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Comment from Valerie:

Нужно больше радостей в жизни, нужно больше чего-то такого, о чем будем вспоминать с улыбкой, нужно больше фотографий, потому что через 40 лет мы не вспомним о том, что же было в такой-то день, но если мы запечатлеть момент, то он останется с нами навсегда. vsco vscocam vscogood vscogram vscorussia vscospb instagood spb

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Comment from Alyanna:

「032817」lights on;

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Comment from KSENIYA:

эх, а погода все хуже и хуже☹️ на улице метель🙇🏼‍♀️ Муся между прочим тоже недовольна этой погодой😸 надеюсь, что скоро это закончится🙏🏻 всем тепла и солнышка☀️ // vsco vscogood vscophile vscogrid vscorussia vscogram vscodaily vscoph vsco_hub vscobest vsconature vscofeature vscoedit vscofood vscofilm vscoonly vscophoto vscolove vscoaward instavsco vscolife vscocamphotos vscostyle vscomalaysia vscobrasil vscomoment vscolover vscoeurope vscoturkey vscovisuals

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SNAPCHAT heriquessillva 👻


Comment from SNAPCHAT heriquessillva 👻:

Olá segunda! ✌🏻✨💙 Começando a semana nos exames da vida... Se cuidar né mores? 🤦🏻‍♂😹

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ᴍᴀʀᴄᴇʟʟᴀ ɴᴀsᴄɪᴍᴇɴᴛᴏ


Comment from ᴍᴀʀᴄᴇʟʟᴀ ɴᴀsᴄɪᴍᴇɴᴛᴏ:

Só chamar que nós vai igual jato por cima das nuvens ❤️

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Kimi 신김이


Comment from Kimi 신김이:

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Victor R.


Comment from Victor R.:

Eu ainda não acredito.

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Валя Барбуляк


Comment from Валя Барбуляк:

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Tuuba Tuba


Comment from Tuuba Tuba:

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Comment from Julia-Friederike:

Hey naaaa✌🏻️seit ihr gut in die Woche gestartet?Ich habe das Wetter heute mega genossen und ich war heute das erste mal OHNE Jacke vor der Tür, Wahnsinn sach ich euch☀️👌🏻 habt einen schönen sonnigen Abend💕 selfiesselfiegramselfietimeselfiespotraitaceandtatenewglasseshoodiehoodieshoodiemurahmessyhairmessyhairdontcaremessybunwomenwithstylewomenswearstreetwearrockstyle11hmhmootdcolognevscocamvscogramvscogoodvscophotovscodailyvscophilevscophvscostyle

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Elijah Sanchez


Comment from Elijah Sanchez:

Early morning kayaking sessions, midday outdoor naps on a hammock, and late nights on the beach - summer I cannot wait to embrace you.

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Comment from Julie:


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ᴅᴀмɪʀ sʏᴀмɪᴜʟʟɪɴ


Comment from ᴅᴀмɪʀ sʏᴀмɪᴜʟʟɪɴ:

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Comment from A L I K A:

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Marimel Natividad


Comment from Marimel Natividad:

Done reading this devastating but undeniably beautifully written book! 😭😭😭 i have so many thoughts about it but the feelings are so hard to put into words. But i have to say this topic is very important! We must know that whenever bad things happen, there is life after that and we should not be afraid to express ourselves and limit our connection with another person just because we're overthinking things. That's what will hinder us. We should not be against ourselves. Yes there's a lot of downfalls but we still have to stand and move forward, there might be an insatiable need for answers for numerous questions but we just have to trust the process. Go talk to someone. It's okay, dear. We can get help if we let them to. Listen. Consider. Understand. Accept. I'm still not over this book and i just love how the whole story was told. But this book honestly hurts me so bad. Like really bad. I felt like my heart is drowning in tears but these kind of stories is a must read and definitely worth telling. We should all be aware of what's going on with the person who might have lost herself/himself along the way. Life is even more wonderful when we appreciate each other and everything around us. Just want to recommend this book to everyone who haven't read it yet. This is one of the books that i've always wanted to read but never got the chance to read it sooner because "i'm always broke" or "i dont have enough money 😭" though like what the closest people in my life knows, i want to read a physical copy of the book rather than read a pdf, ebook or what-not, i'm way comfortable with it which is why i can feel all my emotions more and i could really feel the connection of what the story wants to tell to me. I am beyond excited for the premiere of its tv show adaptation this week on netflix! i cannot say i'm super ready but i'm really looking forward on how the show will turn out and based on the teasers/trailer i'd watched, it would be so amazing. Yes, i'm aware that i might shed a tear again for this one. PS: Thanks a lot to my friend's sister for letting me borrow her copy of this book. Much love 💓

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Comment from @princess_ape:

🍓 do u like it? Maybe (not so)🌯🥗🍱 ... vscovscogoodvscocamvscorussiainstagoodvscofileafterlightbestofvscovscolifevscophotovscoeditvscogramfollowfollowmelike4likefollowbacklikesinstalikelikeforlikefollowersinstacoolfollowherfollowerfollowinginstafollowlike4follow

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Comment from Vitallia🍃Sodе́l:

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Kai Kauper


Comment from Kai Kauper:

Austria in Bavaria.

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Comment from Li✨:

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Władysława Wiernikowska


Comment from Władysława Wiernikowska:

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Feel The Core


Comment from Feel The Core:

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Comment from JOD:

Lo vacio es algo que solo puede llenarse de lo que uno esta echo, es necesario que sepamos quienes somos en realidad. Depende de vos...

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Den Trushtin


Comment from Den Trushtin:

Shot on iPhone 6s ______________________________ vsco vscocam vscophile vscogood instagood vscogrid vscogram vscorussia vscodaily iphone7plus vscoph photooftheday instasize procamapp instadaily kaddrmobifotoe183 дикаявыдержка bestofvsco picoftheday vscobest photostorn shotogramers vscopickt shotoniphone7plus tuapse russia onlyiphone instapota31 лучковзацени imobilography

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Comment from hiraeth:

Fazla söze gerek yok sanırım... @tatkvnc tüm karizmasıyla yeniden @mavi de! Bugün saat 22:00 de TV nin başına geçin ve bomba gibi reklam filmimizi izleyin. ...................... Not:Fotoya zoom yaptiginiz anda; Kıvanç'in bana nasıl karizmatik bir bakış attığını da farketmemezlik etmeyin. Defalarca zoom yapmak serbesttir! 😁😅vsco vscocam vscogood vscogrid vscogram vscodaily liveauthentic vscobest justgoshoot vsconature love vscophoto instagram vscostyle topvsco instavsco photooftheday photography instagood instagram tbt goodnight goodtimes likeforlike kivanctatlitug celebrity jeans

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Eleonora Ponticelli


Comment from Eleonora Ponticelli:

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Anna Chirva


Comment from Anna Chirva:

Запеченные груши с рикоттой😜 все гениально, просто, а самое главное вкусно😍 спасибо за рецепт @viva_health_fit 💋 recipe_ dessert food foodporn foodgasm desserts yum yummy amazing instagood instafood sweet dessertporn delish foods delicious tasty eat eating hungry foodpics sweettooth vsco vscocam vscogram vscofood photooftheday dinner

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Amit Bhowmick


Comment from Amit Bhowmick:

Only way is forward.

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Comment from MARIFHER CAVAN™🇵🇭:

That's it, pizza is my ideal boyfriend!💞💞💞😍😍😍 vsco vscocam vscocamera vscophilippines vscopinas vscoshot vscosnap vscogram vscosquad vscofeed vscoedit vscoasia vscobeau vscogood vscofilters vscoworld vscolife curationnation photohtography grammerph grammerworld fotographia mindofahipster

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Comment from 🌿Пов'язки👧Бантики🎀Корони👑UA💛💙:

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Comment from Opalyn:

Kayaking travels vsco vscocam vscogram vscoph palawan

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Amanda Betega


Comment from Amanda Betega:

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Comment from ~Toya:

Happy Monday everyone! 😊 I'm stuck in the doctor's office for 3 HOURS doing a glucose test...not fun. I just want to hop on a plane and get away for a much needed vacation! *sigh* 🗻🏖🤗 Enjoy your day!! . . . . . wannagetaway vscogram vscogood heymama socality socalitydallas dallas texas vscocam

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shalom eden


Comment from shalom eden:

•at a first glance, it's just an old and run down truck•to me, it was the sound i waited for to let me know you were off of work and were home to help me paint or create pieces of art•it holds memories of early morning donut runs, trips to menards, and all those camping trips that i hated at the time but would give anything to go on now•i remember every sunday morning you would let me steer the stick shift on the dirt road home, and then would stop at the mailbox to let me sit in the bed of the truck•letting pieces of you and hanging on to the memories is a process in and of itself•missing you more than ever opa; i hope heaven is treating you well• vsco vscocam vscogram vscogood rip

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