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Slowly coming along! 😻 (I need to buy some more supplies but I'm so happy with the outcome so far!) • • • • kawaiistoner kawaii bongbeauties glitter followforfollow canadianterps canadianstoners cannabiscommunity stoned stoner stonergirl stonerchick stonersunite dabqueen dabstagram weedporn weedsociety weedstagram newbong bong glassbong hippy goodvibes batman sparkles cute lit

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Comment from Kota:

Blazing on a sunny evening ❤ happystonerchickblazeitsumme summereveningsmokeseshbackyard kyardrastacolorsbongsteamrolle

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Comment from Dedzi:

SnapChat filter zebra batman battybitch sephora urbandecay toofacedcosmetics stila katvondbeauty inked tattooed pierced dreads dreadiez dreadlocks stoner stonerchick stonerbitch stonercommunity stonernation californialivin californialife 707 imaboutthatlife skinnybitch

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Comment from WeedLTD:

Tfw your co worker asks if you smoke

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Comment from Narwheeds:

It rained, while being gloriously sunny. I had to bounce around in it! 😊🌿 . . smokingbeauty danceintherain potprincess Denver colorado girlswhosmoke cannabisclub marijuana treehouseglass 420girls weedclub denverdabbers bluehair bouncing happiness lightitup emotionalwreck denverweed hightimes highlife altgirl stonerchick weedgirls ganjagirls weedwomen litladies cannabiscuties cannabiscutie

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stay blazed✌


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was able to get a hold of 2 diff batches this last time...feelin lucky. had to get a new container too (the little white one) both of these are delicious. ones a shatter and one is more butter like. . . weed cannabis dabs dabhits cannabiscommunity cannabislifestyle blazedalwayz ohigho stonerchick stoner potheadsociety fueledbythc weshouldsmoke errl

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Gabi 🔪🔪🔪


Comment from Gabi 🔪🔪🔪:

💕💕💕💕💕 partyonatuesday someonesbirthday stoner smoking stonerchicks stonergirls stonedgirls tattedgirls pinkdress pink blonde floridagirlsdoitbetter girlswhosmoke inked tatted lgbt pride stoners stonerchick

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@scglassstudio 💜❤️ | floor420 ⚫Contact @dragonheadzsrq with inquiries ____________________ ______________________________ glassofig glassart glassporn glassart glassporn dabs glass letsgethigh headyart heady wfayo pnwstoners weshouldsmoke stayhigh letsgethigh illgrammers cannabiscommunity cannabis goodmorning dab thc art eastcoastdabbers somegirlsgethigh highendglass stoner stonernation stonerchick space galaxy stars

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Comment from Honeybunnie:

Oil available today- can ship around US. Choose your flavor classic 🌿 or strawberry 🍓 stonerchick thcoil 510cartridge cartridge stonerlife 420 420girls weedstagram420 420love ganja

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Miss Pots 🥀


Comment from Miss Pots 🥀:

Did you get your tickets yet for the @cannabbqlv ??? If not head on over to their page and click the link in the bio to get your tickets!!! You don't want to miss out on this 4thOfJuly CannaBBQ we hope to see you there!!! . . . . . 420Nurses 420NursesSinCity MarijuanaModel StonerChick Weedstagram GGDUB GGDUBLife IBudYou RawPapers lasvegas marijuana cannabis weed weedstagram weedporn maryjane weedculture hightimes weedstagram420 rawlife cannabiscommunity cannabisculture highsociety stonedsociety originalconesusa KongWraps ExclusiveCustoms

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Comment from HalfBakedBarbie:

We're children of the bad revolution and partying is our only solution -Lana Del Ray 🤘🏻😎 •• @empirepapers ••

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Áma Stoner 🌬


Comment from Áma Stoner 🌬:

dabstagram dabgirls dabmoms girlsthatdab GirlsWhoDab momsthatdab stonermama housewifespliffin ladylungs bongbeautys beenstoned stonergirl stonerchick waxwench prettypothead prettystoner ganjamama cannamom amastoner weshouldsesh letssesh

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420klub | EST. 2016


Comment from 420klub | EST. 2016:

Like if you can smoke both.

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Fantasies Come True


Comment from Fantasies Come True:

Ladies and gentlemen Kendra Lust replica vagina. Molded directly from Kendra’s vagina, the life like entry is soft and slippery with the perfect amount of give and bounce to mimic mind blowing sex with your favorite star!  It is easy to clean since it is open ended and can be used with water based or silicone lubricant for an even smoother ride! Realistic stroker for mind blowing orgasms. Entry molded directly from Kendra Lust’s vagina Watch Kendra Lust video while penetrating for maximum fantasy fulfillment. Ergonomic grip on faux hip bones and thighs. Made from soft and pliable Thermoplastic Elastomers TPE. 7.75 inches total length, 6.5 inches insertable depth, 6.75 inches width. Open ended for easy cleaning and controlled suction.  Use with water based or silicone lubricant for easy glide experience. Missionary position. http://www.lovelusta NVEN-KL-MS-9971-2/kendra-lust- lust-life-size-vagina-with-ass pornstarlife Need help ordering just send me a message!!! LLAP thanks you ahead of time, as we seek to make happy pleased customers everyday!!! sextoy äss pornös hörnyasfuck lovelustandpain bdsm shemales phatpussy bdsmcommunity bdsmrelationship fiftyshadesdarker fleshlight hörnyrp bigcöck pocketpussy bdsmlife fetishes 420honey inked stonerchick masturbator hörnydm sissyboy nüdes eyecandy masturbator

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Comment from 🦄☁🌈:

Tryna be proper with this shit 😂 royalblunts stonerlife stonergirl marriedstonercouple ismokeit marijuanaislife laybackrelaxandsmokeablunt inlovewithmaryjane stonernation girlsthatsmoke ilovemarijuana stonerchick marijuanaphotosubmission marijuana homegrownmarijuana ilovesmoking marijuanaismedicine marijuanaislife 420 420lifestyle THC cannabis cannabiscommunity medicalmarijuana cannabisheals ilovemaryjane hotbox blunts grindrollsmoke repeat goals

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Comment from socal_bootynbud:

💍Like if you would out a ring on it!!💚 prettypotheads stonerchick bongbabes bootynbud

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The World 👑 Is Yours


Comment from The World 👑 Is Yours:

There is peaceful, there is wild & I am both at the same time🙃 peacefulwildhappyselfie elfieblackandwhitepictuesdayvy dayvybzblessedslimthickstonerc

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Comment from POETIC 💯✒✒📖:

Family fun happy stonerchick instagood peace addictedtomusic humansofjoy proud cancer🦀 mykidsrmylife justus perfection dreamer artist wiccanforlife love humansofjoy toxicpoet strong world smiles blessedbe poet writer singlemom getfitt laughter trustnoone pride singlemom

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Comment from Dedzi:

Keef. keef imaboutthatlife masonjarsofgood stoner stonerchick stonerbitch stonercommunity stonernation stonerlife cali california californialivin californialife marijuana medicalmarijuana mendo emeraldtriangle 707 realhippielife realhippielivin hippielife

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Marissa Hazy


Comment from Marissa Hazy:

hugasm ✊🏼🙆🏻🙋🏻 hahaha loved this so i had to post. 🖤 Hope y'all are gettin yo s on 🤗😉😁 beastcoast stonerchick peacefulstoner

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Comment from BuddieNuggz:

😍💨 buddienuggz goodsmoke longashgang ogkush indica sativa weedporn weedcommunity freesmoke cannabiscommunity highlife hightimes stoner stonerchick stonerlife imhighrightnow whatyousmoking

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Comment from Lost_in_darkness13:

Family fun happy stonerchick instagood peace addictedtomusic humansofjoy proud mykidsrmylife tatted perfection dreamer writer wiccanforlife tattoos humansofjoy toxicpoet strong poet smiles blessedbe poetry singlemom getfitt tattedmami trustnoone pride fitmom

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Comment from Kayla:

I got baked off of this strawberry! 🍓💨 . . . . . maryjmaidens marijuana thc cannabis cannababes pot potporn strawberry dank femalestoners girlswhosmokeweed stonerchick stonergirls positivevibes staylifted ganjagirls instaweed

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Blood Of The Innocent


Comment from Blood Of The Innocent:

Follow this super hot stoner babe @maryjanemonarch stonerchick stonerbabe 420 blazeit lit faded highsociety highlife dumbthicc

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happy stoner


Comment from happy stoner:

Best thing ever

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Comment from Mary&Jane:

The only thing that could make that Halloween costume funnier is if it was functional . . . . dankmeme pot stoner stonerchick meme weedmemes weedstagram dank dab dankkush dankmeme comedy 420girls 420 420lifestyle dabbing joint loud weedman smokingweed marihuana

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Comment from Blue:

Love this rig... thanks @aquaglassworks . aquaworksglass aquaworksconcentrates dabbabe girlswhodab dankdabber dabwizard prettypotheads potheads stonernation420 herbkitchen stonerbunnies 710 710society 710life concentrates dabs shatter dablife dailydabs dabstagram shatterlife smokeweedeveryday potheadchicks highsociety 420nurses bongbeauties cannabiscommunity 420klub stonerchick ganjagirls

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Comment from Dari:

Ever care to see what loser shit I do on snapchat you can follow me @cheriidarii stoner stonergirl stonerchick chillen high highthere vape vapefam vaping vapelife girlswhosmoke girlswhovape vapecommunity vaper vapenation puffpuffpass chill toke stoned blazeit vapelove clouds vapeshop babyclouds weed smoke instavape

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The Toke Bible


Comment from The Toke Bible:

Yes please 🙌

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Amanda Thompson


Comment from Amanda Thompson:

👄💨💨 stonerchick redeyes smokesomeweed

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💪🏼 RSD CRPS Warrior Ophelia 🎗


Comment from 💪🏼 RSD CRPS Warrior Ophelia 🎗:

🍯🔩 Opened up some more of Maxxie's Waxxies True OG live resin this morning; rain pains been killing me today. 💯🔥 trueog sugarwax girlswhovape dabs shatter vaping papabearextracts dabbersdaily dutchgang 420 iwillmarrymary girlswhodab girlswhosmoke ganjagirls 710 sativadivas eastcoastdabbers twaxgang highlife wfayo highsociety stonerchick staylifted bongbeauties topshelflife stankyydankyy weshouldsmoke (Not For Sale🔹For Personal Medicinal Use Only!) 😤💨

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Comment from 🦄☁🌈:

Bouta finish this off 💥 royalblunts blackmamba stonerlife stonergirl marriedstonercouple ismokeit marijuanaislife laybackrelaxandsmokeablunt inlovewithmaryjane stonernation girlsthatsmoke ilovemarijuana stonerchick marijuanaphotosubmission marijuana homegrownmarijuana ilovesmoking marijuanaismedicine marijuanaislife 420 420lifestyle THC cannabis cannabiscommunity medicalmarijuana cannabisheals ilovemaryjane hotbox blunts grindrollsmoke repeat

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Comment from 420ganja:

Bedtime spliff of some fire kush 🔥🍁💨🌊 weedporn weedstagram weedstagram420 stonergirls stonerchick stonergirl girlswhosmokeweed weshouldsmoke kush ukhighlife ukstoner ukcannabiscommunity cannibiscommunity birminghamstoner

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