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Indigo Child


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😂😂😂 Repost @spiritual.journeys ( @get_repost) ・・・ positivelife abundance spiritualadviser love wellbeing journey happiness spiritualawakening peaceofmind soulsearching success lifesjourney gratitude loveandlight lightworker intuition enlightenment spiritualliving goodvibes energyhealing spiritualquotes spiritual.jour

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🌿🕉🍄Terra Celestia Creations🍄🕉🌿


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✨sold✨ Amethyst is associated with the Crown Chakra- it encourages spiritual growth and spiritual protection . . These crystals are known for bringing clarity to the mind of the owner; While it aids you in becoming more in tune with your own feelings, Amethyst also helps you to make decisions without the emotional bias that the heart sometimes likes to provide . . Amethyst is the birthstone for February, which is the birth month for the Aquarius and the Pisces ✨ . . healingcrystals healingstones pagan crystalcommunity rockhound

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First meditation session with Tibetan singing bowls 🙏 • • • meditation mindfulness spiritual innerpeace

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Fb:Divine Cosmic Being


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Much love to this Empress for supporting my craft...handmade garnet an Quartz bracelet..cuppled with ah Garnet an carnelin ring..divinecosmiccreations garnet red carnelian fire crystal Quartz clear spiritual energy ring fashion naturalhair natural empress handcrafted cosmic copper beautiful Africa America Afrocentric India Brazil Spain afro Brooklyn newYork

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Bianca Biagi


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George Douloubakas


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FOR SALE: $150 shipped worldwide. This natural Smoky Citrine point from Madagascar has phenomenal clarity and colour. It has a beautiful inner fire! Metaphysically, natural citrine carries a powerful frequency that allows for the clearing and strengthening of the manifestation channel and one's will power. Size: 7 x 7 x 5cm citrinequartz citrine quartz quartzpoint gems crytsalenergy interiors interiordecor interiordesign crystals crystalporn gemlover crystalmagic crystalquartz instacrystals gemsofig chakra metaphysics homedecor interiordesign spiritual art ascension highvibration newage citrineflame citrinequartz chakras pickoftheday sculpture InstagramGemandMineralShow quartzforsale

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You NEED to see this!! ❤️😥😳Wow!!!!! Thank you @amberkhan for making this video! Can't wait for the others! believe nevergiveup goodvibes women woman girl girlpower feminism feminist divinefeminine divine astrology mothernature youtube period amber ramblings empath spiritual science fakta awesomeness awesome yes word

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Rachel Flores


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nature is my spiritual ground.

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Creating Change Through Media


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Fear is illusion, it will never accurately show you what is reality, for its based on survival. The fear lens distorts and blends your reality in such a way as to avoid threatening situations. So If your still choosing to use it, your missing out on seeing the perfection all around you.

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Bohemian Boy


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This is by far the best explanation I can give to someone who asks me what happens "on the road to enlightenment." You ARE the road. You are the Tao, you are it. There is no "becoming enlightenment " because you are already enlightened, simply wake up to your divine nature. If you try to become enlightened you're getting farther away from what you're striving to achieve. ・・・ M.: There is no other way to succeed than to draw the mind back every time it turns outwards and fix it in the Self. There is no need for meditation or mantra or japa or dhyana or anything of the sort, because these are our real nature. All that is needed is to give up thinking of objects other than the Self. Meditation is not so much thinking of the Self as giving up thinking of the not-Self. When you give up thinking of outward objects and prevent your mind from going outwards and turn it inward and fix it in the Self, the Self alone will remain. Q.:What should I do to overcome the pull of these thoughts and desires? How should I regulate my life so as to attain control over my thoughts? M.: The more you get fixed in the Self, the more other thoughts will drop off by themselves. The mind is nothing but a bundle of thoughts, and the I-thought is the root of all of them. When you see who this ‘I’ is and whence it proceeds all thoughts get merged in the Self. Regulation of life, such as getting up at a fixed hour, bathing, doing mantra, japa, etc., observing ritual, all this is for people who do not feel drawn to Self-enquiry or are not capable of it. But for those who can practise this method all rules and discipline are unnecessary. ~sri ramana maharshi _____________________ ___________________________ Be masters: @rupert_spira @satsangmestregualberto @mooji.official ••▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬๑۩۩๑▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬•• rama ramanamaharshirupertspiranond anondualityParamahansaYoganand enlightenment spiritualawakeningspiritualbud albuddha letgoawarenessspiritu zenknowledge meditationmindfulnessonenessos essoshohappinessconsciousnesss

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Deanna Newsome


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Re-reading this gem for the gazillionth time! donmiguelruiz book bookworm thefouragreements mommyblog blogger wahm mom personaldevelopment growth spiritual

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Hi there, this is a Macrame' Clear Quartz Gemstone Necklace I made.  This one is a tumbled piece for all of you who like that smooth neat finish. It is adjustable so it can be worn long or short. and it looks great with anything you wear and will make a lovely addition to anyone who possesses a taste for earthy jewelry. Do enjoy :) If you live in Trinidad and would like to purchase this jewelry piece please use link number 1 if you do not live in Trinidad please use link number two in our bio thank you very much. handmade jewelry clearquartz crystals jewelryart style expression energy protection creation spiritual beautiful charming querencia love peace life lifeforceenergy

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Michael M'Putu


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@standup911 : "When it comes down to it, the only knowledge that really matters is, how to purify water, how to grow your own food, how to cook, how to build, and how to love. And funnily enough, we're not taught any of it in school...It's almost like they want your head filled with useless crap that will never benefit your life so you're always dependent on governmemt and corporations..." Posts from @chakabars @jay_spartanfam school education children knowhow meaningoflife consciousliving wellness health innerpeace happiness organic healthyfood veggies sustainability farming aztec plantpower garden plants spiritual vegan vegansofig meditation earth nature thirdeye awakening healing

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Jackson Berrios Arroyoo


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Adeline Sugianto


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When my arms can't reach you, from afar, I hug you with prayers from my heart 💕. . . . . blessings gratitude autumn🍁 autumn aussie aussiesofinstagram love light heart freespirit travel travelgram fitzroy fitzroygardens womenentrepreneurs entrepreneur inspiration instadaily inspirationalquotes motivation motivationalquotes spiritual

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Lateralus. nowplaying nowlistening tool toolband lateralus progressiverock progressivemetal metalmusic maynardjameskeenan adamjones justinchancellor dannycarey rockmusic trip psychedelic albumoftheday musiclover toolarmy 2001 recordcollector albumcover instamusic spiritual musiccollector aperfectcircle progmetal

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🕷kissi's 18+ nsfw photo dump 🕷


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my new dyed quartz pendant, hand wrapped ✨ 💜 ✨ dyedquartz quartz quartzgem gem gems pendant jewelry gemstone namaste crystalgem holo handmade handmadejewelry jewelrygram spiritual

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Lauren Elizabeth 🌻


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The face of a happy girl who has worked out, meditated and is getting her greens in 💕💪🏻🍏🥒🥑. . . morning workout meditation love ashybines booty challenge happy health fitness greens motivation spiritual journey mind body spirit productive selfie happiness

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The Spiritual Phoenix Podcast


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I rlly wish people from my school didnt follow me on here only cause i post weird shit & like im kinda gonna be startin a new weeb theme lmao but whatevs man its chill look at dis shit {gaylesbianbibisexualtranslgbt slgbtasexualdemisexualf4fl4lma loveislovebabybabygirlasexualp xualpansexuallgbtpridepridelgb delgbtcommunitylgbtyouthpolyna olynaturespirituallgbtteensspi

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Christophe Sorenti Photography


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powerful yamanni ryu bojutsu session today at htbu hamburg . . I think we had at least 15 rounds at the Sho No Kun Sho Bo Kata . . Lot of sweat but great spiritual support from my Bro @mr.jagtar . . nopainnogain training martialart warrior oldways okinawa shimahashorinryu yamannichinenryu samurai peace pushthelimits csorenti😎🤙

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Luke Ireland


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Manifest Your Dream Life


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Always remember that the universe is here to guide us, to lead us down the right path and to protect us. All you have to do is listen and allow for the miracles to show up in your life. Be open to what the universe has in store for you 💫🌝 life lifestyle quotes lawofattraction loa spiritual meditate goals happy happiness manifest manifesting motivation manifestingmasters

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dang thats hecka funny


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👁!!! destiny manifest dream dreambig lawofattraction kundalini awakening enlightenment spiritual spiritualaf woke awakenmylove thoughts thirdeye pinealgland 5d fifthdimension dmt loveyourself lovelife lifeisgood richb4rich

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AD Brás Jardim Penha


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Congresso da CIBEN Mulheres Transformadas • Inscrições abertas: • @pastorakeilaferreira @marinnacostaferreira @ciben_oficial mulherestransformadas 49ciben2017brasilia 🌠 spiritual faith faithful toptags god grace pray prayers praying amen believe religion coexist spirituality trust peace calm mind soul hope destiny wisdom compassion forgiveness thankful knowledge meditation life

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God's Eternal Promises


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jesus jesuschrist jesuscalling jesus❤ jesuslovesme god godisgreat jesusisreal godlovesme jesusislord godisgreat godislove faith thankful innerpeace calm peace love spiritual empower inspiration quotes jehovah jesusismyrock jesusismysavior jesusistheonlyway spirituality

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christina la mothe


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When you find trees that remind you of home.🌿

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يوكو تاناكا 🌺iris


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🐿🌳🐿🌳🐿🌳🐿🌳 いや〜、自分で言うのも何だ うのも何だけどさ ユウコの"冒険心"ばか強過ぎて、 老い先? 老い先?生い先?短いのでは、と思います。常日頃。 写真で見 写真で見ての通り、1日ひたすら ジャングルを歩いていました ていましたが、 ちょっと小道があるとすぐ行きたくなって うず って うずうずしちゃうんです。 見た感じ小道は小道だけどコン だけどコンクリートから 木が生えてて道が塞がっていたとしても たとしても、 明らかイノシシ🐗出てきそうな道無き道でさえも go でも身体がno no で 若干21歳にして早、老いを感じてきた今日この頃。 ま、何 ;))) . . nature spiritual adventure newzealand like4like followme photooftheday instagood instadaily instalike chill walking love travel 留学大学生海外旅行 ニュージーランド 絶景感動落ち着く お散歩 最高

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Annabel Bloomfield.


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love instagood photooftheday beautiful pretty fashion happy picoftheday instadaily photography photographer art nature fun girl life smile amazing beauty instagram travel photo spiritual light higherself soul

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Gold Dream Photography


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Request your session now✨ • Check out or past posts • love health wealth magic adventureisoutthere milwaukee greendale greenbay cheese cheerleader football trackandfield swimming spiritual sports college photooftheday fiesta gold dream quinceañera dress blackdress smile walk remember

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Higher Vibes


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Wepost @lovepsychicgrace ⛔️Hello My name is Grace @lovepsychicgrace 🔮 I am a clairvoyant Psychic Reader and energy Healer. I am a Medium and Love Expert! I specialize in Twin Flame Connections❗️I am a soulmate specialist. My precise spiritual reading will direct you and guide you through your difficult times. I can help to remove negative influences and spiritual blocks. With over 20 years of experience my God Given gift has helped thousands of people find there soulmate and twin flames❤️ Contact @lovepsychicgrace for a reading now ☎️ 310-427-1487 love intuitive psychic spiritual happiness psychicreadings hope intuitive fortuneteller twinflame balance chakra crystals soulmate relationshipgoals

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Comment from 👑Miquela Bruno AMAZING AMAZON:

2k17 is a great year for me I can finally say am over my 6 years of ah waste of ah relationship. finally happy comfortable and no longer insecure ALWAYS PUT UR SELF FIRST TAKEN LEGGSFORDAYS bossedup cocky spiritual feminist girlpower

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Meredith Harvey


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