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Pineapple Dad 🍍


Comment from Pineapple Dad 🍍:

New shirt. Thought it was cute. QOTD; What do you like to buy with money?? (Clothes/food) * * alternative altboy bluehair piercings septum eyebrowpiercing daithpiercing helixpiercing industrialpiercing plugs bellybuttonpiercing lgbt transboy ftm

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Mya Hope


Comment from Mya Hope:

👭 lesbo lesbiangirl rave girlwholikegirls lesbiansofinstagram tekno lgbt noh8 picoftheday instafollow instagood lesbiancouple lesbiansinlove lesbofinstagram lesbocouple lesboinlove girlswithshorthair lesbianpic instagramers instamood like4like photooftheday tattooedlesbian girlwithpiercing instaweed septum ganjagirl

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Comment from hanna:

*who knew you'd be hated for being who you are and be a big target for all the insecure* • • • • model modeling photoshoot blackandwhite selfie photography photographer calvinklein septum bodymods girlswithtattoos fit fitgirl fitness nomakeup natural snapchat blueeyes blonde platinum atlanta atlmodels castingcall

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💭Emo mit Stolz.💭


Comment from 💭Emo mit Stolz.💭:

~Und auch dich...!~ * * * Snapchat verliebt liebe love er du emo pierced septum snakebites brille seineJacke coolShirt ohren bluehair demon seine seinZz girl mädchen prinzessin ♡

37 Seconds ago

NaDay Tha Dreadhead


Comment from NaDay Tha Dreadhead:

your roots ; your soul is connected w this earth baby 🌺 shine bright like a diamond fallin aliciakeys love naday roots herbs orange dreads dreadhead locs latina septum faces prosper

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Comment from Memories👽:

-A volte si chiede "ne vale davvero la pena?" e non riesce a rispondersi Vuole nascondersi Portando in dono i traumi di una vita. mood grunge creepy murales chill tumblr tumblrgirl quotes weirdo park lifestyle piercing tattoo septum tbt tbh like4like follow4follow

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Nana Thürler


Comment from Nana Thürler:

Nice evening all xx 💋💋💋 mylife selfie piercing septum black blackhair alternative alternativmodel switzerland instacool instagram followme snapchat smile bestagemodel tattoo

1 Minutes ago

Morgan Pool


Comment from Morgan Pool:

I breathe you in like oxygen, you make my life feel whole again. piercing piercings gauges septum tattoos makeup lyrics

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Comment from PIERCINGLINE:

Ein Wort 😏 piercing piercinglove piercingline piercinglovers septumpiercing septum ring piercingring segmentring segmentpiercing diamant kristall stainlesssteel silver pierced fashion jewelry design style picoftheday instadaily instagood love beautiful berlin

2 Minutes ago

Sc : Dopeshitinsta (30k) 💜


Comment from Sc : Dopeshitinsta (30k) 💜:

Model : @alyssabarbara _dollface 😙 😚 Add on SNAPCHAT 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻� 👇🏻👇🏻 Dopeshitnude Annafxox camgirl mfc webcamgirl webcammodel myfreecams inkedbabes inkedgirls inkedmodel girlswithtattoos bigboobedandtattooed girlswithink tattoo piercing septum payforyourporn cloudgirls girlswhosmokeweed everydaytoker stonerbabes bowlrips stoner 420 wakeandbake onwednesdayswewearpink sweetdreams sweetgirl redhair redhead redheads

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💭Emo mit Stolz.💭


Comment from 💭Emo mit Stolz.💭:

~Jeden Moment~♡ * * * blume rosa brille verliebt liebe love er du emo pierced septum snakebites bluehair seine seinZz girl blackAngel demon kawaii cute süß snapchat ♡

3 Minutes ago

Lia 🌹


Comment from Lia 🌹:

Solo naso 👃🏻👁 me mua moi pictureoftheday picoftheday photooftheday moodoftheday facaldo tattoo girlwithtattoos septum septumpiercing nose nosepiercing solonaso unicorn lentiggini

3 Minutes ago

Sophie Holmes Dearden


Comment from Sophie Holmes Dearden:

moondustpalette ✨

3 Minutes ago



Comment from 🅐 🅝 🅘 🅚 🅐:

☕️ coffee tired whatever me septum

3 Minutes ago

Pathetic & Aesthetic


Comment from Pathetic & Aesthetic:

I cut contact with my ex boyfriend today and it was so hard... I was okay until he said, "I wish you the best." That's when I started crying. But I can't hold on anymore. He can't hold on anymore. We have to let go. // nudeaesthetic exboyfriend ex piercings septum nosepiercing lips aesthetic aestheticblog blog like spam emotional girl pain theme themechange

3 Minutes ago

Tifa Braus


Comment from Tifa Braus:

Photo: @lincejd picoftheday japanese japan walolita beatiful zen bamboo instagirl instapic septum silverwig nature

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Comment from Jenna:

Hymyilytti tuo ☀ finnishgirl pierced inked septum sunglasses kärpänen alternativestyle smiling tukkahyvinkaikkihyvin sun strechedears curlyhair

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Comment from Aline:

Wer hat denn da Turban für sich entdeckt?!😏 photo photooftheday me instagirls turban fashion orientale instalike instagood septum snakebites piercing fashiondaily makeup makeupartist summer jewellery silver gold stuttgart heilbronn jeans jacket longhair blondehair eyes eyebrowsonpoint

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Comment from 🌸:

dailypic selfie polishgirl polskadziewczyna blonde girl septum allwhite bedroom nofilterneeded almostnatural potd igers

4 Minutes ago

🖤 Natassja B. Hviid 🖤


Comment from 🖤 Natassja B. Hviid 🖤:

Just.. Listen. Really listen to the words that comes out of his mouth. I HAD to share this. Idec if you're into youtube or nah, but these words that Shaun said... Holy shit that is so damn true! ~ @jacksepticeye • Just got done seeing the playthough of What Remains Of Edith Finch > No, no spoilers in the vid <, was a bit skeptic at first, but really got into it. And even had me crying in the end of it *so weak* but.. when he said this at the end.. something just clicked. I myself have been terrible at the 'waiting' part myself. Gotta find a way soon to turn that around. Preach those words @jacksepticeye 🙏 - Also, the bit 'dramatic' music in the end while you were talking made it so much better haha 😂 - Yes I know he won't see this, but I'll still make it out as if I'm talking to him! Smh! 🤔😂😅🙎🏻

5 Minutes ago



Comment from Timberlaky:

Glitter wrestling rf17 roskildefestival • • • • emo emohair scandinaviangirl alternativegirl piercing tattoo ink inkedgirls blonde longhair longhairdontcare blueeyes smile septum selfie tumblr tumblrgirl cutegirl woman curlyhair

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Comment from MARTA:

PRIDE ❤💛💚💙💜 pride worldpride worldpride2017 orgullo orgullolgtb lgtbi lgtb gay lesbian transexual bisexual intersexual makeupartist makeup mua pridemakeup makeupartistworldwide makeupjunkies maquillaje makeuplover blacklipstick nyx katvondbeauty sephora nyxcosmetics_es nyxprofessionalmakeup_es septum glitterqueens

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Comment from MaryKane!:

Desert Kween 🌵 . . . selfie desertlove selfies me woman glasses makeup naturalhair blackgirlflymag mixedgirls eyes septum tattoos tattooed tatted tattoo beautiful gorgeous skin pretty confidence yasqueen women womenwithtattoos outdoorwomen lips

5 Minutes ago

Cheryl Louise


Comment from Cheryl Louise:

How this man is still putting up with me nearly 6 months later I do not no.... He deserves a bloody medal 🎖 Love him to bits tho ❤ selfieselfieobsessedmetuesd tuesdayfakesmileboredgirlswith swithtattoosgirlswithpiercings cingsseptummedusanosepiercingd cingdifferentalwaysbeyouflower lowersnocropl4lf4fsnapchatsnap tsnapchatfiltercheeseposerbear

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Martin Hányš


Comment from Martin Hányš:

satisfied czechboy beard vscocam longerhair jablonec relax inbed septum septumboy browneyes smog picsart

6 Minutes ago



Comment from M A R I A:

❤️❤️❤️❤️ @kuronekopotato mine loveyou couple couplegoals pierced septum cute sempiternal bmth alternative

6 Minutes ago

Sarah Cl

Comment from Sarah Cl:

arcticfoxhaircolor purplehair purpelrain newhaircolor arcticfoxhairdye pierced septum snakebites medusa nomakeup nofilterneeded

6 Minutes ago

Amanda Drost


Comment from Amanda Drost:

wings eyemakeup jumper thickgirls pretty silly sexy septum girlswholove girlswithgauges girlswithplugs girlswithseptums girlwholovetattoo girlswhoarethick plugs gauges feelingood follow lost20 like feelingbeautiful girlswhohavetattoos girlswhohavegreeneyes greeneyes eyes biglips lips

7 Minutes ago

lexa trhok


Comment from lexa trhok:

shooting windy redhair purplelips makeup female potsdam septum piercing portrait graffiti grunge sad potd model

8 Minutes ago

Usagi Tsukino Loves Luna


Comment from Usagi Tsukino Loves Luna:

I have to work today but then I have Wednesday and Thursday off of work gamergirl gamer girlgamer scene scenequeen scenegirl prep scenemakeup alternative alternativegirl drawing anime goth gothic music gothgirl emo emogirl smile eyes makeup model eyes wings wingedeyeliner prettyeyes pretty cute gorgeous dyedhair septum

8 Minutes ago



Comment from 🔪🔪#piercingsbydougy🔪🔪:

Good afternoon my friends and family :)buenostardes ...mcmf papi chulo tats tatted tattoo tattoos tattooed ink inked inkedup guyswithtattoos tattedup spanish puertorican puertoricanprince puertoricanpride septum biker bikersofinstagram albany albanynewyork newyork facetattoo facetattoos guyswithfacetattoos

9 Minutes ago

Alessandro Oliva


Comment from Alessandro Oliva:

octopus octopusbrand iuter laioung rrr rrrmob therrrmob mob venividivici avecesare avecesarevenividivici skullring goldgrillz beard tattoo ink tattoos mustache rap hiphop trap rapitaliano italianrap versace rollsroyce bentley porsche grillz septum giovanegiovane

9 Minutes ago

Vane RM


Comment from Vane RM:

saborealalibertad aloloco avecesmesalesersexytambien septum

12 Minutes ago