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Berke Kıran


Comment from Berke Kıran:

*New details for Orc Leader wacom intuospro cg 3d 3dprinting art sculpt 3dprint 3dmodel photoshop digitalart substancepainter 3dart orc modelling pixologic sculpture selfie sculpting 3dsmax character zbrushcentral digitalsculpting conceptart concept 3dmodeling characterdesign gameart zbrush artstationhq

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Comment from puttyallthetime:

• Behind The Scenes • @nwjay marvel marvellegends actionfigure actionfigures custom custompaint customactionfigures paint painting putty sculpture sculpt sculpting photography toyphotography puttyallthetime articulatedcomicbookart toygroup_alliance epictoyart toyartistry portrait portraitphotography squad bts behindthescenes

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18, Sfx Makeup Artist👻


Comment from 18, Sfx Makeup Artist👻:

My first nose prosthetic on @ruthcodd face cast 🤗collegelife practice mua sfx sfxcourse sfxmakeupartist specialeffectsmakeup prosthetic prostheticmakeup fakenose sculpting modelingwax prostheticmaking molding plaster

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Comment from ellen:

wipellenrococo workinprogress wolf sculpting polymerclay ellenrococo sculpey sculpeyclay

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Ben Ridgway


Comment from Ben Ridgway:

Limited edition of 30 RIDDLEBOX chrome plated pins available exclusively through the new Threyda phone app! This app will keep you up to date on new releases, sales, and will give you a chance to vote on your favorite designs! Available for IPhone + Android pindrop nickelplated sculpting zbrush 3d innerspace imagination pins limitededition threyda

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Comment from PokeClaymon:

🐢🐣Here's a smoothing technique tutorial vid on a cult favourite ... pumpkaboo hes handmade from Super Sculpey Clay and is from pokemon 🐙 pokemongo 🦂 pokemonsunandmoon Please visit my Youtube page Pokeclaymon Inc for this video 😃😄 pikachu & more pokefanart Please like follow and doubletap using the links above & please comment or give feedback as id love to hear from you about my pokemonfanart !🐌🐛 Love nintendo & the Pokemon Universe since the original GameBoy games - Love my art pokemonart Sculpting & Made using SuperSculpey Clay & the proportions against my 3ds Pokedex - figure pokefan workinprogress Thanks for checking me out - Have a lovely day! pokemonsunmoon pokemonxyz grasstype ghosttype WHOS NEXT?

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Handmade Clay Trinkets


Comment from Handmade Clay Trinkets:

March Meet the Maker, Day 23: Recent Make. If you've been watching my stories then you've seen this little bird come to life, feather by feather. She's a red-winged blackbird, and is such an integral part of my home that I'd forgotten while being 2,000 miles away for so long. It's strange, the little things you take for granted that you don't even remember until you're back again. I'm happy to be home. This piece will become a pendant. You'll also find another shot of this pretty girl as one of my very first contributions to my very first collab group, @enchanted.wilderness. You're welcome to join us as we adventure and find creatures along the way! 🌲 polymerclay sculpey premo blackbird redwingedblackbird snow forest spiritanimal sculpting wings pendant black red marchmeetthemaker day23 recentmake

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Comment from Veronica:

so satisfying to try new things and push myself in different ways; even better when it comes out more successful than expected 🔮🌙✨ specialfx specialeffects fxmakeup sfxmakeup artist sculpting prosthetics prostheticmakeup sculpt wip monstermaker sfx mykie_ powdah cinemasecrets clay sculptor makeupisart makeupmagic goremakeup horrormakeup horror monsters monstermakeup selftaught

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Gothycat Duhain-Tubiermont


Comment from Gothycat Duhain-Tubiermont:

Petits bidouillages du jour <3 Little work of the day <3 . . . work creation handmade creator clay sculpey sculpting tentacles shell inspiration dreams

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JM Calzada Esculturas


Comment from JM Calzada Esculturas:

sculpture sculptor gardenart sculptureart sculpting stainlesssteel contemporaryart artwork artdesign instaart steel placadeacero acero esculturadeacero artoftheday

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Floriana Vitale


Comment from Floriana Vitale:

instamoment instaphoto instago socialmediamarketing fuoriceilsole inspiration siciliangirl italiangirl southerngirl disegno disegnodalvero paper sculpture sculptures scultura tufo sculpting sculptural argillanaturale art arte art🎨 artecontemporanea artist artstagram artistlife artistsofinstagram artwork artistoninstagram artlovers

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Dave Sucharski

Comment from Dave Sucharski:

craft art work sculpting painting grind beastmode resilience goals

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Daniele Gazzosa NEW ACCOUNT


Comment from Daniele Gazzosa NEW ACCOUNT:

clay sculpture sculpting monster ink skull tbt igers instagram follow instafollow photooftheday photography handmade handcrafted selfie etsy etsysellersofinstagram

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🦄✨ Enchanted Wilderness ✨🦄


Comment from 🦄✨ Enchanted Wilderness ✨🦄:

Hello fellow forest wanderers! It's Mouse from @mouses_magical_menagerie and I've found my spirit animal flying about in the marshes this winter, calling out for spring to thaw the waters and bring juicy bugs to munch on~ but I'm personally loving this chilly snowy (bugless) wonderland.❄️ For those of you who haven't seen these before, this is a red-winged blackbird and they make such a cool noise as they hop about on the cattails. I've missed their call. 🌲 polymerclay mousesmagicalmenagerie collab sculpey premo blackbird redwingedblackbird snow forest enchanted spiritanimal sculpting wings pendant black red

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Comment from

Equation for staying awake 24 hours: : : PikaChu + Gold+ Cherry Blossoms[mourning brooch(lips+eye)-reality] > sleep ..... This just flew out of my brain honestly and it might mean different things to different people- And that's what's so great about it. It's an art baby- it is its own little person- it can be whatever it wants to be- I just gave it life. : : : : artitupwithfriends popsurrealism popart pikachu sculpting painting mourning unique original instaartist mindfulness meditation ReadRidingHood art artist goodmorning inspiration lips eye bat gold WIP (work in progress)

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Dedalos Art Dolls


Comment from Dedalos Art Dolls:

Michel and Patricia Dolls from my old serie dedicated to movie icons dedalosartdolls artdolls paperclay dollmaking godard auboutdesouffle breathless movie vintage art artist inspiration portrait instaart contemporary sculpting sculpture

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Anton Smit Sculptor


Comment from Anton Smit Sculptor:

Sculpture: " Embrace " On exhibition at Gallery, Stellenbosch For a moment we were one, like the ocean's billowing embrace" / "Vir n oomblik was ons een, soos die deinende omhelsing van die see..." . . . antonsmit embrace ocean figurative sculptor sculpture artists instaart instaartist artoftheday artofvisuals poetry arte sculpting artwork art stellenbosch capetown artsy artgallery artexhibition antonsmitsculpture antonsmitexhibition

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Comment from Chloe:

I was so impressed with my little Toothless when I made him right at the beginning when I started Fimo! He is still one of my favourites that I've made! toothless dragon howtotrainyourdragon cute dreamworks fimo charm character friend companion pet sculpting

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5 Star Nutrition Fort Bliss


Comment from 5 Star Nutrition Fort Bliss:

Repost @alex_whitemann with @repostapp ・・・ "Nothing is more powerful than a mind headed in the right direction! Go out there and show everyone who the fuck you are!" Putting on size where I lacked, went from a solid 137, to a solid shredded 155 💪🏻 Let's keep it going till I step on stage for npcsuncity @wegrowmonsters @5starnutritionfortbliss epfitnesstransmountain motivation motivateothers gymmotivation swole alpha swolemate VR compete bodybuilding powerlifter sculpting gains chestday ilift livefitep gymrat gymlife flex physique letsbuildanempire 915fitnesscommunity team5star teamgoliath teamdavis embraceyourobsession

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Doctor Dope


Comment from Doctor Dope:

The dreaded TWIN CYCLOPSE! sculpting sculpey practice

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Comment from pankajmurmu:

Argonian WIP zbrush sculpting 😌

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Comment from eva:

Progress. The cape is too keep her wet. art sculpting sculpture clay artist Boneva willemdekooningacademie

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Comment from TRENDMOOD:

Another look to this Sculpting Powder by @maccosmetics 😍😍this Tropical packaging tho 🌺 🍌🌴the flowers, the tropical fruits, pineapple, banana, papaya LoveIt could that be the Summer2017 Collection ?!?!?! ComingSoon *will keep u updated What are your thoughts? ☀️🌴🍌🌺 TRENDMOOD mac pic: @giuliamachiaje THANK U for this gorgeous update: @stacey0234 😘motd makeupoftheday mua ilovemakeup makeup makeupaddict makeuplover makeupblogger makeuponpoint onpoint makeuplook makeuplove makeuptalk makeuptutorial makeuplover makeupaddict makeupaddiction makeupdolls onpoint onfleek

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Slimfit Estetik Ve Saç Ekim


Comment from Slimfit Estetik Ve Saç Ekim:

İyileşmiş haliyle en en en güzel kare😍 slimfitestetik estetik aesthetics microblading dogal 3dkıltekniği pudralama tozlama lifting kaş kalicimakyaj brow lips lipstick eyeliner surgery sculpting zayıflama medical clinic surgery karıngerme dermapen mutluetmekelimizde kirpik ipekkirpik pudralama estetik

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Comment from Art:

'We're Ready' art fineart sculpture wits southafrica artist student clay works sculpting braam sculpture

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HeartWarmingStuff (Анастасия)


Comment from HeartWarmingStuff (Анастасия):

✨ Кулон "Свет Маяка" в технике Живопись из полимерной глины! ✨ handmade polymerclay pendant lighthouse handicraft sculpting fimo ручнаяработа пермь ручнаяработа кулон кулонручнойработы маяк маяки звезды море пейзаж живопись полимернаяглина фимо лепка пластика

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Comment from Art:

'We're Ready' art fineart sculpture wits southafrica artist student clay works sculpting braam sculpture

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Comment from FranzCaponPajares:

The beauty of miniature sculpting. miniature sculpting sculpture vinyl art ph instaph passion artist

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Ben De Angelis


Comment from Ben De Angelis:

Yo peeps, I'm going to be sculpting a bunch of heads here on stream at 12:30 EST, Come say hi! :D (psst, If you're on mobile click the link in my bio) Live Head render zbrush keyshot sculpt 3dmodeling 3dmodel gamedev woman female girl sculpture instamood photooftheday igdaily sculpting sexy beautiful photoshop love instagood cute art myart artist progress work love

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Comment from Art:

'We're Ready' art fineart sculpture wits southafrica artist student clay works sculpting braam sculpture

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Comment from Art:

My Clay Sculpture series: 'We're Ready' art fineart sculpture wits southafrica artist student clay works sculpting braam sculpture

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Comment from xpxl:

Finished the carving of the Battlelore board. First texture coat and primer complete. Big job but getting there. Loving working with foam sculpting foam foamsculpture wargaming fantasyflightgames battlelore warboards lukesaps warhammer miniatures craft loveart britishart 3d 3dmodelling fantasyart conceptart fantasy scifi boardgames dicetower manvsmeeple tabletopgaming prop propmaking

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セサーンネ ナラ


Comment from セサーンネ ナラ:

👀ถ้าจะเอาเอก็ย้ายเอกเลยเส้ sculpture sculpting

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