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My Wednesdaymorning workout! :) GymTime GUNEX & TRXtraining Done!!✌🏼️ HappyWednesday!!💋

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Paw-lah L


Comment from Paw-lah L:

Slowly making progress nevergiveup staystrong

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claire holt💟


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we are made to believe that love is a must, that we will find the person of our dreams and life will be complete. we grow up aiming to love and to be loved but never get taught to love themselves. we are brainwashed into believing that we will find someone who will move mountains to be with us, who will sail oceans and travel through time and space just to be able to love us. we grow up aiming to love and to be loved but never get taught to love ourselves. we spend our entire lives expecting to find someone we can love but never learn that loves ourselves is just as important. we start to rely on other peoples love to feel special, to feel something, when in fact all we needed was to be taught how to love ourselves. 💕 @claireholt holtie holties holtiesdoitbetter holtiessquad spreadlove bekind positivevibes postivequotes staystrong selflove recovery smile youareenough followforfollow likeforlike spamforspam gainpost gaintrick

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Simran Singh


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God godisgood godisgreat god happiness bliss contentment nature beyou beyourself staypositive quotes quote quotestoliveby quoteoftheday quotestags quotesgram instagram positive peace peaceful peaceandlove peaceandquiet positivevibes positivequotes positivevibesonly positiveenergy staystrong spiritual zen

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Simran Singh


Comment from Simran Singh:

God godisgood godisgreat god happiness bliss contentment nature beyou beyourself staypositive quotes quote quotestoliveby quoteoftheday quotestags quotesgram instagram positive peace peaceful peaceandlove peaceandquiet positivevibes positivequotes positivevibesonly positiveenergy staystrong spiritual zen

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Alex Westry 🇺🇸


Comment from Alex Westry 🇺🇸:

Looking kind of dope right now right? 😂😂😂???😎😎😎! picture photo photoshoot photography photographer afro glasses sunglasses emoji emojis hashtag toomanyhashtags hashtags photooftheday thisisme staycool 😎staystrong 💪staypositive 😃😄staymotivated 🥇🏆🏅

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Steve Daphnis


Comment from Steve Daphnis:

One pound a week is still 52lbs in a year. Don't be discouraged staystrong stayfit dedication 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💥💥👊🏿💯

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Hilbram Dunar


Comment from Hilbram Dunar:

Selamat ulang tahun pak @basukibtp. Until we meet (and work again). staystrong keepsmiling ultahAhok hbd51ahok ultahahok51. Sampikan salam ya bu @veronicabtp

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hello its H✨


Comment from hello its H✨:

HELU GUYS !!!! it's 11.45am Singapore 💕💕 the weather has been soooo gloomy recently & i love it ! bc i rather it be rainy than hot. WHEN ITS HOT, I'M LIKE MELTING AHAHHAH ! anyways , i really need y'all to recommend me some new topics to talk about . however , i came out with a segment called MUSIC SUGGESTIONS. basically i'll write in my new fav songs in every post so that y'all can listen to them to de-stress / to distract yourself from other bad thoughts 🙆🏼 Ps: most of my songs are KPOP HAHAHA. if y'all dl kpop, y'all can include your own music suggestions in the comment section☀️ also, i'll be talking about friendship on my next post so be sure to stay tune to that ✨ but as of today, my MUSIC SUGGESTIONS—songs that calm me down or make my day. 1️⃣ ChungHa - Why don't you know 2️⃣ Zara Larsson - Lush Life 3️⃣ Mamamoo - Yes i am that's all for the first post of today!! loveyourselfyoumatterselflovep lovepositivitypositivehappines pinesscheerupstaystrongyouaren uarenotaloneyouarebeautifulyou ulyoudeservehappinessbehappysa ppysafezonerecoveryjourneyhapp yhappypagesmiledepressionselfh

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Comment from หกเดือนสิบเอ็ด:

เพราะภาระที่ต้องแบกไว้ที่หลัง เลยยังทำตามความฝันตัวเองไม่ได้ ?? --------------------- เอาจริงๆ ถ้าสู้หน่อย ก็พิสูจน์ให้เค้าเห็นเลยว่าเราก เมื่อโดนตั้งความหวังไว้เยอะ ก็ต้องทำให้มันสำเร็จแหละ . keepfighting staystrong

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Comment from Gabi:

Our team took champs!! Top swimmer awards, best times, 1st my swim team!! dragons swimteam summer lonestar fireonwater blueribbons alwaystraining workout workinghard staystrong stayhealthy fitness love model speedo freestyle butterfly backstroke breaststroke relay littlefish 🏊🏻‍♀️🔥

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Faaqih Irfan DJ


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Mumpung masih di kampung halaman ya udah lari aja lagi deh. Daripada makan-tidur melulu. Yang ada malah gembul hehehehe.... running runner roadrunner trailrunner roadrunning trailrunning morningrun green fresh nikeplus nikerunning newbalance batumahpar cikadu leuwisari malaganti cibatu sukaraja sukaharja sariwangi Tasikmalaya Singaparna JawaBarat instarunner keeprunning stayhealthy runforever staystrong

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This is the truth..... . .... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ....... .. .. staymotivated eatclean eathygenic musclegain leanmuscle fatloss calories surplus healthydiet healthytip dietmatter neversaynever stayfit stayregular staystrong stayaggressive hardworkpaysoffs earlymorningworkout latenightworkout earlymorningworkout staystrong rememberwhyyoustarted booty sexyass

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Comment from Leonel:

Soy Egoísta, Impaciente y un poco Inseguro. Cometo errores, pierdo el control y a veces no hay quien me aguante. Pero si no eres capaz de soportarme en mis peores momentos, no te mereces los mejores Beconfident Staystrong

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a dreamer


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¤《B R E N D A》 ¤


Comment from ¤《B R E N D A》 ¤:

Viviendo el día... 👄💋 StayStrong

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Jessica Horbach


Comment from Jessica Horbach:

Hallo Bitch ✌ Ja DAS ist NUR FÜR DICH 💋 & weil ich weiß das du mein Leben liebst & Lina vermisst.. lass ich zu.. dass Du dir hier den Kopf fickst 😉🖕 fuckyou hellobitch famestalker asozialforlife loveit mittelfingermodus ichbleibich tatowiertundgroßefresse mylife proud loyality staystrong fuckfakefriends stayreal goodlife goodgirl tattoolove inkedmom dubistdenhassnichtwert meinlachenstraftdichvielmehr lovemylife ♡

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Ayse Kaya


Comment from Ayse Kaya:

I've been on a rollercoaster ride of mixed emotions lately and I'm not saying that's a bad thing! However the moment it's starts to interfere with you having fun/being happy or living your life it's good to step away. That is when I snap out of the feeling of being overwhelmed and just stay strong! Insta is a great platform for highlighting those perfect moments of your life but sometimes it's the greatest feeling when you keep it real and honest. - - - - - loveyourself love staystrong real honest life adultlife mentalhealth insta behappy instagood look listen read like girl confident beyou happy

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💙Pāńíć! at ťhé Màŕťíńėź Píľøťš


Comment from 💙Pāńíć! at ťhé Màŕťíńėź Píľøťš:

❤My idol❤ Riverdale cherlyblossom loveher staystrong 💕she describes me and my ways and why I do what I do, honestly she is perfect💕

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Comment from Maggie<3:

Yo. staystrong beautiful itsgonnahurt itsgonnabeokay love

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🐬Nyla Monroe🐬


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No Bad Days🌴 positive positivevibes goodvibes goodvibesonly nobaddays staystrong staypositive shakabrah like like4like follow follow4follow beach ocean volkswagen trippy hippie boho bohemian oceaniswhereibelong

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Frances Wright


Comment from Frances Wright:

He's tired from watching mommy clean all day 🙊🐶❤️ He gives me attitude when I clean like hey why aren't you paying more attention to me lol I think he thinks fairies come clean the house & that's how it's always clean for him 🙈 On a side note I'm disappointed because I had my 1st POTS pass out related injury in almost 2 years 👎🏼 I bite my lip when I passed out today & I'm grateful because it could have been a lot worse, like when I banged up my face 2 years ago but I'm just disappointed because I had a record going. Ever since I moved & have carpets even though I pass out a few times a month I haven't gotten hurt from it in almost 2 years. lupuswarrior chronicillness fighter dysautonomia pots iamstrongenough spoonie fight bringit butyoudontlooksick staystrong warrior diamond nevergiveup neverquit staystrong igotthis chronicpain autoimmunedisorder sle lupie likeaboss bosslady makeuptherapy positiveishowilive badpainday positiveenergy invisibleillness positivity wonderwoman spoonie lupuswithstyle

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John Hustle


Comment from John Hustle:

TrueFact TrueStory.... Don't Change Your Character Just To Fit Your Reality. When You Are Left With No Ground To Stand On. Rise From the Ashes and Soar to Freedom with The Same Character as If You Had Nothing. When You Have That Heart of Gold, Don't Forget Where You Came From and How You Got There. Treat Everyone and Everything With Respect, Courtesy and Dignity. Stay Humble and Focus On The Prize and Watch Your Pockets Rise. The Best is Yet to Come! The Choice Is Yours! Live, Learn, Hustle!!! And Stay Classy! 💯👊💸💰💲 TrueFact TrueStory DontChangeCharacter ReachVictory WhateverItTakes StandOut StayStrong Respect Courtesy Dignity StayHumble WatchPocketsRise DontForgetWhereYouCameFrom BestIsYetToCome

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Comment from Teekay:

I started off as 250lbs and I decided that being 50lbs away from 300lbs at 22 years old was not going to work. So I made a couple changes and this is 46lbs. I'm still going! This is only the beginning. fitness workitoff ibelieveinme ificandoit youcandoittoo weightloss staystrong yourealmostthere

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Marta Hombing


Comment from Marta Hombing:

Lembur disela2 libur semangatbumil staystrong happymom sehat2kitayanak

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Comment from Shireen.D:

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Rindu anak ini, lebaran tahun ini gak pulang. Gak nyangka, tau2 udah segede gaban aja ni anak. Dulu kalau ada yg nakalin dia, gw yg maju. Skrg kebalik ya bang? Hehe. Sukses terus ya adi aing ter'❤, mudah-mudahan dgn di angkatnya jabatan bisa lebih bertanggung jawab & lebih amanah. Aamiin 🙏 . . . . . brothersistergoal bigbrother weloveyou missyou keephumble staystrong kentung wkwkwk

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Comment from Maggie<3:

I miss this girl with like. All my heart 😭😭❤️😩☺️. friends bestfriends love itsgonnabeokay reunited staystrong beautiful friendapplication friendshipquotes friendshipgoals

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Pauline Sculier 🌺


Comment from Pauline Sculier 🌺:

"Le corps d'une femme est un secret bien gardé et une longue histoire" Photographe : @antorunshot Longuement hésité à publier cette photo, désolé pour ceux que ça dérange. Je ne vous force pas à regarder 😊. healthy exercise teamshape shape staystrong teamshape training stayfit staypositive stayfocused muscle musculation fit fitfrenchies fitfrenchie fitfrench fitfam fitlife fitness fitgirl fitnessgirl fitfamily fitnessmotivation fitgirl livefit goodmorning hello

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Comment from MBS:

truth narc newday notlove narcissist narcisses narcissism narcissisticabuse psycopath psycopaths pathologicalliar sociopath staystrong lies liar

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Guillaume Charnay


Comment from Guillaume Charnay:

positivity learn learning reading readeveryday progress gamechanger entrepreneurship pleasure bebrave stayhumble bekind behappy believeinyourself workhard staypositive positivethinking positivity lifeisgood lifeisbeautiful grateful imsolucky ilovemylife ilovemyjob b2ulife enjoy letsgo takeaction staystrong alfyfly peace

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Diana Cruz


Comment from Diana Cruz:

El extra nunca pasa desapercibido... ;) staystrong cf triunfandocomosiempre

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Felicity Potae


Comment from Felicity Potae:

'Suck it up now and you won't have to suck it in later'

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