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Samuel Tobi David


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Shaun B. Life Coaching


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Couldn't have asked for a better way to start my week. Thank you lumina. In a recent meditation In was told "God wants all of his children to be successful. There is enough for everyone." It was the push i needed. I hope it's the push you need as well. Happy Monday. spiritual soulcoach spiritualasfuck tarotcards tarotreadersofinstagram meditation spirit

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Chad Watt


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Cards of the day are all about opening up and talking about issues that you are struggling with and knowing that these anxieties and stress will pass soon with the help of good friends tarot spirit cardoftheday believe friendship relax feelings guides angel oraclecards

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Alina Krasilova.


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Моя прелесть 🖤🏴 My precious 🎶 Depeche Mode - SPIRIT. Эта была самая долгая неделя ожидания 🙈😋 ДепешМодdevoteesDepecheModeSPIRITDaveGahanMartinGoreAndyFletcherinstagrammusiclove

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Cornish Ron


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Last chance to get over to our Facebook page and enter our competition to Win a case of RUM! We are @DeadMansFingersRUM on FB. Competition closes tonight at midnight! skull rum cornwall Cornish rumenthusiast rumandcrabshack stives cocktails cocktail deadmansfingers drinks booze rhum drink pub bar liquor spirit instagood mixology bartender premiumrum RediscoverRum tastingnotes tasting follow RumLove

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Kim Clift Jenkins


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Mars also long time ago had an atmosphere and life but these same forces did the same exact thing to life on Mars... they manipulated the atmosphere to weaken and destroy it... exactly like what is being done on earth now via geoengineering... the goal is not just the destruction of all life on a planet but using that energy by these dark spirits of kaal as their food.... just like humans feed on the latent electrical energy of plants and in meateaters the force within the life and blood of animals... the same way forces of kaal or the hungry spirit world feeds on the life and livingspirit of entire planets... what they really are hungry for is the light core or soul of the earth... as well it's blood protecting its center of light... humans are merely a toy to them just as humans treat most plants animals and atoms subatomic particles nowadays🙏🏼❤🌎☀

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La photo n'est pas nette mais cet oiseau (merle) ne bouge pas même si je me suis un peu approcher, bizarre en principe ça les fait fuir. L'oiseau est aussi un signe de nos anges🙏🏻💜🔮🤗 📸👉🏻 @levanamedium . . . medium médiumnité anges guidance voyance voyante mediumlevana angels spiritual spirit spirituality tarotcards enchantedtarots divination signoftheangels france canada quebec montreal troisrivieres joliette terrebonne sainttites ilesdelamadelaine belgique bruxelles suisse geneve paris followme

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Spiritual MediumChristinaEagle


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"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." ~Nikola Tesla 💥💥💥 ☇☇☇ 🌡🌡🌡 frequency vibes trust vibratehigher raiseyourvibration goodvibes awakening consciousness synchronicity lawofattraction thirdeye namaste soul chakras universalenergy sourceEnergy god Spirit GreatSpirit GreatMystery universe RainbowWarrriors lightworkers healers chakras intuitive psychic empath SpiritualMedium mediumchristinadawneagle

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Misko Marjanovic


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Christiana catterall


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Ok so.. My kombucha has now been fermenting for a week, so it is the taste test. 😅☕️ The smell is of course amazing! 🙊 Besides the benefits are incredible for the body mind & soul. Anything that is fermented has amazing properties, it creates; probiotics Antibiotics Antioxidants Therefore purifies every system causing a catalytic effect on; Digestive system Blood purification Energy system & body Leading to clean mind Clean body Weightless soul. Ps I think it's fizzy. served with ice lemon & honey, sprinkle of dried mint. 😋🍋 . kombucha tea superpowders superfood supernatural superhungry frequency truth body mind spirit light vibe energy dreamer foodporn foodlover foodaddict foodie water fruit vegtables vegetarian plantpower plantbased plantbaseddiet veggie vegan organic love

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Daniel, Carioca in Berlin, DE


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You're breathing in fumes. I taste when we kiss. 🇩🇪 berlim berlin deutschland alemanha germany Берлин Германия visit_berlin berlinlovescreativity funkhaus funkhausberlin funkhausnalepastraße heizkraftwerk stripped depechemode spirit blackcelebration

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Christine Mc Govern


Comment from Christine Mc Govern:

Yesterday I talked about feeling a shift in the Universe. I feel that more and more people, including myself, are experiencing an awakening. We are accepting who we are. We are loving ourselves as imperfectly perfect. We are breaking free from the chains that bound us and held us prisoners for so long. What's past is past. We forgive ourselves for that and no longer punish ourselves for what has happened. We have sat back for too long and watched this place we call Earth, die a slow death. We are the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Every single one of us. Race, creed, color, religion no longer defines us. weareonepeople and we will bethechangewewanttoseeintheworld It is amazing and awesome to see and I'm loving it! ❤️Chris LIGHTITUP⭐️🌟✨💥☀️🔥 riseup awakening Spirit soul angelslanding lifemission iamthelight💫 iamlove✨❤️ mylightshinesbrightforyou⭐️🌟✨💫 feelmyvibes💫 positivevibesflowthroughme💫 kindvibes kindnessmatters kindnessiscontagious bedeeplykind rippleeffect tsunamieffect love❤️andlight💫tribe sacredsoulstribe namaste🙏🏻 BlessedBe🙏🏻 loveandlighttoall❤️💫

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Stanley Brave


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spirit bro

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Derek Chandler


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Last night was incredible. The legendary Depeche Mode live at The Barrowlands, Glasgow. I'm still in shock. Sensational. depechemode 🎹 spirit spirittour livetotravel travel traveling travelgram travelphotography wanderer wanderlust europe nikon nikonphotography nikond750 eurotrip @lonelyplanet @sundaytimestravel scotland beautifulscotland bbc6music bbc6musicfestival @bbc6music @depechemode davegahan andyfletcher martingore thebarrowlands @the_barrowlands glasgow rollingstone qmagazine @uk @rollingstone

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Suzzé C. 💡📿🎶💞🌟♓️🎨🌈🦄✨🔮👽🙏🏽


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Happy Monday! Have a great day setting the standard for the week. May you all have a wonderful day! 💞🐝🙌🏼✨🙏🏼 journey spirituality divineguidance selflove knowyourself intuition shine kindness synchronicity love energy lawofattraction connectedness lightworker consciousness EVOLve God wisdom higherself mind spirit soul happiness peace

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Shawn J


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"My tattoo is a constellation of Wazhashk (muskrat) and that is my clan that i was told by elder Al Hunter in the summer. So I got the constellation of Wazhashk because I felt its spirit, and spirit is sky, and stars, and where we're all gonna go and have fun with our ancestors when we leave this plane. So, I got the constellation of Wazhashk." - Patricia | Anishinaabe nationsandvoices nikon nikonportrait nikontop_ nikon50mm portraitphotography portrait streetphotography headshot culture tattoo muskrat spirit sky story photography anishinaabe firstnations aboriginal indigenous proud amateurphotography

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Dessislava Arnaudova


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Spring spirit and colours.

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Heinz Müller


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João Paulo Melo


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"Faltou luz Mas era dia O som das crianças Brincando nas ruas Como se fosse o quintal A cerveja gelada na esquina Como se espantasse o mal" - Que cada lâmpada acesa da mente seja uma idéia positiva queimando todas as que não são dignas de atenção. Cada ser habita sua própria mente caminhando livre pra evoluir. Buscar o melhor pra si já faz com que ame os demais! - jahbless blessed onelove positivity positivevibes idea terrario naturelovers green plant organic energy universe motivation inspiration earth wild spirit free carpediem love peace light sunshine

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Markus Lehto


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Off to a new week! Spirit courtesy of @korpimaan_kyynel , cheers! korpimaankyynel spirit booze viina moss forest productphotography inforest camping campingnecessities outinthewild lingonberry leaves forestgreens green forestgreen

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Comment from Nathalie71:

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The Nutty Gear


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If you are stressed for five minutes you have missed five minutes of happiness in your life success business businessowner gym spirit spiritual motivation persistence entrepreneur grind hustle inspire inspiration freedom happines happy life journey wisdom development support dream goals goal journey resilience garyvee tonyrobbins invest tradingcard

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Janelle Kingsley


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My girl. I got her at 10 weeks old, Over 7 years ago. We have done 5 house moves, Gone on many vet trips, Bought multiple scratching posts, And (I) have had endless laughs. (... Sometimes I feel she is laughing, too...) I tell Ally EVERY day that I love her. Many times. The special bond between human and animal, spirit to spirit... Endearing love❤ cat bond love spirit human animal sidekicks calico

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Casey Mantle


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Kind Heart 💜 Fierce Mind 💙 Brave Spirit 💛

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Siti Raudah


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