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Brittany Bangerter


Comment from Brittany Bangerter:

This pretty little double stone is headed to California today! I just love this stone combo and am so happy that someone felt the same! See ya later, dude! 👋🐢 . . . sterlingsilver riojeweler whimsy doublestone gypsy gypsysoul campitosturquoise turquoiseoverdiamonds ringgoals silverwork silversmith

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Melissa Villadiego


Comment from Melissa Villadiego:

More people are showing off their STL pride this week! Another pair out the door today! Link is in profile. If you want a custom color, shoot me a message!

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Comment from D'Silvergirl:

Morenci Turquoise (one of my favorites) with cresent moons. Final clean and shine today. Maybe the sun will come out later today so I can get some good pictures of it. . . Shop my store by clicking on the MyGypsyStore link in my bio @dsilvergirl . . turquoisejewelry turquoise stone morenci blue skyblue beauty designer jewelrymaker jewelrylover jewelryaddict handmade riojeweler silver sterlingsilverjewelry sterling hammered textured concho handforged studio style jewelrystyle shop uniquejewelry

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Comment from Lo-Run-zo:

My new tattoo

12 Minutes ago



Comment from Handmadebymichelle:

You have to see the beauty from beginning to end. * * * handmadechicago handmadejewelry handmadebymichelle handmade jewelry harddaysnotquittingdays handmadeishardwork bezels wip sterlingsilver neverclean metalwork metalsmithing silversmith madebyher madebyhand madeinchicago onedaythesewillbeshiny respecttheprocess inthestudio inprogress imadethat buylocal wearableart manystepstodone rawchicago rawartist riojeweler

12 Minutes ago

Jeff Meredith


Comment from Jeff Meredith:

Saying goodbye to these beauties today. I wanna say thank you to all of you that support me and my art. I can't do this without you guys. Much love ❤ wirewrap heady jewelry jewelryofig gold silver custom riojeweler riopro pendant baller bling pendantsofig ring etsy abstractamulets art hybrid fab fabrication 420 710 oprasbookclub highsociety dab giftideas

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Comment from Maranda:

♥The Elemental Earrings♥ These and the rest of the Ceres Collection are 20% off with coupon code IWANTTOBELIEVE, link in bio.

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Jewelry Business Experts 💎


Comment from Jewelry Business Experts 💎:

Summer Lovin 💕☀️ What's your favorite part about summer? While we hope you enjoy all the best parts of summer these next few months, we also hope you are thinking about ways to boost your sales! Grab our FREE 25 Ways to BOOST Summer Sales Guide and have a fun (and productive) summer! [[Link in Profile]] FTAcademy summersales summerguide freedownload summer

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Cara Moss || TorchFire Studio


Comment from Cara Moss || TorchFire Studio:

Classic, basic bands in white, yellow and rose gold. Which is your fave?? I love making wedding bands!

46 Minutes ago

JenKB Jewelry


Comment from JenKB Jewelry:

Earlier this year I had the honour of making bridal jewelry for a dear friend. She's a huge Tolkien fan, so I tried to work a little elvish magic into the metalwork. I also made tiny stargazer lillies to adorn the piece. I was thrilled with how the set turned out - and luckily so was the beautiful and radiant bride 💕

47 Minutes ago

Alternatyva® Joyeria Artesanal


Comment from Alternatyva® Joyeria Artesanal:

Princess Larimar is the name of this ring. Size 7, available in my @etsy store. . . . alternatyva artisanjewelry theartisangroup bohojewelry jewelry fashion fashionblogger ringsofinstagram handcrafted houstontexas instajewelry instagood katytexas ringsoftheday riojeweler texas madeinusa yosoyartesana showmeyourrings jewelryoftheday madeintexas larimar larimarjewelry ootd

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Mackenzie 🌊🔮✨


Comment from Mackenzie 🌊🔮✨:

✨ 🌊 Beach Days truly bring out the stuff of my soul. 🌊 ✨ I feel like I am at my most peaceful, my most calm; I am the person I want to always be, when I'm at the sea. 🌊 Where is your happy place? . . . . squashblossom basic turquoisecult turquoiseterritory ladysmith handmade handcrafted boho bohemian summer gypsy gemstones handmadejewelry beach silversmith metaphysical instasmithy witchy wildandfree makermade maker southwestern vintage turquoise turquoisejewelry turquoiseoverdiamonds riojeweler fingercandy goddess jotd

1 Hours ago

The Crystal Arcana


Comment from The Crystal Arcana:

Moon Stoned lighter cap and a Lake Michigan sunset. ❤️ . . . . . . . . . puremichi ladysmith metalsmith instasmithy blogger fashion instadaily ontrend handmadejewelry happy riojeweler makersgonamake bythehand ringsdaily knowyourmaker makersmovement crystalsofig

1 Hours ago

- bae♡


Comment from - bae♡:

"e veramente mi dispiace, ma non sono forte come mi credete" surfart artwork artist artsy handmade balance physics science friday beach desk toy toys quality details detail sterlingsilver handmadejewelry mygypsystorefamily nature silversmith instasmith gemstones riojeweler boho bohojewelry hippie hippiefashion instasmithy bohemian

1 Hours ago

Madison Hampton


Comment from Madison Hampton:

Vancrafted Studio Petoskey Stone Rings of the past! 🌲🌞 I still have the one on my ring finger because I botched the beading so badly & deemed it something not up to the @vancraftedstudio standard and therefore something I would not sell!👩🏼‍🏭 This ring & I have had our time apart & I think we're ready to work together again 😆 I would love to remake/fix it up in your size.. or in cuff or Pendant fashion for that matter 🌼✌🏽 DM, email or even text me for details on pricing & what we can make happen! My Michigan roots are really showing through lately 🤗✨✨ puremichigan

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Comment from Shannon:

Dainty little Poseidon Variscite Flower ring up for grabs in my shop! . . Click the link in my profile to scroll through my shop! . . poseidon variscite rings handmade wearethemakers makersmovement handmaderings metalsmith boho simple shop nc art instasmithy riojeweler metal silversmith bohemian gypsy mygypsystore mygypsystorefamily fashion dvj shine stones gems gemstones flowers bloom

2 Hours ago

e. scott originals jewelry


Comment from e. scott originals jewelry:

Can't wait to finally finish this portrait necklace!Amazing stone to frame in our silver, lace frame 💚🏝 (stone is Chrysocolla Malachite from AZ) escottoriginals

2 Hours ago

Sandra Anne Designs


Comment from Sandra Anne Designs:

Boxing and preparing orders for shipment. If this is one of yours it's-a-comin'!! 😍😍 sandraannedesigns customorder jewelrydesigner jewelrygram designerjewelry highfashion metalsmith makersgonnamake shipping fashionista finejewelry jewelryblogger turquoiseoverdiamonds riojeweler glamour handcraftedjewelry sterlingsilverjewelry gemstonejewelry ilovemyjob

2 Hours ago

David Wells


Comment from David Wells:

Really enjoying rings recently! This glitch/flow piece features Tourmaline and blue Zicron, spun in sterling silver! Drop me a line if you need some bling 💎

2 Hours ago


Comment from

A handful of summer colors! Prehnite, ruby, amethyst, turquoise and variscite ...each pendant comea with a chain and each pendant shown is available in my etsy shop. Link in profile.

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Comment from haley:

177/365: measuring up brooch: today i feel very very nervous and i am enjoying every minute of it. . . . grateful for the labor of getting to know someone. . . . thisisabrooch w makersmarathon riojeweler handmade metalsmith metalsmithing ladysmith jewelry contemporaryart art instasmith artist makersgonnamake style wearables craft contemporary contemporarycraft 365 365ringchallenge 365grateful jewellryactivist klimt02 @jewellryactivist

3 Hours ago

- bae♡


Comment from - bae♡:

“Hai solo bisogno di qualcuno che sappia leggerti dentro nonostante tu sia fatta di scarabocchi.” surfart artwork artist artsy handmade balance physics science friday beach desk toy toys quality details detail sterlingsilver handmadejewelry mygypsystorefamily nature silversmith instasmith gemstones riojeweler boho bohojewelry hippie hippiefashion instasmithy bohemian

3 Hours ago

Авторские украшения из серебра


Comment from Авторские украшения из серебра:

Немного о создании серёжек. 10 фото, листайте карусель, задавайте вопросы, если возникают. На последнем фото инструменты, которыми я из вырезанных из листового серебра дисков сделала полусферы, половинки шарика. Затем эти половинки спаяла, получились шарики, которые я подвесила под камушками. oh_процесс процесссоздания ювелирноедело российскиедизайнеры украшенияручнойработы серьгиизсеребра ювелирныеукрашенияназаказ украшенияназаказмосква закулисье jewelrymaker jewelrymaking riojeweler handmadejewelry wirewrapping jewelryartist openheart

4 Hours ago

RiverGum Jewellery


Comment from RiverGum Jewellery:

New labradorite earrings in my etsy shop tonight.... lovely and long, a new all season favourite...rivergumjewellery melbournemakers australianjewellery melbournejewellery melbourneartists labradorite argentium riojeweler onmybench silversmith silverjewelry

5 Hours ago

Mason Stebner


Comment from Mason Stebner:

New mini opal banger only 120$ pm me if you are interested. 14k gold and sterling/argentium silvers. 💚💚💚👽 tourmaline gemporn crystals crystal wirewrap pendant energy chakra chakrabalancing healing crystalhealing sterlingsilver balanceizkey forsale goddess gods infinit balance riojeweler riogrande garnet opal gold silver opal

6 Hours ago

Kaley J


Comment from Kaley J:

Awesome texture on this piece. castawaypdx lostwax jewelryproduction jewelry lostwaxcasting riojeweler instajewelry instasmithy investmentcasting madeinpdx pdxjewelry coldmolding vulcanizer succulents organiccasting waxtree castawaycreations

6 Hours ago



Comment from ostara.craft:

My heavily textured Celestial necklace nestled in some terrestrial delights. 🌙✨🌰🍂 . . . . moon crescent celestial sky universe planets stars blackdiamond sterlingsilver sterlingsilverjewellery sterlingsilverjewelry silver jewelry jewellery imadethis instasmithy riojeweler metalsmith ladysmith supportsmallbusiness shopsmall handmadejewelry handmade texture earth handmadejewellery gratitude howitsmadematters necklace magic

6 Hours ago

Marta Oms


Comment from Marta Oms:

New feather pendant with little turquoise, marching with the ring! 😉 Nou penjoll de ploma amb turquesa petita, de conjunt amb l'anell! 😉 masaoms martaoms handmadejewelry sterlingsilver featherring featherjewelry turquoisejewelry turquoisering featherpendant feathernecklace turquoisependant turquoisenecklace turquoiseoverdiamonds turquoisefeatherring etsyjewelry riojeweler joies joieria fetama penjollploma plomaplata penjollturquesa penjollplomaturquesa joiesturquesa joiesploma

7 Hours ago

Gurushabd Khalsa🌙❤️🌱


Comment from Gurushabd Khalsa🌙❤️🌱:

Ancient magicians relied upon Black Tourmaline, known as Schorl, to protect them from earth demons as they cast their spells. Today this stone is still revered as a premier talisman of protection, a psychic shield deflecting and dispelling negative energies, entities, or destructive forces. It guards against radiation and environmental pollutants, and is highly useful in purifying and neutralizing one’s own negative thoughts and internal conflicts, and turning them into positive, usable energy. blacktourmaline Highvibration shabdkmaui handmadejewelry 🖤

7 Hours ago

Tessa Rand


Comment from Tessa Rand:

"Classic Purple" Sterling silver, 14k gold, Australian Boulder Opal and hand carved sugilite by myself. This one is going to a friend who loves opals!

7 Hours ago

HEXORN Jewelry


Comment from HEXORN Jewelry:

There was a sound as it awoke Stirred from its slumber A frequency emanated As softly it spoke "Come sunshine words Truly brilliant before every part" Great hearts will want As sweet the sound Does lick mind and lips These imperfect moments When we are humans showing ourselves A light to make the dark to be seen by Nuit and fold her in @omnimesis

8 Hours ago

• b e l l a w i n k l e r •


Comment from • b e l l a w i n k l e r •:

One of my favorite shots of this herkimer diamond mini pendant! This one sold, but I have one more in the shop! Also, I accidentally bought some 16" sterling silver chains instead of my usual spool of chain to make necklaces, so I'll include a free 16" necklace with any pendant all day tomorrow if you leave me a note at checkout 😋 // intertwinedquartz

8 Hours ago

Terry Alers


Comment from Terry Alers:

"Dance of the Green Salamander" -- These fresh and fun earrings feature exquisite glass beads in tranquil shades of green with metallic raised dots, handmade by California-based lampwork artisan Tom Gronwall. Accented with Chrysolite Opal and Fern Green Swarovski crystals, Argentium silver beads & wires, and sterling silver bead caps. The sparkly fringe cascades in tiers on my hand-forged earwires, adding playful charm and movement to these dramatic drops. The perfect accessory for your flirty spring and summer evenings. Link in bio... lampworkglass argentiumsilver riojeweler chrysoliteopal earrings handmadejewelry oneofakind thetwisterry

258 Days ago