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The Gremlin Quarterly


Comment from The Gremlin Quarterly:

NOT THAT IT MATTERS, I am an immigrant I was raised by 1 single mother woman, Feminst pagen "witch". How many TAROT DECKS have you had published, Rhea Tepp by a national publisher??? How many? It's an honest question. Rhea Tepp one of the head organizers of L.A. Zine Fest . Yes My mother did a SHITLOAD of research it took years and years and years to have this thing published. FYI Don't worry. No such "Gossip" would ever have you "banned" from the GREMLIN. ever. Yes it's very "sad" it's very "scary" this is ACTUALLY how AMERICA operates. WHITE POWER . RHEATEPP is NOT fit to run @lazinefest Lazinefest not alone anyways IMpO. I think she should have her licence looked at at least. If anything I should be considered a position on the committee as I have PLENTY of Experience in ZINE POLITICS TeppeiANDO for ZINE uhhhh COUNCILMAN of LOSANGELES . Yes I even once won an AWARD for my ZINE COORDINATING SKILLS. BESTOFTHEEASTBAY . BEST . Hey. FYI, got my LinkedIn up to 700 . Fyi, whatever else you need to hear to make you think I'm not stupid .  Do you know why??? because I was very reasonable!!!! I Communicated very well. Treated EVERYBODY EQUAL. NO eLITISM . If you can make a zine you are welcomed. Punk Hipster black white Yellow RED. Doesn't matter. You do not have to kiss my ass. Just communicate CLEAR ly . Here at @TheGremlinQuarterly theGREMLINquarterly I aim to make the most FAIR ART Company / COMMUNITY of all TIME (if possible). I have even made systems in place so that I myself creative director do not lose control of my "power". That would be wrong. That would be like the end of the DARKKNIGHT when Batman had that thing, that he gave the key to Lucius Fox. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥❤❤❤❤ DEMO on FEMINIST ICON JULIEDOUCET who was not appreciated IMPO at the Feminist Comix Reading club" in LosAngeles. They were snickering, looking bored.  No one will ever be "shunned like a creep" without a Fair Hearing at @theGREMLINquarterly I guarantee it. You will have warning. I will personally train you to not act so freaking awkward

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Javier Alejandro


Comment from Javier Alejandro:

Last night playing drums! 🤘🏻 rock music imabeliever themonkees punk drums ludwig ludwigdrums zildjian

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Comment from Kazimir:

I love the short span when the sun is just right and gives the best lighting punk grunge alternative

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Michael Joseph


Comment from Michael Joseph:

onlydicksdontlikeblackflag killyouridols nyhc punk fuckflipagram

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Sophie Downey


Comment from Sophie Downey:

The Wayward Boxcutter. Inspired by artist/punk historian/style aficionado Melynda von Wayward. Who needs an Adelaide Fringe when you can have a Boxcutter? artist art adelaideartist tatemodern australiaart castlegalleries ronniewood ronniewoodart gunsnrosesnaked Saxoffender ozzyosbourne ironman ironwomanlivesagain sweetchildaxl music live painting performanceart fashion hairstyles industrianewyork industria industria Chicago washingtongreen artgalleryofsouthaustralia AdelaideFringe artreview punk

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Comment from violentthespian:

• • • • • • art aesthetic punk mychemicalromance mcr panicatthedisco paint tumblr vangogh regret

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Alexander Liddell | Est. 1892


Comment from Alexander Liddell | Est. 1892:

10:47 — March the 26th Today I fell in love with a woman in a brown coat

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alessandro ianne


Comment from alessandro ianne:

E niente, serate nei locali! münster punk baracke

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Comment from j.o.k.x.r:

My woman crush everyday 😍 lesbian gay lgbtpride engaged ldrcouple taken happy iloveyou ldrlife metalhead EDM rock punk grunge hipster dyedhair piercings tattoos tattedlesbian blueeyes vapefam vapelyfe vapenation vapetricks smokalien vapegirls girlswhovape vapeworld collegegirl musicmajor

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cmpunk fanpage


Comment from cmpunk fanpage:

Old school tattoos . . . WWE Wrestling CMPunk PhilBrooks BestInTheWorld BITW AJLee AJBrooks ufc wrestling mma کشتی_کج سی_ام_پانک punk

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Thomas B.


Comment from Thomas B.:

Punk party tonight inspiration breakout punkhaircut punkband punk

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bleh. -


Comment from bleh. -:

Spaceriuuuuuuuuuu ~ - - - - - - - ----- Tags (not all apply) ~ { emo emoboy emogirl scene sceneboy scenegirl fluffyhair flippyhair tumblr aesthetic grunge softgrunge alternative alt punk gothic goth music lyrics quotes lgbt queer ftm androgynous androgyny kawaiiboy kawaiigirl }

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Comment from Chey:

"You don't own me now. Don't try to change me in anyway, Don't try to tie me down, I'll never stay." * * Trying makeup things 💄💋~ ✖ ✖ ✖ piercings bodymods stretchedears makeup motd makeuplook goth punk grunge hardfemme queer purple suicidaltendencies allblack

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Comment from sad.:

"It never stops hurting, does it?" "What?" "Giving someone the best of you and watching them choose someone else." -it won't go away

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Comment from Sabryna✌:

Swimming was fun🐳 ☆ ☆ ☆ selfietagsgirlboymemerelateablepicofthedayteenemopastelgothpastelblackwhitethemeaestheticgrungemodelpaletumblrgoalsinspirationmoodbandsmusicpunkpunkpoppunkrockalternativepeackies

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Megan Louise


Comment from Megan Louise:

emo emogirl emogirls scenegirl punk indie inked inkedgirls pierced gamergirl linkinpark bmth vogue retro piercetheveil pvris like4like likeforlike makeup alternative hairdye pastelgoth cosplay kawaii model mum nerd geek

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Piotr Dobrogowski


Comment from Piotr Dobrogowski:

Zarosłem w chuj punk streetpunk oi

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Wannabe Photographer™

Comment from Wannabe Photographer™:

👁‍🗨You can't complain about not being able to hear until you listen to my music, live in my house, and have to pop your ears.👁‍🗨

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bleh. -


Comment from bleh. -:

Ft. My tiny ears (': - does anyone actually read my captions like idk but yeah c: looking and being weird af dm me ✨ and Jess I didn't forget you this time aha 😂❤ - - - - - - - ----- Tags (not all apply) ~ { emo emoboy emogirl scene sceneboy scenegirl fluffyhair flippyhair tumblr aesthetic grunge softgrunge alternative alt punk gothic goth music lyrics quotes lgbt queer ftm androgynous androgyny kawaiiboy kawaiigirl }

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Comment from ♥Abbey♥Princess♥Avril♥:

avrilramonalavigne avrillavigne Avril punk princess blonde AL6 LittleBlackStar abbey bae fanclub fc ♥

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Comment from Billustrations:

Here's a coloured version of my drawing 'BODY MODIFICATION' ... . . drawing illustration punk sketch design art graphics horror lowbrow fineliner

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Atomic Treehouse


Comment from Atomic Treehouse:

Recording some drums today! This is for our "emo" song. drums drumming punk poppunk geekrock emo eric ericstix recording

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Cal€n ; )


Comment from Cal€n ; ):

My grammar vv bad. . . . . . .cool pre preT transahappy transgender happy memes drama fandoms supernatural doctorwho ftm !trans indie bettywhite hehim ftm boys transftm male nice dramaticreading doctorwho markiplier youtube funny punk pink snapchat dank indie

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Tommy Spevak


Comment from Tommy Spevak:

3 videos in one day sorry.. Story Of The Year - Until The Day I Die [drum cover] zildjian vicfirth vf15 drumcover drumuniversity tama dwdrums drums drummer grunge pop poppunk punkrock punk rock rocknroll nyc cali amazingmusicians talentedmusicians wowmusicians instamusiciansdaily instagroove music musician drumlife heavy we_love_drums poppunksnotdead jamgoapp

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Oscar Nawel


Comment from Oscar Nawel:

Matahero masapunk diy hardcore punk crust

2 Minutes ago

Jo De Smedt


Comment from Jo De Smedt:

OILSJT OMPLOFT FESTIVAL with The Stupids conflictanarchopunk punkoilstomploftmoshpitthestupids

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Comment from Whatsername:

💐🍃🌲Shine on you crazy diamond 🌲🍃💐

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Comment from CeB.:

I couldn't resist a Cel-fie with Debbie Harry, who is one hell of a style icon. blondie rock punk newwave

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Comment from Japa:

test rock rocknroll metal punk purple wine japonesa japanese japao japa nippon nihon darkeyes dark brunette makeup makeuplover mestiça like darkhair 40anos

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Chip Litherland


Comment from Chip Litherland:

‪DENVER.CO | normajean marquistheater multiplephotos denver punk hardcore music concertphotography color themilehighcity likebringingaknifetoagunfight‬ @normajeanband @marquistheater

2 Minutes ago

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At this private Freeze Frame 80s wedding. Couldn't ask for a more beautiful day to sing the night away with the hemmie Zep and the boys. jedi jerediahjedi singforthesoul 80s 80sband 80sparty 80schick 80smakeup 80sfashion freezeframe wedding beautiful punk cindilauper colors guyliner

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turn up, guttentag


Comment from turn up, guttentag:

"Creativity is Intelligence having Fun" -Albert Einstein waterpark urbancity urbanfashion urbanwear outlander outfits leatherjacket throwbacklook mensfashion mensshoes rayban raybans jeans yyccalgary yyc yycphotography fashionstyle fashionblogger mensfashion men styleblogger streetdailywear streetstyle styling instagram punklook punk @mensuitsteam @gentlemensdrug @gentlemensmafia @mensuitspage @streetsfashions @locamenstreet @menity @thegoodquote @dailystreetlooks @dapper @gentlemencorporation @streetstylegents @diorgents @zaragents @betterfashionman @gentbelike @gentwithcasualstyle @entrepreneurpublications

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Shey Aponte


Comment from Shey Aponte:

💿rocking and rolling 📀

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