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James Art Dunn


Comment from James Art Dunn:

Still looking to the Heavens! still looking up to the heavens where in heaven do we meet ?

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Comment from megganis:

coffee o'clock coffeetime coffelover ☕ kawusia black americano myfav photographysouls photooftheday instacool instagood mood polishgirl relax chillin that kind of the morning omnomnom bestoftheday mytime newbeginning swag smile polskadziewczyna takasytuacja

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Comment from 怡茜💖:

昨晚超開心 知道雅勻在大東夜市就衝去 原本還想說可能遇不到了 但就在剛逛沒多久就捕捉到😍 我的仙女真的好美啊💖💖 ootd outfit of the day happy moment beautiful girl photo good

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Comment from mayumin(๑˙灬˙๑):

*. *. *. 本日発売♡♡ *. THE JSB WORLD *. 昨日会社に……何故か6箱届いてたww *. 誰だ??(笑)ꉂꉂ(ˊᗜˋ*) *. |・д・)チラッ…… *. 自宅代わりかよ(笑)ꉂꉂ(ˊᗜˋ*) *. *. さて!今日は、いろいろ……任務?をしに中目黒と渋谷へ🙌 *. *. *. THE JSB WORLD 本日発売 三代目 三代目jsoulbrothers 三代目jsoulbrothersfromexiletribe 今市隆二 隆二 りゅーたん 登坂広臣 臣 岩田剛典 ガンちゃん がんちゃん 片岡直人 naoto 小林直己 naoki 山下健二郎 elly エリー

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Edgar V. Medina


Comment from Edgar V. Medina:

3.28.17 Sunset at Manila bay! Thank you for the invite bro.Henry & sis Ongie. sailing manilabay The ManilaYachtClub

38 Seconds ago



Comment from a_cho.infinity:

はい。問題のちょーさんpartですね🙈💕 何回見てもカッコイイ(^-^) たぶん100回くらいリピってる😄😄😄 うはうは(^^♪ dobermaninfinity terminal PRLG p_cho the next かっこよすぎて しんどい ドーベル依存症 助けて

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Balraj Sandhu


Comment from Balraj Sandhu:

🐶❤️Dogshavegivenustheirabsoluteall.WearethecentroftheiruniverseWearethefocusoftheirloveand faithndtrust🐶😘johni

53 Seconds ago

Zain Siddiqui


Comment from Zain Siddiqui:

1 Minutes ago

the slimey unicorn 🌈🦄


Comment from the slimey unicorn 🌈🦄:

Slime Mixing Sorry for so much slime mixings! Ok so I have been thinking about leaving the slime fandom for a little bit because of borax stuff. Tags cuz I want to be Insta famous slimevid slimeworld slime😍 iloveslime slimemixing slimey slimeylife The.Slimey.Unicorn byeslimetime

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Comment from 小鈴:

ブックレットの隆二さんが綺麗過ぎ💕💕💕 今市隆二 3jsbryujiimaichi ryuji imaichi THE JSB WORLD

1 Minutes ago

allu arjun fc


Comment from allu arjun fc:

on the sets of dj alluarjun

1 Minutes ago



Comment from @Xbox_Steez:

Rocket car shenanigans 😎👍 gta grandtheftauto rockstargames gta5 gtav shenanigans sunset city lossantos beautiful view gtaphotography rocket car red flying over the city mrmerica1 xbox xboxone xboxsteez annoyingcunt

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Benjamin George


Comment from Benjamin George:

DPLwERtHEchampion$proudCapitan 1 out of 64 teams FULL POWER \\m//

1 Minutes ago

Agam Teuku


Comment from Agam Teuku:

the red bird in the cage again

1 Minutes ago



Comment from GUL:

No matter what is the time, breakfast is always a gift for you, and how i m ready with making breakfast at 5:30 am?, here it s waiting for me dears 😋🍶🍐

1 Minutes ago

Ronnie C


Comment from Ronnie C:

Guess what Steven Curtis Did???😲 nutritionhub results make a difference be the change

1 Minutes ago

Phil Chahinian


Comment from Phil Chahinian:

still meal prepping for the week midnight again massive salad yum yummy veggies vegetables delicious fresh food instafood best fit fitness followme followforfollow

2 Minutes ago



Comment from NEW YEAR, NEW ME:

몇 백종류가 있는 막걸리 중에 마신건 결국 알밤막걸리ㅋㅋ 오랜만에 먹는 김치전은 배불러서 결국.. instagramphotoofthedayamazingsmilelookinstalikelike4likeigerspicofthedayfoodinstadailygirlinstagoodbestofthedayinstacoolbestofthedaystyleswaginstafollowdoubletapselcaselfie셀카셀스타그램얼스타그램memyselfinstamomentinstasizePicoftheday

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Nikhil H


Comment from Nikhil H:

@royalnavghan congratulations player of the match player of the series india vs australia cricket in blood

2 Minutes ago



Comment from ISABELLA SMITH:

Wtf the worst halk

2 Minutes ago



Comment from Chunkers:

The gang is all here🐱🐶 • • • dog cute dogsofinstgram doggies puppy cat catsofinstagram family love chunkers the good boy goodboy goodboy🐶

2 Minutes ago

Cherie Paro


Comment from Cherie Paro:

The Granite Girls

3 Minutes ago

👻 @celina.grace


Comment from 👻 @celina.grace:

Cant wait till 12 so ima say this now.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABYY💕ilove you soo much girl! We have our ups and downs but iwill always remain by your side.❤️ our vibes we perfect from the moment we became friends 😍😘 & you know idont really like click with females. But idid with you and that tells me alot 💕 that's exactly why ima always be here for you through it all😘 your such an amazing person your funny, your beautiful, your a rider. & iwouldnt trade you for anyone else💍 im happy to be apart of your life, and cant wait to celebrate your 18th tomorrow ❤️💕😘😋😊🍑💍👑☀️🙃😙😙😙. Iloveyou girlfriend sooooooooooooo much 💕 @_.marisela the end is my fAv part

3 Minutes ago

Goddess Queen


Comment from Goddess Queen:

good news just booked the george lopez show very superstitous gratitude

3 Minutes ago

Abhishek Parab


Comment from Abhishek Parab:


3 Minutes ago

J fray ♒


Comment from J fray ♒:

What ev Wednesday guysssss... opps dont care flipps beware another one bites the dust

3 Minutes ago



Comment from rinipatricia:

Yohanes 16 : 1 "Semuanya ini Kukatakan kepadamu, supaya kamu jangan kecewa dan menolak Aku. Dalam keadaan apa pun jangan pernah kecewa kepada Tuhan Yesus, "Yesus Kristus tetap sama, baik kemarin maupun hari ini dan sampai selama-lamanya God is good all the time morning reflection silent moment airhidup

3 Minutes ago



Comment from tishritter1:

best seats ever best musical ever the divine miss m is indeed divine!!!

4 Minutes ago

KR.@®¥@|\| 😉😉


Comment from KR.@®¥@|\| 😉😉:

Two fundamentals of cool life – Walk likeyou are the king OR walk like you don’t care, who is the king.

5 Minutes ago

QueenzTada #NVM ☠️


Comment from QueenzTada #NVM ☠️:

They Say Da Hoods Now Quiet!! I Say Well Real Niggas Move in Silence 💎 Queens Get the Money ☠️☠️☠️ CapitalHill 🙌🏽 Woosah

28 Minutes ago

Mina Oogami


Comment from Mina Oogami:

心をりせっとするでございます。 . . . 自分のだいすきなダンスができて、周りにたくさんの素敵な友人、先輩、仲間がいて、だいすきな人もいて。 それって本当に幸せすぎることではないか! 嫌なことがあったってそれを気にせずどんどん進んでいける強さを自分は持ってるはずだ! . 2年生になって学校も家も不安なことだらけです。 年齢的に20歳になるわけだしもういい大人だと思います。 自分は自分で自立しなきゃいけません。 いつまでも甘えてられない! . 今までは今まで。正直わけのわからないこともあったけど、そんなの気にしてたらこっからの時間がもったいない!進むところは前!のみ! . なりたい夢もダンスも勉強も全部ってなると大変だけど大変とか忙しいことが苦ではないと思う。 だって自分の好きなことだから! 絶対に頑張る価値も意味もある! 一回決めたことは遠回りしても、間違えてしまっても気づいた瞬間また戻ってがんばり始めればいいと思う。気づけたことって成長だしね! 今更なんて言葉いらないよね! . ポジティブにいけばきっと毎日ハッピーだ! 笑う門には福来たるだねきっと! . 長々と急に書いたけどなんかあったわけでもなくて、もうすぐ4月だしなんか心をリセットしたいと思ったのです(笑) . おわり the person important in my life

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Comment from jj:

흥이 차오른다. 늑대의 유혹 이후 이런 공연 오랜만이야... 눈을 뗄 수 없어...🌹루이선배는한떨기백합같으셔하야셔모이스춰라이징센서티브하셔꽃보다남자themusical

13 Hours ago



Comment from TIMBO:

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2 Days ago