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4 Seconds ago The Biggest Video - Movie and Music Archive

Dana Fabris


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Kinda missing this weather 🌨❄ love instagood photooftheday beautiful tbt happy cute fashion me picoftheday selfie summer friends instadaily girl fun repost art smile food follow like4like tagforlikes instalike follow4follow likeforlike l4l f4f followback instafollow

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LJ Alarcon Mortifero


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Tryin' to be something for thursday! tbt

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Karolina. 🐾


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'Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification' Romans, 14:19. My prettiest city. What's happening? {PrayForLondon London UK tbt throwback pale indie grey greyfilter l4l followme picoftheday}

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Famous Angels


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Tori Langley


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tbt to being a whole lot younger. hsgrad 2004

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Carly Booth


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tbt back when @rickiefowler was telling me... "You know, you'd play even better with COBRA, and look even better in PUMA".... I guess I had to at least give it go 😉😉😉pumagolf doyou golf cobra

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Isabel Andrade Lopes Sousa


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Deu saudades do MadaFazEscola no SFO com Krystal e RosaDePedra TBT MADA 2016 RN

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Giuseppe Crupi


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Per quest'anno, non cambiare... tifo sempre e solo Vale😎✌🎶 love me selfie tbt style art likeforlike edm edmlove edmlife edmlifestyle l4l edmfact biker edmgirls plur yamaha lfl vr46 ravergirls fashion housemusic followme like4like edc electronic dubstep motogp ultramusicfestival model

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Know When to TURN AWAY 🥀🎯🥀🎯🥀🎯🥀🎯🥀🎯 “It is an honor for a man to cease from strife…” 🎀Proverbs 20:3🎀 Many challenges we face in life are simply DISTRACTIONS from the enemy to keep us from PURSUING our DESTINY. Maybe someone in the office isn’t as FRIENDLY to you as you’d like. Maybe you have a NEIGHBOR who always parks in front of your house and blocks your mailbox. Those things may be FRUSTRATING, but they have little SIGNIFICANCE when you look at the big picture. You can’t allow the LITTLE things to cause STRIFE in your life. 💯In scripture, just before David fought the giant Goliath, his brother Iliab tried to CONFRONT him. But David knew that ARGUING with Iliab wasn’t even worth his time and strength. He knew his real BATTLE was with Goliath, and he didn’t want to be DISTRACTED. He simply “TURNED AWAY” from Iliab and kept his focus on what he was CALLED to do. 💯Let’s follow the example of David and keep our EYES on what’s most IMPORTANT in life. Instead of being led away by FRUSTRATIONS, let’s FOCUS on the BIG PICTURE. Know when to turn away from STRIFE and RECEIVE the mark of HONOR the Lord has for you! JO 🔥Like 🔥Comment 🔥Follow 😘😘😘😘😘😘 📷 @kd.photostudio 📷 @vscomag 📷 @bravogreatphoto 😘😘😘😘😘😘
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Icon By @iconsmores 😭❤️


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{ @honey.guts }🍯 | idk why but the first thing tht went through my mind was an emoji rainbow poop😂💩| • slimelovetbtfloamcutetutorialinstagoodphotoofthedaylikeviewsasmrcommunitysquishysatisfyingtag

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SWIPE ➡️ Shout Out To @doorcoupons_bakersfield @dg_dmnd Local Door Coupons! I'm definitely going to put these to use. Hit them up for all your advertising needs! Nothing but the best! Coming to a door near you! 😎 love instagood photooftheday tbt cute beautiful me followme happy follow fashion selfie picoftheday like4like girl tagsforlikes instadaily friends summer fun smile igers instalike likeforlike repost food bakersfield bakersfieldca california bakersfield

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giustocosí Più parcheggi rosa per tutte 😂😘🚗🚗 picoftheday instapic instaphoto instagram instagroove instagood photography photofthenight girl love amazing friends tagsforlikes instagirl selfie hashtag sun tbt l4l

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Untitled LOL ☣


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Yuwarat Hsu 許如樂


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Tbt me among the people hanbok inthecity

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⬆️⬇️ AngNagbabaliHK BondVoyage TBT

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Benjamin Isla🚶🏻


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George Calombaris


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Throw back to the day I gave @oprah my book.  Respect. GC xxx TBT ThrowBackThursday

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Carlotta De Lazzari


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🦄 a land of unicorns 🌈 🦄 - unicornsland unicorn drinks loungebar nightwithfriends tbt sonar flowerpower flowers colors waitingsummer followforlike follow4follow followme like4follow like4like

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TBT. Living in the sunset with skateboarding 😎🌅 tbt skatelife skatelifestyle moroccanskateboarding thankyouskateboarding thankyougodforall lifestyle livinginthesunset view sunset sunsetvibes lovesunset skatesunset betterplace shraplin justdoit lifeyourlife liveyourlifebefree livealifeyouwillremember letthegoodtimesroll

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vincent girodengo


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Danilo Martinez


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Sim, eu estou tão cansado, mas não pra dizer que estou indo embora. Talvez eu volte, um eu volto quem sabe... Agora tudo faz sentido!! 😂😂😂 tbt ripAcademia

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Miriam 🌸


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Kelvin Coronel Alviarez🔞♌


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Gabriel Bachand


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Young Cobain with a Teen Spirit.

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Krystal ✌🏼✈️


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Cancer.. something you never think will happen to you or anyone you love.. on march 9th my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer... Thank you all for your love, support and continuous prayers. Please pray for my mom, and us as a family to stay strong through this hard time. 🙏🏼💙

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♦️ Miranda ♦️


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So, it's come to my attention that the last four posts have been BATB... which doesn't bother me because I'm obsessed buuut you guys are probably getting a little bored 😂 here's a picture of another awesome princess to break up the spam ♥️🚀🌑

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SC👻: zain_moe

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F/ @rizziiking . . . . . . . love TFLers instagood tweegram photooftheday me instamood cute iphonesia summer tbt igers picoftheday girl instadaily instagramhub beautiful iphoneonly bestoftheday food jj webstagram picstitch sky follow nofilter happy fashion sun

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