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M0re pencils, m0re art!!! 😉😍 That's what human rev0luti0ns usually l00ks like... 😒😵 shittypeople shitty human revolution protest protestsigns movement art peace peaceofmind changement free liberty liberalism instagram

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Comment from Arts/Literature/Ideas/Travel: Art literature poem book sculpture enlightenment africa international activism protest blacklivesmatter followers follow4follow blogging poetryselfie harlemrennaissance. eARTh ucic artiseverywhere rLOVEution travel travelblogger poetryselfie litblogger artislife

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Sam, London


Comment from Sam, London:

Flowers. People were bringing flowers along to the Anti Brexit march on Saturday to pay respects to the dead and injured from Wednesdays attack on Westminster. parlimentsquare brexit europe Street_Life_Award ig_street best_streetview streetphotography streets streetshot streetportaits loves_street contest_pxw ic_streetlife streettogs reportage photojournalism snapshot everydayeverwhere thisislondon thisisengland instagood dailyphoto iglondon london london clicklondon londonpop igerslondon protest marchforeurope uniteforeurope

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shopsession vdl wood brand protest

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Mundus Journalism


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A protester was arrested in Ramallah for standing in solidarity with the slain activist Basel Al Araj. Taken on 12 March 2017. Photo @Zann_huizhen_huang palestine palestinianterritories Ramallah westbank protest protester igtakeover photojournalism

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My wild cats in a quiet garden


Comment from My wild cats in a quiet garden:

It's my country Belarus. Our president Lukashenko is the last dictator in Europe. In my country if someone don't have a job, they must pay fine (additional tax). belarusgram belarus nojob dictator european europetrip violence lukashenko parasite demo freedomlifestyle loneliness revolt protest law injustice wildcat freecats bestworldpics деньволи darmoed 25сакавіка

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Sailing events


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protest against policymakers location sailing amsterdam

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Dgo Juan


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"Os Católicos que se pronunciam." 26/11 Passeata em defesa da Vida, Amazônia, Caatinga, Cerrado, Mata Atlântica, Pampa e Pantanal. photography photogrid fotojornalismo photojournalism expressive digital publicart artgallery creative comunicacao reportagem jornalismo edits magazine redação agency communication advertising jornalistasdeimagens travel viajar pb blackandwhite canon manifestation manifestação protesto protest catholic religion

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Comment from Chungkong:

No543 My Gandhi minimal movie poster The life of the lawyer who became the famed leader of the Indian revolts against the British rule through his philosophy of nonviolent protest. Director: RichardAttenborough Gandhi BenKingsley philosophy nonviolent protest SouthAfrican Indian revolt Pakistan India Hindu lawyer pacifist peace minimal minimalism fineartamerica movieposter chungkong poster quote inspiration BuyerProtection SafePayment FastDelivery 100%Satisfaction Guarantee

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Betta Belotti


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Io ❤ la ricerca protest protestitalia research iloveresearch ioamolaricerca

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discoverearth instagram instapic greenpeace climatechange globalwarming airpollution germany toxic coal documentation activism people peoplepower earlymorning insta pictureoftheday photography nature peace health protest environmental windpower windmills coalpowerplant cpp

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Bango Masso.


Comment from Bango Masso.:

Thaisongdam culture no.3 protest drawing womanart illustration art culture contemporary design figure fashion figuremodel girl happytime idea copyright imagination thailand thaidam taidam thaisongdam visualart pencildrawing pencilart

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Doyinsola Ogunye


Comment from Doyinsola Ogunye:

A few weeks ago I put up a post about how we need to help the less privileged amongst us. Now they have lost their homes some have lost their lives. It's up to us to do something. They are our drivers, cooks, maids. TAG SOMEONE protest lekkiphase1 lekki lagos Nigeria happeningnow please share

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Georgia X


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mood eternalmood screwsexists screwsexism crushthepatriarchy smashthepatriarchy fightback speakup stareback pussygrabsback protest civilrights 60sbabe theswinging60s miniskirtsandgogoboots miniskirts gogoboots . . . . . Via @valfre

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Chella Durai Michael


Comment from Chella Durai Michael:

jodi finals song goosebumps marina protest tamilan

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Comment from Штерн:

museum contemporaryart contemporary garage monstration монстрация гараж photography здесьвамнемосква vsco vscoonly moscow Rally protest

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Trung-Hobo Cao


Comment from Trung-Hobo Cao:

Resistance Auntie is such an empowering figure! Something about an older Asian female stepping and giving Trump the finger just warms my heart. @angryasianman @sawdustbear thanks for making this awesome tee possible. longliveresistanceauntie angryasian empowerment angryasianman teepublic funnybuttrue resist protest fucktrump art expressiveart loveit tshirtart

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Sisters at Heart


Comment from Sisters at Heart:

Today's SisterHeartToHeart our new segment for some words of advice: Just a little something to push you along your day. To those struggling, whatever you're battling with, keep the faith and press on! 💕 Don't forget to SHARE this with someone who needs to hear this. ✌

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Tony Guseli


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Yo, VIP, let's kick it! All right stop, Collaborate and listen Ice is back with my brand new invention Something grabs hold of me tightly Flow like a harpoon daily and nightly Will it ever stop? Yo, I don't know Turn off the lights and I'll glow To the extreme I rock a mic like a vandal Light up a stage and wax a chump like a candle .....(Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice 1990) I don't know why the building in the picture was decorated with "Granny Killer" graffiti. Using simple logic, I reasonably conclude that a grandmother accidentally overdosed on ice cream, and friends/relatives have launched a grass-roots campaign for government changes to food labelling standards so that this unfortunate event does not happen again to another unsuspecting grandmother. Ironically, in our increasingly complex society, this will only further entrench the expansion of the Nanny State (I suspect a conspiracy!) abcmyphotovanillaicehiphoprapvinylvinylcollectionvisitnsweurobodallaicecreamagriculturearchiloversarchitecturephotographyurbanphotographygraffitiprotestig_streetig_todayig_dailyig_australiaig_down_underartofvisualsinstagoodinstamagazine_instamagazineig_colour

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Sisters at Heart


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There is NO perfect body ❌ Double tap if you agree 💖 PreachItSister

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Comment from Chloe:

In parliament square on Saturday we spotted this absolute lad! Sums up brexshit pretty well 🖕🏾 brexit eu parliamentsquare housesofparliament bigben protest peacemarch fuckbrexit lad heknows future youth brexshit makeastand believe weekend london challengethesystem fuckthesystem

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Doud Mje


Comment from Doud Mje:

L'hiver est fini... summer time mais toujours avec mon couvre chef. 😛blackcrows_skis blackcrows pyrenees skirando hossegor seignosse ski protest

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Toma Razmakhova


Comment from Toma Razmakhova:

londonlife🇬🇧 march spring protest

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Timothy Frazier


Comment from Timothy Frazier:

@Regrann from @hidden_wisdom - newworldorder pinealgland thirdeye spirituality freeyourself freeyourmind consciousness illuminati environment enlightenment wakeup gmo sheeple protest woke revolution governmentcorruption truthseeker meditate spirit spiritual - regrann

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Zahid Bhat


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Image and caption @zahidbhatpj ..... Untiteled Srinagar the summer capital of India controlled Jammu and Kashmir......... demonstrationtearsmokecanisterfreedomantiindianprotestsmokepalestineetribunedailylifekashmir @guardianreportagespotlight @gettyreportage @repostappstungrenadeflashbangkashmiruprisingajeinpicturesaljazeera @anadoluajansieverydaykashmirtheguardianpeoples_daily netgeobbcpresstvmillennium_images magnumphotosinstagramKashmirbeauty @Rexpictures @zumapress @reduxpictures @Retinapictures @almy @shutterstocktopindianphoto @joseebersalon @tapehereWashingtonpost @panasonic4kimagingclub @etribune @emaardubai @shanehurlbutasc @lemonadeagency @FilmSeti @cgtnthephotographersclubteamvivida @the_epas @Abcnews @abcnews_au @VII @mycountrykaa

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Comment from Sorcha:

Punk tells same joke again. & still no one listens. brexit eu protest punk pink teresamay maybenot

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Maria García


Comment from Maria García:

The earth is alive.

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Comment from theartofcremation_p:

Camera : nikon d7100 L: nikkor 18-105 f/3.5-5.6 ISO 800 | f/13| 1/1000sec ps lr Protest Politics Protestor People Crowd Government Flag Activist Riot SocialIssues Marching PoliticalRally Conflict Crisis Banner CivilRights

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🌻 Isa 👸🏻🌻


Comment from 🌻 Isa 👸🏻🌻:

"Se l'è legata al tronco!"🙈😂🌳 discoverearth regram rg instagram instapic nofilter greenpeace climatechange globalwarming airpollution germany toxic coal documentation activism people peoplepower earlymorning insta pictureoftheday photography nature peace health protest environmental windpower windmills coalpowerplant cpp

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Carl Glover


Comment from Carl Glover:

In their own words, Divest LA's goal is to use their civic power to embolden Los Angeles city officials and residents to reinvest their money towards socially and environmentally conscious institutions.  Emboldened by the city of Seattle's recent landmark victory against Wells Fargo Bank, in which they pulled $3 billion in funds because of the bank’s unethical business practices and its financing of the company behind the Dakota Access pipeline and of private prisons, Divest LA seeks to replicate their victory's here in the city of Los Angeles by pushing for a ordinance to end the city's relationship with Wells Fargo. I encourage folks to read more about them and their efforts on their website: and to follow them on social media: See also: divest divestla defunddapl dapl losangeles protest civicaction wellsfargo banks

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Vera Tatarenko


Comment from Vera Tatarenko:

Зима пришла. Зиме дорогу?! Срочно на митинг в поддержку весны spring march protest nowinter

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Comment from Rodrigo:

So basically that orange fat lazy 3am Twitter-finger insomniac wasted all this time rubbing his nipples to Fox News, rather doing the work & coming up with an actual "solution" to the supposed terrible Obamacare. I'm so glad my Oma & Opa didn't migrate to America from Holland like my mum's cousins family chose to do. aussiepride plantingseeds uprising resistance protest sweden kellyanneconway potus america refugeecrisis republican democrats fucktrump notrump notmypresident feelthebern womansmarch usa democracy war gay gayweho gaynyc nyc activism populism alternativefacts fakenews liberal muslimban

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