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Egbert Price


Comment from Egbert Price:

Moments like this, make it all worth it. rns classof2017 life graduation kids family minilicious reallife winning usneverthem cute nice blessed wife beauty swag fashion valedictorian smart school education future believe strength love igers always read proud striveforgreatness

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Suzana Stamenkovic


Comment from Suzana Stamenkovic:

wife 👑

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Ilona Piotrek Kozak


Comment from Ilona Piotrek Kozak:

look today blondehair polishgirls trausers tara beautyday wife mumy

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Olympia Casting Studio


Comment from Olympia Casting Studio:

I'm not one to put personal posts up, but in this line of work I feel it's important to see who the face is behind the business. So I'm Paula, a former Olympic athlete, a Mum to my tribe Poppy, Kenneth & Lily (all under 3 🙈) and the owner/creator of OlympiaCastingStudio My life is my family. I know how important our little monkeys are to us and that alongside losing my Dad is what pushed me into this industry. So if you do pop on the studio, I'm not just a business owner wanting to make money. I'm a Mum who knows how important memories are and someone who gets so much joy from making your forever memories. mumtrepreneur Womenwhowork Mum wife Olympian Olympics Twins toddler

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Brianna Dahl


Comment from Brianna Dahl:

She's a keeper ❤❤ fishing wife imgonnaputaringonit dayoff familygoals

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Beata Dziech 💎


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myworldmylovemyeverthingmarria arriagelovewifehusbandsunsetlo 💏🌎

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Nikeita ™


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Bonjour de Paris! 🇫🇷 Honeymoon travel style bride wife photooftheday instagood

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Momma Cuddles


Comment from Momma Cuddles:

supermom Kayla Tamburello, a wife and mother of two fought off a man who tried to rob her home in Alabama with a metal pipe. “I hope he learned his lesson and that you never know who’s going to be the one that does you in,” she said. This mommabear went straight into fight mode protecting her young children who were sleeping upstairs. You go girl! protect momlife stong

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Comment from Seff.:

سعادتُك سعادتي، وحزتُك حُزني . . . . . wife tb tbt potd photooftheday instagood jj love habiba summer chill amsterdam

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Jessica Kersey


Comment from Jessica Kersey:

When you commit to new results after having too much cheesecake, day 5 has me heading in the right direction with our two week superhero challenge added into my meal plan. Down two pounds and inch loss like crazy. . Are you ready!?? PM me to start your Nutrition Program today!

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Wayne Brown


Comment from Wayne Brown:

Lovely evening stroll and dinner with this lady last night otherhalf wife 😀😍❤️

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Kerry Bruce


Comment from Kerry Bruce:

When you get to spend the rest of your life with your best friend and the father of your child...we've done everything back to front along our journey, even planned the wedding in Portugal before we got engaged today 😂, and yet everything seems to be falling into place.. ps... now you can tell everyone mumma!

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Hana Husković (Handać)


Comment from Hana Husković (Handać):

You stole my heart. I cannot believe that it has been almost eight months that we have been married. One lifetime with you is not enough. I love you. loveislove iamsolucky iloveyou wife love lgbt happy

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Hari Njotowidjojo


Comment from Hari Njotowidjojo:

Edisi Belahan Da..., eh Jiwa . Halaman 1: wefie Halaman 2: 📷by Ethan Halaman 3: 📷by Eden Halaman 4: 📷by Ehren (ada trademark jari) . couple soulmate wife spouse family takenbyHNsons universalstudiosjapan hnfamjapantrip0617

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John O'Driscoll, DPT, CDN


Comment from John O'Driscoll, DPT, CDN:

Happy engagement anniversary to my lovely wife. Best decision I ever made 😍proposalswag memoriesforlife wife beach love letsgoback

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Jen Marie


Comment from Jen Marie:

Beautiful day! 😘😘😘😘 fitness motivation lovemyself familyfirst lovemyfamily mom wife stronger believe health accomplish foodlover journey bestdesicion workout thrive dontgiveup strongwoman positive bossbabe👑21dayfix 21dfx thankful foodmatters success priceless cleanupyourdiet goals excersise purpose

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Free Society Beats🎹🎤🎶🎵🎧🥁🎸


Comment from Free Society Beats🎹🎤🎶🎵🎧🥁🎸:

riseandgrind lets get this cash im up with birds on this shit !!! money is the motivation!!!! sunrise music ambition producer dad studio instrumentals beats instagood summer vacation fashion car house kids wife health is wealth art fun famous star skate sneakerhead dance

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Iman Barabadi


Comment from Iman Barabadi:

A birthday gift from my beautiful lovely wife and daughter - my firstbirthday as a dad love family life heart eyes baby babygirl happy 👁‍🗨🔵🚼💟💗🌏👨‍👩‍👧

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Curvy Fitness SA


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dearfuturehusband .....prisonbreak time ...make a plan....I have faith in up homie couplegoals relationships love marriage babycarriage goals husband wife christian friendzone

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Comment from Viktoria👋:

Я люблю своего мужчину💘 2017 мой муж мужчина любимый родной фото лето россия инстаграм люблю опора чита кенон russia man woman wife husband mylove mylife instagram foto foto📷 chita 💑👫

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Comment from Wiola:

Honymoon husbandwifesunnygreecekingsaro

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Александр Пекуров


Comment from Александр Пекуров:

РоссияМосквасвадьбалюбовьдевуш девушкасвадебныйфотограффотогр отографсвадебныйфотографмосква осквасчастьеплатьесвадьба2017к 2017красотаневестаRussiaMoscow oscowweddinglovegirlсвадьбавмо бавмосквепоцелуйphotoневестаBe стаBeautifulженихсвадебныйбуке

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Comment from sugardaddy215:

Happy wife happy life! Shot out to the dj who was showing us love all week long on vacation. Seeing you happy and enjoying your life priceless. In the mean time... shake that healthy butt- baby got back. Happy anniversary love. putgodfirstandyoullneverbelast 14yearanniversary wife life soulmate djklyde carnivalpride cruise happywifehappylife marriage drinks music food goodvibes blessedbythebest blessed thankful greatful humble mrandmrsayala2017

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Comment from CashmereWaddup:

Honestly when I first met you years ago I had no intentions of a forever. People change and time goes but I can say you have been nothing but a blessing to my life. Seeing you achieve your goals makes me go twice as harder. Allowing me to be who am I am while I'm with you and you never judged me once or overlooked me as a person thank you 🙏🏾👑😘 . . . picoftheday love wife bettergetyouone passion justus sincedayone bond trust commitment

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James MacLean


Comment from James MacLean:

Little wedding anniversary getaway💍 Love will bring happiness. love life laughter family wife

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Comment from MAK:

Road tripp 🚗 with the family ❤️👌🏻awesome time 😊 vocalist family roadtrip fearlesssweden metal beard boys wife love car road smiles crazy lovely happy instagram instagramhub ink piercings tattoo tattoos amazing sweden

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Comment from Lawts:

Wonderful time in Barca with my best friend wife awesomeplace firarennaisancehotel citybreak thanks to fleetwaytravel 👍

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David Rustage


Comment from David Rustage:

🤔😂laughs fun funnymemes husbandandwife husband wife jokes lookout

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My Life - My Dream


Comment from My Life - My Dream:

Happy Birthday My Lovely Wife 😘 Umur sudah bertambah ke 25 Tahun SEMOGA...🙏 SEMOGA...🙏 birthday ultah cake tart rose wife lovely

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Akemi Zayaan


Comment from Akemi Zayaan:

しみ はまだないけど、法令線 はいやだ😐 たるみ もいやだ 加齢 love profile me japan chillout ❤️ 💕 summertime Zayaan khussa ほうれいせん気になる ほうれい線 selfie thankyou indian wife

2 Days ago

Akemi Zayaan


Comment from Akemi Zayaan:

chanel profile nothing sungrasses like follow missyou japan ❤️ zayaan wife

9 Days ago

Akemi Zayaan


Comment from Akemi Zayaan:

💕お久しぶりです。😙Hi, it's been a while hi hello howareyou profile seewhathappens şerefli selfie smile wife

16 Days ago