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Marvin Grey's Tattoo Flash


Comment from Marvin Grey's Tattoo Flash:

Wer hätte den nächste Woche Mittwoch ab 10 bis 15 Uhr oder Donnerstag ab 10 Uhr bis 20 Uhr Lust und Zeit für ein neues Tattoo? Noch ist es kostenlos - kloppt auf die digitalen Tasten und meldet euch!! Euer Marvin 🦊 . ginger redhead redheadsofinstagram gingersofinstagram tattooartist oldschoolartist tattooapprentice inkedboy boyswithtattoo boyswithink alternative impericon stretchedlobes beardedmen

56 Seconds ago



Comment from Poppy:

Sneak peek of my next piece that I'm drawing, suger skull or day of the dead as some people will say! Cant wait to Finnish this drawing drawings sugerskull dayofthedead dayofthedeadtattoo sketch draw pencil ballpointpen skullgirl passion tattooartist tattoo apprenticetattoo tattooapprentice lovemyjob

1 Minutes ago

Rhiannon Price


Comment from Rhiannon Price:

Say it to my face tattoo tattoos tattooing tattooed tatted tattooflash tattooflashart tattooflashsheet tattooapprentice tattooapprenticeship tattoodesign tattoodesigns tattooart tattooartist tattooartwork art artist artwork freehand freehandtattoo neotrad neotraditionaltattoo customtattoo skulltattoo sayittomyface twofaced twoface

3 Minutes ago

Kiki Monteiro


Comment from Kiki Monteiro:

Did this crazy tiger on my big bro from nepal Khrisna ! Thankyou so much bro, really bice afternoon we had ! 🐯🦁🐱tattooapprentice traditional traditionaltattoo traditionaltiger neotraditionaltattoo neotraditionaltattoos neotraditionaltiger newschooltattoo newschool newschooltattoos newschooltiger newschooltigertattoo tiger tigertattoos tiggertattoo

4 Minutes ago



Comment from Anna:

Decided to give some shading a go! Was awkward in some places as I couldn't get the right angle but so far so good! Leaving it now until fully healed to carry on! tattoo tattooapprentice practicetattoo learning linework dreamjob flower shading tattoosofinstagram

4 Minutes ago

Shan Denyse


Comment from Shan Denyse:

First session today. Thank you Azam custom tattoo tattooapprentice traditionstattooing blackworkers blxckink

5 Minutes ago



Comment from ✖️Nagore✖️:

Rokurokubi disponible! . . . rokurokubi rokurokubitattoo japanesetattoo japanesedrawing japanese japan japanesedraw tattoo tattooed tattooer tatted dotwork blackwork blackworkers dotworktattoo flash flashtattoo tattooapprentice pointillism

5 Minutes ago

Erin Valente


Comment from Erin Valente:

Frightened cause I got a lot of people counting on me - And I’m talking like an asshole, walking like a zombie zombieart zombiedrawing wip selfportrait drawing portrait portraitart portraitdrawing pencildrawing charcoaldrawing charcoalonpaper graphite graphitedrawing graphiteonpaper portraitoftheday drawingoftheday portraitpage portraitmode portraitartist femaleartist girlswhodraw girlswithtattoos girlswithpiercings blackandwhite worldofartists worldofpencils worldofpencils2017 art artwork tattooapprentice

10 Minutes ago



Comment from 😻:

Pt 2 of Kerry and Floyd's matching tattoos ft. Shine 🌞🌚

10 Minutes ago

Sarah irvine


Comment from Sarah irvine:

Free handed the flower without a stencil. Its actully hard drawing on an orange art drawing doodle tattooapprentice black tattoolife tattoodesigns flower orange orangetattoo freehand apprentice apprenticetattoo girlswithpiercings girlswithtattoos shorthair punk

12 Minutes ago

Chiara Ponzecchi


Comment from Chiara Ponzecchi:

Bau bau panthertattoo tattoo tattoos tattoolondon traditionaltattoo tradworkers tattoosofinstagram classictattoo oldschooltattoo flashworkers solidworks boldtattoo bright_and_bold classictattoo vintage traditionaltilldeath firenze ink inked classic_tattoos radtrad traditonalclub traditionalartists tattooapprentice inkworkers

13 Minutes ago

adam nutella mcr


Comment from adam nutella mcr:

Fun lil outline for a doomtrain design 🚈🚈👻👹 tattooapprentice tattoodesign design train doom skulls demon newschooltattoo newschool newschool_nation neotraditionaltattoo neotraditional ideas summon art sketch inkdrawing ink practice tren dibujo

13 Minutes ago

hannah caprice


Comment from hannah caprice:

No eyebrows Today work saturday tattoostudio naturalmakeup nofilter maccosmetic alternative tattooapprentice nyxcosmetics dreads girlswithdreads pierced lobes girlswithink blackwork makeup tattoos lifestyle ukcustomplugs fuchsteufelswild

14 Minutes ago

Caro Kaspereit


Comment from Caro Kaspereit:

Thanks so much Rebecca! nightinthewoods ghibli spiritedaway gamer tattoo berlintattoo blackwork blackworkers dotwork dotworkers darkartists blxckink blacktattooart blackworkerssubmission btattooing tattrx tattooartsmag blacktattoomag apprentice blacktattoo girlswithtattoos linework tattoodesign sketch tattooart tattooapprentice carokaspereit vegan vegantattoo

19 Minutes ago



Comment from 💣Ninni&Baffo❤️Hardcore🔪TKlan🔫:

👁‍🗨🌹death geisha 🌹👁‍🗨 stenciltattoo geishatattoo geishaproject drawingbyme orientaltattoo orientalstyle tattooart tattooapprentice stencilwork inkedpeople inksnotcrime

23 Minutes ago

Lauren Buffery


Comment from Lauren Buffery:

Drawing simple is actually quite hard matchsticktattoo matchstick tattoo apprentice drawing tattooapprentice

25 Minutes ago

Julijana Gavrilovic


Comment from Julijana Gavrilovic:

💀pustinjskidijamant . . . bat nigth dark darkartists tattoosketch tattooapprentice tattooflash blacklines black moth insects insects_of_our_world light red boldline linework art artist drawing unipinfineline vsco vscocam illustration sketchbook sketch julijanagavrilovic lovedrawing joy

27 Minutes ago

Emma Holliday


Comment from Emma Holliday:

Another traditional tattoo on 'Frank' the fake torso. Really enjoying this colour work 😊 art tattoo tattoos tattooing tattooart tattooist tattooapprentice apprentice traditionaltattoo traditional instagram instadaily instaartist ink inked snake woman dagger colour colourtattoo lovemyjob picoftheday

28 Minutes ago



Comment from Jen:

The gentleman! 🎩 tattoo tatuaggio ink iltatuaggio tattooitaly inked tattooitalia inkedboys tattooedboys boyswithtattoos armattoo neotraditionaltattoo neotraditional gentlemantattoo clocktattoo gentleman steampunk intenze alterego worldfamousink femaletattooartist tatuatoriitaliani tatuatoridiroma ladytattooer tattooapprentice tattooculture tattoosnob jenquinn ladyquinntattoo

31 Minutes ago



Comment from Inked__nurse:

Summer tattoo practice. 🍦🌴🌊 Tattoo Tatuaje TattooPractice AprendizDetatuaje tattooapprentice TattooSchool EscuelaDeTatuaje EETP FakeSkinTattoo FakeSkin FakeSkinPractice OldSchoolTattoo OldSchoolBeach IceCream IceCreamTattoo LoveInk LoveTattoo Ink SummerTattoos summertattoo

32 Minutes ago



Comment from michaelribeiro:

Got myself drawing a few roses 🌹 roses redroses illusteation drawmore practice rosesheet roseflash thorns carpediem carpediemtattoostudio tattooapprentice homework michaelribeiro ghostdagger

33 Minutes ago

Hannah Gee


Comment from Hannah Gee:

Playing with the line weights with this 🐮 line linedrawing cow cowart art tattoo tattooapprentice magnolia grass wild animal

35 Minutes ago



Comment from #tattoobazz1:

. . . . tattoos tattooed tattoo tattooer tattoosleeve tattooink tattooapprentice tattooage tattooartist tattooart tattooaddict tattoobazz1 tattooartistmag

35 Minutes ago

The Interbellum Tattoo Lounge


Comment from The Interbellum Tattoo Lounge:

Pair of matching tattoos by @josephmorleytattooflash . . essextattoo billericaytattoo tattooflash tattoo traditionaltattoo tattoos tattooapprentice

36 Minutes ago

Gemma Deans✍🏻


Comment from Gemma Deans✍🏻:

One of the Manchester bees I did earlier , Thankyou ! manchestertattooappeal charity tattoo tattooapprentice

36 Minutes ago

Gemma Deans✍🏻


Comment from Gemma Deans✍🏻:

2 matching dotwork stars and my first handtattoo ! Thankyou ! tattoo tattooapprentice cute matchingtattoos

38 Minutes ago

That Lucy Kiddo


Comment from That Lucy Kiddo:

I have space to do some Palm sized stuff/ smaller in the next few weeks, DM or email ✨🌞

39 Minutes ago



Comment from Oxana:

Recouvrement pour Salomé, merci beaucoup et a bientôt! 💕💉👌🏻 ink inked inkedgirl girlswithink girl tattoo tattoing tattooart tattooartist frenchtattooartist frenchtattooapprentice tattooapprentice littletattoo sun suntattoo necktattoo soleil cute coveruptattoo withlove work workinggirl black blackwork blacktattoo

39 Minutes ago

Ta Ree Nee


Comment from Ta Ree Nee:

My 1st attempt in tattooing and shading a rose ❤❤❤ was heaps fun!! Please checkout @beeseacc for her artwork and designs !!! . . . . . apprentice tattooapprentice blackandgreyrosetattoo blackwork onestepatatime👣 gettingthere thegoal tareenee_tattoos

41 Minutes ago

Dylan Kuiper


Comment from Dylan Kuiper:

Made a cracker of a start on this for @drumdiver today. Thanks for sitting like an alternative young version of Zeus! tattoo tattoos linework bold boldlines melbourne melbournetattoo tattooist tattooer tattooapprentice

41 Minutes ago



Comment from Nicola:

A k I r a 💊

46 Minutes ago

Heidelberg Heights Studio


Comment from Heidelberg Heights Studio:

Minimal tattoo by our apprentice Tom ( blackwork iblackwork blackworktattoo blxckink inkersdownunder inkstagood inkstagram inkjunkie simpletattoo darkartists blackworkerssubmission melbourne melbourneink melbournetattoo tattoomelbourne tattoosdaily tattoospotlight apprenticetattoo tattooapprentice

5 Hours ago



Comment from 🌿🌺🔮🌿🌺🔮:

3 Days ago