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Pauline Hughes


Comment from Pauline Hughes:

Working from my sketches...big reduction in scale to see if the surface becomes more concentrated and intense clay relief male head marks raw tactile surface

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ßäwàñť Ękťá🔥


Comment from ßäwàñť Ękťá🔥:

Finallly exams over😅😢 lastmeeting bestfriendgoals buddy frankiepartner joker artistfrd love💞 relief

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Libby Walker


Comment from Libby Walker:

Doing our bit for @comicrelief @theatrecafeuk - each boomerang donates £50 via @thelibationstation! Give them a follow and check them out to help donate! . . . . dance dancer dancers charity comicrelief boomerang boomerangfun london money raise cause relief donation help fund support work love peace aid happiness giving

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Erin Hollingshead


Comment from Erin Hollingshead:

Doing some spring cleaning! Use coupon code ERINART40 to save 40% on anything in my etsy store until Summer! . . . . art artist paint painting oil oilpaint acrylic acrylicpaint print printmaking painter printmaker relief woodcut etsy etsyshop sale springcleaning etsyseller emergingartist contemporaryart contemporary halifax novascotia blackandwhite handmade lanadelrey fanart paradise borntodie @etsy @etsy.share @etsysuccess @etsy_exposure @lanadelrey @lanadelreypictures @lanadelreymom @artdecofreak @etsy_features

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Comment from ćhãñďű__Mamidala_♡:

Relief ☺ Comes From That Leaf🌱 trippy nyts 🎆 ĎJ💃

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Elliibean Photography


Comment from Elliibean Photography:

posted images discs finally finished royalmail postoffice happy photography photographer expensive tired relief elliibeanphotography

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Comment from BRENDYN GUNN:

My husband swears by doTERRA's Tri Ease seasonal relief product. In fact, the other day he was digging through our supplements trying to find the Tri Ease and he couldn't find it. I suggested he try the DDR prime because it has similar ingredients. He had this sad face but he was willing to try the DDR prime. Just at that moment I happened to find the Tri Ease and you should've seen his eyes light up! Like a kid in a candy store. :-) He damn near threw down the DDR prime and ripped the Tri Ease from my hands. I have to laugh but he would truly be lost without his good old Tri Ease. •••photo credit: @tricia71114 happy seasonal essentialoils essentialoilsrock eogeekscommonlyusedoils relief spring springtime healthylife healthyhusband holisticmama doterra

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SomaSense Therapeutic Massage


Comment from SomaSense Therapeutic Massage:

Rain after drought rainafterdrought relief indigenous buddleiasalvifolia indigenous strand

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Comment from n.elli.e_:

colors ! ! printmaking relief woodcut

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SomaSense Therapeutic Massage


Comment from SomaSense Therapeutic Massage:

It is raining! plakkies wetplakkies succulent indigenous relief rainafterdrought

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50 Shades Of Fucked Up.


Comment from 50 Shades Of Fucked Up.:

relief love hate ex likeforlike followforfollow

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Ryan Blake


Comment from Ryan Blake:

Cape Town getting some much needed rain🌧 capetown rain clouds drought relief water somersetwest mothernature photography

22 Minutes ago

TriMom Susanne


Comment from TriMom Susanne:

Best feeling ever. When your daughter returns to you after 3 months in Africa. Sorry it's sideways. That's what life is like when your heart walks outside of your body, as happens when you have a child. Oh and yeah, I was a sobbing mess ❤❤❤ exchangestudent capetown parenting globalcitizen relief

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SBeye_Capturing Experiences


Comment from SBeye_Capturing Experiences:

Let the journey begin 👀 Safary forest jungle trees greenery nepal chitwan kathmandu adventures outdoors road trip adventure relief woods natgeo natgeotravel travelphotography photography instapics photooftheday

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Comment from MADEL:

Yellowhello . . . madel wall oldstuf surface materials paint yellow abandoned art photography macro abstract view light relief doyouwanttotouchit

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Mark Christian


Comment from Mark Christian:

This is one of those set a goal and use social media to hold you accountable kinda things. I hope you like seeing me on your feed. art arte artist artistsofinstagram printmaker printmaking relief reliefprint woodcut wildcat arizona uofa beardown tshirt tshirtdesign fashion clothes 520 tucson goingforthegoal pursuingthepassion bjj jiujitsu onethingeveryday

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Comment from yun_a_sim:

다이소에서 3000원에 득템한 무려 베트남산 나무로 만들어진 핸드폰 거치대와 요즘 거의 매일 먹는 스트레스 해소용 붕어 싸만코와 내가 좋아하는 과자 중 하나인 고소한맛 꼬깔콘❤️ 꼬깔콘 붕어싸만코 핸드폰거치대 icecream shape style fashion idea thinking delicious desserts great good see look smartphone cradle smartphonecradle living relief fish icecream snack 다이소 daiso

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Comment from @MySuburbanCharm:

kubball is on tonight and this seasonal crud won't be getting this mama down! I'm keeping that itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, & sneezing at bay thanks to @DoTERRA lemon lavender peppermint in our diffuser today. whatsinyourdiffusertoday diffuser doterra essentialoils rockchalk natural relief ahhhhh howweroll

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Comment from Evaclean_Quotes:

Life is filled with everyday problems similar to how we are plagued by criminals. These problems sometime disturb the mind and disrupt the natural order of a positive day. Though the day may have been a stressful or painful one there is this remedy called music that somehow has this hypnotic poison that just seeps into your body and mind and capture you and take you places where you feel free and relaxed....... As the great Bob Marley said in his song, " When the music hits you, you feel no pain"......... musicmedz musictheescape musicisanarsenal relief remedy music musicmymedicine ittakesyouplaces thatfeeling focused mindset quoteoftheday quotestoliveby @genna_dan @kristiqueangel @worlballa @shevornboothe @craige_spencer @steviedrumz88 @love_swet34 @king_jahson @milesart31 @whyte.paulette @baddazprincezz @original_jay_wiz @odalem @shazzena @ypreebryan97 @sobusyprince @pretti_kitti1 @pure_face @ashleypalmer808 @prettyeyeslydiiboo @jeggae_palmer @nieka_rebel92 @ovounrulykid @ithz_britt @itz_dennii @itz_tassiiboo @brownamoya @dragon_sky27 @queencleopatradestine4grtness @bucky_bb_08 @mraj101 @optimistic_tanz @kellyupsetter_oct1_myparty @clean_team_boss @claudiawhyte22 @craige_spencer @camoteamo @samiboograin @diva_queen_toniann @itz.unique @spauldinggary @simonebritbrit @itz_tassiiboo @king_jahson @brikatlyn

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Natural Health


Comment from Natural Health:

So were packing up and loading everything for the @redirectedwoodco event this weekend and I starting having a serious sneezing fit! 🤧 I could not stop for minutes. I felt like I was having an allergic reaction (I think I just got a big Breathe of sawdust...) but as soon as I thought "allergies" I went and grabbed these 3 beauties and rubbed a drop of each on my neck and chest. 🙌🏼 Immediate relief!!!! Yay!!!! ! K, gotta go load.... 😘

30 Minutes ago

Réda Bouamrani


Comment from Réda Bouamrani:

Projet Immobilier B.I / B.B - Work in Progress agenceautreversion redabouamrani architecture interiordesign archilovers design texture volume relief housing bouskoura 🍃casablanca morroco 2017

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Theodore B. Boyer


Comment from Theodore B. Boyer:

One of my recently favorite California landscapes california maps relief 🗺🏞

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No more Back and Joint Pain.. Shops can Order Now. Delivery Available in So Cal... @critical_pain_relief Original Medicated pain relief spray for aches fullbody allnatural organic vegan nutrients for your skin foodforyourskin cannabiscommunity marijuana cannabis hemp 710society 710

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Flash Spree Inc


Comment from Flash Spree Inc:

-DAILY FLASH SALE- Cooling Gel pillow is ideal for flu & fevers. Maintains optimal sleeping temperature. *67% Off Exclusively Today* Deals coupons discounts hot limitedoffer dailydeals USA cooling gel pillow sleep health goodsleep flu fever sleepingsolutions relax comfortzone comfort sale flashsale pillowsale bed bedding thursday headache headacherelief relief

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Jamie Allene


Comment from Jamie Allene:

I'll take it hot & cold - creates a pumping system to move that Lymph. Be ready to expel !! toxic relief espresso therapy lymphaddict organic roast neverplastic - plastic releases toxins that cause cancer . check that coffee into a paper cup nomatterwhat educate youarewhatyoueat saveyourself freedom is life getunstuck flow

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Remembering Herbs


Comment from Remembering Herbs:

So freaking excited about blending honey with medicinal herbs and spices. Making hot toddies is one of my favorite things to do. Starting with delicious cozy aromas of ginger and cloves that envelop me every time I step into my herb and spice closet, to the glee of scooping and blending the perfect formula to the swirling colors of spices as the hot water hits the toddy mug to the gentle steam on my face as I take the first slightly too hot sip of toddy <> there's nothing my body loves like a toddy. Whether soothing herbs relax me where I sit or brightening spices get me going hot toddies are the best friend to anyone trying to live a stress free and healthier life. Hot Toddy Healing Honeys coming soon to hottoddyhealing healinghoney rememberingherbs takeachillpill relax restore relief happyandhealthy

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✏ A r t 🎨


Comment from ✏ A r t 🎨:

🖌 a drawing is simply a line going for a walk 💜 ------------------------ draw drawing dessin dessiner artistic_charlotte art road line goingforawalk labyrinthe route chemin ligne perspective 3D relief

46 Minutes ago

Rowan Siddons


Comment from Rowan Siddons:

So, I'm back etching again.. wasn't long was it! I'm etching an edition for something that will be appearing in April, so stay tuned for that!! Here's a close up of a new organic form encaging architecture. print printmaking printmaker etching embossing embos offset relief reliefprint intaglio architecture architectural nature natural organic blackandwhite get_imprinted ethereal printspotters printisntdead artistinresidence artistresidence captive conceptualart contemporaryart form texture creative instaart artist

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Hrishabh Dhingra


Comment from Hrishabh Dhingra:

Sometimes you just need to lie down and listen some good music..musicquotes music musicpain relief lyricsquote musicsoul

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coffeetable sidetable jakarta lightingconsultant interior bali surabaya exterior walldecor kuningan interiordesign wallart brass walldecorative kontraktorsurabaya livingroom copper indonesia lightingdesign relief homedecor properties tembaga unesco copperart medan galleryinterior handicraft madeindonesia

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Comment from boxxdaincredible1:

Working doubles as hell,GTFO my face😂😂😂😂 nochill conversation workflow doubles nofucksgiven pettyrayvalentine petty dead weak ctfu forrestgump bubba meme niggasbelike bitchesbelike truestory truly hilarious iwannagohome asuwere work relief longshift gtfoh

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love kumar


Comment from love kumar:

A fear. . . . . . . . . A fear which seen in your face where the entire curious faces looks at you....and you have nothing to say..... That's my presentation day.....presentation fear curious black whiteaddict relief focus hesistate

1 Hours ago

Neurofeedback Training Co.


Comment from Neurofeedback Training Co.:

Mental health affects everyone. It's not always visible... This artwork reminds us of just that.... Repost @oliverjeffers with @repostapp ・・・ Four Dipped Paintings studio oliverjeffers dippedpaintings -- mentalhealth selfcare braininjuryawareness bekindtooneanother tbi help 4 concussions braininjuries braininjury relief

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