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From the pulse depends the direction of the load: power, the volume of muscles, the burning of fat. You probably have already heard such recommendations: - for power, rest between sets for at least 3 minutes - for the muscle volume, rest between the sets no more than 2 minutes - working on the relief and reducing fat in the body, do between the sets no more than 1 minute. And it's no accident. From the example of my pulse presented in the previous paragraph, one can see that the pulse decreases according to a certain pattern, and this pattern is unique for each person. It depends on many factors - warm-up before exercise, the intensity of the exercise itself and many others. If you relax between the sets for 3 minutes, then your pulse to the next set will have one value. If you relax for 2 minutes, then the pulse to the next set will have a different value, a higher one. Well, if you rest between approaches for 1 minute, then your pulse will be even higher for the next set. And this is understandable. So, in order to effectively increase the strength, you should start making the next approach to the heavy weight with the pulse level around 90-100 beats per minute. To effectively build muscle volume, you should proceed to the next approach with a pulse rate in the region of 100-110 beats per minute. And in order to effectively burn fat, we need to start the next exercise approach with a pulse rate in the region of 115-120 beats per minute. As you can see, tips for resting a certain time between approaches are given for a reason. Naturally, the training effect is determined not only by the pulse, but also by many other factors: the weight of the shells, food, sufficient rest, psychological attitude and imagination. Follow @mymonfeet for more information. sport gym bodybuilding powerlifting power weights news muscles training bodybuilder fitness fitnessmom fitnessmodel fitnessfood fitnesscoach fitnesdaily fitnesmotivation instafitness workout coach health wearables tracker fitnesstracker dailytracker heartrate motivation monfeet instagram

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Dean Johnson


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Taking my VR / AR Immersion Suit to the next level in July! Who's ready for skydiving, supercars and rooftop concerts? And more fireballs of course :-) virtualreality augmentedreality tech innovation gadgets future futuretech wearables wearabletech scifi cosplay presenter presentation conference keynote publicspeaking pushingboundaries therightstuff skydiving extremesports supercars music livemusic ironman

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Dragana Lazic


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Smart Watch 😍 samsung samsunggears3 custom techlover wearables watch

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Ignite Your Life Entrepreneurs


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😃Come Join Me😃 Barrieontario Grand Opening😎 Our Debut😎 Launching the worlds most advanced wearable technology👌 We look forward to seeing you at the HOLISTIC MARKET & PSYCHIC FAIR! ✔Sunday, June 25 (10am to 5pm) ✔Lions Gate Banquet Hall, 386 Blake Street, Barrie ✔Free admission (donations to Youth Haven gratefully accepted) ✔Talented Psychics, Mediums, Clairvoyants, Energy Healers Psychic Readings (subject to fee) ✔Great Vendors... we are the best!! 👌FREE SWAGBAGS for first 50 guests 😎free AkashicRecord reading for OUR DRAW.... can't be there? Ask me and I'll tell you how you can win remotely😉 heloLX worldchangers animalcommunication healthtechnology wearables wearabletech bossbabe networking

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Two smart, pretty ladies enjoying their new PortaPocket hands free cases at abilitiesexpo ... love ya!! 🥂

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Sunny day 😎😎truffollife applewatch applewatchband moto360 FitbitBlaze GearS3 GearS2 fitbit Huaweiwatch zenwatch fossilq smartwatch smartwatches wearable wearables watchband wristband watchstrap strapaddict NatoStrap nylonband ablogtowatch watchtime

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Electricity conductive threads. FashionTech | @mitmedialab Shows off Smart Threads That Can Send Messages and Change Color FashionTech SmartFashion TextileTech FashTech Wearables SmartTextiles SmartFabrics smartgarment

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We are Following pastels this season. Will you?Aloo clothing : Follow us for more! To order Mail us at aakriti22 AlooClothing aloo statement comfort indian women wear madeinindia jaipur blockprint cotton trendy style instapic clothing kurti women fashion suits handcrafted handmade madewithloveandpassion fallfashion indialove individualityclothing wearables cottonink

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》GIVEAWAY CLOSED《 ☆WINNERS: @lifeoflali and @naomi.nomi.nomes ☆ earring stud black classic earringlovers copper polymerclay jewellery jewelry thecoppery copperlove wearables wear woman luxe giveaway competition win

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Olhem as palestrantes e os temas... Não está demais? Venha, é na semana que vem! Tendere seminariotendere seminariodetendencias industriacriativa InternetdasCoisas WearablesBrasil wearables modaetecnologia modaearte modaecorpo pensarocorpo insightscriativos designdeinteriores arquitetura modapratodos designpratodos

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Based Upon:


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BREATH our Masterpiece show opens on Thursday 29th. Stand A13. A meditation on the matter of life and death @masterpiecelondon sitwithus immersive exhibition trueluxury thebreath stillness truth humanbody naturallandscape masterpiece breathing meditation practice creating guidedbythebreath thebreathofthelandscape breathingbody sculpture wearables inhale exhale exhibitionlondon amomentofstillness still humanbody ancienttruth tobestill BreathbyBasedUpon guidedbynature

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Christine Park


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Identit-ies architecture wearables feminism woman identity colour emotions face human art abstract

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Mano 10 Napel


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Fairlight’s Lilian Hambling Designs E-motion Clothing to Help men Communicate Better Wearables FashionTech BioMedia interactive Interface Wearables fashtech EmoTech EmpaTech

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FashNerd | SmartTextiles, WearableTechnologies and the New Industrial Revolution NanoWear Wearables NanoTechnology IoT SmartFabrics Wearables iot MarketResearch innovation Research startups FashionTech FashTech

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Mondaine Australia


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Gold detail perfection. Make a stylish statement with Mondaine Helvetica. Mondaine swissmade swisswatches watch watchlover timepiece classicwatch wearables wristporn watchgeek watchoftheday elegant stylish mondainewatch gold style mymondaine goldenwatch swisstime class elegance smartcasual smartlook fancywatch

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Find me under the palms... Going on a Holiday ? Don't forget your ByeBugzBangle or ByeBugzSpray - - - - - byebugz antimosquito bracelet spray product launch pharmacies wristband camping festival golf outdoor activities weekend summer instagood children kids trendy wearables nature adventure instagood instalove antichemical madeinbelgium belgian

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175/365: name that object ring: today i feel like this day was 40 hours long. i somehow manage to do so much while doing very little. my to do list hasn't shrunk in days and yet my calendar is over flowing. . . . grateful to have a sweet dog by my side tonight. i am more than ready for more puppy love in my life. . . . thisisabrooch wear makersmarathon riojeweler handmade metalsmith metalsmithing ladysmith jewelry contemporaryart art instasmith artist makersgonnamake style wearables craft contemporary contemporarycraft 365 365ringchallenge 365grateful jewellryactivist klimt02 @jewellryactivist

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Christine Park


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Mom and Daughter's chat 👄 architecture wearables woman design emotions natural feminism colour inspiration

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Continuing on the pulse monitoring. 👇👇👇 In strength training also adhere to this last rule. Especially significantly the pulse increases in exercises such as squats with a bar with a large weight. And it is in this exercise that this norm to easy overstep if you show athletic perseverance. Periodically check your pulse immediately after a hard approach. This can provide valuable information about the proportionality of the load. Between working approaches with an optimal load, the pulse should be able to drop to 90-110 strokes in about 1.5-3 minutes. If no, then the load is too great or your condition today does not allow you to train at full strength. The length of the pause between the approaches in the exercise depends on the pulse. For example, today I did pull-ups. After the first approach in 30 pulls, my pulse was 180 beats per minute. In one minute it was 135 beats per minute. And a minute later my pulse was 116 beats per minute. To proceed to the second approach, I had to rest another minute, so that the pulse approached the rate of 100-105 strokes. Read more about these figures in the next posts. Follow @mymonfeet sport gym bodybuilding powerlifting power weights news muscles training bodybuilder fitness fitnessmom fitnessmodel fitnessfood fitnesscoach fitnesdaily fitnesmotivation instafitness workout coach health wearables tracker fitnesstracker dailytracker heartrate motivation monfeet instagram

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Zach Kaplan


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I haven't posted anything in a HOT minute, but I had a free moment in all of the CORE HECTICNESS to liberally apply some fun filters to one of the shots from CORE's FIRST PHOTOSHOOT!!! Go check out some of the pics over at @coreaegis , but give it a follow, because the GREAT pics are coming when we launch our new site in a few days 😉😎 get ready, stuff's about to get wild 😘

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Jordan L


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Watch my ⌚️ watch my ⌚️....

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You guys listen We have a puppy right now and we are killin it........ Wait till its a full blown Rottweiler !! We have no idea how big what we are a part of really is and what's coming is mind blowing ! Who wants to be part of new revolutionary technology that will disrupt health care , technology and direct sales. ✈️💵 fabiogallihelotechnologystocks tocksmlmsuccessantonioderosabo osaboomfirstdontmissoutmoneyju neyjustgettingstartedwatchuswo husworldglobalnetworkwgnantoni ntonioderosacrushingitdisruptw

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It's so cool we can connect with people around the world - from Australia as we say in the US "down under" @erica_gray_artist - Great photos from recent collaboration with the @huxleyschoolofmakeup | MUA @kayla_xo_xo_xo | stills @laurenyoungcreative mask & necklace made from TPU filament @sainsmart ballerina mask fashionmask wearables accessories by tp filamentsamples from me 😊 on my website amd Amazon US

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Gedeane Kenshima


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Nunca consigo dar uma palestra idêntica a outra! Pode ser o mesmo tema, os mesmos projetos. Mas o público nunca é o mesmo, sempre há reações diferentes! Esta palestra foi muito diferente do que já tinham feito. Eu falei de mim, do meu início, das minhas dificuldades, das minhas experiências, das palestras marcantes, dos meus projetos, dos meus amigos. Foi incrível ver pessoas se identificando com o que eu relatava. Eu estava com as mãos livres, tinha um microfone de lapela. Era como se fosse uma conversa comum, entre eu e pessoas ouvindo sobre mim. Tinha um professor que só veio pra ver o que ia falar de Arduino. Ele se identificou muito com minhas experiências. Perguntei a ele só final se estava aprovada. Brincou pq disse que o chamei de 'tiozão', porque me referi assim aos caras das antigas rsrs Nem todos os projetos funcionaram pq baterias acabaram ou deram algum mal contato. Mas sai muito mais realizada, porque sei que há muito mais que luzinhas nas apresentações. Há uma vontade enorme de trazer conhecimento às pessoas com um toque de humor. E espero dar conta do recado! Agradeço a Deus por tudo! E que seja a luz dele brilhando em mim, mais que os leds! Foto da Jucy do PHP Women, que esperou até o final pra ver a apresentação arduino electronic eletronica maker wearables womenintech girlsintech mulheresnatecnologia circuitosenai palestra presentation evento event tech tecnologia technology

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Jumpsuit Active Wear playsuit bandage romper $ 13.49 FREE Shipping Style is always in fashion! Active link in BIO. We accept PayPal and Credit Cards. luxurylifestyle repost fashionpost fashionable fashionafrica tailors mytrendingshop ethicalfashion wearables sierraleonean africanbrands fashionwear dress heels styles jewelry shopping agoodoutfit streetwear streetfashion instastyle igstyle igfashion kotd hypebeast lookbook yellow fashiondesigner makeupartist mamaprenuer

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The Product Group


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Nothing like coffee in bed and some good tunes on a Sunday morning 🎧☕️ [image via ]

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Our referral program is back! Click the link in our bio to start spreading the word and getting some perks ;) @ardentreverie ! ringlylove

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Ted Duncan


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. . . . . . . . Organic network marketing selfemployed work workfromhome workinghard businessopportunity mlm motivationalquotes healthylifestyle blood diagnosis diabetes affiliatemarketing players movers shakers makemoney inspirationalpost healthymotivation tedduncan wearables wearabletech fitbit worldchangers leadfriend leadfriendfam helo365

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Lexi Glade (@lexi.everglade)


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Still feeling like a mermaid ✨🐟 Headpiece and pasties: @sparkle.punk 🐚✨Leggings: @posh_crusty. . . . homemade costumes sparkle felt craft diy dressup crafty seashell seaweed glitter beach vibes wearables summer mermaids pastiesfordays artists makebelieve magic sparklelife

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Just received this fiendish wearables for the modern monster. Absolutely killer design!!! Love it! @wickedcritterco JamieLeeCurtis LaurieStrode DonaldPleasance DrSamuelLoomis TonyMoran NickCastle MichaelMyers TheShape TheBoogeyMan EvilonTwoLegs psychiatrichospital Halloween SlasherFilm JohnCarpenter JohnCarpentersHalloween Haddonfield TheBowlingGreenPhilharmonicOrc

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Kyle Rich


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Flower x Triforce collaboration with @evolvingcreations this one is a gem🔥 @windhome rocks these reflection pics! 👀 Available, message for details if you're interested. Circletech noshortcuts givethanks craftsmanship pendant pendants pendantsofig wearable wearables wearableart madeinoregon madeonearth headyart headyofig bestofglass glassmaps headypendant headypendants flower evolvingcreations

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Blink Watch


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Chance to get your favorite Blink Watch now at a never before price on Myntra's End of Reason Sale! To know more, check out the Blink watch on the link below: .com/blink-smart-watches Bigg EndOfReasonSale BlinkSmartwatch

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