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Courtney Eggleston


Comment from Courtney Eggleston:

Day 2 back to crossfit since my injury. Lots of posterior work today which I think is exactly what I need. So far so good!! crossfit girlwholift girlswhoeat liftalltheweights eatallthefood puppylove recovery tired feelinggreat

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Comment from Tessa:

When you find a pic from a couple of years ago & really want your hair back! hairgoals hair blondie blondehair longhair longhairstyles imissmyhair iwantitback grow growtime determination determined icaniwillimust icaniwill london londonchick noregrets onward recovery healthyeating healthyhair growthmindset growtopia selfie throwback2015 youcandoit

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Holly 💕


Comment from Holly 💕:

Didn't do so well today. Had a banana for lunch and a sandwich for dinner. 😕 really trying my best but my ED is really loud today. Working to stay out of ip. . . . prorecovery anorexia bulimia eatingdisorder recovery ed process keepgoing nevergiveup icanandiwill hope

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Mary Grace Calicdan


Comment from Mary Grace Calicdan:

Itching to go out and play! (c) Rye Daza trailrunning cm50ultra cm50 trailseason traillove timetoplay recovery tbt❤️ teamassault

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🌈🌸 oak 🌸🌈

Comment from 🌈🌸 oak 🌸🌈:

• omg i was super nervous for this and i'm currently feeling bad about it, but i'm trying not to let it get to me. i had a milkshake, even though i already had chinese food today. is two treats okay? i already had my afternoon snack, is this okay? i think so, maybe someone could give me some support? •🌸• anorexiarecovery bekind bulimiarecovery eatingdisorderrecovery foodisyummy loveyourbody loveyourself noselfhate prorecovery realrecovery recovery selfcare selflove thereishope treatyourself youdeservetoeat •🌸•

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Mira Rocca


Comment from Mira Rocca:

Love the feeling of a fresh blowout✨How are you showing up for yourself? For me...Sometimes it's a blowout, sometimes it's a massage, sometimes it's a quiet moment in nature, sometimes it's meeting my girlfriends for some love and laughs. Here's a fun tip: Make a list of the top ten ways you can show up for the most important person in your life...YOU 😍

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Comment from T.Ferg:

I mean... 👀 things happen for a reason. We must try to accept whatever it may be and move forward the best we can. Do what is best for you and don't worry about the rest. Put it in God's hand and keep it moving. It will work out eventually. 😉writing aspiringwriter writingcommunity abuse survivor dontlookback keepmoving realtalk monster doors perseverance myjourney through mentalillness and recovery healing

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Skylar Zødiacヾ(。>﹏<。)ノ゙✧*。


Comment from Skylar Zødiacヾ(。>﹏<。)ノ゙✧*。:

to watch the stars together [Tags: aesthetic friend friendship sky clouds pastel recovery faded quote]

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working on my fitness


Comment from working on my fitness:

Today was my first day working since I was 16. Overall it was a successful day besides standing for so many hours😀 but now that I'm home I'm starting to feel depressed and anxious idk why???? So I'm gonna nap. 😴 bulimiarecovery recovery edrecovery fat2fit fitnessjourney petco petcoassociate cleaneating depression depressed majordepressivedisorder

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A l e x i n a 🔪 D i a z


Comment from A l e x i n a 🔪 D i a z:

I'm not sorry for not being perfect quotes cute kiss love selfie girl lbgt recovery beautiful curves curvy food smile happy like4like likeforlike sad redhair recover girls

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🌴 ALLISON 🌸 Just Do You! 🙌🏻


Comment from 🌴 ALLISON 🌸 Just Do You! 🙌🏻:

Sometimes I feel a strong urge to defend myself: Against the critics Against the health concern trolls Against the fatphobics Against the ugly people of the world Sometimes I think I should justify my size by showing the healthy foods I eat and record all my workouts and self care rituals. Sometimes I have to hold myself back from engaging with the hateful comments. But I've said it before and I'll say it again...I'm here to show what is NOT represented and to share that it's possible to feel worthy, confident and full of self love regardless of what ANYONE else has to say about it. To challenge the status quo and make people a little uncomfortable. To show that there is ANOTHER way. Never once will you hear me bash another lifestyle to promote my own, my only message is of peace and finding love within yourself so that you can shine bright for ALL! Just do you babes, even when everyone else is telling you not to! Xoxo Allie Bikini: @swimsuitsforall

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Shine On


Comment from Shine On:

I love you. I will not ever judge you, even if you are crying hysterically & trying to end your life. I will not freak out. I will be there while you say what you need to say, cry the tears you need, get you out of that state (it does pass), and I will help you find some free help. Those lifelines are seriously LIFElines. Everyone there is so non-judgmental and beautiful inside. I just want you to know this. I want you to know that your scars are scars I recognize, and I know that they are so much deeper inside. Let's end the stigma behind this. Let's work together. Let's get you smiling together. This is one bad patch in a life that is meant to last so long. How do I know it's meant to be long? Because, you are incredible and loved and needed and wanted. I know it hurts, so so bad. I know. I also know it can and will get better. Reach out. Let's recover together. Xoxo depression recovery reachout support socialanxiety wellness mentalhealth ShineOn TheRoadToShineOn suicideprevention positive lifelines

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Comment from AfriCANsamba:

Bicycle Bicycle Bicycle! sambacycle nevertoolatetolearn funtimes nearlydiedmanyatimes tryingsomethingnew recovery partoftheprogramme comeback

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Robert Murillo


Comment from Robert Murillo:

brokenhand broken safetywire screws pins recovery turn4 rrr roeblingroad

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Comment from kayls💫:

Transformation Tuesday✨ I remember the day these jeans came in at work. I'd been waiting for them for so long because I absolutely adored the color. Well to my surprise when they came in-even the smallest size didn't fit. I bought them anyway. Now almost 8 months later and 30 pounds later- I fit them! And I love them! This pic is so hard to post. I feel huge. I feel like my thighs are so huge. Trying to love myself but it seems impossible. My thighs have always been one of my biggest insecurities..and they still are. But I'm trying and I'm fighting everyday to love myself.

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KJ 김지원 (Leonardo)


Comment from KJ 김지원 (Leonardo):

즐거운 출근길. 여전히 해도 가리는 뿌연 미스황. 오늘 아침 몸무게 76.9kg(-7.1kg) honeylion recovery weather smog landscape gotowork daily pic diet 꿀사자 회복중 날씨 런던스모그뺨치는 풍경 출근 일상사진 다이어트 올림픽대교

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Comment from wingrove18:

2nd surgery over and done with, now for recovery then attempt 2 at getting a class 1 medical surgery foxbat @soaraviation imgettingthere CASA recovery pilot avgeek

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Comment from J U L I E:

Current status: Injured👎🏽 I have made the decision not to compete this year. I have a past issues with my neck and got adjusted by my chiro 3 weeks ago (2days into prep) and something didn't feel right. I woke up the next morning in a lot of pain and lost feeling in the left side of my face/arm. I was still determined and tried to continue my workouts as much as my body would let me, decreasing intensity. The pain got worse and the loss of feeling/numbness moved all the way down the left side of my body. I went and got tests done to make sure no major damage happened in my neck. I now have a pinched nerve, and this has put a hold on any kind of training for a while. Currently been getting lots of treatments to try and fix this. As physically and mentally this sucks for me I know that I need to listen to my body, and only focus on getting better. The stage isn't going anywhere. I will come back stronger from this. Next year will be my year!!👙🏆 • • • bikinicompetitor provincials2018 recovery healthy fitness positivevibes onedayatatime keepyourheadup fitnessmotivation teamignitefitness staypositive bestrong goals lovewhatyoudo bodybuilding fitchick

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cinnamon roll💕⛸


Comment from cinnamon roll💕⛸:

chubs 🥞 just arrived back from my choir concert and it was fab!!! i loved the dress i wore 😁 right now i'm going out to eat which i'm not very excited about... but ohh well! although the concert was great today wasn't the best, i lost my fav cinderella pin and today has just been very gloomy. hope it can get better! and hopefully you all had a lovely day 💕

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Liam Hammond


Comment from Liam Hammond:

Sick and tired of being sick and tired?? If yes WBC is for you 👌🏻👌🏻managepainbeforeitmanagesyou inflammation backpain recovery

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Comment from 李LEE:

행복 인생 고민 미래 회복 힐링 스트레스 healing recovery stress 북스타그램 책스타그램 독서스타그램 글 명언[brillianstrong 브릴리언스트롱]내가나여서좋은순간이 실행 실천 성공 긍정 positive 직장인 직장인스타그램 리더 ceo 사장의길 출근길

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understanding pain together


Comment from understanding pain together:

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The S👽ber Life Clothing®


Comment from The S👽ber Life Clothing®: Reppin'. Keep inspiring Jess! Spring is here and so is the Ladies "Retirement Tanks". Snag yours at👈🏼 🖤👽 thesoberlife sober drugfree sobriety clean soberlife soberaf soberasfuck odaat retiredblackoutartist addiction recovery ootd style fashion alternative hope inspiration humor pma transformation truth music art share

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• introspection •


Comment from • introspection •:

1⃣ in 5⃣ endthestigma livelokai ✊ - - - findingthegrey recovery depression anxiety warrior oneinfive youarenotalone mentalhealthawareness ptsd ptsdawareness

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McKenzy Diehl


Comment from McKenzy Diehl:

⭕ As many of you know, I love to take amino acids to help me build lean muscle and recover faster 💪💪 ⭕ They are the “building blocks of protein” and help you perform better in the gym and prevent muscle breakdown 😊🍑💪 ⭕ I usually like to add one scoop into my post-workout routine! ESSENTIAL 9 is a go-to for me because it contains all the essential amino acids I need and glutamine to prevent muscle soreness 😁 👉👉 I’d highly recommend it and you can save 25% right now on AMAZON.COM 💰 After you try it, leave some feedback in the reviews section to let us know what you think! 😋 bpisports bpi recovery essential9

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♡ Alexandra ♡


Comment from ♡ Alexandra ♡:

sweater weather is over and i already miss it [my photo] - grunge quotes endthestigma recovery tumblr internet pastel anxiety selfies cute neda bpd bands girl arsty love happy sad makeup nature fashion philosophy likeforlike sweaters oversizedsweater thriftstorefinds

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Comment from anne:

Please follow and check out @attitudejournal So many inspirational posts ❤💪✨ ~~~~ "No one talks about how much recovery and rediscovering yourself post surgery impact will your life. My gallbladder was removed and a bile duct was significantly injured through the process. 3 months since, I'm still carrying two drains with no date of removal in sight. I’m in the the phase of "rediscovering my new normal”. It’s difficult to remember how you were “before” this all started… Is this how I carried myself? What foods can I eat? How far can I push myself without going backwards? Do I even recognize myself? or how can I talk about this, will anyone understand me? Repeatedly being told recovery is a slow or "day to day" progress is foreign to any 26 year old who wants to simply bust out of bed, out of the hospital or better yet out of this body. Healing with no end date in sight has given me the chance learn a lot about my new normal. No matter if injured or not, learn how to push your body more and more, and to rediscover yourself all over again." expressyourself healthrecovery bodyhealing timehealsall

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Lex, Kalel, Kara, & Merlynn


Comment from Lex, Kalel, Kara, & Merlynn:

I don't wanna go to the vet again.... thesuperpups kara karazorel putathepug pugsofinstagram vetvisits recovery familiar witchesdog brujasofinstagram pugslovers witchesdoitbetter🔮 dccomics

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Bobby Ozuna


Comment from Bobby Ozuna:

My weeks work and focus. Baby steps because Pride and Anger are BIG hills to climb. recovery

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G e m m a


Comment from G e m m a:

How cute is this bubba capsicum from inside its organic mum today! Mother Nature is truly amazing 😍❤

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Comment from "HEALING VOICES":

Big thanks to our sponsors and the 150+ who came out on a rainy Monday for a HEALINGVOICES screening and dialogue in Central Massacusetts last night.

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Jasmine J


Comment from Jasmine J:

Thanks for all the well wishes, positive vibes, and prayers. Surgery went great, and they said I was a rockstar in recovery. Just got home. It is painful, but luckily I have a pretty high pain tolerance. With that being said I wouldn't want to know how this would feel with out pain meds. Luckily I have my wonderful mom with me until mid-morning tomorrow morning. I knew this chronic exertional compartment syndrome was rare, but I didn't realize how rare. The nurses didn't even really know what it was or why I had it. The doctor said he only does this surgery about once a year. I guess I am special! ;-)

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Comment from gainingforhealth:

latergram of dinner. I'm glad I didn't have to eat between lunch and dinner so that I was having a bit of an empty stomach but I was still bloated from the other meals and had no appetite at all. what made me lose my already non-existent appetite completely was when dad told me that my uncle and one of my younger cousins are gonna visit us for easter.. I have legit no idea how to survive bc I have no social skills and I get really a nnoyed by kids like I have no patience, no humor, no imagination, idk if my cousin wants to do sth w me (she's 9 or 10 I guess), how am I supposed to make my meals, especially dinner??? I struggle when my sister visits us and she is 10 yrs older and knows about my illness which brings me to the next point: I have not seen ANY relatives since ana came along my way and it's been effing 4 years!!! I don't want to see them or talk to them or be near them they don't feel like family ugh

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