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Jessi Tully


Comment from Jessi Tully:

The tooth fairy quite unexpectedly had to make a stop tonight. I didn't even know the tooth was loose! sadie 5yearsold losttooth loosetooth toothfairy toothfairyiscomingtonight toothfairyiscoming toothfairytime toothnumber3 oldestchild oldestgirl oldestsister oldestof4 toothless piggiebankmoney

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Comment from MrBear_MissSadie:

When someone asks me how many drinks I want on a Friday arvo 🤗 friday thethirstisreal pups allthefeels getwet puppy frinally sadie bordercollie drinkdrankdrunk love

15 Minutes ago


Comment from Bob.:

Sorry I didn't post for a while! I got busy • • • ~credit to Micheamich on Tumblr~ • • • stevenuniverse su lapislazuli connie lars sadie stevonnie sardonyx sugilite alexandrite garnet pearl amethyst ruby sapphire peridot

23 Minutes ago

stella🐱🎀 & sadie B🐱🎀


Comment from stella🐱🎀 & sadie B🐱🎀:

j'adore les fleurs. 😸💚🌷sadie stellaandsadie kitty kitten chaton gatito gattino 고양이 子猫 neko kätzchen cat instacat catsofinstagram meow purrr greytabby whiskers paws love family homesweethome minikitty greeneyes naturelovers

25 Minutes ago

S & T


Comment from S & T:

A sleepy pooch and a grumpy kitty!! rottweilersofinstagram Sadie blackandgraykitty hessogrumpy furbabies🐾 2017❤️

27 Minutes ago


Comment from 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩:

This meme is 10/10 • • • • • TAGS: stevenun steven universe lars larsstevenuniverse SU gem gems crystalgems amethyst larsandsadie sadie garnet pearl space homeworld beach city beachcity peridot meme memes fusion fusions lapis

56 Minutes ago

Sadie The Mini Ausky


Comment from Sadie The Mini Ausky:

Take time to stop and smell the flowers 🐾🐶🌷 summer Sadie flowers nature walks . . . . . ausky miniausky love cute aussie mini austrailianshepherd husky instagood instagram instamood instadaily dogs dogdailyfeaturesss purple alberta canada beautiful sunny sunset picoftheday tbt throwbackthursday thursday

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Comment from lapidot.barn:

Repost from @spaghetti.universe stevenuniverse lars sadie steven homeworldgems homeworld thecrystalgems garnet suhumans

1 Hours ago

Steven Queerniverse


Comment from Steven Queerniverse:

THIS AU THO ⠀ ﴾⠀©: jankybones | Tumblr⠀﴿ ⠀ *please support the artist who and do not repost from my account!!* . . . . Backup Account: @http.stevenunivrse ⠀ stevenuniversesulapislapissulapislazulilapislazulisuperidotperidotsularslarssularsbariggasadiesadiesusadiemillerstevenstevensu

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Comment from 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩:

Female Lars outfit, because, why not! Should I delete? • • • • • TAGS: steven steven universe lars larsstevenuniverse SU gem gems crystalgems amethyst larsandsadie sadie garnet pearl space homeworld beach city beachcity peridot meme memes fusion fusions lapis

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Comment from Haskins:

Sadie N Charger! doggos sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G first c... awe fuck it I don't know the rest but these guys are down w each other now! dog dogs_of_instagram adoptdontshop rescuedog dogsofinstagram doggies doglove dogwalk puppydog doglover dogslife dogoftheday

1 Hours ago

Sierra Dawn Hays


Comment from Sierra Dawn Hays:

My new running buddy 😍❤️😋 Sadie thoseeyes silverlab

1 Hours ago



Comment from Heidi:

Haven't you noticed that I'm a star~? ~ ☆Tags☆ ~ stevenuniver su connie pearl garnet amythest rosequartz lapis peridot crystalgems ruby sapphire greguniverse yellowdiamond bluediamond pinkdiamond whitediamond bluepearl yellowpearl pinkpearl whitepearl lars sadie

1 Hours ago



Comment from stevonnie:

I wish they would just kiss already 😍😍❤️💙☺️ bubbled steven Connie crystalgems greg amethyst stevonnie sadie lars lion lapislazuli garnet pearl beachcity bigdounut gem homeworld yellowdiamond bluediamond rosequartz ruby hollyblueagate

1 Hours ago

NW Calgary, Alberta Canada


Comment from NW Calgary, Alberta Canada:

Happy 1st Birthday Sadie 💜 Lexi Luther & her new sister Sadie had a first visit w Dr. Jordan today and we wanted to wish Sadie a Paw-some Day 🎉 happybirthday sadie cairnterriers cairnterriersofinstagram yycdogs yyc calgarydogs edgemontvetclinic evc veterinarycare veterinaryfamily

1 Hours ago

Sadie The American Bulldog


Comment from Sadie The American Bulldog:

When it's hot as hell you have no lady class 😂 Sadie americanbulldog dogsofinstgram bullybreed summerdays sohot

1 Hours ago

Sadie The Staffy


Comment from Sadie The Staffy:

Happy Friyay friends!! If you need me I'll be down by the water 💦🌊 sadie sadiethestaffy water manly friday friyay dog happy happypup waterdog dogsofinsta dogsofinstagram

1 Hours ago



Comment from StaceyOz:

sleepygirl longday turnoutthel sadiebreeze dachshunds dachsh mix shihtzu schweeniesofinstagram schweeni dogsofinstagram schweenie dogloversclub dogs_of_instagra pupsofinstagram sadie dogsofinstaworld doglove puppylife dog.lovers dogs dogsofinsta dogs justanimls sleepinmyownbed happytobehome

1 Hours ago

Kate, Ava, Sadie & Afra 🐾


Comment from Kate, Ava, Sadie & Afra 🐾:

The girls + Jack😁 beach play dates

1 Hours ago



Comment from Sadie:

New toy, who dis? sadie sadiethegroodle groodle groodlesau groodlesofinsta groodlesaustralia groodlesofaustralia goldendoodle goldendoodlecentral goldendoodlesofinsta goldendoodlesofinstagram dood doodsofinstagram doodle doodlesofinstagram dogsofinstagram

2 Hours ago

Leslie Bibb


Comment from Leslie Bibb:

hold on...this is for @jennyjohnsonhi5... sadie germanshepherd whoanelly can we talk about that tail...just heading to work tagmovie

2 Hours ago



Comment from Kristy:

This little girl blondehair toddlerlife italkalot beautiful blueeyedbaby sadie auntielovesyou myheart igetitfrommydaddy shoelove babyfeet imnotkurtcobain !

2 Hours ago



Comment from Amelia🍟🍕:

bestfriend dogsofinstagram sadie

2 Hours ago

Bentley And Sadie


Comment from Bentley And Sadie:

The chicken nugget incident of 2017. A brief argument turned into a bloody massacre. Her skin is so thin that Bentley ended up giving her a new split under her eye 🙄 anotherscartothecollection Literally a pool of gushing blood for about 3 minutes and now it's settled down ufcfightnight whatnext sadie goingtogivemommyaheartattack bostonterrier scarstellastory

2 Hours ago

tiny German Shepherd family


Comment from tiny German Shepherd family:

Mom said not to get in the water so I got in the water

2 Hours ago

Steven Universe


Comment from Steven Universe:

Lapis Lazuli is the winner of my elimination contest. Garnet (1) and Amethyst (2) were voted out in the final round. For the next couple of days I will be posting Lapis Lazuli fan art. StevenUniverse CrystalGems Garnet Amethyst Pearl Peridot LapisLazuli RoseQuartz GregUniverse BlueDiamond YellowDiamond Sapphire Ruby Opal Malachite Alexandrite Sugilite Sardonyx PinkLion Lars Sadie ConnieMaheswaran Jasper SmokeyQuartz RainbowQuartz Stevonnie Centi StevenUniverseFandom VoteOut BestStevenUniverseCharacter

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Comment from Sadie:

Sadie therapydog training aussie puppy playtime spirithorsect

3 Hours ago

Author-Single Rider on Amazon!


Comment from Author-Single Rider on Amazon!:

Friday spinning, detox teaing, & cleaning .... thanks for the recommendation @thesoundexchange tunes sadie writerslife ifitmakesyouhappy fridaylove spinit detox tasteslikeevil godhelpme

3 Hours ago

💟Claire 💟


Comment from 💟Claire 💟:

creds: @iveseen_strangerthings this is life 😂😂 millie milliebrown milliebobbybrown eleven el 11 finn fw finnwolfhard mike mikewheeler mileven caleb lucas lucassinclair gaten gatenmatarazzo sadie max strangerthings season2 halloween 2017

3 Hours ago

Shaina Bertrang


Comment from Shaina Bertrang:

Hey, you're cute. Love you. Miss you 🤗❤️😍 Sadie shetaughtmeeveeything tbt firsthorse saddlebred

3 Hours ago



Comment from nomindeed:

Tried to do a Sadie and Lars fusion cuacontest su stevenuniverse lars sadie fusion

3 Hours ago



Comment from 💚Peridot💚:

Back to my regular posts with some really cool artwork!! TAGS: stevenuniverse su cartoonnetwork peridot pearl garnet amethyst lapislazuli ruby sapphire steven crystalgems clod f4f l4l funko funkopop stevenuniversefunko lapidot aquamarine topaz stevonnie connie lars sadie larsadie rupphire lapidot jasper rosequartz greguniverse

3 Hours ago

Cinnamon Cat


Comment from Cinnamon Cat:

AU Aquamarine in a pose with and without wings ---------------- I changed the design slightly to include another one of normal Aquamarine's colors greg steven stevenuniverse su padparadscha garnet sapphire ruby pearl amethyst rhodonite diamond zircon wanted stevenbomb rutile lars pinklars aquamarine topaz connie sadie fluorite jasper diamond yellowdiamond bluediamond whitediamond pinkdiamond rosequartz

14 Hours ago