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Julianna Menna


Comment from Julianna Menna:

Sketch for tomorrow's tattoo. Booking April-May phillygram igersphilly igers_philly visitphilly tattoos tattooaddict tattoodesign tattooartist tattooed tattooart tattooapprentice blacktattoo blackworkers blackandgreytattoo blackink blackwork blackandwhite blackandgray philly philadelphia phillytattoos phillyart newyorktattoo baltimore baltimoretattooartist blackworkers_tattoo blackworkerssubmissionbotanicaltattoo flowertattoodarkartists

20 Seconds ago

Chy Taylor


Comment from Chy Taylor:

Started a portrait if young Betty White on some practice skin today! Starting to get the hang of black and grey more. My goal is to specialize in Realism! Made with @eternalink @stencilstuff @heliostattoo @officialh2ocean tattoo tattoos bodyart bodymod 937 937tattoos bellefontainetattoos bellefontaine fleshtofantasy f2f eternalink h2ocean comegettattooed findmeink fleshtofantasytattooemporium apprentice apprenticeship apprenticelife tattooapprentice tattooapprenticeship bettywhite bettywhitetattoo portrait portraittattoo realism realismtattoo realistictattoo

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Torri Lauterbach


Comment from Torri Lauterbach:

That's how ya learn 😁✨ tattootattooedtattooartisttattooapprentice

2 Minutes ago



Comment from dr3333d:

A little bloody and raw but here's a lighthouse I did today on @storyofthehurricane tattoo tattoos tattooapprentice apprenticetattoo traditionaltattoos traditionaltattoo traditional oldschooltattoo oldschooltattoos lighthousetattoo lighthouse

4 Minutes ago

Diego A. Fonseca


Comment from Diego A. Fonseca:

tattoos tattooed tattoo tattooer tattooink tattoodo tattooinked apprenticetattoo tattooapprentice sketchbook flashtattoo artist curitiba sptattoo sp tatuagemsp bhtattoo bh tatuagembh rio🇧🇷 riodejaneiro tattoorio newyorktattoo germanytattoo ukrainetattoo moda modabrasil modarock

12 Minutes ago

Julian Guerrero ⚖


Comment from Julian Guerrero ⚖:

Traditionaltattoo Traditionalflash Tattooflash Tattoo Bogotá Colombia Luv Tattoolife

14 Minutes ago



Comment from dr3333d:

Did this traditional mandala today. tattoo tattoos apprenticetattoo tattooapprentice traditionaltattoos traditionaltattoo oldschooltattoo oldschooltattoos mandala traditionalflower mandalatattoo flower flowertattoo blacktattoo girlswithtattoos tattooedgirls

17 Minutes ago

Jack Wright


Comment from Jack Wright:

Ankle cuff mandala from the other day on @haseenah_reynolds wraps round the ankle so hard to get a decent photo TBH wristcuff mandala anklecuff prettytattoo girlytattoo dotworktattoo dotwork dots white dotwork blackworkers flash flashart tattooart tattooflash flashsheet neotrad neotraditionaltattoo neotraditional neotradsub apprentice tattooapprentice apprenticetattoos flashwork idea customtattoo flash dotwork @darkartists @blackworkers uktattoo southendtattoo essex essextattoo southendink

18 Minutes ago



Comment from 💀Nicole.Sack💀:

ALMOST DONE ! @charityjury always sits like a rock, thank you so much for letting me do this rad piece on you love ! <3 apprenticetattoo tattooapprentice saskatoontattoos saskatoon yxe yxetattoo saskatoontattooexpo electricundergroundtattoos colortattoo halfsleevetattoo supermario mariotattoo nintendotattoo gamertattoo nerdtattoo

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Comment from

Love this flyingkey from Harry Potter 💚 harrypottertattoo colortattoo tattooapprentice femaletattooer girlswithtattoos shouldertattoo keytattoo taintedskintattoos

22 Minutes ago

Diego Donatão


Comment from Diego Donatão:

aaae 👏👏👏 Hoje rolou a Frô pra minha satisfação, Douglas agradeço pela confiança de verdade mano !!! . . . . tattoo tattooapprentice tattooist thebesttattooartists tattooed drawing2me picoftheday flowers rosa artistic_share ink inkmaster inked inkedmag tattooink inkspiration inkstagram tattooinkspiration blackink neotrad neotradtattoo neotradsub tattootome art artist artistic arts artsanity the_inkmasters

22 Minutes ago

Phil moody


Comment from Phil moody:

Healed photo of this cat skull I did. Pretty happy with the result 😊 tattoo tattooapprentice catskulltattoo

22 Minutes ago

Vinicius Oliveira


Comment from Vinicius Oliveira:

28 Minutes ago

Andrew Blackmon


Comment from Andrew Blackmon:

Skyrim tattoo🔥 skyrim orangevale orangevaletattoos trad_tattooflash boldwillhold trflash tattoo tattoos tattooart tattoodesign tattooworkers tattooapprentice trad tradflash tradtattoo traditional traditionaltattoo traditionalflash traditionaltattooflash tattooflash flashworkers flash

29 Minutes ago

Onka Wonka


Comment from Onka Wonka:

Estúdio de plantas para tatuaje tattoodesign desenhotatuagem tattooapprentice tatuagem flores plantas plant flowers intothewild blblancoynegro brancoepreto namaste art

30 Minutes ago

Chris Neate


Comment from Chris Neate:

Chipping away at this full sleeve design today. I'm working on a smaller scale than I usually do but enjoying the challenge 😊 will update again soon✌🏻️🗿✍🏻 tattoo tattooart tattooapprentice tattooapprenticeship balckandgrey blackpencil dawing art artist sydneyartist sydneytattoo australiantattoo sketch naturedrawing tattooartist

30 Minutes ago

🌿💋Jane Elizabeth💋🌿


Comment from 🌿💋Jane Elizabeth💋🌿:

Quick little one for the morning tattooapprentice apprenticelife apprenticeflash apprenticetattoo apprenticesketch apprentice tattooartist tattooapprenticeship tattoo tattoodrawing tattoosketch tattoodesign dotwork dotworktattoo dotworkportrait dotworkportraittattoo eyetattoo tattoodesigns

31 Minutes ago

S Δ S H Δ M Δ D ≡


Comment from S Δ S H Δ M Δ D ≡:

First attempt at using a mag and first attempt at somewhat stylistic shading. Can't wait to look back at this craptastic little rose someday and be like bruh, dafuk is that even supposed to be?

32 Minutes ago

Brook H.


Comment from Brook H.:

Quick little kitty portrait drawing tattooapprentice art prismacolor cat

34 Minutes ago

Jordan Davis


Comment from Jordan Davis:

Really fun mountain scene stippletattoo from tonight !! Thanks for all the localsupport I really appreciate it !! Tattoo was done with all cheyennetattooequipment cheyennehawkpen cheyennecartridges eternalink tattooapprentice nctattooer nctattoos

34 Minutes ago

Donal Owen


Comment from Donal Owen:

Portrait, I've buggered this one up twice, but I'm happy with this one so far. Just want to finish the frame off, but first beddie byes calls. portrait portraitsofinstagram pencildrawing pendrawing sharpies sharpiedrawing tattoodesign tattoo tattooist tattooapprentice apprentice sketch pencilsketching pencilsketch drawing pencildrawing art pencilart doodling sharpies copic copicpens copicmarkers posca rotring rotringpen lydiarosebewley fanart inbetweeners plebs

34 Minutes ago

Joel Kendellen


Comment from Joel Kendellen:

Lined and gray washed this samurai sloth in a tea cup yesterday tattooapprentice sloth tea samurai tattoos tattoo art artwork

34 Minutes ago

Kyle Bartholomew


Comment from Kyle Bartholomew:

5 pieces from some an old Ben Corday flash collection, changed up a bit. oldgold oldgoldtattoo ogt tattoo tattooflash tattoos flash painting pnw pnwtattoo bellingham bellinghamtattoo drawing design tattooapprentice traditionaltattoo

36 Minutes ago

Joel Kendellen


Comment from Joel Kendellen:

Started on this butterfly piece yesterday tattooapprentice art artwork tattoos tattoo butterfly yellow

38 Minutes ago

Scott Jones


Comment from Scott Jones:

Finished off an older one from last summer finally! Shoulda taken a before picture

40 Minutes ago

Matteo 'Chaos' Roberts


Comment from Matteo 'Chaos' Roberts:

Tattoo designs 💜💜💜 tattooapprentice tattoo tattoos tattooist art ink inked flash wip flowertattoo nature prettytattoo cutetattoos girlytattoo floraltattoo neotraditionaltattoo japanesetattoo creepylove

42 Minutes ago

Skylar Rose Wasserman


Comment from Skylar Rose Wasserman:

Practiced my lines today with a mandala - definitely the hardest thing I have tattooed on the fake skin so far but I love a good challenge. tattooapprentice tattooapprenticeship aceshigh aceshightattoo aceshightattooshop aceshightattoos boyntonbeach westpalmbeach lakeworth jupiter bocaraton delraybeach deerfieldbeach stuart miami tampa portsaintlucie ladyartist fakeskin syntheticskin challenge mandala mandalatattoo flowermandala mandalas lines practicemakesperfect practice fau student

46 Minutes ago

R♡chi Centeno


Comment from R♡chi Centeno:

That time when me autotatué por miedo a tatuar otros amigofiel tattooapprentice handpokedtattoo tbt . . . . . . . . . . throwbackthursday throwback animallovers animaltattoo dogtattoo doglovers handpoked stickandpoke stickandpoketattoo inkaddicts inkedgirls girlswithtattoos

47 Minutes ago

Maria DiLazzaro


Comment from Maria DiLazzaro:

When your friends bring lifeaquatic gear to work, and you very gratefully wear that shit teamzissou wesanderson spinelli tattooapprentice

47 Minutes ago

Nicole Villari


Comment from Nicole Villari:

And so it begins... 🤗😀 apprentice tattoo oranges tattooapprentice coilmachine basics

47 Minutes ago



Comment from Iugue:

Tattoo que rolou hoje no mano @bernardo_todynho. Valeu mano pela confiança e preferência 👊 tattoo tattooapprentice tattooing tattooink tattooideas tattoogym iuguetattoo

48 Minutes ago

Madelynn Haynes


Comment from Madelynn Haynes:

Bald eagle remake 😊❤️••• tattooidea drawingoftheday drawing tattooflash tattoos tattoo tattooart tattoomachine tattoowork tattoolife tattoolove tattoodesign tattooartist tattooapprentice tattooidea ideatattoo eagle pencil pencilwork pencildrawing pencilwork blackart blackwork tattoogirl remake

49 Minutes ago

Anier Fernandez


Comment from Anier Fernandez:

WORK ON PROGRESS - The Phoenix. Anier Fernandez., Come by the shop to talk about new projects phoenixtattoo lineworktattoo tattooapprentice younglifeforever tattoolovers tattooartist cuban usa chattown chattanooga chatt bird

52 Minutes ago