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Raya or Eid Fitr is time people usually shared​ their relationship status on social media. Obviously. I'm not into any particular position. Let's guess. ⬜ Married ⬜ Divorced ⬜ Separated ⬜ Single ⬜ Waiting for Prince Charming (love illusion) ⬜ It's complicated (either want love affection and just want to live solitude live) whyso serious dowhatyoulove lovewhat grateful abundance happiness wonderful amazing people

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Couples Relationship Love


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I didn't say I'll make you happy at all times. But if it's getting almost permanent, just use the door poetry poet poeticpoetry quote quotes rhaimz write writing life live share sharing impact impart consciousness breathe breath openness relationship diffference iamnotselfish nottooselfless justbalanced instaposts instagram Happiness is important. MSDRhaimz

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"Will you run away with me? Just run away with me, somewhere, anywhere, just you and me. To drive down on the back roads, to watch the stars come out, to have secret picnics under the trees, to look into each other’s eyes, to hold each other and to start a new beginning and to never look back. Run away with me and share your today and tomorrow and your forever with me." 💖💘💖💘💖💘💖💘💖 love gay gaykiss gaylove love loveislove gayromance samelove gaycouple gayhug gaycuddle gaycuddling instacouple truelove gaycouplegoals boyfriend loveyou withyou picoftheday gaymen gayguy gaytravel gayromance samelove relationship romance lgbt cutecouple equality noh8 fckh8 gayfollow

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Sweet Couples Forever


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My love 😘 love lovehim forever marrysoon relationship photo uk happy

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G O O D • R I V I E R A


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❖ʜᴀʀʟᴇʏ ǫᴜɪɴɴ❖

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Wanna Be With You 💋


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Relationships Game


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Wallpaper HD


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Wallpaper HD


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💚Astrology Reader 💚


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TheVitiligo O.G.(Original God)


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Sign are for the conscious mind... Those who get it get it.. Those who don't don't..... Relationship TheVit

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desi girl nisha


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SETYO pratama


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First you must feel pain in loving someone 😂😝 relationship trust love

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James Paul


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Little Bourbon to cap off a good night 🥃

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Wioletta Barwich


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Modern Day Chuck and Blair


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Black & White Photography


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Little Crafts🎈


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R a V i N t H


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It is easy to see why such a relationship can suddenly end just as unexpectedly as it began, for feelings count for nothing and neither do instincts nor ideas. This is not an amorous problem, but an electromagnetic one. While magnetic euphoria lasts, and it may last for days or years, a couple swears a thousand oaths of the most passionate, tender and ardent love, just as drunks in a bar swear the warmest oaths of friendship. When Cupid’s influence wears off and the void takes over, the lovers, now disoriented, are unable to understand what happened and blame or reproach each other in a useless attempt to explain the situation. Their batteries, which were formerly united in a parallel circuit, have run down. This explanation is far too real to be accepted by illusion seekers who live under the sway of their longing to “romanticize” everything. Therefore, the existence of a motive, when unknown, is often invented and the one which is most appropriate to save pride and self-love is used. IN the case where love runs out, it is said that “love just died,” because one’s partner changed dramatically. It is hard to admit to a simpler reality; that there is no love for the plain reason that it was never there in the first place. Initially, something made the couple vibrate. Whether it was true or a lie, an illusion or reality, they tasted the fruit of their relationship and the result was “passion,” (a word which seems to have been invented just to describe what happens when an individual is flooded by a magnetic force which sweeps him or her into a feeling of action.) He or she becomes passive and turns into an instrument of external energy. Passion is passivity; passion is to be possessed or taken over by something bigger than one’s own forces. Love does not enter into the picture, because only passive affections have been generated, feelings and instincts of a compulsive nature. The origin of these feelings is not under the control of the Ego. This way of falling in love, like many others, has not the slightest resemblance to real love. 💙 @esoteric.intuition13

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Poetry and Fashion


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Thanks for the memories🌌. Goodnight, World. Thank you for the lessons and blessings♥️. poem poetsofinstagram poetry poetryslam words wordables wordgasm wordporn wordswithkings write writers writersofinstagram poetrycommunity writingcommunity herheartpoetry bymepoetry love relationshipgoals relationship breakup sèx

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Teemu Syrjälä


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Live life that you were supposed to live. “One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself.” ShannonLAlder quote summer sun love relationship jyrävä kuusamo river life breath couple finland oulanka kansallispuisto fatherson bebrave and see the shadow

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Viste Como Mereces


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Kevin Putra Lika


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Lovalicious 💕


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Rebecca Boatman


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🌻 My love, protect your beautiful light. ✨ Most importantly, be brave enough to shine it. ✨ The world wants you to glow. 🌟 Your light (your love) truly makes a difference. I promise. 💫 Sweet dreams. 🌠

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Marble inspiration


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Men go hard for what they truly want. So ladies, if he's not going hard for you, then you're not what he truly wants.

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