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Kim Jones IFBB Pro Figure


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That Prep Life 💁🏽 ____________________________________ I eat more meals in my car than I do at a table. 😂 Hit shoulders at Golds gym. Sprinted at the the it's time to inhale this breakfast. 😛

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Sahana Gopal


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My happy place for the weekend uksca learningtolift weightlifting olympiclifting movementpatterns girlswholift strongnotskinny technique mobility stability playground athleticperformance

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Rob Glielmi


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Peyton getting after some Turkish Get Ups! Love working with this kid- he's so eager to work, learn, and move better in his journey to take a hold of that starting quarterback spot at college. He was home on spring break for a week so our focus was movement, mobility, and resetting his system. We utilized it as a deload week as he had been moving some pretty heavy 🏋 in his offseason program at school. Doing that provides his central nervous system a rest, which can easily get fried if you just push, push, push and that is usually the most frequent point where athletes tend to get hurt. Why I love this movement?....what's not to love? 😜 Challenges your mobility, stability, strength, coordination, balance....all things important to athletes. If an athletes movements aren't fluid and concise, what do you think their movement will be like in their sport? Another reason why I love this movement (not just for athletes) is because of something called Kinesthetic Awareness, which is the ability to know where you body is in space. (Ex- knowing where your arms and legs are during movement without looking at them) It's an important quality I feel is missing from athletes in their development. Developmentally, it is extremely important in early childhood when the central nervous system is wiring itself like crazy. It is much harder to learn skills, like balance and coordination, one gets older. Kids who participate in some form of dance, martial arts, tumbling, or gymnastics early on are constantly exploring new movements, and creating movement scenarios as they learn to move, control, and learn to be aware of their body in space. Athletes who participated in those types of activities will have an easier time learning new movements or sport specific skills because they have that foundation, and can pull from those prior movement experiences. Another argument for why we should be encouraging MULTI-SPORT ATHLETES! rtgtraining longtermathleticdevelopment movement cpps athlete mobility stability enjoytheprocess

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Krystian Krzyszowski


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rocks rock stones stone balance stability structure peaceful waves wave battle heimaey secret secretisland island westmanisland vestmannaeyjar iceland

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Cannabis + Fitness


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🌞 Suspension Saturday 🌞 ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ 💪 @jsmith_healthcoach and @cbdfitness demonstrate a suspension PushUp 💪 ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ Benefits of Suspension Training 1. Portability 2. Versatility 3. Suitable for all Levels 4. Increased Core Stability ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ cbd cannabis lasvegas fitness suspensionsaturday trx

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Melissa Hildebrandt Thiessen


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"Oh my gaaaaaaaawsh, I'm FABulous!" Kiara got her nail cap paw-dicure and not only does it bring out her inner diva, it has really helped give her the traction and stability she needs on our slippery floors. She's so happy! Huge thanks to @newoldpugsuji for the inspiration! 😃😍😘💞🐾 pawdicure seniorpug newleashonlife fabulous diva sparkley pinknails grippy easywalking stability sohappy happygirl puglove pugsofinstagram seniordog dogsofinstagram dogsarefamily dogslife specialneedsdog furfamily petphotography puglife pugstagram pugmom dogmom anythingformybabies

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Good morning 💯 Saturday wakeup bossup hustle repeat motivation money finances stability payday everyday habit goals security happiness positivity goodvibes workhard payoff quotes memes sayings work bossbabe thoughts possibilities endless

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Townsend Automotive Demopolis


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If you're out and about this Saturday, head on over to Townsend Automotive Demopolis to test drive this striking 2016 Hyundai Accent SE! This sedan offers ideal fuel efficiency, traction control, electronic stability and much more! Saturday testdrive hyundai accent sedan usedcar buyused forsale fuelefficiency traction stability TAD TownsendAutomotive DemopolisAL

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Pilates Academy Dubai

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PILATESACADEMYREVIEW “I think I’ve visited all the Orthopedics, Osteopaths, Physiotherapist of the UAE without finding a long-term solution for my neck pain. Then I heard about Cloe and her great job at Pilates Academy and to be honest… my life changed! She was able to fix my neck/shoulder issue in less than 5 sessions, but mainly she made me changing the way of approaching my body, my posture, my muscles. She has a solid scientific background and a strong knowledge of anatomy combined with a great passion for what she does and sparkling positive attitude. She has now become a trusty point of reference for my neck/shoulder issue and I would recommend her to all of you out there who are still looking to find the right solution for your chronic back/neck/shoulder pain.” Giulia, 31yo, Italian, Marketing Manager & Neck Pain Drama pilates mydubai mypilates pilatesdubai pilatesacademydubai pilatesacademy pilatesreview pilateslovers pilatesaddicted pilateschangeslifes posture improveposture strenght improvestrenght flexibility improveflexibility concentration improveconcentration stability improvestability feelbetter behealthier healthybody beautifulexperience havefun besttraining thankyou

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Pilates Instructor


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Friends help friends stretch their shoulders! More from my practice with @jwpilates yesterday. Enjoy your Saturday, get out and move your body!! I'm teaching tomorrow at CP Bellevue if anyone wants to drop into a class. . . . yoga yogi namaste yogaeverydamnday pilates yogalove fitness fitgirl fitlife workoutbuddy inversion fitnessmotivation fitmom healthylifestyle moveyourbody strongwomen fitspo fitspiration pilateslovers acro flexible glutes abs core instafit acroyoga stability downdog

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Locs & Fitness


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Today, I met a beautiful black woman at the gym. Her name is Teresa. We had a lovely chat and she inspired me, she's 57, with kids older than me, and still outchea getting it in. It's a lifestyle! She was also nice enough to record this for me. I've tried it before, but today I did 4 sets of 5 and that's a personal best! Gotta work on stabilizing so I don't swing every time my legs come down, but yay! 😄 also I'm obsessed with this song. OBSESSED 🎶🎶🎶🎶maskoff future back abs core stability consistency everydayinspiration fitnessjourney fitness ebonyfitfreaks fitfam fitchicksofig blackwomenDOworkout blackwomenworkouttoo talkingtostrangers KickassByNia

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Fitness Kafası ©


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👉Evet yaz sezonu geliyor, karın-bacak-kalça ağırlıklı yağ yakımına yönelik yüksek nabız dairesel antrenman serimizden bir kesit. 👉Synrgy360 grup halinde yapabileceğiniz eğlenceli ve yorucu bir antrenman. 👉Seviyenize göre değilebilir ama başlangıç olarak 30 sn aktif ,30 sn dinlenerek uyguluyabilirsiniz. 👉Herkese iyi haftasonları, FitnessKafasi farkındalığınızı arttıran kafa🤓 personalcoaching corestability health sağlık fitnesskafsi fitnesskafası sagliklivucut zindevucut fitness fitfam fitspo egzersiz excercise program beslenme sagliklineslenme yagyakımı gainfast kiloverme kiloalma onlinecoaching dogrubilgi motivation healthyfood store gymtime gainz getfit mobility

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Comment from vanessa:

A good pose to practice working out those fingers is Broken Triangle Pose. Try to find the right balance between core and stability - sucking in the belly to keep your hips up, allowing you to not put most of your weight in the fingers. This is a great pose before going into any handstand, I feel like it activates interesting muscles in the body and warms up the fingers if you bend them in handstand for more stability 💪 - Leggings @nobuyoga Mat @liforme - brokenpyramid nobu stability fingerworkout

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Comment from J•O•D•I:

3.25.17 - 1. Stopped eating meat 2. Back at the gym 3. Reminded myself that I am my only competition 4. Scars mean that I am stronger than whatever tried to break me 5. Embrace it all health longevity stability mindovermatter lovemyteam lovemyunit

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Striation 6


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I hear people talking about full range. I wonder if this is what they mean? isophit itallstartshere fitfam fitspro fitspiration fitness fit health range motion mobility wod stretch stretching yoga yogafitness yogafit pilates crossfit frc stability strength train workout

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Outdoor full body workout using the TRX and a few other things💥💦! @verozoppolo vamos!💪 balance stability strength core stayfit

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Comment from The710Yoshi:

Back at it again doubledippingdabs of this flame white batter & diamond OG to start me day off right!!!🔥🔥 wakeandbakedaily wedontsmokethesame errl errllife terpsonterps azmmj azdabbers azsmokers alwaysgold shatter stability dabs dabdaily dabcommunity goldendabs cakebatter claritycounts nofilterneeded mmjcommunity 710society 710 420

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Brandon Kress, CSCS, CSAC


Comment from Brandon Kress, CSCS, CSAC:

Day 3: 15 Days or Linear Acceleration. The step back lunge starts to develop Stength and Power on your drive leg and continues to tell your body exactly what position you want to drive into by driving right up into that acceleration mechanic. The regular step back transition helps with ground reaction speed on the back side leg during a linear transition and again tells your body exactly how you want it to move out of that transition. Practicing these will help with explosive starts and faster re-accelerations out of transitions. Add these to your linear acceleration tool bag, perform a few sets per day of 6-8 reps per leg. And stay tuned for Day 4 tomorrow as we hit on one of the most overlooked aspects of acceleration & speed by young athletes. speedtraining speed stability power

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Comment from Pilates/Stretching/Masajes:

Buen fin de semana largo! 🌹🍃🌸 . Les recordamos horarios de clases: stretching mar-jue // 8 am pilatesmat lun-miér-vier // 10, 19, 20 hs . Además Seminario Masaje Tai primer y segundo sábados de Mayo!! 👐 . Y masajes descontracturante relajante drenajelinfatico reductor ☺ . Para más info escribinos inbox o vía e-mail a espaciorawson . . . espaciorawson masajes seminario tai yoga yogalovers pilatesclass pilatesinstructor pilates stability concentracion timeforyou matwork barrioagronomia barriorawson vdp devoto lapaternal parquechas pueyrredon buenosaires argentina

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Emanuel, Karlsruhe, Germany


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Stability training = fun stability training workout coordination workhard fun instafit core corestrength stabilityball skills skilltraining coach personaltrainer sportprinz crossfit227

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Liam Woods


Comment from Liam Woods:

First day of training with @_lewperry looking to get back in the mix. He'll be flying in a few weeks 👊🏻 ormskirk sportspecific power explosivepower speedtraining reaction reflexes coordination plyometrics boxing boxingtraining wod fitfam fitness fitnessmotivation nervoussystem balance stability

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Comment from HealinStones:

Great combination of stones for grounding and confidence: red agate, howlite, tiger eye, turquoise.

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Vegan Fitness Angel


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Try this Bosh core exercise for lowerback strength balance stability mobility training gym

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Comment from movingforwardperformance:

Day 3: 15 Days or Linear Acceleration. The step back lunge starts to develop Stength and Power on your drive leg and continues to tell your body exactly what position you want to drive into by driving right up into that acceleration mechanic. The regular step back transition helps with ground reaction speed on the back side leg during a linear transition and again tells your body exactly how you want it to move out of that transition. Practicing these will help with explosive starts and faster re-accelerations out of transitions. Add these to your linear acceleration tool bag, perform a few sets per day of 6-8 reps per leg. And stay tuned for Day 4 tomorrow as we hit on one of the most overlooked aspects of acceleration & speed by young athletes. speedtraining speed stability power

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Shawn Sherman


Comment from Shawn Sherman:

Excited to be the next speaker up at the South Central PA Performance Clinic in Fawn Grove, PA! strengthcoach personaltrainer strength strong move movement movewell mobility movebetter stability motorcontrol sport sports athlete athletes motorcontrolrestoration square1

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Comment from Rez:

Ace rolling around in arena! 👨🏻‍🌾👩🏻‍🌾🐴🐴🐴🐴🦄🦊🐷🐎🐎🐎🐎🌏🌏🌍🌎🌝 ranch farm horse ace winter 2017 barnlife equestrian workout training stability horseriding funtionaltraining horsetraining relaxing

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Marathon Sport


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- Supernova ST - @adidasdanmark Supernova ST lever lethed og stabilitet i særklasse 👌🏻 Hvad mere kan man bede om? marathonsportdk weruncph adidas running supernova stability løbesko newin copenhagen newin

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Ronan Finn Phillips NSCA-CPT


Comment from Ronan Finn Phillips NSCA-CPT:

Dynamic warm ups and mobilising drills are a must! Not everyone wants to do them or knows the value of getting joints moving in optimal patters.. but a few simple drills prior to your exercise bout will stand to you I promise. A lot people struggle finding time to get workouts done before or after work, so when they do they unfortunately want to hop straight into the deep end! Every single class I teach begins with a dynamic warm up. I try to get as creative and as efficient as possible as I know members are under pressure to get a workout done and get home. This video is an example of a very easy and effective drill to mobilise your thoracic spine, assess & improve shoulder mobility, get some anti rotation and rotational core work in ( to name a few ) Move well & move often!

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ATP Sports Massage


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⛳One of my golfers, go pro!🏌 fore! dellmatchplay pgatour Sportsmassage musclemanipulation mobility musclerelease ROM stability facedownyourbuttsmine noonesgonnatouchyoulikeido

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Calisthenics Academy

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L-Sit on Rings by our student @thanos_molaris lsit rings gymnastics gymnasticsrings calimove calisthenics calisthenicsacademy calisthenicsmovement internationalcalisthenicsacademy streetworkout acrobatics fit fitness strength stability underarmour greece greek skg thessaloniki

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Val Erie


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NYC manhattan rockafellercenter 10 10c wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times daytripper whateverforever

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Strength&Conditioning Facility


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Sports performance training requires close attention to details. More you listen the faster you're improving. Never give up. empower31 strengthandconditioning sportsperformance sportsspecific sparring staystrong stability strength strengthtraining kuwait kuwaitgym kuwaitbjj bjj mma judo kickboxing dutchstyle muaythai

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Comment from Ying:

Day 365 of 365daysofhandstands, give or take a few days off 🙃 (speed at 2x in the middle to capture the minute hold). Incredible what daily practice brings - my handstand was wobbly at best a year ago and today I'm able to hold a straight handstand for over a minute. So much growth and so many changes in 2016 - excited to see what 2017 brings!! yogaeverydamnday inversion strength stability yoga

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