes pushharder workharder workout

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Anthony Isaman


Comment from Anthony Isaman:

Some power rows with 225lbs, felt a lot heavier that it looked 😂 forms a work in progress, don't do power rows as often as I should. Murdered a back sesh with @stairwaytovalhalla powerlifting bodybuilding strongman fit fitness fitnessmotivation fitfam beastmode swole gains workout workhard workharder focusonyourgoals back rows stillsmall @bradleymartyn @phdeadlift

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BRYAN ROSS- Physique Pro


Comment from BRYAN ROSS- Physique Pro:

I see an unfinished masterpiece that has POTENTIAL to be great... naturalbodybuilding teammachino workharder notdoneyet flashbackfriday

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Boris Alvarado


Comment from Boris Alvarado:

Cuanto más lejos llegues, más lejos estarás de rendirte 👊 💪 fitnessboy fitnessboys fitness abs bodybuilding gymboy hotgymboy hotgymboys sexybody lovefitness perfectbody hotbody sexybody fitnessmodel fitboy workout workharder workhard fitnessfood eathealthy gym gymtime

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Frankie J Harvey


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success workharder mindofaentrepreneur millionaire millionairemindset privatechef teg mylife lifestyle

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Nova Scotia Body Builders


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@the_taylorcomeau flexfriday 902LIFTS NOVASCOTIALIFTS WORKHARDER . . . . . . . . . . mutant gym motivation gains fitnessmodel clothingbrand strength beast pump shredded bodybuilding toned igbodybuilding ripped veins huge scotian nsabba cbbf gogetit gymgear monster novascotia canada

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👑J E S S I C A 🎀


Comment from 👑J E S S I C A 🎀:

When there is peace in the house; reading happens 📚 📖 booknerd lovetoread

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Luke Pruitt


Comment from Luke Pruitt:

Cards game with the 1st Phorm Pham! . . quote weightloss workharder eatclean traindirty training iam1stphorm iifym instafit cleaneating mfceo strong fitfam fitnessmotivation fitness flexibledieting gymmotivation themfceoproject lukepruittnutrition legionofboom biceps neversettle macros motivation 1stphorm gainsuniversity wedothework level1 phormula1

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Comment from Liz:

Friday night grind was real. 30 minutes on the arc trainer, then the plan was to run a 5K. 10 minutes into the run I almost lost my tights TWICE and I was getting annoyed having to hold them up so I changed it up. Speed down, incline WAY UP and I just climbed until I wanted to die. 50 minutes total cardio. ... Hit shoulders after cardio. -bent over rear delt raises 10 x 10 -upright dumbbell rows 3 x 15 w/ superset alt arm front dumbbell raise/ side raise. 10 reps (1 rep = 1 front raise each arm, 1 side raise) - single arm military press 3 x 15 each arm - seated military press HEAVY 3 x fail finish with decreased weight by half 2 x fail - rope grip face pulls 3 x 12 slow and controlled Finisher : 45lb plate farmers walks to failure. ... Push harder. Go longer. Get stronger. fridaynightgrind grind fridaynight friday girlswholift fitgirls fitchick fitchicks grind weightloss weightlossgoal weightlossdiary weightlossgoals weightlossjourney weightlosstransformation weightlossmotivation fitnotskinny fitlife fitlifestyle fitnessmotivation fitnessgoals planetfitness gains shoulders shoulderworkout gainsville grow fitfam underconstruction workharder workinprogress

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The GOAT Factor


Comment from The GOAT Factor:

Fuck excuses. GOATFactor

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Hustle & Fitness


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Back goals 💪👑 ↪ @hustle.andfitness for daily motivation 🔥 . . . . . . . . . . . . getfi fitnessjourney crossfitlife workouts lifestylechange healthier instahealth healthspo healthymom healthyme healthymind healthygirl fitnessgoal fitnesslife fitnessbody fitnesslove fitnesstips igfitness fitjourney workouttime workoutdone gymlove dontstop gymmotivation active traininghard workharder traininghard fitnessgoals grind

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LM Treino Personalizado


Comment from LM Treino Personalizado:

Gym time! 🔪💀workout trainhard chorafrango trainingeveryday workharder gym exercises personaltrainer cardio 6pack abs bodybuilder anabolics running

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Comment from Rowlan:

A born hustler, mom engraved me with the words... | 📷 @reiten

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Iron Beaver Weightlifting


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This is so awesome!! ironbeaverweightlifting ironbeaverstrong workharder usaw usaweightlifting strengthandconditioning olympicweightlifting weightlifting powerlifting squat deadlift snatch cleanandjerk oregonweightlifting corvallis oregon

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Anthony Touart


Comment from Anthony Touart:

Yes! The Grind Includes Friday people!!! Back and Biceps was on point today. trusttheprocess and the results will come. Let's go get it👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻 * * * * *TeamJy jymsupplementscience JustTrain back backday biceps training flex flexfriday boom imposeyourwill guyswholift workharder workout npccolorado npc ifbb nspiresl warpathphysiques allhustlenoluck dominate followme igdaily igers physique aesthetic

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Comment from ISM:

It always seems impossible until it's done. -------- Photo Credits: @ma.rques Quote: Nelson Mandela • • OwnYourDay ISMSF ModernCreative creativityforlife CreateMore creativeminds creativepreneur fashionbloggerstyle fashionbloggers motivationalquote stylegram workharder designlife ootdfashion stylediary ootdmen streetweardaily fashionmen stylebloggers designlife ootdfashion miniliststyle classyandfashionable styleinspiration hustleharder minilista ig_minil ig_minilism ig_minilistic mindtheminil

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Comment from BelovedYoga/EMWYoga/SourceCore:

Today's posture is ekapadabakasana ! This is my version of it today!! I left my right foot hovering off the ground so I could work on lifting my left knee off the ground! Remember I'm not looking for full articulation of the posture, just your version trying to lift one knee off your arm! Post it on my Facebook or post it on Instagram and use the hashtag ownmyasana! You may have noticed that all my posts have the hashtag ownmyasana. I created this hashtag to bring yogis together and showcase their version of poses -- no matter what level they are, because everyone's asana is different. I want to encourage you to tag your yoga pictures with ownmyasana. I will post a Friday Feature to give you a pose idea, but feel free to post any pose at any time. Every week I will pick one that embodies the ownmyasana tag for the week and re-post it, on my Instagram and Facebook! You can post on Instagram or on my Facebook page Dan Castan Yoga. I want to show off the beautiful everyday yogis doing poses!

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