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Ekrem Gokhan Ozen


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Life is going on... Smile smile life death peace patience friends ramazan viaport marine tbt followforfollow like4follow igersistanbul foodporn gratitude relief standup legend fun TagsForLikes TagsForLikesApp instagoodnight instalike instagood trilogy photooftheday

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Comment from VisuXL:

Introducing you to cross-linked hyaluronic acid. HA is the ingredient that helps to hydrate and lubricate the surface of the eyes. Unlike other HA-containing eye drops, the HA in VisuXL is cross-linked not linear. This means that it creates a longer lasting, moisturising liquid film across the surface of your eyes. . . . . . . goodbyedryeyes eyedrops crosslinkedHA VISUfarma VisuXL dryeyedisease ophthalmology prolongedlubrication relief eyehealth eyerecovery moisturisation ocularsurface

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CBD Oil Worx


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CBD oil is legal to ship to all 50 states‼ Get you some 🌿 cbd cbdoil hemp hempoil hempworx cbdoilworx hackedbynature healing natural nature organic oil pain insomina teamnosleep migraine relief

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Comment from Singha:

timetoeat relief wonderful baanrimpa phuketthailand phuketstagram phukettrip phukettravel phuketlife

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Comment from AdvancedPMR:

APMR's Dr. Mary takes a break from her busy schedule to get some sinus headache relief. Don't let the red handled needles fool you, she's very relaxed and smiling! acupuncture acupunctureworks smile red needles sinus relief friday

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Balancing the yin & yang of the brain twindragon tcm acupuncture chinesemedicine cupping estim balance brain yingyang hormones holistic relief release longisland nyc nassaucounty suffolkcounty wantagh hauppauge rehab healing health wellness

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Patricia Bouchard


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Looking for: Summer Product Testers! It's time to update my customer testimonials! I'm looking for five people to try ONE product a month for three months at the SAME price I pay. Give me your honest feedback and there will be a thank you gift in it for you! I truly appreciate your help! • Diminish stretch marks💁🏼 • Needs 8 servings of fruits & veggies🌽 • Sleep better, fall asleep faster, & stay asleep😴 • Looking to lose 5-10 lbs⚖ • Have a younger looking face 👶🏼 • Tighten, Firm, & Tone anywhere from the neck down 👙 • Wants to enjoy "cheat meals" with no weight gain🍔 • Struggle with dark circles or puffy eyes😳 • Wants longer hair and nails💇🏼 • Wants to cleanse and remove the sludge/toxins from your gut💩 Message me or comment on this post to claim your spot today! 💚weightloss skincare beautycare vitamins supplements summer bodygoals fightthefat loveyourguts cleanse relief sleep

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Maurizio Muolo


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La cattura Premio incisione VI ed. Emilio Notte - cegliemessapica calcografia vernicemolle acquatint relief artprint printshop monopoliturismo graficadarte stampadarte etching print grabado gravura printmakers accademiabellearti

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Klara Doubkova


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AloWarriorChallenge Day9 "Supta Visvamitrasana" - due to my hamstring injury which is very painful, I can not practice the final pose of "Flying Warrior" so this is the "Supta"variation of "Visvamitrasana pose"...very nice and restorative as you have stretch of tights muscles and opening fully under control. 🙏🏻 thank you for inspiration @robinmartinyoga @lamise @northcarolina_yogagirl @aloyoga - - - - - - - - - challenge yoga yogagirl igyoga igfit yogateacher injury healthy yogapose stretch relief revolve body mind soul supta visvamitrasana visvamitrasanavariation uvolneni telo joga zdravi fit yogaeverydamnday yogaeverywhere practise with awarness

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Comment from Mina:

不甜腻的蛋糕,加上一壶玫瑰花茶,会增加幸福感 end of day relief cakerosetea

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Fat Apple Custom Framing


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Framed Mariano Rivera autographed 8x10 with name plate. yankees marianorivera nyyankees newyork pinstripes fatapplecustomframing closer entersandman relief pitcher steiner

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Comment from NYAToday:

BREAKING: At least 12 people were killed and 14 injured in a suicide bombing in Pakistan. The explosion targeted a police checklist, and officers were among the victims. Ways to give in bio. pakistan breaking breakingnews injustice aid relief

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A.Skarke | #RetterHerz


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canon canon70d tamron france lighthouse frankreich leuchtturm felsen rocks rocher sunset sonnenuntergang roterhimmel redsky summer brignoganplage atlantik relief

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Comment from The PCRF:

Ten-year-old-Azhar’s father was killed in an airstrike while walking home, leaving behind four sons, three daughters and their mother to care for them all. Azhar’s basic needs are currently being met thanks to Gaza Orphan Sponsorship Program. Children like Azhar rely on donors like you to help them live better lives. As Ramadan is coming to an end, there is no better time to give hope4orphans at our site (the link is in our bio).

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Comment from Iva:

Miss Piggy portraitnaturalnomakeuplightn ightnomascarafinallyreliefsumm

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Shuhei Higashi


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milano milan duomo piazzadelduomo italy relief イタリア ミラノ duomodimilano 2015 大聖堂広場

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Mercy Corps Europe


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Three out of every four girls in Niger are married by their 18th birthday. And many of them become child brides much earlier. By almost any measure, it's one of the toughest places in the world to be an adolescent girl. That’s why Mercy Corps is empowering girls like Dahara to change their narrative from one of hardship to one of great possibility.📷 @theseansheridan . . . gender genderequality equality humanitarian MercyCorps aid relief peace hope foreignaid nonprofit nonprofitorganisation charity tomorrow children community family peaceful development Niger Africa

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Andrew Highlands


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The feeling when you pass 2nd Year uni unisalfordwildlifeconservation

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Alicia Sheen


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Woo! GCSE's done✔️ That's 23/23 exams over and done with🎉 • GCSE timetable revision examsareover examstress finished done examsfinished nomoreexams nomoregcse nomoreschool promnext relief

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輕鬆舒適的週末💞💞💞 blessedweekendvi flowersgirlsgorgeoushappypicof picofthedaynighthotsummerkillm killmeinstagoodinstadailyinsta

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Sagar Chakraborty


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kolkataRains relief

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Comment from Bri:

catbathtubbathbombnoseycatrela trelaxingbabycatlushaustraliaw aliawintercoldbathbombsanxiety

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Ole Wraa-Hansen


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Quistgaard Relief Frokosttallerkener 21 cm. 6 stk. haves. Stk. Kr. 75,- danishdesign danskdesign quistgaard relief frokosttallerken retroapp

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Kazumi Kawahara


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浮游するものたち 068 (制作途中) ソレカラ2017 artist art fineart drawing abstractart contemporary contemporaryart artwork japan interior cotton japaneseartist relief レリーフ 半立体壁面 白色 造形 抽象 綿 インテリア アート 現代アート うまれようとするもの ナガレルモノトドメルモノ 浮游 浮游空間 再生 海月なひとびと108

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SJ Ladies


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** Raffle prizes ** We all love us some lashes! You can win this fab pair of hand crafted lashes from @f.k_beauty rom our Date or a Plate Rale where you will also be eeding a amily o 4! Don't miss out! . . . Ramadan Relie WF Dates khajoor rale prizes stanmorejaerys lashes minklashes handmade

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Comment from thevisualpoet:

VICIOUS CIRCLE She's smothered by you Like with a cushion No space to breathe Or be. The happiness she finds You tear down Maybe unconsciously But it has the same fall-out. When will she find release, Relief? You're damaged so you Damage her. Don't shatter any more Of her window panes I beg you. Just let her be. 😱🤚🏼🙏🏼 words writing writers poem poet instapoetry creativity viciouscircle smothered cushion space breathe happiness unconscious fallout release relief damage shatter windowpanes letherbe

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Motard - 07


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bike moto motard ardeche ardechois paysage motarde motard07 balade photo nature ardechoise dromois drome motardes motards groupe tarn riviere montagnes relief

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Comment from Silja:

Lavender Lemonade is a natural and delicious way to relieve anxiety and headaches! Lavender can help with many things such as insomnia, labor pains, hangovers, sinus congestion, and depression. By adding it to Lemonade it will help relieve your stress and reduce your anxiety! Why not give this yummy natural remedy a try ?!

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Dorota Zduńska


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Dorota Zduńska


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gulser cetin


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Seramik rölyef ceramicart relief pano women pencerede hayal mutluluk beklemek

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gulser cetin


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Ceramicart woman pencereden sculpture relief rölyef pano happy hayal window

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