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Matt Martin


Comment from Matt Martin:

Day 2 fieldwork complete hospital fieldwork student icu therapy student life wegotthis official next12weeks work newhome

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Tina Porter


Comment from Tina Porter:

"One of the most valuable things we can do to heal one another is listen to each other's stories".-Rebecca Falls. agentofhope conveyingmessagesofhope counseling counselor traumarecovery therapy

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Jonna Karimäki


Comment from Jonna Karimäki:

Juoksu❤ juoksu running summervibes therapy enjoylittlethings mylife easyrunning trimum trilife triathlontraining jonainpäivänäaurinkotuleeesiin jonainpäivänätuuliviepilvetpoi alwaysonmymind foreverinmyheart äiti❤

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Shiva Golpira B.A., R.Ac, DTcm


Comment from Shiva Golpira B.A., R.Ac, DTcm:

Volleyball season often brings shoulder injuries to those who play. Serving, spiking, setting, and blocking all involve reaching or swinging the arms, sometimes violently. Injuries can be traumatic or cumulative.give your shoulders a chance and treat them to a nice acupuncture session and enjoy your summer 🌞🌝🌊🤽🏼‍♂️🏐🍉🍓 . . . . . shoulders pain therapy acupuncture chinesemedicine cupping guasha ilotus happy summer fun beautiful health healthy healthylifestyle smile like4like transformation energy motivation exercise workout getup movement flexible strength bodyandbeautyacupuncture

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Angela Ficken


Comment from Angela Ficken:

Want more anxietyrelief tips? Press link in bio to get them now.

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Comment from SDP_insta‼️26⁉️20:

@sdp_insta2620 💀💀"as a reminder to @raycharlesnyc2 for the inspirational shit post" memes dankmemes dankmeme dailymemes memesdaily therapy roblox mincraft grave funeral funnymemes cancermemes cancerousememes edgymemes inspiration hacker hacked hackroblox deadinside

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Ryan L Glubo


Comment from Ryan L Glubo:

Getting ready for a long hike. hike nature therapy fitness mentalhealth community

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Homer Be Not Proud


Comment from Homer Be Not Proud:

window to weight gain

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Comment from Abby:

Is it even a week off if you don't get day drunk every day? @emmaliley daydrunk lowkeyalcoholic stayclassy winingwithfriends winenot bestfriends therapy

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Ymaguare | Ateliê de Arte


Comment from Ymaguare | Ateliê de Arte:

Delícia de tarde! 😎🤗 Dona Carmem, companhia firme de chimas e mosaiquitos!!! Show de bola com muita criatividade e conversa boa. ymaguare mosaico mosaic workshop students school mosaicschool curitiba brasil curitibacult curitibalcool wellness mindfulness occupationtherapy therapy

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Simone Spucches


Comment from Simone Spucches:

Bello sfogarsi all'aria aperta 👊🏼🍀 everlast boxing therapy nature workhard workout gym sparring

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Comment from patrickmahaney:

Please vote for my patient Norbert for the 2017 American Humane Association Hero Therapy Dog by clicking here: www. ends Wed 6/28/17, so vote both today and tomorrow!  Thank you, Dr. PM @AmericanHumane Hero Therapy Dog veterinarian LosAngeles lovemypatients Repost @norbertthedog ( @get_repost)

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Comment from PAZZO FISHING:

Show up to the spot look left look right and on the first cast BOOM CATCH A LUNKER !!! fishing spiritual bass tightlines nature outdoorsman florida saltlife therapy miami saltwater freshwater snook grouper trout lake outdoors animals pesca angler flyfishing peacockbass livetofish lovetofish photography funny meme

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Eveline van Vugt


Comment from Eveline van Vugt:

More often yoga based practices are integrated in the treatment of trauma, to help individuals understand body sensations and increase awareness and self-regulating skills professorinthesky sharingknowledge sharingiscaring yoga trauma therapy makingthisworldabetterplace montreal uva_amsterdam

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Celta presentes


Comment from Celta presentes:

Celta 💚 Poetry made with plants pelo whatsapp+5531983754838 Marcelo Lopes artesanato art terrário terrarium jardim handmade instahome instagrammers plants budism insta decor paisagismo innerpeace goodvibe instagram therapy archilovers life yoga casa instadesign energiapositiva instadecor nature designdeinteriores minasgerais interiordesign belohorizonte buda

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♥ Ipek Aykol


Comment from ♥ Ipek Aykol:

🌿Did you know that office workers with a view of nature liked their jobs more, enjoyed better health and reported greater life satisfaction.🌿 . . . 📸 @sunstonewinery . . . psychology psychologyblogtherapytherapybl counselingaddictionrecovery mentalhealthtreatmentsobriety leadership motivationtraumamindandbody travel inspirationgarden inspiration psikolojiocbloggeroclifestyle bloggerlifestyledepression anxiety marriage nature children californiablogger blog

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Catherine Johnson


Comment from Catherine Johnson:

Lovelane horse barn autism therapy

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jack jack 🐝they/them

Comment from jack jack 🐝they/them:

I also bought a squishy sea pancake I spend my money too much oh well anyway enjoy this puppy! ageregression ageregressiontherapy therapy selfcare trauma sexualassault childsexualassault smallbrainbigbrain rainbow transgender nonbinary transboy thelittlebeeboy bees

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Lisa McCormick, NCC, LPC, CYTP


Comment from Lisa McCormick, NCC, LPC, CYTP:

I can barely contain my excitement over this game I just got! Another tool to help us move beyond just madsadglad 🙌🏻 Anyone else get crazy excited when new therapy tools, toys, books, or games come in?! 🤗 It says 4 and older, but I'm going to give it a whirl with my 3.5 year old 😁🤞🏻 My husband could probably stand to play it a few times with us, too 😏😉 Has anyone else played this? Thoughts? therapytools @sensationallearners emotionalawareness feelings feelingidentification affectregulation emotionalregulation emotionalawareness parentingresource childtherapy therapy soexcited ecmhc socialemotionaldevelopment socialemotionallearning earlyyears earlychildhoodmentalhealth exploringemotions

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Christie Blaylock


Comment from Christie Blaylock:

Having a sleep disorder does not in itself cause depression, but lack of does play a role. Are you getting your 7-9 hours a night? . . . . . . counseling psychologist therapy grouptherapy couplestherapy teencounseling familycounseling chesterfield positivity mentalhealth

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Advantage Rehab


Comment from Advantage Rehab:

Meet Angela Marchant!!! Run Bike Swim Lift Exercise PT PTA Therapy Grow Learn BuildTheBetterYou Fitness FollowUs PersonalTraining Rehab

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Comment from mandymartyn:

......................…. eros twinflame quantumentanglement poetry muse intenta therapy ptsd quotes poemprovacativetheology lovewarriors artist lovequotes relentlesslove writing mystic feministaf untrump feministtheology revolution resist maui poetsofig lovewithoutbounds thepoweroftouch lovewithoutexpectations persisterhood collectionsofconnections

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Comment from Ranwa:

Have a natural smile and cheeks with ranwa 👄 filler_injection cheekfillers lipsfiller healthysmiles ladies gentlemen beirut youngliving therapy facetherapy healthy healthcare lebanon ksa dubai love bepretty ladies gentlemen models

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Comment from 〰〰Gymferret〰〰:

〰〰🤸🏻‍♂️〰〰 Gaaaaanz dezente Nägel, wie es sich für eine seriöse Frau gehört 😂🙈😅🔪cosmetic nails nailstagram beauty glitter sparkle techno crome polish metallic shine longnails p2 kiko hands star fitgirl lifestyle gethydrated aftergym beautiful vacationmood colors cold brainfrost desert relax holidaymood therapy

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utku demircioglu


Comment from utku demircioglu:

taking bath under the waterfall after swimming ain't too bad tho freezing 🚿 ❄️😂 therapy today gopro Home Hopa Vacation PressPlay karadeniz waterfall

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Dr. A.J. Plese


Comment from Dr. A.J. Plese:

Got to treat this monster @brentb220 today. Little difficult for a Chiro to work through a foot thick of paraspinal muscles😳 insane physique! 🙌🙌🙌 chiropractic therapy wellness health

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Comment from Wanda:

I wrote this a year ago today. It's been aptly named: My ManiFATso. • Newsflash: I am fat. • I am also very happy with my body. For I am strength, resiliency, and finally capable of self-love. • But I am living in a society that is filled with people who would rather fat shame women than own up to their own insecurities. If you are not attracted to my fatness, keep on walking. Just because something doesn't appeal to you doesn't mean that you have to tear it down; just because your favorite porn star puts on weight doesn't mean she is useless. Weight changes like the weather, and fat people will always be beautiful and worthy of love. • Newsflash: making overweight people feel bad about their bodies isn't going to motivate them to lose weight. • Fat shaming DOES make people feel bad about themselves and may cause them to gain more weight; so who's the bully here? • I am fat, and I am worthy of love. • In 1995 I went on an all Jello diet to try and lose weight because I was shamed for being a fat kid. I ate one Jello cup a day for 2 months straight. I was 15. • It saddens me that over 20 years later, we are still living in an image-conscious society where women are held to an impossible (and often dangerous) ideal. But you don't have to subscribe to the bullshit. • Because there will always be fat shamers and even women who live in a cyclone of constant comparison. Find your fat tribe, your homies, true and genuine souls who don't care what size jeans you wear. • Embrace your curves, your rolls, your plump tufts of womanly goodness; be happy in your skin. YOU are worthy of love. • /rant. • manifatso effyourbeautystandards fat love anopenletter selflove rant smile socialwork therapy selfreflections betrue realtalk wip loveyourself fuckbodyshaming fatpride preach allbodiesarebeautiful lovetheskinyourein sharing bodypositive beintentional pride lgbt inspire bigisbeautiful believeinyourself youareenough

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Natural Sensation


Comment from Natural Sensation:

Body Siense - A leader and innovator of luxury high quality holistic and alternative spa services and products. Little Falls, NY and expanding. A proud business to business association with Natural Sensation Spa Therapy Alternative Natural Holistic SpaServices SpaProducts NaturalSensation BodySiense

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Comment from GoodVibeTribe_Emory:

"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls." -Joseph Campbell

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Comment from Hope:

At the therapy with my grandma therapy

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Joel 🇭🇹


Comment from Joel 🇭🇹:

It's finally TherapyTuesday & I have a brand new beat called "State of Mind" available for purchase on my website NOW❗Also my beat tape is coming out THIS FRIDAY June 30th so stay tuned y'all❗ hiphopmusic quality over quantity beats jtherapy nofreebeats rap bompbap rapmusic therapy trapbeats realhiphop production PrinciplesUnderPressureonthewa

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Eva Barbosa Mendonça


Comment from Eva Barbosa Mendonça:

"Straight Line I" I really enjoyed painting this one. And I have more to show, if you're interested ✌ Discovering my path trough abstracts has shown me how beautiful our life can be, even if it's not a straight line, or a perfect circle. It has shown me that the essence, the word, the colour, the little detail fills our life with purpose. edensgardenart portugueseart arteportuguesa artsamazingz artflowsessions art arte artist artista doitfortheprocess abstraction abstractart abstractartist abstractpainting blue modernart contemporaryart carveouttimeforart comunityovercompetition lifestyle dowhatmakesyouhappy therapy artfinders zen studioscenes

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Chelsé Beauté 👄


Comment from Chelsé Beauté 👄:

Free hand French colour on natural nails 💅🏽 £4 / £8 with gel overlay.

10 Hours ago