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nikki h.


Comment from nikki h.:

My hands hurt! Coming soon...soldered aqua sea glass pendants! Check them out at swell gallery's Return of Spring nature show in April. Then I'll have them available at @urban.farmgirl's mainstreetmarket in May. seaglass beachglass solderedjewelry fashionweek handmadejewelry mainstreetmarketrockford

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Rafael Torrech Jewelry


Comment from Rafael Torrech Jewelry:

seaglass caribbeanseaglass caribbeanjewelry seaglasstreasures beachcomber puertorico treasures @rafaeltorrech beachglass mermaidstears caribbeanlife

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Frosted Glass & Galore 🐚


Comment from Frosted Glass & Galore 🐚:

Treasures from the past few days. So beyond grateful! pacificocean californiacoast glassbeach fortbragg seaglassaddict seaglass seatreasures seamarble bottlestopper abalone seapottery

3 Minutes ago

Rafael Torrech Jewelry


Comment from Rafael Torrech Jewelry:

Back to myorigins @rafaeltorrech oneofakind handmadejewelry madeinpuertorico seashells seashelljewelry seaglass seaglassjewelry tasseljewelry bohopendant tribal tribaljewelry gypset gypsetstyle bohojewelry bohemian bohemianstyle fashiontrends fashionista fashionblogger caribbeanjewelry

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Karen Cross


Comment from Karen Cross:

teal! irishseaglass seaglassseaglasshunter

15 Minutes ago

Ruth Nederveen


Comment from Ruth Nederveen:

New art from @klasienart 'Eeuwig Water' - 'Eternal Water' Happy! sea beach schiermonnikoog seaglass meltedseaglass seaglassart

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Anna Przybytniak Grabowska


Comment from Anna Przybytniak Grabowska:

seaglass seaglassaddict seaglassjewelry bracelet handmadejewellery handmade handmadeisbetter pendants jewelrygram jewellery jewelry jewelrydesigner panoramalesageseaglass seaglasshunter sea🌊 seaglassaddict seaglass beachcomber beachglass greenglass blueglass beachjewelry seaglassart seaglasshunting seaglasslove seaglasslover iloveseaglass instajewels seaglassjewelry bransoletka brancelet bracelet necklace seaglassnecklace

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Comment from kaistrands:

boho beach style 🐚📿

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Comment from Lauren:

My beautiful engagement ring 💍❤ Iceland reynisfjara vik blackbeach lavarock pebblebeach sneakerwaves engagement engagementring obsessed love seaglass handmadejewelry beautiful nature ocean blue icelandroadtrip wanderlust aesthetic travel travelphotography iphoneography naturelovers naturephotography nofilterneeded naturalbeauty favoriteplace

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BeeUtifully Organic


Comment from BeeUtifully Organic:

Definitely in Summer mode! seaglass saltlife ocean sea

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Comment from Amanda:

30 Minutes ago

En La Costa Photo


Comment from En La Costa Photo:

Our seaglass finds for this afternoons walk. beachbums ptown sunkissed beachcomber myptown

31 Minutes ago

Ocean Memories By Natalie


Comment from Ocean Memories By Natalie:

Yesterday's goodies ! Not great for low tide but still felt so lucky after that bead ! seaglass seaglasshunting

32 Minutes ago

Lauren Phipps


Comment from Lauren Phipps:


32 Minutes ago

Whiteswan Beachcombing


Comment from Whiteswan Beachcombing:

Some of our favourite finds from this week seamarble waves beachcombing scotland seaglass rare beauties beach vintage 💙💜🖤

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Comment from April:

A very special piece from yesterday's dive... completely smooth around the edges and about the size of a dime. 🔥❤🔴⚀ Likely a piece of 1930's ruby red depression glass from a candy dish. . . score seaglass mermaidtreasures mermaidtears mermaidloot mermaid oahu hawaii wavywendsday depressionglass 1930 ruby red redseaglass bigscore vitaminsea

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Comment from Kane:

How good have the light shows been recently! The seagulls sure appreciate the view. . . Dunedin dunedinnz portabulous sunrise fire seaglass ig_newzealand Canonnz canon lightbro oceanviews newzealand wilddunedin skyporn clonidine dunnerstunner

39 Minutes ago

Ethan & Hoa


Comment from Ethan & Hoa:

Upclose of tinies. seaglass beachcombing seashells seaweed seapottery

42 Minutes ago

Louise 🚀


Comment from Louise 🚀:

A very special order this evening! 🛠💫❤️

43 Minutes ago

Joannemay Estoesta


Comment from Joannemay Estoesta:

Working on Sea Glass projects!! teamesto facesbyjojo namesbyjojo ferrylanding gtmo guantanamo guantanamobay cuba iloveyou seaglass seaglassart beachglass shells canon canon6d photography portrait seaglassprojects coral whiteglass

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Екатерина Шелыгина


Comment from Екатерина Шелыгина:

SeaStainedGlass Seaglass beachglass frame stainedglass handmade ooak art design photo витраж мозаика ручнаяработа рукоделие craft photoframe gift souvenir фоторамка рамочка фото подарок интерьер interior homedecor livemaster ярмаркамастеров etsyseller etsyshop etsy

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Sam Bacigalupi

Comment from Sam Bacigalupi:

My little ZenGarden sand crystal seaglass coloredstones ineedmore zen

48 Minutes ago

Meg Carter


Comment from Meg Carter:

"If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced." - V. Van Gogh seaglass beachglass paint rainbow

49 Minutes ago

Jessica JoLynn


Comment from Jessica JoLynn:

Raw unedited Rainy Day flow to Rebelution ♥️🌈😍💗 wish I had known you could post multiple videos at once before 😂hoopvibeshoopinghoopflowhoopersofinstagramhoopeverydamnday hooplahflowmiesgoalsbringonmoregoodweatherpracticenamastepassionmotivationoptimismpositivityloveseaglassaddictionhobbyaquacircleoflifesacredcirclehoopflowartsdreadsdreadheadshoopmamarainydayrebelution

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Comment from Luromia:

All set up @galleryatmarinasquare handmade jewelry morrobay california art gallery unique gifts seaglass moonstone

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Comment from Renae:

Had to turn this UV piece into a pendant. The color is so great - I love wearing it!! . . . . beachglass seaglass lakesuperiorbeachglass seaglassaddict beachglasslover uvseaglass seaglasspendant

52 Minutes ago



Comment from LluneSol:

seaglass magical

53 Minutes ago

Paola Gonzalez


Comment from Paola Gonzalez:

When you want more than you have, you think you need And when you think more than you want, your thoughts begin to bleed I think I need to find a bigger place Cause when you have more than you think, you need more space Society, you're a crazy breed I hope you're not lonely without me Society, crazy indeed Hope you're not money without me Society - Eddie Vedder I fuckin love this song, this whole soundtrack of the film "Into the wild", I fuckin love Eddie Vedder and his voice. . . Beautiful sea glass pendant by @misspeppers_creations, feeling the Irish vibes and makes me want to hear folk music!! 😂😂😂 lol . . society eddievedder intothewild lyrics folk folkmusic irish seaglass pendant music love happy goodvibes rise nofilters sinfiltros

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Comment from craftyshell3:

@gouletpens you really knocked my socks off with Seaglass, what a beauty! 😍 fp fpgeeks fountainpen fountainpengeeks fountainpenaddict fountainpennetwork nock nocksinclair sailorpen sailor1911 sailormorita sailorfresca edisonnouveaupremiere seaglass

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Comment from SEA AND GLASS:

beach smile, choker style....📿🖤🐚 @kaistrands

1 Hours ago



Comment from Apolenka💁🏻:

😎✔️✔️ likeforlike recentforrecent like4like aesthetics grunge bands scene sceneteens tumblr piercings alternativehair alternative scenegirl sadgirl emoteen pastelgoth pastelpunk scenehair emogirl depressed emo punk scenes blackhair sceneboy sceneteen aesthetic scenecouple handmadeinhawaii seaglass

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Lisa Rambjor


Comment from Lisa Rambjor:

This photo is all wrong.. This mermaid beauty should be in a photo with sand between the toes in the background, instead of boots in the snow! 😆 For now, she's trying to enjoy the cool temps here in Maine! 🌲❄️ This epic cuff bracelet will be available in my shop update this Sunday, April 2nd, at 12:00pm EST! ✨ • • lisajdesigns seaglassjewelry seaglassbracelet seaglass mermaid mermaidjewelry mermaidbracelet cuffbracelet silverbracelet riojeweler turquoiseterritory turquoiseoverdiamonds madeinmaine instajewelry freespirit gypsysoul bohojewelry bohemianjewelry seaglasslove seaglassporn seahorse seahorsejewelry starfish starfishjewelry seaglassporn seaglassjewellery underthesea saltylife surfstyle saltywater oceanlife

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Comment from SEA AND GLASS:

jungle mix 🌴🍃

15 Hours ago