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Geoff Bean


Comment from Geoff Bean:

To anyone who hasn't heard of Bonanza Campout you need to get educated and plan on it for next year. Amazing experience. . . . festivalseas edm myelectricfamily myelectricstory music musicislife rave ravegirls vibes musicislife photooftheday instamusic instafamous summer coachella edc2017

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Belas Eletronicas


Comment from Belas Eletronicas:

Quer participar do melhor grupo de whatsapp ??? Agora tem.... dicas de beleza, troca de roupas, melhores baladas, os melhores festivais, as mais belas e lindas mulheres do cenário eletrônico estão aqui. Interessadas enviar telefone via direct APENAS MULHERES 📸🍭🙌😍🎶🕪🎧❤🍬😎 Sigam @navibe.ce @dinah.arts vintageculture vinivici insoniaopenair belaseletronicas fritinhas davidguetta sestosento ftampa laroc ultra2017 mandallah sotrackboa tomorrowlandbrasil xxxperiencebh alok eletricdaisycarnival elementareopenair universoparalello happyholi rave greenvalleybr shambhala ravegirls xxxperience trancefamily happyholibra ultramusicfestival tribeclub edclasvegas festaoscar

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alvin chao


Comment from alvin chao:

Praise the booty 🙌🏽 Paradiso was so much fun!! I can't wait for next year 💕 Paradiso booty🍑 ravegirls

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Comment from ⚜️NOLAshuffles⚜️:

Emo nature electro feels 💃🏻: @_c_perry

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Soul Sparkle


Comment from Soul Sparkle:

When you're just trying to take a selfie of your glitter and the rave booty gets in the way😩🍑 soulsparkle glitter glittermakeup raveoutfit festivalfashion festivalmakeup festivaloutfit raveoutfit ravegirls ravebooty ravebabes

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Comment from daddy_in_socal:

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Comment from #watermelon_edm:


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Comment from ZLHulaHoops:

Don't miss out this deal. 24 hours shipment! . . zlhoop zlhulahoops hooplove ledhoops plurlife hoopersofinstagram hoopersofig hoopflow hooplah smarthoop ledhoops flowartist dancer edm girlswhohoop edmgirls guyswhohoop plur smarthoops festivals electricforest hoopingdotorg showmeyourtrails ravers momswhohoop hulahoop flowart hooplah hoopspam ravegirls

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Autumn Montgomery


Comment from Autumn Montgomery:

LISA FRANK NEVER HATE 🌈🍬☺ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ rave ravegirls ravebabes girlswhorave edm edmlifestyle edmlife edmbabes edmgirlsdoitbetter electricforest ef efweekend1 ef2017 lisafrank rainbow bipride pridemonth festivalseason festivalfashion vibedration littleblackdiamond dollskill edmgirls ravewear hottestofedm kandi ravebooty tiedye blonde blondegirl

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Artist Page: @rog3nicmusic


Comment from Artist Page: @rog3nicmusic:

Start making plans for Labor Day Weekend! The We Love Kandy Tour is coming to Pomona. Taking you on a journey of your favorite Electronic Dance Music! Check out the link in our bio for guest list information. WeLoveKandyTourP

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Comment from Yvonne:

Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself ☺ iheartraves ihrstyled edmlife edmfamily rave ravegirl ravegirls ravelife ravefamily

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Ashley Champagne


Comment from Ashley Champagne:

Electric daisy carnival 🎡 Las Vegas... What an experience, on this last day I got very sick at the festival. It was about 115 degrees and I ended up getting very dehydrated. At festivals everyone is family and is very carrying even if they've never even met you. I am just very glad to have been able to get back to my full working self by the end of the night. This picture is when the sun was rising 20 minutes before the festival ended and I've never been happier just to be around so many loving people. . . P.s. by this time all my glitter was gone ✨ glitter makes me happy and it was all gone 💔 How tragic! . . . . plurfamily plur edmfamily edmlifestyle love friends edclv lasvegas edmgirls ravebabes carnival smileforlife festivalseason electricdaisycarnival edc edmfestival ravegirls ferriswheel dancethenightaway

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Comment from CountryGrlRave:

Thank you for the love. Repost @p.l.u.r_babes ・・・ Everybody check out this PLUR babe! ☺️💕✨ @countrygrlrave rave ravegirls ravers ravelife plurvibez plurvibes edmislife edm edmlife peace love unity respect plurbabes raveguys ravefam eatsleepraverepeat edmlifestyle edmbabes plurlife ravefamily

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Comment from AFSHeeN:


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Jessie Pineault


Comment from Jessie Pineault:

Escapade2017 was a success! We had such a amazing group of ppl and everything was perfect! Always so much fun with this babe 👯💞 . musicfestival escapade ottawa stjean quebec bff girlswithmuscle girlsthatrave dancingqueens fun amazingday memories love goodtimes babes bestfriendgoals doubletrouble escapademf eacapademusicfestival ravegirls kiss grateful housemusic dadalife aboveandbeyond

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Aimée Mahoney


Comment from Aimée Mahoney:

"Her hips grind. Pestle and water, cinnamon and cloves." nofilter fan spanish nerja free cheetah bed sheet fancy love lyrics beyonce sadness beauty aesthetic girls toogood song rave ravegirls plurvibes summer nature ireland

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💓Bedroom Behavior Lingerie 💗


Comment from 💓Bedroom Behavior Lingerie 💗:

TA TA TUESDAYZ 😈😈⭐️⭐️💰💰 . . . . . . . . . glitter pasties fblogger styleblogger fashion celebritystyle altfashion mermaid edm edmgirls betawards ravegirls raveoutfit boobs festivals festivalfashion festivalmakeup mermaid makeup kyliecosmetics

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Comment from iravesmart:

edmlife edm goodvibetribe raveboys ravegirls ravechic ravefam letsgetwierd iravesmart plursquad plurculture plur squadgoals squadaf squad plurvibes kandikids kandikidsunite kandi kandikid ravers raver stayhydrated

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Comment from K-Trex:

@herobust dropping that new new with @monxxuk TOMORROW!!!! 🌎plurworld🌎edm rave raver ravestyle electronic tomorrowland tomorrowworld trap dance edmlife edmbabes edmfamily edmnation edmfriends edmlifestyle electricfamily ravegirls ravewear adventure house diplo edmhumor edc party kygo tropicalhouse raves edmstartup mellogang

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♥ BreAnn Mashell ♥


Comment from ♥ BreAnn Mashell ♥:

What an incredible weekend... Diso was nothing short of amazing! The people... the vibes... the music... it all was all beyond my wildest expectations. A big thanks to @uscevents for making @paradiso_usc as magical as it was! fitravers ravers ravegirls edmlife edm edmgirls plur love peace raver edmlifestyle pnwravers ravebooty ravebae edmfam edmfamily ravefam edmlovers edmlifestyle edmgirl ravegirl happiness ravebae raves unity respect paradiso paradiso2017

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Amy Tonsiri


Comment from Amy Tonsiri:

My 1st festie of the year....chicago mambyonthebeach ravegirls chicagoskyline partyonthebeach2017

1 Hours ago

Andrea Jonsdottir


Comment from Andrea Jonsdottir:

🙆🏼💃🏼 defqon1ravegirlshardcore

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Comment from STAY WITH US:

Ready your space suits, we're heading into OUTER SPACE! 🚀🚀🚀 👉🏼 New single "OUTER " out on July 10th 2017!!! 👉🏼 SUBSCRIBE for exclusive content and news! FIND link in bio! theruftop newsingle outerspace july10th skyrocketing

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Comment from iravesmart:

edmgirls edmlifestyle edmlife ravegirls ravechic raveclothes letsgetwierd iravesmart plursquad plurculture plur squadgoals squadaf squad plurvibes kandikids kandikidsunite kandi kandikid ravers raver stayhydrated

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Ana Gloria 👽


Comment from Ana Gloria 👽:

The homies⚡️🌼🎡 edc edc21 edclasvegas edclv rave ravegirls edcweek basscon hardstyle lasvegas takemeback tbt

1 Hours ago

Ana Gloria 👽


Comment from Ana Gloria 👽:

The best 💖🦄🌈🎡🦉👯🌼⚡️ @gigglemonster_rawr edc edclv edc21 edclasvegas day1 ravegirls kandikid bassnectar basshead musicfestival lasvegas tbt

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EDM Girls


Comment from EDM Girls:

Hotties @_shinhyejin and @kristinannguyen at Paradiso ❤️👯😍 Go show these Babes some love!! RaveBabes paradiso paradisofestival hotties

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Comment from GoodDaize🌼:

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Jordan Richard


Comment from Jordan Richard:

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Angelica Milano


Comment from Angelica Milano:

Sun kissed tan sun sunkissed colombiana victoriasecretsswimwear kisses goodvibes love live slay queen nomakeup natural fuckfakelove plurvibes Plur red follow ravegirls loveyourself lovelife

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Comment from iFollowRaves:

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ⓌⓄⓁⒻⒽⒶⓁⒺⓎ™ 🐾


Comment from ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ⓌⓄⓁⒻⒽⒶⓁⒺⓎ™ 🐾:

🌸 EDC DAY 3 🌸 😍 This year was perfect. All 3 days from the moment I arrived, until the moment I left. Music was on point, every one threw down fire tracks al weekend! So glad I was able to hear "Ooey Gooey" live for the first time played by The Man, The Legend, 💚 @officialgreenvelvet 💚 highlightmoment & @maximono_official were throwing downnn the upside down house keeping the party going all night long! Got a clip of them playing YA KIDDIN! By the very cheeky cunt @followthefishtv! A very 🔥 hot track going offff everywhere around the 🌎 atm! 🙌🏼 & of course, my first time seeing @lowsteppa was a huge highlightmoment 🙌🏼😍 so happy to hear his remix of @sonnyfodera "Always Gonna Be" live! One of my favorite artists & tracks! All in all I had the best weekend of my life and I wouldn't change a thing about it! 💃🏼🕺🏻

11 Hours ago



Comment from cäroøooøö🥑🥑🥑:

walk in & killed the room girlgang ill miss my washington fam👅 ~ ~ ~ paradiso paradisofestival paradiso2017 festivalseason edm edmlifestyle edmgirls edmfamily rave raveoutfit ravebooty ravegirls electronicmusic

21 Hours ago