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Buongiorno 💛 Stamattina avevo bisogno di qualcosa di leggero, perché stanotte faceva così caldo che non sono riuscita a dormire 💤 Quinda stamattina ho preparato lo skyr con una purea di mango e circa 2litri di caffè, altrimenti non sopravvivrò la giornata ☕️ colazionecolazionesanacolaz colazioneitalianahealthybreakf reakfasthealthybreakfast_BestF BestFitFoodItalylovedailydosec dosecleaneatingrecoverymangiar ngiaresanoalimentazionesanadia

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Scott Thomson


Comment from Scott Thomson:

Got to try out the new @biosteelsports LemonLime and I have to say, it was pretty good. I'm not a huge fan of lemonade, but this is a good change. I'm really excited to try the orange later this week. We will be carrying them at @performancekings in July!! DrinkTheGreen DrinkThePink biosteel fitdad recovery

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Beating Eating Disorders


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edrecovery ed recovery edwarrior edfighter edfamily inpatient strength recoverycommunity eatingdisorders beated ana osfed anorexia bulimia mh depression anxiety awareness advocacy bingeeating orthorexia diabulimia fighter recovered support prorecovery beatinged

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Did you get injured in a recent truck accident? Get FREE advice from one of our personal injury lawyers: .com/contact-local-personal-in personalinjuryattorneys accident attorney accident help legal advice consultation recovery pain injury lawyer attorneys lawyers personalinjury injuryhelpline lawsuit carcrash caraccident trucks truckdriver trucker truckers truckaccident trafficaccident truckdriver injuryrehab recovery lawyer lawsuit

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Lyn Javjenjay


Comment from Lyn Javjenjay:

Fast Debt Recovery always believe in professionalism. Like and follow their page for more info! debtcollection debt recovery debtrecovery reliable professional efficient commercial consumer baddebt

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Steven Liu


Comment from Steven Liu:

Aftermath of a office sneeze 🤧 pulled something couldn't turn my neck, spent 4 hrs using this thing to release the kink... back to training tomorrow!!! @simon_molitor gymmotivation recovery restday stretch back workout gym

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New Zealand Red Cross


Comment from New Zealand Red Cross:

"To be on the receiving end of that level of compassion was, quite literally, life-changing." Kathryn Jackson, cash grant recipient. Follow link in bio to watch stories of our work after the Canterbury quakes. christchurch earthquake recovery redcross newzealand HereforGood

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Hannah P


Comment from Hannah P:

Let me introduce myself. My name is Hannah Paukner, I'm 18 years old, and I struggle with anxiety and depression. There was never really a start date on this whole train wreck, but it got bad around the start of junior year. Not just "I'm sad" bad, but "regular self harm, lonely in a crowded room, suicide attempt and a week long hospital stay" bad. To say the least I had completely lost myself. In fact, I'm still lost, but this is where I'm choosing to start finding my way; to find my purpose. Welcome to my journey. Keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times, DM me if you ever need to talk or just have questions, and please, please, please don't forget that I would be happy to make my journey our journey. You deserve happiness too. Trust me. Without further ado, let us begin. • • • anxiety depression mentalillness recovery overcome journey letstalkaboutit

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Cerynn McCain


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"Dance of dragons" kpcpoetrygot @krimson_payne @poetic_alchemist _____________________________ sure to check out my new book! Link in the bio 😏 Also I post short stories on Wattpad. Same username Photo: pixabay Check out my twitter too @inhibitedauthor amwriting microtale horrorpoetry horror truth life author poetrylovers poetrycommunity trust sad recovery misfits thought rambling musings suchislife writersparadise writersnetwork writingcommunity writing wordgasm wordporn poetryporn love loss question like instagood

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Comment from jeydon:

Please stay safe❤❤you are loved! Dms are open to everyone who wants to talk! ~jeydon . . . selfharmrecovery depression suicidehotline staystrong recovery roadtorecovery

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Transcend Supplements


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. Creatine & L-Glutamine 😊💪🤾🏼‍♀️⛹🏽🤸‍♀️🥛❤️💙🇦🇺 Performance✅ ✴️General Health✅ ✴️Amino Acids✅ ✴️Use Daily✅ ✴️Vegan Friendly✅ ✴️Water - Add/Mix✅ ✴️Sport Safe✅ pictureoftheday instagood fitspo fitness muscles sportsnutrition australia aminoacids exercise recovery fitnessmotivation antiaging transcendsupplements. 🔶🔶🔶🔶

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Comment from Angelo:

That's the face of a man who thought his life was over! In a way I was right, that life was over and my new life was just beginning. People do change, sometimes we just need a second chance! God did for me what I could never do for myself. 🙏🙌🏻 mugshotgodsecondchancer ancerecoverysobrietysobermotiv motivationinspirationgratefulb efulblessedspiritualityattitud

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You Me Body Bliss


Comment from You Me Body Bliss:

What's for breakfast? Usually all the fun things I can find. Breakfast in my FAVOURITE meal. Mmmm I need the fuel. Kick starts the day gets the body going. I try and make it colourful and exciting to me and then I get out of bed easier because I'm so excited to eat eggs sweetpotato bacon salad _______________________ youme movewithme talktome eatclean loveyourself momentsofbliss recovery addiction relief depression therapy movement transformyourlife transformation buildgoodhabits yoga selflove inspire buddhism breakfast eatclean paleo

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Comment from

Today is test day! I am quite nervous and not looking forward, because the exam is at 7 pm, so that's quite late.. I am unsure what I am going to do with dinner; eat it in the train, or eat a early dinner at home..

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Love And Light Recovery Org.


Comment from Love And Light Recovery Org.:

(( my true friends )) Our friendship maybe distant but il be there when you call. Il keep your darkest secrets and il never let you fall. Come hell or high water. Il keep your spirits high. Your memories il treasure till the day il surely die. A friend will be there for you and be there by your side. A trust of your integrity they surely would abide. recovery alcoholic addiction Lanarkshire narcotics cocaine family parents children cafe scotland spiritual support drugs anxiety affected holistic spirituality 12steps advice hurt lovekidshelptrauma fellowshiphelpsober ..

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Comment from happy.fooding:

Breakfast today is cereal with chocolate muesli, banana and coconut in milk! I love coconut but I'm always using it so sparingly because of its fats. Coconut is healthy fats though, stuff I need! breakfast cereal banana muesli coconut healthy healthyfood balance iifym macrofriendly macrocounting food foodie foodlove foodporn foodshare foodpicture foodstagram foodgasm fitfam recovery weightgainiscool strongnotskinny edrecovery

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Kirstin Leigh


Comment from Kirstin Leigh:

Felt someone needed a reminder tonight. keepbelievingGodspromisesnever nevergiveupOvercomersurvivorbr vorbreakthrougbelievehopelovew lovewinnerthejourneypurposepai sepainGodrecoverydiscoverydest ydestinychangeyourstorybykirst

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Damon Clark


Comment from Damon Clark:

Reduce power!!!!! No way garmin935 avantichrono zwift indoortrainer wintertraining ironman703 ironmangoals swimbikerun recovery pro4mancesportsnutrition puresportsnutrition

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Comment from TW⚠️:

Guten morgen❤ Ich hab voll hals und rückenschmerzen.... Rückenschm vom tanzen denk ich mal.... boor autsch! Und halsschmerzen hab ich oft morgen, hoffe das geht mit viel wasser trinken weg💪🏼 Sonst war meine nacht okay. Hab heute eigentlich reittherapie aber da es heute nur regnen soll hab ich das schlechte gefühl es fällt aus.... Mal schaun☺️ Ich wünsche euch einen schönen tag❤bleibt stark❤ . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Essstörung depressed depression anorexìanervosa anorexi narben selfharm svv ssvselbstverletzung sozialphobie fight recovery recoverywin kämpfenundsiegen kämpfen staystrong embrace embraceyourcurves embraceyourself

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Performance + Health Gains


Comment from Performance + Health Gains:

Taking the protein game to the Next Level!!!🐐 Repost @activwhey ( @get_repost) ・・・ Fuel up post work out and feed your muscles the good stuff! Our goat whey protein supports lean muscle growth and repair, as well as optimal body composition. Plus, it has the full range of essential amino acids in ratios that best support the athlete in all of us. ⠀ What body doesn't love clean tasty fuel! For more info. click the linkinbio 👍🏻

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Spencer Njoya


Comment from Spencer Njoya:

She was asked if she was nervous going on stage to perform after Erykah Badu and Lauren Hill and that was her reply. Sometimes we fail to recognize our own strengths and that we are each unique in our own way and capable of wonderful things. Recognize strength in others and build your own strength around them too.

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H O L L Y P F E I F F E R 💋


Comment from H O L L Y P F E I F F E R 💋:

Have been feeling pretty stiff and sore with the combination of all my training as well as walking and it riding everywhere each day... not to mention the awful Hostel beds I've been suffering from. So I decided to head down to CryoZone Santa Montica to see I could make myself feel a little better !! ❄️ Feeling on top of the world now 👌🏻 @thecryozonesantamonica cryozone cryozonesantamonica cryotherapy recovery stiff sore training powerlifting fitness feelinggood

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Comment from Wiebke:

I was almost completely alone in this museum and every display case had mirrors in the back... so... yeah. I went on a solo trip yesterday, to get out of the depressive episode I've been in since Monday. Being alone usually isn't the best strategy for me, but it's summer and the majority of my support system is out of town - so this was a combination of the other two things that help, being active and doing something nice. I won't lie, yesterday was really hard. I spent the majority of my time in this museum wandering through the rooms and feeling like there was no hope for me and my entire life was meaningless. And this is the reality of recovery: It's work and it's exhausting and it SUCKS, and sometimes you're still able to have a lovely afternoon and evening on the same day. Also featured: new hair 💇 mentalhealth mentalillness recovery depression ptsd summer june mirrormirror selfportrait selfcare honestcaption

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Kellie Sinnott


Comment from Kellie Sinnott:

Day 32 May Cause Miracles. Gratitude must be bigger than fear.

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Sutten Garnett

Comment from Sutten Garnett:

I have a scar that starts from the inside of my top lip, comes out the side of my mouth, follows the outline of my lip and splits down to the bottom of my chin. You can't see it anymore because at the time I took very good care of it so it wouldn't be noticeable but now people can't see it and they don't know that anything has happened or that I'm still getting mouth surgeries because of me smashing my face into a DVD player during a car wreck. I'm bummed because instead of people seeing it and knowing something has happened and just accepting that I've had to deal with something I'd have to tell them about it. It's annoying because dealing with recovery makes life more difficult and now sometimes with people I feel like I have to explain myself. oregoncoast recovery scars livinglifemyway

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Chloé ❤️


Comment from Chloé ❤️:

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Injured in a swimming pool accident due to someone's negligence? Do you need a local attorney? Contact us for a FREE consultation: ntact-local-personal-injury-la consultation personalinjury personalinjurylawyer personalinjurylawyers personalinjuryattorney injury injuryrehab injurylawyer poolaccident pool lawsuit lawyer recovery injuryrehab

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Ed Recovery


Comment from Ed Recovery:

Today has been really bad. I planned on not eating anything like I always do. Well when I get back from work I binged and took a shower and purged. Then I felt so bad about doing to after that I did it again a couple of hours later. I am sick of missing social events because of this. My Brain just wants food all the time but it makes me fat so it's a bad conflict bulimiarecovery bodypositive bingeeating mentalhealth edrecovery edfighter edwarrior warriors ed recovery recoveryisworthit recoveryispossible

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Comment from Marie:

Petit déjeuner pomme 🍎 poire 🍐 amande 🥜 ce matin avec : - gâteau maison à la semoule fine bio et aux pommes 🍎 - Verrine avec morceaux de gâteau émiettés, fromage blanc 🍼 et compote de poire 🍐 du jardin - Crumpet 🥞 tartiné de purée d'amande complète bio Comme je me suis pris un vent hier pour une nouvelle façon de partager ma passion du dessin 🙈 ce matin je retente , et je suis preneuse de vos idées aussi si vous souhaitez d'autres types de posts ☺️ parce que je ne suis pas une assiette et encore moins la maladie mais bien Marie ☺️ alors des posts différents je pense que ça serait pas mal aussi 😍 Donc j'attends vos suggestions et pas de vent svp 🙏🏻😂 Je file , j'ai du boulot et mon chef n'est pas là aujourd'hui alors je vais devoir tout gérer Comme une grande et faire preuve d'initiative, d'autonomie et vaincre ma timidité 🤛🏻 Belle journée 😘 anorexie recovery anorexiafight anorexia pommeonsebatonlacheriencrumpet umpetpoirebioretourenenfancere ncerecoverywinmiamhealthyhealt healthyfoodsainrecoverywinbiom nbiomangersainfearfoodgrosfear sfearfoodregressifregressionfr ionfruitproteinessemoulepetitd

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Comment from Nele:

Yesterday I ate my body weight in chocolate and today I'm feeling super body positive. Why? Because healthy foods and workouts aren't everything that matters. I chose to eat all that chocolate and didn't just mindlessly eat it because I felt like I needed to. And yes, my body is probably holding on to more water than usual today and yes, I was bloated yesterday but you know what? That's not what other people will first notice about you. You are so much more than just your body. You are a lovely smile, an open minded mind, a good friend, a loved daughter or son with a unique personality. And that's what people love you for, they don't love you because you look a certain way or live a certain lifestyle. It's so easy to get caught up in this whole fitness world and also so easy to get overwhelmed by it but I advise you to just take a step back and remember who you are and who you want to be. My good friend @em.fitnessuk likes saying "your body isn't what defines you" and that's so true. The only person that'll decide your worth based on how you look is yourself. Don't be too hard on that, look at everything else that defines who you are as a person and the rest will follow. Don't just focus on improving your body but on improving your life. ✨ bodypositivity

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Comment from notimetoweight__:

I can't believe I waited so long to try it ☕☕☕☕ • • • weightloss recovery bulimia weightlossjourney newlife newme stayingstrong healthylife healthyeats strongchick cantstopwontstop eatingdisorderrecovery eatingdisorderawareness eatingdisorder transformation bodytransformation lifetransformation beforeandafter lowcarb lowcarblife keto ketosis ketofam ketobabe lchf lowcarbhighfat ketotribe ketogenic

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Comment from Sarah:

positive goodvibes goodvibesonly recoveryispossible recoveryisworthit itallpaysoffintheend roadtorecovery sohappy haha selfworth recoveryquotes recovery recoverywarrior behappy happinessiskey happinessispossible happinessisallaround happinessisbliss happinessisbeauty hapinessisachoice happinesscanbefound recovery smile smiles selflove loveyourself thereishope selfloveisthebestlove acceptance strength youarestrong

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Seth B


Comment from Seth B:

I had my first surgery last spring and I was back at the gym 3 weeks later and unfortunately... Prob wasn't the best decision. My leg didn't heal right and I had to have another surgery in April 2017. This time, I waited close to 3 months before doing anything. During those 3 months, I sat on my couch and ate junk food. I went back to training today to do some bag work and it felt good. It felt like home.

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