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Comment from BABE RUTHLESS:

NowPlaying "Kids" - MGMT | Musicplayer MGMT KIDS timetopretend timetopretendep Indie indierock indiemusic ElectricGuest YearsandYears Electro Guitars Sound Bands IndieBands

71 Days ago

logan williamson


Comment from logan williamson:

TiMe To PrEtEnD eP @whoismgmt mgmt timetopretendep glow glowinthedark

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Comment from Tie:

121 Days ago

Tyler Balaclava


Comment from Tyler Balaclava:

Lo mejor mgmt timetopretend timetopretendep destrokk indierokkers myfavouriteep

230 Days ago



Comment from flower_moon_vw:

What is your favourite MGMT song?💕👽💘 mgmt mgmtalbums mgmtalbum congratulations oracularspectacular timetopretendep art mine tumblr favouritesong

243 Days ago



Comment from Tass:

Aí você ganha o vinil autografado da sua banda favorita, sabendo que eles te escolheram porque lembraram de você! Ainda não acredito! @whoismgmt @songexploder thank you so much! I can't believe that. You are the best fucking band in the world. Love you guys ♡ MGMT whitevinyl timetopretendep winner brasil

1 Years ago



Comment from Tass:

Hey @whoismgmt @songexploder http://.net/mgmt Please! I need to win this amazing white vinyl. I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and since 2008 that MGMT is more than just a band to me, it's my metanoia, my philosophy of life, my lifestyle, the sound of my soul! I love you MGMT, more than I can say. MGMT changed my life, my mind, my vision of the world. I made friends because of you. When I met you at the airport here in Rio, all my dreams came true. You guys are my inspiration of life. I found myself , i found who i am and accept me as I really am because of you. I heard my whole life that I am weird and MGMT taught me that is a good thing, taught me to "keep it weird" and my life has changed. I know there's thousands fans around the world who deserve to win this record but it's so difficult to buy it here in Brazil and win this copy from you, from my favorite band would be wonderful. You guys have changed my life in so many ways and make it better every day. I just have to say thank you Andrew, Ben, James, Will, Matt and Hank for saving me from the gray world that I used to live, you brought color, light and magic to my life! And please, make music forever because your songs are like mantras that make us reach the divine. Love you in glacial ways. It's totally weird but you make me feel so alive ♡ mgmt timetopretendep whitevinyl

1 Years ago

Bryan Shelley


Comment from Bryan Shelley:

Oh Sunday funday sundayfunday, I've missed you. Kicking it oldschool mgmt timetopretendep

1 Years ago

Spencer Christie


Comment from Spencer Christie:

mgmt timetopretendep timetopretend kids vinyl specialeditionvinyl glowinthedark dayglo vinyladdict vinylcollection vinylcollectionpost takingmeback nowplaying keepspinning

1 Years ago



Comment from Tie:

Sobre a manhã. 💙 mgmt timetopretendep

1 Years ago

Savannah Peck


Comment from Savannah Peck:

Went out in search for one of the 3,000 limited pressings of MGMT's Time To Pretend EP on glow-in-the-dark vinyl and succeeded, but just couldn't pass up one of my favorite albums on 180 gram. 😍 mgmt timetopretendep rsd ryanadams heartbreaker vinyl

1 Years ago

Bryan Brennan


Comment from Bryan Brennan:

mgmt timetopretend timetopretendep recordcollection record record music recordstoreday blackfriday blackfridayrecordstoreday

1 Years ago

➡ Welcome to ModernWax! 📷📲


Comment from ➡ Welcome to ModernWax! 📷📲:

Glow in the dark vinyl & album cover

1 Years ago



Comment from Bexx:

Stoked af on this purchase! MGMT Time To Pretend glow in the dark EP mgmt timetopretend timetopretendep glowinthedark vinyl rsdbf rsdbf15 rsdbf2015

1 Years ago



Comment from CAREN:

look at all the clothes i bought on blackfriday2015! recordstoreday saysaysay2015 michaeljackson paulmccartney paulmccartney mgmt timetopretendep @whoismgmt

1 Years ago

Josh Bair


Comment from Josh Bair:

Glow in the dark vinyl! mgmt timetopretendep recordstoreday

1 Years ago



Comment from Aurélie:

Et voilà comment j'ai décoré ce magnifique Time To Pretend de Enchanted Polish... Un simple nail art au stripping tape avec Beyond Cosy de @essiepolish !! Alors ça vous plait ?! J'espère avoir été à la hauteur de ton précieux ma @belette74 😉😘 nails nailart nailswag timetopretend timetopretendep ep enchantedpolish npa nailpolish nailpolishaddict nailart nailsofinstagram nailstagram

2 Years ago



Comment from Aurélie:

Alors vous êtes allés voir cette pépite sur le blog les filles ??? nails nailswag enchantedpolish ep timetopretend timetopretendep precieux vernis nailpolish nailpolishaddict npa

2 Years ago



Comment from Tiffany💖🌙✨🖤:

"And the ocean and sun are always there to make you happy if you're feeling scared" 🌊🌞❤️✌️🎶👾🍄👽 MGMT LoveAlwaysRemains TimeToPretendEP

2 Years ago

🃏Chris Rosa🃏


Comment from 🃏Chris Rosa🃏:

mgmt indierockkers timetopretendep young prime heart fear

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Comment from mgmtclub:

We'll never feel so safe again But love always remains.🌸💀 myedit

More Than 2 Years ago

Joshua Ryan Russo


Comment from Joshua Ryan Russo:

Every time i listen to this song i love it more and more! I love me some MGMT! mgmt indierokkers timetopretendep greatsong loveem

More Than 2 Years ago

$ Joint $


Comment from $ Joint $:

We live life we live it large, in control taking charge. You are soft and we are hard. You don't desire to step to our fire.🔥✨

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Comment from mgmt:

One of my favorite songs MGMT IndieRokkers TimeToPretendEP instamgmt goodmusic Indie

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Comment from Michelle:

MGMT MGMT timetopretendep music goodmusic goodindiemusic albumart

More Than 2 Years ago

That Rock 'n Roll Eh?


Comment from That Rock 'n Roll Eh?:

mgmt timetopretendep destrokk favouritesong

More Than 2 Years ago

Daniela Saavedra Pittet


Comment from Daniela Saavedra Pittet:


More Than 2 Years ago

a s h l e y 🖤


Comment from a s h l e y 🖤:

pandora knows how to make me happy. mgmt kids timetopretendep love

More Than 2 Years ago