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Comment from Sammie:

Just closed up the store ✌ - makeup brunette brownhair cute coven gothguy goth gothic gothgirl spells purplehair ouija ouijabourd redhair emoboy emogirl emo witchcraft witch greenhair bluehair blondehair orangehair pinkhair rainbowhair

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The lesson art artoftheday instaart instagood instaartist artjournal artistsofinstagram artistsoninstagram artistoninstagram mole moleskine moleskinelovers folkart occult occultart magick oraltradition witches witchcraft traditionalwitchcraft

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Comment from Witchbitch:

"A little tired" • Tag a tired witchbitch! 💀

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Comment from herbbywitch:

herbbywitch witchcraft witches witch witchlife dreamcatcher altar amulet herbalife herb spell craft spellcraft weed oil crystals crystalhealing insence insencesticks candles candle wax wand witchaesthetic asethetic asethetics

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Dara Elizabeth


Comment from Dara Elizabeth:

👓🌻 . Witch Witchy Witchcraft WitchLife Wicca Wiccan Pagan PaganLife Paganism Occult Occultism Alchemist Magick MagickChaos Sigil Thelema Ritual Ritualist Toolie ProgressiveGirl DoomGirl DarkGirl SpookyGirl CreepyGirl GlassieGirl Tattoes Tattooed TattoeedGirl Tattoo

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Armchair Occultist


Comment from Armchair Occultist:

Our little avatar of Bastet needs to start pulling her weight! So she modeled for a design! Check out the shop and wear this precious creature around! Pay homage to the cat goddess! Meow! . https://www.redbubble. occultist occultism occultistsofinstagram witch witchcraft witchesofinstagram magick bastet catgoddess cat cats blackcat blackcats pyramid design redbubble occultart egyptiangoddess goddess goth

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🐍 Darth Ophidius 🐍


Comment from 🐍 Darth Ophidius 🐍:

Lol look how cute this spell in my bookofshadows is. I drew all my pets. :') <3 witch witchcraft

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Kaitlyn Furey


Comment from Kaitlyn Furey:

I love cooking. It puts me in the most peaceful, lovey, meditative feel when I'm practicing it. I love choosing, slicing, smelling, feeling, eating. I love knowing that nothing suffered for what I decided to create. I love setting intentions behind my meals. My intention for this one is to nourish my body/mind/soul and give me the strength to continue to make wise choices regarding my physical vessel this weekend at wildflower festival 🌻

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Comment from Tuesday:

Friendship reading I did for a client ♎️♐️💟 astrological synergy galore, a truly beautiful spread to read 🙏🏻✨ . tarot tarotreader tarotreading tarotreadersofinstagram fortuneteller diviner divination psychic witch witchcraft witchesofinstagram futuretelling advice relationshipadvice horoscope tarotlove tarotcards tarotcards tarotdeck tarotcommunity tarotseeker

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💛 DM for readings & spells 💛 xoxo

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Rifles And Broomsticks


Comment from Rifles And Broomsticks:

Fuck yes!! My Queen knows how I am. I'd ask this very thing and then go hunting. ❤ @mama.strega ❤ 🐺💀🌒🌕🌘 TacticalWitch wit pagansofinstagram witchything pagan thecraft coven magick hades e des empath greywitch greywitch witchcraft heathens occult gar t gardenwitch wiccan wicca wic a wiccansofinstagram nonwiccan iccan hedgewitch motherearth h rth hornedgod greenwitch penta

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As Above So Below Occult shop


Comment from As Above So Below Occult shop:

☽⚝☾ Spell Casting Service for a client. $25.00 If interested visit bio 👇 🦋BIO 👉 @as_above_so_below24🦋  1. ↘SHOP NOW↙ www.asabovesobelowonlineo Go to Search 3. Add to cart 4. Check out with Paypal 🌟Tag a friend!⭐

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Rennan Moraes 🌙


Comment from Rennan Moraes 🌙:

Lord of carnagel Lady of carnagel One funeral maketh many Swarm god's acres Two indeed more, blest treat of delighy Give praise for the blood it bled Grant a rose for the dead Enraptur'd by the timeless beauty of the shadowsphere We two abide the overlook'd time of the watch Make this cherish'd feast last But until the new dawn ascendeth Be still, harken the lure of night Bale in each its damndest shadow Cloth me in night, ne'er fell rue In its face, behold, naught save grue Pray, ne'er come hither daylight, misery it in velvetfright Wane to dust the wight, velvet darkness, thee we ourselves bestow . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . necromancy necromancia blackmagic magic witches bruxas witchcraft bruxaria goth skull cranio candles darkness shadows vsco vscocam vscobrasil instamoment instalikes goodnight boanoite recitografia picoftheday instagood instamagic darkarts

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Comment from Agelada:

Ах, лето...лето2017 дача дачныехроники красота природа зарядиласьэнергией местосилы язычество колдовство ведьмашаманка викка прекрасноерядом обь river flowers pagan magic witchcraft wicca witch nature beauty

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Daniel Yates


Comment from Daniel Yates:

A 1946 first edition of Prince of Darkness, an interesting collection of information on a wide range on topics. books occult occultbooks rarebooks antiquarian antiquarianbooks oldbooks lucifer devil witch witchcraft

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Comment from Brie:

Topsy turvy hippy forest pond forestdweller forestwanderer natureporn naturegram naturelover mushrooms gothic witchy witchcraft witchesofinstagram lucid psychedelictrance psychedelic likeforlike fungifanatic earth gothicgirls

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Bonnie Castle


Comment from Bonnie Castle:

Where's the magic? 🌱🌸🌱 wiccan pagan nature magic architecture city love beauty blossom flowers witchcraft vitrals glass littlethings

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Comment from Shantij:

vietnam flying have some fun witchcraft travel photooftheday landscape mountains fly

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Comment from Lauren:

spellbook acrylicpaint witchbook witchcraft

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Isabella Cassanova


Comment from Isabella Cassanova:

We're both night crawlers, we're both in love with the dark even though we guide each other with the light of our hearts... Peculiar, right? (Thanks for everything sis) 🖤🥀 witch witchcraft sisters friends love happy thisislife

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Comment from Ella:

When your pendulum is calling to you as your trying to sleep 🙂🔮🕯⛤ witchcraft witch jars jarofwitches pendalums amathyist crystals

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Bonnie Castle


Comment from Bonnie Castle:

Soul ‧˚₊*̥✧♡ 🌱🌰🌱 wiccan magic nature yummy dessert love sweet friends love cuteness fat chocolate soul witchcraft oreocookies treat shabbychic vintage moonchild

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Kev G


Comment from Kev G:

Wicca LINK TO BUY IN BIO - wiccans wiccan witch witchcraft witchy moons moon crescentmoon salemmassachusetts bewitched gothic goth gothgirl witches witchart pentagram pentacle crystalhealing spellbook art artist arts ahscoven

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Cristini Nagel


Comment from Cristini Nagel:

Some smoke . . . vsco vscobrasil vscocam mood blood old abandoned photography witchcraft witch saopaulo injury light hurt darkness pr0ject_uno sombresociety fifty_shades_of_darkness portraitclub portrait portraitinspiration portraitpage thedarkpr0ject sombresociety kdpeoplegallery portrait pr0ject_uno portraits portraiture moodyports moodyport portraitpower portrait_pros

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Hannah Banks


Comment from Hannah Banks:

💜I found peace in a Purple Haze💜 witchcraft womenhonoringoneanotherrisinge inthismoment halfgodhalfdevil fuckyouanxiety fuckyoudepression

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Comment from SPIRIT•CO:

Trust your spirit, your inner voice 😌🙏🏻

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Cristini Nagel


Comment from Cristini Nagel:

That time . . vsco vscobrasil vscocam mood blood old abandoned photography witchcraft witch saopaulo injury light hurt darkness pr0ject_uno sombresociety fifty_shades_of_darkness portraitclub portrait portraitinspiration portraitpage thedarkpr0ject sombresociety kdpeoplegallery portrait pr0ject_uno portraits portraiture moodyports moodyport portraitpower portrait_pros

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Comment from damaged*perfection:

picoftheday instagood like4like peace beauty sarrow pain art love hope loyal lonely empath witchcraft pagan hippie selfie deadinside

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Sharon Williams


Comment from Sharon Williams:

omg now i'm really excited love magic magical alchemy passion life dreams witchcraft science ghosts psychic prophecy energy vibrations positive nature healing future whatiwasborntodo newcastle newcastleuniversity newie mystical inspiration intuition esp psychic

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Comment from SoulArtSystem:

Senior witch in her natural habitat. soulartsystem wildgardens wild gardens mom family witch witches witchcraft herbs drying natural habitat homestead home farmlife farm

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Home Sweet Hell 🥀


Comment from Home Sweet Hell 🥀:

Home Sweet Hell 🥀

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OldeWays Spelled By Eva


Comment from OldeWays Spelled By Eva:

DM for more information motherworker guidedreading guide witchcraft witches voodoo followme love thirdeye empower knowthyself thesecret artwork tarotreading career choices life helpme temple shadow magic happiness lovequotes beautiful lovereading followme power art contact me and request for a tarot card Reading

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Comment from Anna:

In the land of Gods and Monsters, I was an angel | Photo by the ever so talented (and the best of friend) @kayverkrok 🖤

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