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Amy Vincent


Comment from Amy Vincent:

Just kickin it on a bed of nails. This will fix my back, yes? bedofnails physicaltherapy backproblems fixme therapy

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Comment from Kermit:

Kermit just fucking around vagpower therapy kermitmemes kermit

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Comment from twisted_sistuh:

It's transformationtuesday There are TWO YEARS between these 2 photos. Can we just NOT look at my hair though???? 😐😐😐 wtf was I thinking???😐😐😐 I had already lost some weight in the left picture....but 2 years and at least 150lbs difference between us. Who tf is that girl!?! I almost don't know her anymore. Crazy!!! When my family is eating bread and sweets....just gotta think about how miserable and embarrassed of myself I was when I lived their nutritional lifestyle...or lack thereof 😐😐 Never going back there again....✋ fitfam fitmom fitgirls fitness health weightloss extremeweightloss fattofit fatgirl protein diet keto lowcarb macros mission liftlife lifting gym gymlife dysmorphia bodydysmorphia therapy selfhelp

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Kevin Bartow


Comment from Kevin Bartow:

Proper boredom requires proper therapy saltyanchorfitness thedirtunit orangemud relentlessforwardprogress fitfam sledgehammer oldsinkdontcare fitdad therapy

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kim hix


Comment from kim hix:

So, Duke, how do u relax and rehab after a long day of chipmunk chasing and people barking 🤔 Deuce gets his Zen on with his @performancetherapy comfy soft tshirt, Essential oil muscle rub, warm eye mask and Magnesium oil for those sore paws. Thanks to the amazing staff at movementmatters to everyone. And u know Brad is our fav, he helped to get my hammie working well enough to finish in top 3 in Masters and top 5 Open @npcborderklash Saturday. BradsTheMan movementmatters figurecompetitor rehab sportstherapy musclerehab therapy personaltrainer teamkimfitness 20YearAnniversary performancetherapyrocks Now Duke, go>>>>

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Jamie Ahlers


Comment from Jamie Ahlers:

✨🌊✨ happyplace beach therapy

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Comment from Hayden:

DISTANCE glitchmafia glitch glitchart digitalart pixelsorting glitchartistscollective contemporary spaceart mindfuck art trippy psychedelic funky abstract distortion therapy visualart vhs modernart stonerart

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Michael Heidenreich


Comment from Michael Heidenreich:

Connect to your essence more and more with each breath... I provide warmhearted safe space for you to relax, to reconnect, to feel and to heal. Ka'Huna massages now available in Sydney's inner west - Dulwich Hill. Contact Michael Whatsapp: +61 (0)439 821 863 sydney sydneylife innerwestsydney massagespace massage bodymindsoul spirit health love heart kahunamassage kahuna hawaiian relax reconnect meditate spiritual yoga vegan healing therapy journeyofhealing newbusiness

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Marlena Gina Gee


Comment from Marlena Gina Gee:

Round 2 Because imaddicted to endorphins endorphinsmakemehappy endorphonsactivated run sweat smile repeat workout behappy therapy everyday mytime gym weights cardio goldsgym fitness fitlife fitbit fitmom exercise antidepressant livingwithdepression

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Comment from Meagan:

Wide grip lat pulldown💪 for back day! I am always amazed at how therapeutic lifting has become for me. My immediate family experienced both significant loss AND a birth less than 24 hours apart this week. My heart is full with joy and love for my new niece, but also grieving the loss of my grandmother. I NEEDED the gym today. therapy dothework girlswholift muscle fitness fitgirls tattoosofig inkedgirls girlswithink girlswhomassage girlswithmuscle girlswithtattoos npcbikini bikiniprep bikini bikinicompetitor liftheavy backday performix performixion performixpump performixdriven 6weeksout

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Wellness Lounge


Comment from Wellness Lounge:

We have lots of specials coming up! Here's a cupping therapy special we are having starting 04/01! Let us treat you at @wellnesslounge. Cupping therapy is an alternative therapeutic method that Some records show that variations of practices might actually be much older — possibly dating as far back as 3000 B.C. Cupping therapy works by expanding capillaries and increasing the amount of fluid entering and leaving tissues. Besides this, cupping seems to provoke a relaxation response in some people, which means it’s useful for lowering stress and its negative effects. It also helps reduce joint and lower back pain. Promotes skin health, helps treat respiratory issues and colds, and helps improve digestion! . . . . . . savings fitness athletics wellness sandiego yoga yogaeverydamnday yogi yogaaddict massage chiropractic deals coupons instagood instamood igers photooftheday bestoftheday facts health healthyliving livewell

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Jayshree Nagrani


Comment from Jayshree Nagrani:

Finally got my hot pink kikki k 🌺. Waiting for it to dry to do final touching and cleaning up. kikkik kikkikpainted planning pink therapy planningcommunity planneraddict plannergirlparadise

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Comment from katieh025:

Back in the kitchen ❤️Creamy garlic shrimp pasta 🍤🍜dinner therapy ilovecooking pasta shrimp garlic instafood yum foodporn

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Comment from Nee-You-Sha:

This a latergram. But, a great option if you are a vegetarian. •• Ingredients: Tofu (firm) Soy sauce Sesame oil Lentils Olive oil Spaghetti squash Black pepper Seasoning •• Instructions: Drain tofu and slice I used black pepper and Caribbean seasoning and cooked it in a pan with soy sauce and sesame oil Boil lentils in water and olive oil. Drain and set aside Cut spaghetti squash in half Season with olive oil, black pepper and any other seasoning you want. I used the same Caribbean seasoning and some fresh herbs Bake in the oven at 400 until cooked all the way. Using a fork to scrape the squash, it will start to looks like speghetti. Enjoy

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Comment from Nuck™💪🏼:

itsdone legday killedit therapy goals consistency loveyourself nucky jersey

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M e g a n 🔸 E l i z a b e t h


Comment from M e g a n 🔸 E l i z a b e t h:

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step. 👌🏻💕 . . . offthebeatenpath tiptoe risktaker hockinghills explore findyourself findyourhappy blessed happy happyplace adventure adventuretime therapy nature naturegram naturelover intotheforest rainydays travel roadtrip exploreohio tuesday trail

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Lori Kaye Gerloff


Comment from Lori Kaye Gerloff:

mymusic music keyboard. another dream music therapy love heartandsoul sing writer write my own notes instamusic live it ownit

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9folhas 🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃


Comment from 9folhas 🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃:

Ministério da Saúde inclui ayurveda, quiropraxia, ioga e shantala entre as práticas no SUS Arteterapia, biodança, dança circular, meditação, musicoterapia, naturopatia, osteopatia, reflexoterapia e reiki também foram incluídas na Política Nacional de Práticas Integrativas e Complementares. Leia mais em ​ susbemestarconsciênciatherapyterapiasintegradasterapiasterapiasholisticascuraholisticacuraintegralsaudesaudeintegralhealthylifehealthyequilibriobalancedalinhamento9folhas ​

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Chris Currence


Comment from Chris Currence:

There's always the gym. therapy health fitness nevergiveup

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Molly Hillery


Comment from Molly Hillery:

"The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice."-Peggy O'Mara . . I'm trying to be more compassionate to the awkward, adolescent part of me lately. She's not as dainty and beautiful as her former self, but she is just as worthy of love, belonging, and care as she was when she was littler [if not more]...I just wish she didn't bear the weight of the world on her shoulders so much. ❤ . .

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Daniel Moultrie


Comment from Daniel Moultrie:

"I once heard someone say, happiness is not about the destination but it’s about the journey. I think everyone wants to add happiness to his or her life but sometimes we’re unsure of how to obtain it." (Link in bio) - - - counseling happiness goodmenproject therapy danielmoultriecounseling

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Lissa Murphy


Comment from Lissa Murphy:

I guarantee you, that strategically placing hyacinths around your house, will instantly lift your spirits 🖤spring outsideinside aromatherapy therapy dwell favorite

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Thomas Zavo


Comment from Thomas Zavo:

legday gainz muscleelements precrexs gym therapy art cut quad determination dedicated motivated bodybuilding npc lifestyle pump workout squat repsforjesus

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Instituto Priorit


Comment from Instituto Priorit:

QuaseLá 😍 5Dias ContagemRegressiva 2deAbril Caminhada DiaMundialDeConscientizaçãoDoAutismo Participe

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PsychSolutions, Inc.


Comment from PsychSolutions, Inc.:

The choice is yours mentalhealth therapy miamidade broward counties

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Macey Tomlin


Comment from Macey Tomlin:

Hola guys! Due to the high demand of ayahuasca (though I don't see it being used in the best way it could be...) prices have raised and I have fallen a little short to start my apprenticeship. If you can help to contribute, you are not only helping me but you are helping others who are seeking out alternative therapy. My plan is to open a donation based retreat in the future. Link is in bio :) ayahuasca medicine therapy selfhelp

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Comment from Celina:

"Get back to work!" It's impossible to have any privacy around here. kinesiology healthclinic Vancouver coffee work exercise therapy practitioner

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Akoma Counseling Concepts, LLC


Comment from Akoma Counseling Concepts, LLC:

How do you cope with stress? Today I was angry to the point I motivated myself back to the gym (a place that hasn't seen me in weeks). Sometimes when people or situations anger me, I channel that energy into doing something positive for me. stress copingskills healthyhabits gym womensmentalhealth womenswellness anger fitnessmotivation blackmentalhealth akomacounseling emotions healthy bodygoals feelings

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A a r o n G r i n s t a i n


Comment from A a r o n G r i n s t a i n:

Movement is the best therapy! • Are you having a crappy day? In a bad mood? Anxious, depressed, sad? • Get out and move. Workout, go play your favorite sport, do yoga, go for a walk! • And it's free! • ⌛💯 Every Day Counts 💯⌛ • fitness athlete fit healthy muscle diet nutrition fitlife lifestyle getfit hardwork workout goals motivation trainhard gymlife fitfam fitspo fitnessaddict sacramento downtownsacramento sacramentofitness hyperthrive hyperthrivefitness movement therapy

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Comment from Jess:

I love treeeees, I want to be a tree in my next life 😂... for realz tho artartistphotographytreenaturetherapyineedtoescapeiliveinafantasyworld

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Comment from Idoia:

Ven que te va a encantar!!! 😈✨✨ twerk twerkitchile train training trainhard booty bootydance gym gymnastics funny happy fit fitness fitnessmodel fitnessmotivation therapy sexy girl dance dancer instadance instagood instagym enjoy enjoythemoment beyourself smile friends free twerking

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Adriana Amani


Comment from Adriana Amani:

My creative juices are flowing 💎💦

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NVFloat Therapy


Comment from NVFloat Therapy:

Team NVFloat member waiting to float after appearing on the The Morning Blend show Las Vegas. Check out the video and visit our website for more info!

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